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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 29 January 2019
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Dear BBS, 

My partner and I would love our music shared with the listeners of BBS.

Our story;

In 2015 I saw a tweet from an NYC artist named Whitney Tai. She was promoting her debut album. I opened the link, hit play, and I heard the most beautiful voice. On a lark, I sent a private message to this talented stranger and she responded. We quickly built a quaint and intimate relationship around our love of music and life.

Coincidently, we were both going through very serious personal challenges. Failed personal relationships, a cancer diagnosis, death of a close relatives, and pets. We stayed in touch weekly. As good fortune would have it, she moved to Los Angeles in early 2018. When Whitney and I finally met in person we immediately felt we’d create beautiful and unique music. And that’s what we’ve achieved.

Whitney and I have just released an EP and are receiving an amazing response internationally. We are proud to be the feature cover story of The Aquarian a music publication currently on new-stands all over New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. In addition, Australia’s Happy Magazine is  running a 2 part feature on us.

The release features the title track "Flowers By The Roadside" and a haunting, alt-electro version of the classic holiday song, “Silent Night”. Flowers By The Roadside is a Folktronica (Simon & Garfunkel meets Goldfrapp) piece was co-written with Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, Whitney Tai, composer/guitarist, Michael Trainor and produced by #1 Billboard Producer, Tim Janssens.

Our hope is that Flowers By The Roadside empowers and comforts the individual who feels they’ve no voice in society. It’s a gentle reminder that the individual is visible, beautiful, and capable of change in an increasingly challenging civilization, where people's voice and basic human rights are disappearing.

Both tracks are FCC CLEAN and registered with BMI. Attached you will find our press release, photo, and below downloadable Soundcloud & Bandcamp links.

Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy our music.

Michael Trainor