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Nov. 12th - Scott Johnson
On Music In The Golden Age

Founder Of Positive Music Association

About Scott:
After a "Leave It To Beaver" childhood, Scott Johnson left the confines of his sheltered life and discovered that life was not so pleasant. Soon he felt he had gotten on the wrong planet by mistake. From age 18 to 30, Scott was literally in a new place every year. He attended 5 colleges in 5 years, did lots of soul searching, read lots of books on personal development and spirituality, while writing songs along the way. In 1998, he released his first of 5 Cds to date, with songs that often deal with enjoying life, friends and family, what?s possible, and what matters most. In 2004, he co-founded the Positive Music Association to make music, with life-affirming lyrics, mainstream. He?s a trained life coach, a graphic designer, and author. He lives with his Belgian wife Myriam, who keeps reminding him that they live in a real world, and their two teenage daughters who actually still love them. When the estrogen level in their home gets too much, their two male dogs and Scott go outside and pee on things. Ahhh, it?s a good life.

Scott's Vision for Music In he Golden Age - I envision people understanding that life is suppose to be enjoyed. That's why we chose to come here. By using the contrast of this world, desires are formed to flow us toward what we want. Music is such a wonderful way to wake people up to the fact that heaven is indeed right here on earth right now.

These Are The Days

These Are The Days with Gina Citoli
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Gina Citoli
These Are The Days Radio Show will share conversation about The Golden Age Of Humanity as if it already exists. Though there are many challenges in our world at present we will focus on possibilities and potential, dreaming new visions into reality.
These Are The Days will offer its audience a variety of creative views from visionary guests. Topics will include health, work, music, conversation, sound, spirituality and much, much more.  Our conversation will be fifth dimensional remembering every word we speak is creating the now. Our intent is to have fun and dream in a new world!!