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Zeta Global Radio - ZGR
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Creativity as a Spiritual Path with Halli Bourne

Zeta Global Radio with guest Halli Bourne

Guest, Halli Bourne

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Halli Bourne
Halli Bourne
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Spiritual, Creativity & Life Coach
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After a near-fatal car accident in 1992 that broke both of my legs and my pelvis, I began a creative odyssey inward to discover the true nature of life. Through yoga, meditation, bodywork and an ongoing engagement with creative pursuits, I discovered a way to move through the ups and downs of daily life with more grace, curiosity, more presence and greater contentment.

I have a B.A. in Theatre Arts, am a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, a musician and songwriter, a visual artist and a writer. I see creativity as a spiritual path and have created a signature meditation program to help you shift your mindset to one informed by your own inner compass. Through mindfulness practices that include meditation, visualization and self-inquiry, you can change your relationship with your own thoughts to address self-sabotage, unproductive beliefs and habits to feel the way you want to feel.

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