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Talk Radio Show Program

Lon Dorsey On Business and Law Radio

Lon Dorsey On Business and Law Radio
Show Host: 
Lon Dorsey

Saturdays 10 a.m.-11 a.m. Pacific / 12 pm Central, on Station #1

Currently: Lon Dorsey is a 50-year corporate consultant who serves as a business, marketing, advertising, media, public relations and business management executive nationally, assisting Entrepreneurs, Presidents and CEOs in hard to solve communications tasks. Lon has developed many of the overall sales and marketing protocols for corporations as well as for medium to small businesses. He is highly sought-after as a speaker, trainer and 22nd Century Idea Strategist who has structured the total marketing for under-performing and dysfunctional companies. He takes on any project that presents a worthy challenge. Lon is known for his ability to solve unsolvable problems!

He is available hourly, by project or contractual arrangement at (713) 530-8188.

Lon Dorsey is a Radio/TV Talk Host since the 1970’s, is very articulate, humorous and has likely spoken with more attorneys on radio and television than any other show host in America. Lon Dorsey on Business & Law has had over 30,000 conversations with attorneys on both radio and television law shows. Very popular in the 1990’s on 570 AM KLIF, Lon returns with 30 years of shows under his belt and said to be the “Father of Law Talk in America,” by late Attorney Herschell Barnes, former Administrator of Haynes & Boone Law Firm; having been the first host to regularly entertain attorneys on his shows, even before they could advertise without the approval from their bar when he created, “The Law & You”

Lon Dorsey, talkshow Host in the Texas "The Business & Law News Hour Paramount/UPN TV 21 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market. "Attorneys On Tap," "Life's Musical Moments" Musicians Highlight Show, many others; Born in Dallas, He served in the United States Air Force where he was a computer honor grad and fifth in his class. Stationed at Bergstrom AFB, Austin, Texas. Lon has three daughters. "Lon Dorsey's Y2K Countdown," and "Premium Solutions," Lon has created many other efforts in broadcast. He has aired for many years on stations like KRLD/KOOO 1190, KGBS 1190, KEXB-AM 620, KLIF 570 AM, KSKY 660 AM, KGGR 1040 AM, K-1600 AM, KMIA-AM/Ft. Worth, KXVI Plano, "Lon Dorsey & Friends," "ADTALK," KWJS, KJIM Radio, Arlington, Vision TV KERA 13 (PBS), KDFI TV 27, TV 49 (Dallas/Irving), KMPX TV 29, KXTX TV 39, "Life's Musical Moments", KAAM 620 AM, KFWD TV 52, other stations and productions. "Not At Home," on the homeless issue; "Attorneys On Tap," "Wake Up Call," a daily morning show; and "Business & Law On Location Live." Christian Models U.S.A., and other works.

Weekly Show
Station 1
10:00 am PT
10:55 am PT

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Talk Show Program Host

Lon Dorsey Lon Dorsey Dallas / FtW TX USA Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reverbnation
American Air Force Veteran, Jazz Musician, Radio and Television Talk Show Host and Producer hailed as the Father of Law Talk in America

Born in Dallas, Lon was near the top of his class of 463 students of James Madison High School, attended most of the community colleges in the area, as well as University of Texas at Dallas. He created many newspapers, magazines, his own talk show formats that didn't exist before including many types of show programming, titled a “journeyman producer” by the Dallas Observer.

Lon is a loyal American, did active duty in the United States Air Force, and has a great creative mind, has a strong faith in God, believes in family as the building block for a strong society. His father, Lon, Sr., was a working man, who was a prize fighter/boxer and served in the U.S. Navy, and in a military family that proudly served America.

He has had many radio and television shows over more than 30 years in broadcasting, but feels that his best shows are yet to come. He has gained the respect of the Texas legal professionals as well as the general business community nationwide. Lon looks and sounds much like Lou Rawls, the singing sensation, who was like a brother, and is now working to build a venue in Dallas/Ft. Worth that will house his orchestra and do Lou Rawls tributes with his son, Lou Rawls, Jr. to whom Lon is like an uncle now.

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