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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 17 May 2021

John Barbour's World with John Barbour

Show Host:

John Barbour "the godfather of reality TV" created, co-hosted, co-produced, and wrote 'Real People' - the first reality show, which was number one on NBC for three years during the early 1980's.

Barbour moved to the United States in the early sixties. His comedy act, particularly his 1965 album, It's Tough to Be White, dealt in part with civil rights and black-white relations.

Barbour hosted the pilot for The Gong Show in the mid '70s, and was a regular panelist on the 1988 Canadian (US syndicated) version of Liar's Club.

Barbour portrayed game show host Harry Monte in a 1975 episode of Sanford and Son.

John Produced, Wrote, and Hosted 'Ernie Kovacs: TV's Original Genius,'for Showtime that aired later on PBS. At the time it was reviewed as 'the best documentary about a performer!'

He also directed and wrote the 1992 documentary The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes. This film covers the investigation of District Attorney Jim Garrison, who, after the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy, decided to further investigate the official report given by the Warren Commission. The documentary hypothesizes connections between the assassination and the FBI, the CIA, the Mafia, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, and other organizations and foreign affairs issues. The film won an award in 1993 at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain.

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John Barbour
Las Vegas
Retired writer-producer-TV host-actor-stand-up comic-critic-and fireman on the CNR

Lucille Ball's favorite writer, aside from the wonderful writers of her show, was John Barbour. She said for the ten years that John was the film critic for Los Angeles Magazine, she couldn't wait for the beginning of the month just to read his reviews. And watch him on KNBC's six o'clock news!

And when Bob Wood was President of CBS TV he said, 'If Mark Twain had a microphone and camera, he'd be doing a lot of what John is doing!'

John changed the face of American TV as the Creator, Co-Host, Producer, and principal writer of 'Real People,' the country's first trend-setting reality show!

When John was crafting the number one show in TV for three years, his commitment was always to STORY and PURPOSE!

John's story... and what an amazing real story it is cannot be done justice in a few words, so go explore it, and know that after John's documentary about John Kennedy's assassination, 'The Garrison Tapes' won the '93 San Sebastian film festival Award, then John decided to retire.

It had taken him over twenty years to tell Jim's story, and even though it was and still is ignored by nearly all media in America, John felt that at least it was finally out there. It was the most important story he could ever tell; and so why try to tell any others.

So, he retired. To play golf. In Las Vegas. And now he shares his incredible story...

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That was the most fascinating show I've heard from you so far (that I can still remember) and I am amazed by your still intact memories of the unbelievable life you've lived!!!! I listened to it going to sleep last night and will e-mail it to all people I know while listening to it again today and I know my family members will be interested so you may help me with them since they will find it hard to ignore my "conspiracy theories" when they hear it all from you also ~ who was such a close friend of Frank Sinatra and all those other famous peoples !!!! I've been talking about the JFK, RFK and MLK hits since 1973 and they try to ignore me but never argue about it, refute or investigate these things because it is not in their politically correct social circles. It will be interesting if your radio show finally opens up their minds now that they are so old in the tooth as I am getting and you were there and done all that !!!! I had no idea you knew Robert Kaiser and I'm sure I had his book 35 years ago but have lost most of my research from moving so many times through out the years and people not knowing the value and throwing away what they considered my "hoarding" !!!! That story about losing friendship with Sinatra is particularly intriguing since if you had stayed close to him imagine the insights you could have learned about the JFK hit (as well as others) from him in his later years !!!! When you complete your book you should have a best seller like Kitty Kelly if we still have anything left of a free media and decent pr assistants !!! I still have a few minutes of Sinatra's daughter singing on the Mall here in DC at the annual July 4th "RollingThunder" biker gathering if you want me to send that to you (from a few years ago). And is that interview you did with Jim Garrison still up on youtube? I wish you lived in DC since my friends at the Sara McClendon National press Club gatherings and the folks would love to have you attend those meetings sometimes !!! That interview you wanted to do with Sinatra should be done with YOU and I wish I had the where with all to arrange just that. Maybe that is a goal I should work on. Carry on and don't golf too much today Facebook friend and political activist icon from the 60's still kicking and raising hell !!!! Carry on !!!!!

- Phil on FB