Energy is Everything, June 24, 2018

Change It Up with Paula Shaw

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Energy is Everything
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with Tom Paladino

Today we discuss how energy is everything… and it really is! Everything in the Universe is made up of particles and waves of energy that are vibrating at different frequencies.


Special guest Tom Paladino is bringing the medicine of the future to us today. He shares the miraculous healing method that he’s created using Scalar Energy, which can transmute pathogens and rid the body of viruses both painlessly and effectively.


We Discuss:

  • Using the energy system of the body and the mind to create change
  • The tools of Energy Psychology, including Meridian Tapping or EFT
  • My work as a pioneer in the field of Energy Psychology
  • The progression of Psychology tools, methods, and processes
  • Nikola Tesla, Electromagnetic energy, and Scalar Energy
  • Where Scalar Energy originates and what it is in nature
  • How Scalar Energy can be used to break down a virus and rid the body of infection


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