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Embrace Your Sphere of Influence, 03/10/2018

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Embrace Your Sphere of Influence
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Guests, Jan Shaw and Jeff Baird

Embrace Your Sphere of Influence with Lexa Rollins

Guests, Jan Shaw and Jeff Baird

Part 1

Guest, Jan Shaw

Jan Shaw - The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach who combines personal empowerment and spiritual development with practical business and marketing strategies to create unstoppable success in life and business. As a certified life and executive coach, she helps spiritual change makers, entrepreneurs and executives fulfill their Divine purpose by clearing the limiting beliefs that sabotage their success, building their unshakable self-love, teaching the universal laws of manifestation, and providing powerful strategies to create unstoppable success in life and business.

Jan is the founder of the Unstoppable You Academy and developed the “Creating the Unstoppable You” formula for success. She is the author of “Dream Achievers Success Kit”, “Unstoppable Success Strategies” and “Empowered Manifestation”. Jan has been a radio show host since 2010 and now hosts The Conscious Creating Show

For over 20 years Jan worked in corporate IT and consulting, leading high-performance teams and delivering multi-million-dollar projects before she left to start her own business in 2004 as an internet and business consultant. She wrote her first book “Social Media Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day” to help businesses leverage the power of social media. She also provided consulting on business strategy for several major public-sector organizations in the UK.

Jan is also a lifelong horse lover and studied equine psychology and behavior during the process of rehabilitating her Andalusian (Spanish) gelding. Her experience with her horse was a game changer for Jan and in 2005 it led her down a path to explore spirituality, consciousness, metaphysics, manifestation and universal laws.

In 2009 she made another major life change when she moved from the UK to the USA to create the 7-day Festival of Enlightenment, which was held in Estes Park, Colorado

Part 2

Guest, Jeff Baird

Jeff Baird is an Unlimited Reiki Master Teacher and owner of Sunrise Reiki Colorado. He has helped people and their animals heal from cancer, fibromyalgia, PTSD, insomnia, migraines, depression, retinitis pigmentosa, broken bones, sprains, spinal issues, allergies, nightmares, flu, chronic pain, dental issues, panic attacks, kidney stones, and just about any kind of pain you can imagine. Reiki heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Baird’s “touch free” and gentle leading approach brings the best out of a person, and then transforms lives as his loyal customers rediscover their wellness.

“Reiki News Magazine” has featured many of Baird’s articles including, “Healing is a Team Effort,” “We Become Reiki,” “Releasing the Past,” “Long Distance Transformation” and “What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love.” He has helped individuals and teams achieve their professional as well as their personal goals for over 30 years.

Based in Evergreen, Colorado, Sunrise Reiki Colorado offers in-person treatments, and distance/remote sessions. Baird’s classes and presentations have been called “life changing” by many of his students. He explains that healing is a team effort, and that deep healing comes from within. “Relief is the most common word that is used by my clients to describe the feeling that comes after their treatment. I never grow tired of hearing people share their enthusiasm when they rediscover their well-being.”

Reiki brings the underlying pain issues to the surface, shining a light on what may have been dwelling in the darkness for an extended period of time. Many standard medical practitioners simply mask the pain with a variety of medications. Baird’s approach is exactly the opposite. Pain is brought out and into the light, and then released. This can be a life changing experience for those being treated.

In addition to Reiki manuals written by William Lee Rand, Baird also incorporates the teachings of Torkom Saraydarian and The Ageless Wisdom into his treatments and consultations. He claims all of the “heavy lifting” is done by “The Team,” his spiritual helpers and loving guides. “I am simply the channel for these amazing beings to do their healing work, as we strive to move mankind forward on all levels.” Baird says that there is a responsibility that comes with this kind of healing work. “Once you are blessed with the gift of healing, it is very important to share it with others, as we do our part to heal the world – one soul at a time.”

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Embrace Your Sphere of Influence

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Lexa's own experience with transition and trauma ignited a passion and dedication to help others up-level their lives and careers as she is an "executive coach" for the entrepreneur. This is a place where you can meet and be inspired by many diverse entrepreneurs and how they used their "spheres of influence" to create and elevate their own life changing results.