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Submitted by samba on 17 May 2021

KickAss Relationship Show with Midori Verity

Show Host:

Join renowned speaker, best-selling author, media personality, and marriage coach, Midori Verity on, The Kickass Relationship Show,' as she shares intimate secrets and modern advice for couples, to elevate your relationship to live sexier and happier, to have WAAAY more fun! Midori believes success in life is better when mixed with excitement and love.


  • Feel more appreciated

  • End the screaming and start the thriving!

  • Get Re-connected on a higher level with your partner

  • Create the blueprint for success in all aspects of your life

  • Have the relationship & life you’ve dreamed of!

​Then Tune into my KickAss Relationship Show, and learn strategic tools to quit the B.S. and feel connected, understood and loved, and regain control of your future as a couple! So you can live life to the fullest!

Just come open, and receptive, and enjoy the transformation!

• Love deeper

• Live happier

• Communicate better

• Stop the fighting & start the thriving!

With Midori Verity

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Featured Guests

Midori Verity
San Francisco
The Kickass Marriage Coach, best-selling author, show host, and expert at empowering wildly successful relationships!

Midori is a speaker, best-selling author, show host, and is known as the Kickass Marriage Coach. Her focus is helping couples quit the screaming and start the thriving!

She is the author of, 'Secrets to a Kickass Marriage.' Her show, 'The Ultimate Relationship Show,' has recently become 'The Kickass Relationship Show.' She and her guests share professional life-changing advice on everything from creating happy, healthy relationships, to feeling your sexiest, to establishing sustainable personal finance goals. Each show brings Midori's energetic and engaging personality to create laughter, fun, and gives actionable takeaways, to improve your relationship and life.

Couples seek her out for her transformative and impactful programs that build a strong foundation based on passion, excitement, and understanding. She takes couples that want to get to a higher level, are no longer connected, or are struggling, and shows them how to press the re-set button, to develop their dream life.

Midori and her husband have been together for 30 years, co-owned several businesses, and raised two boys. She uses her personal experiences to test EVERY tip and technique she teaches.

She has been featured on Fox News, CBS-San Francisco, Prevention Magazine, YourTango, and leading radio and podcast shows.

Midori holds a degree in Communications for the University of California, Davis, with a focus on Sociology. Midori is honored to be the Relationship Advisor for the California Women's Conference, and strategic partner for Women Network. She is a member of the Evolutionary Business Council (EBC), whose main mission is to connect individuals like her together, make a greater and meaningful impact in the world through empowering the lives of other people in their respect fields.