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Raphael and Jelelle Awen

Raphael and Jelelle Awen have been on the spiritual consciousness and emotional healing path for over 15 years. They have been in sacred union relationship with each since 2008 with their bond opening out in ever surprisingly nourishing ways over the years as they do their inner work of healing. They love to talk about and teach about how to deepen the relationship bond that you are in or how to draw your soulmate to you through inner healing. 

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Lane W.
Lane W.

Welcome to Peoples Anonymous. Herein lies one of the most profound spiritual healing recipes ever entrusted to the human race. This Twelve-Step technology has the capacity to heal your life beyond anything you may have previously imagined. 

By applying the Twelve Steps to your life, you will:

• Rediscover your authentic self;

• Clear away the wreckage of your past;

• Enjoy a new sense of freedom and purpose;

• Begin to live more fully in the present;

• Awaken to a life of joy, service and moments of bliss.

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Ryan Adragna, Spiritual Energy Healer
Ryan Adragna, Spiritual Energy Healer

I'm a channel for the divine spirits energies (the higher 7th thru 12th dimensions), in distance, in person, or in a doesn't matter. As a healer, through my spirit team (as I call them), we work on healing a broad spectrum of complications such as diseases, physical ailments, and emotional issues.

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Brook Packard
Brook Packard

Everyone has a bedtime routine. The question is: does it work for you and your family? With school, work, and outside activity schedules creeping into our family time, bedtime is the new dinner time. The time to connect, share, and peacefully make the transition to sleep. 

And sleep experts recommend that before you visit them for sleep problems, the first thing to put in place is a consistent bedtime routine.

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Janice Dolnick, RN, BSN, Legal Nurse
Janice Dolnick, RN, BSN, Legal Nurse

I teach Registered Nurses to trash the scrubs and build a Home Based Legal Nurse Consulting Business. Nurses are BURNED out - it's time to take back our lives. 

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David Champion

I went 21 years before I learned I was dyslexic. Years passed and I realized I was psychic. In between is a whole lot of life. There are many things I learned along the way and now I share it: about education, love, and relationships.

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Leonard Perlmutter
Leonard Perlmutter, author of The Heart and Science of Yoga: From The American Meditation Institute

The Heart and Science of Yoga

The American Meditation Institute’s Empowering Self-Care Program for a Happy, Healthy, Joyful Life

By Leonard Perlmutter, with Jenness Cortez Perlmutter

The Ultimate Manual for Meditation and Life Transformation

The Wisdom Behind Yoga Science Explained and Applied

Dear BBS Host:

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Judy Weintraub, CEO of SkillBites LLC
Judy Weintraub

Whether you are a business owner or professional looking to elevate your reputation with a published book, or a person looking to publish a memoir or transformational book to help others, it can be daunting to write and publish your book on your own.  Judy will share a 10 step process for getting your book written more easily.

Judy Weintraub works with individuals just like you to write and publish your own book.


-          Determine what to write about

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Tom Paladino - Scalar Energy Healer
Tom Paladino - Scalar Energy Healer

From BBS Radio Management (Doug and Don Newsom)

To all our wonderful Talk Show Hosts, podcasters and live broadcasters, we would like you to STRONGLY consider interviewing TOM PALADINO, a scalar energy healer!

Tom has been receiving enormous attention for his remote scalar energy healing work, which is garnering raving reviews!

PLEASE CONTACT AJAY MATTA to schedule TOM PALADINO for an interview! Contact 321-216-8047 or email:

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Lira Kay Quantum Success Coach
Lira Kay Quantum Success Coach, Author,

You have a GIFT. You are special. Now, how can you also not be broke, but, instead, receive back for what you give. Money mindset for Lightworkers is one of my specialties. Learn how to set your spiritual practice to help and heal more people. Why breaking through the mental blocks would get your from feeling unexpressed to feeling empowered while embracing and living your true purpose. 

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