Politically Incorrect Social Society with Steve Britton and Bob Allen

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Talk Radio Show Program

Politically Incorrect Social Society

Politically Incorrect Social Society with Steve Britton and Bob Allen
Steve Britton and Bob Allen

Please check any desire for censorship and your brain-to-mouth filter at the door.

Now entering…

Politically Incorrect Social Society

It’s a live internet radio show.

And our acronym is PISS.

Does that give you any idea how just pissed off we know you are about something in this current crazy world of ours?

PISS was created to engage everyone who wants a soapbox to stand on, who has a voice that needs to be heard – unfiltered, uncensored, in everyone’s face, and in their ear.

In a society divided today on so many issues, we tackle those issues unafraid. From D.C. pundits to Twitter trolls, from activist professors to self-proclaimed kooks – and sometimes all one in the same – we invite you, in our fair and balanced way, call in and let ‘er fly!

Raise holy hell on the air about the political hijinks and social maladies no one can agree on.

We are heard on over 60 of the top internet radio networks in 119 countries.

Hosted by Steve Britton and Bob Allen, with daily guest hosts joining the action.

We cover the most popular trending issues as well as the most heated controversial topics.

If you don’t like the way things are going, tell us about it. You’ll get your airtime – even if we personally think you’re full of cow chips!

Basically, what our show is telling you is…

You’re welcome to PISS.

Politically Incorrect Social Society.

Tune in and unzip.

Weekly Show
Station 1
5:00 pm PT
5:55 pm PT

Talk Show Program Host

Bob Allen Bob Allen PA USA
Environmental scientist, former university adjunct faculty member, Fortune 500 company consultant, political activist and talk show host

Bob Allen is master’s level environmental scientist, former adjunct faculty at a state university and a lifelong resident of the metropolitan Philly area. Besides fighting regulators on environmental issues for the past 30+ years at the various state and federal levels he has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies and various Superfund sites as well as been involved with the development of several innovative technologies currently in the patent pending stage.

A lifelong Democrat he saw the light after 8 years of Nobama and became a died in the wool conservative Republican and would welcome the opportunity to see Hilary sent prison. While not a complete fan of “The Donald” he too believes in building the wall, drug testing for welfare recipients and leaving the 2nd Amendment as written. 9/11 was an inside job and there is no such thing as a conspiracy that doesn't have some degree of merit whether the CIA started it or not. Don’t even get him started on Al Sharpton or it will never end.

Steve Britton Steve Britton PA USA Facebook Twitter Things Women Want, Pinterest, Instagram
Entrepreneur, political activist, executive producer and talk show host

Steve Britton is a native of the Greater Philadelphia area – and what’s greater than that? says Steve. Growing up in this city with its historic tradition as “the cradle of liberty,” Steve Britton early on developed a keen interest in politics and social issues. No wonder this kid from Philly took to it like a duck to water when he was asked to deliver campaign flyers in his local neighborhood for the Barry Goldwater candidacy.

Steve’s commitment to his community ultimately resulted in the honor of his being selected to attend the Republican Convention that nominated Nixon in ’72. Even as he developed into a young entrepreneur, working in a variety of industries – steel distribution and processing, metal finishing, electronics recycling – Steve also found time to work on the fundraising committees in Pennsylvania for Ronald Reagan and George Bush. In more recent years, he’s given time and energy to encourage local candidates and issues.

So it’s no wonder that a lifetime of devotion to the lively art of governance would peak with Steve Britton’s crafting the “Politically Incorrect Social Society,” a no-holds-barred, conservative-themed internet radio show.

This totally uncensored program will provide a vent-all platform for the frustrations and opinions of listeners from all sides of every issue, a soapbox to stand up on and let their voices be heard through the miracle – these embattled days – of live, uncensored talk radio.

When not absorbed in examining the controversial political and social issues of the day, or taking time to cheer on a game in the baseball and football youth leagues he’s coached in the past, Steve can be found developing The Bad Date Show at his online magazine ThingsWomenWant.com.

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