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Submitted by Lynn Mystic-Healer on 18 May 2021

Spiritual Emergency Training with Lynn Mystic-Healer

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Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook SET (Spiritual Emergency Training) - Soul Activation Process that is a new age healing process & peace project that will help unite races & religions by reforming our world via each person's soul power connections.

SET (Spiritual Emergency Training) - There is a spiritual answer to every human being's life problems or crisis. Lynn Mystic-Healer channeled the Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook about the 5 step SOUL ACTIVATION PROCESS that can find the spiritual answers to any human beings sickness, anger, emotional or physical problems that will help them to heal their life and resurrect a new life from direct love and light ancient Soul energy contacts that include angels, spirit guides, holy ghosts( holy spirits).

The Soul Activation Process goes beyond any affirmation to direct Soul Source contact that is direct holy spirit counsel that is true Holy communion with intergalactic spiritual counsel.

All the answers are within each person's omniscient, omnipotent love and light Soul energy's attached to their breath and to their own chakra -DNA- system. Each person is never alone. All human beings have access to an inner voice from divine guidance that is a spirit guide or guardian angel that is waiting to help them, but they can not override the free will (ego mind beliefs) of any human being on this planet.

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Lynn Mystic-Healer
North Bend
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Former RN, LMT, Author, Hypnotherapist, Veteran for Peace, Medical Intuitive, Energetic Healing Teacher, Sould Activation Teacher, Trainer

Lynn Mystic-Healer is a former RN (US and Canada) & LMT; 33Years in Healing Arts & Peacework, international business woman; author of Dreams, Past Lives, Holy Spirits, Your Soul; Angels Know All and Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook; 6 Healing CDs and one DVD; Member of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association, American Board of Hypnotherapy, Veterans for Peace, Medical Intuitive, Light and Love Energetic Healing Teacher, Soul ACTIVATION Teacher and tranier.

Lynn Mystic-Healer had careers as a RN (Canada and rural Oregon), a LMT, and was an international business woman for nearly 10 years. She was brought up in the military, and realizes that violence, wars, anger, fear, suffering, and abuse only make people worse. She is a mother of two, and a grandma, and suffered with addictions, abuse, depressions, anxieties, phobias, PTSD, low esteem and chronic pain and had many physical ailments. Her Healing and Recovery CDs come from 30 years of studying various Healing Arts and her own personal healing experiences with these diseases=DIS-EASES. All human beings get diseases from lack of harmony with mind, body and Soul connections.

Sylvia Browne said that Lynn's Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook about the Soul Activation Process will help unite all races and religons and will help stop the wars and drug wars on this planet.

There is a spiritual answer to every human being's life problem or crisis and the answers to heal any human being are within their eternal wise Soul matrix energies--- go beyond affirmations to heal your life- get direct soul matrix contact.



The Soul Activation Process will help you find your spiritual answers that will always help you to heal your life, find new hope, inspirational visions and show you a new way to cope with any life problem or crisis that you may encounter.

The Soul Activation Process will help ANY HUMAN BEING OF ANY AGE, RACE OR RELIGION TO HEAL AND RESURRECT a new life FROM DIRECT SOUL (LOVE and LIGHT) ENERGY CONTACT, help YOU TO FIND your Soul purpose and your divinity; so that, you can refocus your thoughts to CREATE AND ATTRACT more "goodness, inner peace, gratitude, joy, harmony, flow, and abundance" every day.

Call Me! I'd love to help you discover a new way to Heal and resurrect Your NEW life!

Lynn Mystic-Healer - 406-529-4301
Founder of the Soul Activation Process and CEO of the Spirit Healing Center

PO Box 1614
North Bend, OR 97459

Whatever we focus on grows. Without knowing how to use your inner soul connections to the higher consciousness we stay focused on our limited, fearful, reactive, ‘computer like' (ego) minds. We can only think of ideas from what we have seen or been taught. We were taught that all answers were outside ourselves, not within us. Most people were not taught how to talk about intuition, feelings, soul purpose, inner light, love, joy, compassion, healing kindness, creative imagination, dream interpretations, inner visualization work, and the power of intention. Find self-love to attract true love. Find your soul purpose and follow it to find your healthy lifestyle, activities, and soul mates. We all need love and support from our "real friends" with similar soul paths.

My own distraught thoughts and habits brought me to seek new alternatives for healing diseases. I found the Medical Hypnosis industry to be fascinating. I joined the ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy) and the OHA (Oregon Hypnotherapy Association). Both of these groups have memberships comprised of MDs and PhDs. There is a Medical   Hypnosis insurance code #90880. This new industry is actually ancient healing trance work. I found Medical Hypnosis healing and recovery results to be beyond conventional psychotherapy and drug therapies. The President of the ABH in the year 2000 wrote the forward to my first book Dreams, Past Lives, Holy Spirits, Your Soul.

I have come to realize through many of my own ‘hard lessons' that we are all connected by our breath. Everyone living is connected, and situations are happening to each of us for a reason. The answers to each person's own health and happiness and survival of the planet lie within them. Everyone's eternal soul knowledge is attached to their HOLY BREATH.

Lynn's  New Spiritual 911 Training can save our little planet. Each person is here to awaken and remember their 'TRUE SOUL PURPOSE & PAST LIFE LESSONS' to bring world peace and harmony.  Everyone has a soul purpose and special gifts for the new age electronics, energy, healing, animal care, plants, environment,  buildings, and various humanitarian services.  Help develop more world sports for any aggressive kids (STOP ALL WARS). Help people to RE- FOCUS DAILY ON THEIR  INTENTIONS FROM THEIR SOUL POWER CONNECTIONS (ALL LOVE AND LIGHT)  Life is a gift, and whatever we focus on grows. We can now help each other become safe and more loving by using Spiritual 911 Training to develop the HUMAN INTERNET from each person's inner soul. Planet Earth is little and it is home for all humans and animals. We are all needed to awaken and remember to save our little home.  ALL ANSWERS LIE WITHIN EACH PERSON'S SOUL POWER CONNECTIONS.


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