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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 13 June 2022
Artist or Band Name
Vini Vicious

After performing and recording as a trio for two years, in 2020 guitarist Gilad Mezamer joined the band, a move that pushed the band into a very fruitful writing phase. After receiving great feedback and airplay on FM radio in the US, Australia and England with the last three singles they have released, Vini Vicious are experiencing their most prolific year ever, with "Atelophobia" being their second album to come out, following 2019's "A".

“Atelophobia” (Do google that) was born as an idea of letting go of all previous methodology and what is the "right" way to record music. This steered the band to go in the studio with a clean spirit and mind and just hammer down the tracks one by one, making quick decisions, which resulted in an EP that the band sees as their most complete work to date, representing the band's sound and musical direction in a tightly shaped sonic capsule.