Go With Your Gut, June 23, 2018

Change It Up with Paula Shaw
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Go With Your Gut
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with Mary Goulet

Today we discuss following your gut, even when what it tells you doesn’t seem like the most logical course of action.


Special guest Mary Goulet joins us today to share how we can stop listening to our egos and our hearts, and instead hear our gut’s knowingness, which she describes as the visceral voice of our soul.


We Discuss:

  • How we are conditioned to trust our heads and follow our hearts over listening to our gut
  • Identifying and acknowledging subconscious beliefs to live a happier, more fulfilling life
  • What to do when you feel at a loss or aren’t sure what you’re most passionate about
  • How to hear your “gut knowingness” instead of always listening to your ego
  • Why it’s typically so hard for people to trust their gut
  • What “going with your gut” actually means and how to come from a place of neutrality
  • Examples of what neutral gut statements may sound like for you
  • Gaining wisdom and practicing “Something tells me” and the five words or less statement
  • How to turn your consciousness toward listening to your gut over anything else
  • The importance of self-soothing and soul-soothing


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