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Talk Radio Show Program

SpiritNetwork Radio

SpiritNetwork Radio with Francine Milano, banner
Show Host: 
Francine Milano

SpiritNetwork is a straight-forward spiritual variety show with something new to look forward to in every show. Your host, clairvoyant medium Francine Milano often takes your calls and offers mini-readings, while other shows are reserved for thought-provoking topics and discussions of learning and spiritual growth. Offerings include interesting, expert guests in the fields of Spiritualism, holistic health, philosophy, psychic arts and even a bit of paranormal phenomena. If it’s spiritual or metaphysical, we’ll talk about it!

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

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Angels watching over us, January 26, 2014 with Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton
ANIMAL COMMUNICATION, September 8, 2013 Psychic Animal Communicator Jacqui LeBeau
Ask a REAL Witch!, October 20, 2013 Cathi Hunt Dispels the Myths
Creating a more Positive Life, December 29, 2013 with Francine and Reenie
Eckankar and the Sound of HU, February 9, 2014 with Francine Milano
GMOs. Do You Know What Your Eating?, November 3, 2013 with the Health by Design experts
Herbs and Plant Spirits, July 27, 2014 with Thea Summer Deer
Intuitive Psychic Mediums, September 22, 2013 John Stewart and Maggie Shetz
Numerology, May 18, 2014 with Tara Ventura
Open Mic Night, November 17, 2013 with Francine Milano
Psychic Kids!, August 25, 2013 Guest Reenie Panzini
Reiki Energy Healing, March 9, 2014 Guest, Rickie Freedman
SpiritNetwork Radio, August 10, 2014 GP Walsh Inner Reconciliation
SpiritNetwork Radio, July 13, 2014 Guest, Jon Kelly
SpiritNetwork Radio, June 1, 2014 Modern Mystery School w/Shawn Cassel
SpiritNetwork Radio, October 5, 2014 with guest author Sayward Ayre
UFO Abductions!, February 23, 2014 with MUFON director Kathleen Marden
Vision Boarding, April 6, 2014 with guest Reenie Panzini

Featured Guests

Guest, Sayward Ayre October 4, 2014
Guest, GP Walsh August 10, 2014
Guest, GP Walsh August 10, 2014
Guest, Thea Summer Deer July 27, 2014
Guest, Jon Kelly July 13, 2014
Guest, Tara Ventura May 17, 2014
Guest, Reenie Panzini April 6, 2014
Guest, Kathleen Marden February 23, 2014
Guest, Darlene Kershner February 8, 2014
Guest, Jacqui LeBeau September 8, 2013
Guest, Reenie Panzini August 25, 2013

Talk Show Program Host

Francine Milano
Francine Milano
Lancaster County
Talk Show Host, Spiritual Minister, Teacher, Workshop Facilitator, Intuitive, Mentor, Healing Channel, Spiritual Counselor, Psychic, Medium, Reader, Regressionist

In 1996, Francine was ordained a Spiritualist minister after a three year program at CSU in New Jersey while serving this interfaith church for four years where she developed her gifts. Francine now teaches others to open their own gifts through her signature workshop Opening up Your Intuitive Self and through private mentoring for serious students and seasoned professionals. Francine is also a certified healing channel, spiritual counselor, class/workshop facilitator and has been a frequent guest psychic on many nationally syndicated and local radio shows. She is best known for connections with the other side—spirit guides and loved ones who've crossed over, but she also assists in your life situations. You may request only mediumship or only psychic work--otherwise a combination often unfolds. During a private reading, many areas in your life may be addressed such as career, finance, health, relationships and karmic blocks. If you have specific concerns about a life situation, please feel free to have questions prepared for the reading. Half-hour and full-hour readings are available by phone. If you only want specific concerns addressed without the benefit of a full reading, an email reading might be right for you (no other side contacts via email please). In person readings are available in Lancaster County, PA (Leola). Message Circles, Past Life Regression Meditations and Ghosts 101 are available for your private group.



(local or long distance)

Psychic & Spiritual Development / Healing Channel / Personal Growth

Francine Milano's Mentoring Program

"I am truly grateful for the opportunity to know and learn from Francine. Francine's course not only provides insight and knowledge about the spirit world but helps you to identify your true ability and how to develop your gift for the highest good. Her encouragement and guidance have been invaluable in helping me through my journey."

— Heidi

"Simply put, Francine Milano's mentorship program is wildly effective and hugely practical. Francine has the innate ability to know WHAT and HOW to teach her students the skills and knowledge they need. She is down to earth, non-judgemental, wildly funny (!!!!) and thorough in her knowledge of the spirit world. Her mentorship exceeded my expectations and I found myself counting the days until our next meeting. I highly recommend Francine's program to all people regardless of ability. Her teachings on the business aspects of psychic reading was worth the price of the course alone. I cannot thank her enough for helping me reconnect with core of why I give readings, helping me to understand WHO is around me and where psychicinformation and spirit messages come from. She is an awesome guide, a beautiful spirit, and I wish for everyone the opportunity to experience her mentorship."



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