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Oct. 15th - Fred Sterling and Master Guide Kireal
On Creation And Healing In The Golden Age
 About Fred Sterling:

Kahu Fred Sterling is the founder and senior minister of the Honolulu Church of Light, a non-traditional spiritualist church, a shaman of Native American ancestry, who walks between the third dimensional world of human and the boundless realms of spirit, and the medium for the loving light and wisdom of Kirael, a master spirit guide.

Kahu Sterling has authored several books with Master Kirael, including Kirael: The Great Shift, Kirael: The Genesis Matrix, Guide to the Unseen Self, Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for the Great Shift, and The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, and shares his wisdom and Kirael?s message through his radio Internet program, "The Great Shift with Fred Sterling," where he brings many of the top spiritualists and healers from around the world to awaken us to the Great Shift in Consciousness.  

Peace on Earth will prevail in this lifetime.  We may not recognize that eventuality as we look at the world today, but through the art of denj鬦lt;/em> we can create peace on Earth.  Each time we function with peace as the driving force of our individual experience, world peace becomes a palpable possibility, and exponentially, a probability. 

 My vision of creation and healing is particularly focused on the art of denj;/em>, which is part of the ancient form of feng shui, and involves aligning or balancing the four bodies.  Denjt;/em> is a way of life. It requires us to speak from the "I," not in the personal sense, but in the sense of the "I" of All That Is," and encourages us to take responsibility for our lives.  In this way, we no longer seek to blame others for our journey; we no longer operate from fear, but from love and we create peace within. 

When we claim the "I" of the All That Is, we understand so much more than our physical eyes can see and we involve our higher selves in every facet of our journey. We will be guided more actively in love. In this way, inner peace becomes a reality and we become enthralled with our own journey, which extends to the world around us. 

These Are The Days

These Are The Days with Gina Citoli
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Gina Citoli
These Are The Days Radio Show will share conversation about The Golden Age Of Humanity as if it already exists. Though there are many challenges in our world at present we will focus on possibilities and potential, dreaming new visions into reality.
These Are The Days will offer its audience a variety of creative views from visionary guests. Topics will include health, work, music, conversation, sound, spirituality and much, much more.  Our conversation will be fifth dimensional remembering every word we speak is creating the now. Our intent is to have fun and dream in a new world!!