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On The Level with JLouis Mills

This week I want to hear from YOU! I'll be talking about current events in the news, but I'd REALLY like to hear from all of you out there. Every week I see my number of listeners, and this week I want to hear from you!! Call me, call in . . . let's get acquainted ! I have a genuine interest in hearing from my listeners. So, come on in, pull up a seat and join me in conversation!!

We will create free professional audio bumpers for your program, such as your intro, outro, commercial liners and one commercial for your talk show program! All we really need is ad copy (text for the audio tracks). We will then tape a voice, usually ours, or yours, or someone else you have in mind, via phone or Skype, then embed selected music in the audio track, music you send us (that you have derivative rights to use) or music you select from our large database. We will then send you the finished product! This process usually takes about 24 hours!