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The Webnexs Effect, October 18, 2022

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The Webnexs Effect
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Ecommerce platforms and solutions, microservices and headless microservices

The Webnexs Effect with David Bright Livingstone and Toni Lontis

David is a Digital Product Architect delivering solutions on

1. Ecommerce Applications for B2B, Retail, Grocery Industries. ( Magento + WooCommerce & Custom Development in PHP, CodeIgniter)

2. VOD + OTT + Live Streaming - A complex Architectures build on top of Multiple Tech Stacks to deliver best Streaming Experiences our Clients need for their viewers.

3. Ride Hailing Applications for Transport Industry.

He has experience in digital marketing, brand creation, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, data analysis, etc etc. VOD and OTT platform architecture, Ecommerce. As well as a Degrees in Technology, Law and Business Administration.

Over the last 4 Years, David and the Webnexs team have been developing, testing, marketing, and analyzing the global markets and gathered some of the finest global experience in different verticals in the above industries. That’s not all, Webnexs have notable clients across USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Nigeria, KSA, Oman, Paris etc.

That’s a fantastic experience so far!

Feel free to write to me, David is available at Email:

WhatsApp : + 91 90870 90000 Call : + 1 (515 ) 519 9991

WELCOME to the show David!

Questions for the Guest: these are a guide only, and we will just have a conversation and go where it goes.

  1. Last week we spoke extensively about the journey to your amazing company Webnexs, so this week we are going to start the storytelling journey into your products and services. I must confess to wondering how we are going to make it through all the elements of the company over the course of this show series. So wanted to start with E-commerce, David. What is Ecommerce?

  2. Why should business owners and companies be using Ecommerce platforms?

  3. How does Webnexs deliver their eCommerce solutions, what’s the process for the audience listening in today?

  4. What is Headless ECommerce?

  5. When it comes to traditional Ecommerce, how have things changed in this area recently?

  6. David can you talk us through one of your recent Case Studies in terms of conversion rate, online presence and ROI?

  7. How is this type of software architecture built and how long does it take?

  8. You talk about API’s when describing Ecommerce solutions, what are they, why are they important and how do they change the way a platform performs?

  9. Another interesting terminology is microservices and headless microservices. Can you explain what this terminology means for the audience?

  10. Where can people connect with you?

Points for Toni

  • Sell internationally – by 2025 2.56 billion digital buyers

  • Omni channel online sales

  • Faster time to market

  • Zero limitations on customization

  • Future proof Ecommerce architecture

Next week we will start to talk more depth about the fantastic video solutions that David and the team at Webnexs offer to companies and businesses across the world.

The Webnexs Effect

The Webnexs Effect with David Bright Livingstone and Toni Lontis
David Bright Livingstone

We are Pioneers in Digital Technologies having given successes to 100+ Businesses around the world. We uniquely Optimize the flow and build a success path for your Digital Business that will meet your Dream Sales.

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