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Jan. 21st - Constance Kellough
On The Evolution Of Consciousness
About Constance Kellough:  Constance Kellough, former English Literature instructor and management consultant, current President and Publisher of Namaste Publishing, and now author (THE LEAP Are You Ready to Live a New Reality?) has always been a pioneer in her personal and work life.  She is most notably known for demonstrating her consistent belief in the power and inestimable worth of each individual, for bringing people together to facilitate breakthroughs in behavior and creative solutions, and for publishing outstanding authors whose works are bringing healing and transformation to the lives of millions.  She is a visionary who sees only a positive future for humanity if we choose to use our new powers to evolve consciously to a higher order.  Constance reminds us that we already have the level of consciousness and the capabilities to recreate ourselves into universal beings. Indeed, she says there is evidence that this is already happening. 
Constances's  Vison: Mirabile dictum!  Evidence abounds that the leap in human consciousness is truly occurring.  As a species, we are beginning to redefine ourselves as being fundamentally divine and having unlimited potential when creating from the essence of love which we are. The leap we are taking is nothing short of one from Homo sapiens sapiens to what I term Homo universalis from being bound by limitations of our animal nature and the egoic thinking it spawned to being freed to explore our unending potential.  There are no boundaries where we are heading, just a promise of endless co-creation.

These Are The Days

These Are The Days with Gina Citoli
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Gina Citoli
These Are The Days Radio Show will share conversation about The Golden Age Of Humanity as if it already exists. Though there are many challenges in our world at present we will focus on possibilities and potential, dreaming new visions into reality.
These Are The Days will offer its audience a variety of creative views from visionary guests. Topics will include health, work, music, conversation, sound, spirituality and much, much more.  Our conversation will be fifth dimensional remembering every word we speak is creating the now. Our intent is to have fun and dream in a new world!!