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October 18, 2023
Ron Coleman

Ron Coleman Grey Wolf Walk for Freedom

Please contact him or contact me. 203-265-5165 for interviews. 

We make for great talk!  Call us now and arrange an interview.

Thank you

Donna Prue--Admin for Ron Coleman

Ron Coleman is walking across America to end the unconstitutional and tyrannical overreach caused by the Government’s endless State of Emergency.

This Air Force Veteran is fulfilling his oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and he’s doing it one step at a time, LITERALLY.

Ron Coleman, aka , is putting out a “Call to Action” for all Americans to step up! It’s time to tell the government their deception, election fraud, corruption and tyrannical mandates are FINISHED!

We The People have had enough. Our Representatives need to actually “REPRESENT” us and defend our Constitution, freedoms and liberty.

The primary objectives of this movement are:
#1 – To END the State of Emergency concerning COVID-19 (started March 13, 2020)
#2 – To ensure National emergencies act is amended so it can never be abused in this manner again!
#3 – To EXPOSE, and ultimately hold accountable, all who abused National emergencies act to suppress our Constitutional rights and enrich themselves!

Contact Information:

Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman


January 28, 2023
Moses Tai

As the first black man to have suffered more abuse and discrimination from Black people than White people, I am flipping the narrative of blaming White people for the challenges Blacks face in society because it fails to address the root cause of the problem– how Blacks bring up their children. I launched my #StopAntiwhiteIndoctrination campaign after noticing the difference between how Blacks and Whites are brought up, offering a moderate voice to those who are labled racist and pushed to the far right for opposing anti-white indoctrination.

United Kingdom

Moses Tai grew up on the Huruma Estate in Eldoret, Kenya’s fifth largest town, in the 80’s before moving to the UK in 2008 to study. After developing his innovative approach to sustainable change through ten years of research, in 2018 he founded African Development Choices, a UK-based social enterprise on a mission to reduce poverty in Africa by empowering communities to make informed development choices. He is passionate about systems change i.e. addressing the root causes, rather than the symptoms, of societal issues.

He is also the founder of the #StopAntiWhiteIndoctrination campaign, which he launched because:

He believes that the root causes of the racial divide are about how children are brought up, not skin color.   He has suffered more abuse and discrimination because of the way he was brought up from Black people than White people. He is passionate about systems change - addressing the root causes, rather than symptoms, of societal issues.
January 23, 2023
Alisa Picerno

Two sisters never dreamed that their dark struggles with infertility would birth a business that empowers others to tap into their own inner strength and overcome adversity.  Third-generation jewelry designers Christina Baribault Ortiz and Raeann Baribault Schwartz created The Power to B,  an inspirational bracelet line that reminds people of all ages that they are not alone in the midst of life’s challenges by encouraging them to B Strong, B Fierce, B Badass, B Limitless and B Fearless.

Debuted at last year’s Oscar Awards, all wearers can look like a true celebrity adorned in a variety of colored cords, silver, rose-gold and yellow gold-plated silver styles set to their power word of choice.

Throughout the year, the sisters have put those words into action by custom creating limited-edition bracelets whose proceeds benefit charities dedicated to helping families and children, like The Hope for Fertility Foundation, the Robb School Memorial Fund, the Purple Heart Foundation, the UCONN Foundation, the Bristol Police Heroes Fund and Breast Friends Fund.  

Attached is a brochure of the popular line that includes Hollywood connections, client testimonials and compelling media coverage.  Please let me know your interest in scheduling an interview to discuss their special journey and upcoming plans.

Bios for Christina and Raeann can be viewed here: and below are specific topics that they can discuss to engage your audience:

Running a successful 3rd-generation family jewelry business for 75 years – adapting and innovating with the changing times Purpose-driven collections: how to make jewelry powerful and meaningful Positively impacting lives by using jewelry as a self-help tool- uplifting one’s spirit and empowering oneself through the visual reminders of jewelry How to cultivate active listening with customers and using creativity to help them choose a piece that is both beautiful and meaningful Jewelry can remind people of their personal power and connections in their lives.    Top 5 things you need to succeed in launching a new jewelry collection Creating resiliency and permanence in your luxury brand: riding the professional highs and lows during turbulent economic times
United States

I’m Chrissy, the founder and creative force behind The Power to B!

I can’t say there was a defining moment when I came up with The Power to B, because it’s a project that’s been in the works my whole life. I’ve had days that require me to B Strong, weeks that have me struggling to B Fierce, and years of believing in my power to B Limitless in bringing this vision to life. I’ve been through it – relationships, career changes, personal challenges – you name it.

Visual reminders of my strength are what have gotten me through the darkest times and have made the bright times brighter.

My passion for powerful words, even as a kid, is ironic as I’m really at a loss for words now. The impact this brand is making on our growing community of women is greater than I ever could have dreamed, and you’d better believe I have a notebook full of what’s coming next.

I’m Raeann, the strategic powerhouse that’s brought this brand to life!

I always knew The Power to B’s message would resonate with women far beyond our local jewelry store’s reach. The authenticity of our brand comes directly from the women brave enough to share their stories with us, and that’s why it’ll never truly be complete.

Every day I meet someone who is up against a new battle, has a new opportunity in front of them, or is just missing the right words to say to someone they love.

I take all of this in, mesh it with our own experiences, and deliver strength to women through beautiful products that always seem to say the right thing. With my B Fierce bracelet on my wrist, I’m always thinking about how we can better serve our community and make our message reach even further, bringing The Power to B to women everywhere.

January 23, 2023
Sarah Hickner

Do you need a guest to talk horse racing (Derby week is the first week of May!), faith, overcoming obstacles, missing horses, or just want a good inspiring interview with an author? 

I'm working to build a media tour to promote my memoir, Finding Gideon. It's about a time when I left home to chase a dream of galloping racehorses in Louisville, Kentucky. Within two weeks I had a horrible accident on the track and two weeks later my personal horse was stolen. The story is mind-blowing! Once I survived all that, I had to decide if I even wanted to pick myself back up and keep going. And was I even brave enough to?

There's a strong faith element woven in as I question how a good God can let such bad stuff happen.

The book releases at the end of April, just in time for Kentucky Derby hype, but I'm reading chapters on my podcast to build excitement, so I'm happy to talk about it now.

I look forward to chatting!


Sarah Hickner is a dreamer and a doer. She's been obsessed with horses her entire life, which has led to some epic highs and really hard falls. Those experiences have been chronicled into short stories, magazine articles, and (coming soon) a memoir titled Finding Gideon. When Sarah isn't at the barn, you can find her at home with her husband, two kids, and coonhound.

January 21, 2023
Sarah Welk Baynum

My name is Sarah, and I am a published author of four fiction novels and I also freelance write for five equestrian magazines. My books are all in the same series right now, and in the genre of Equestrian Romantic Suspense. I do write all my books clean, for reference (no foul language or sex).

My bio gives a more detailed version of my background, but I have been riding and owned horses since I was twelve years old. I spent many years also working with horses in various jobs within the horse industry.

I currently own two horses and still actively compete in show jumping and eventing with them.

All of these experience combined with my life-long love of reading and writing was what inspired me to begin writing fiction novels. I spun many of the settings of my favorite places, experiences, and competitive riding in the horse world and brought to life characters and a storyline in those places. After I wrote my first book in the series, I knew being a published author was for me, and ended up writing and publishing four novels between June and December of 2022. I plan to have a fifth book in that same series published in February 2023!

I was honored to have my first book in my series, titled "Impelled," win first place in the equestrian romance category in the 2022 EQUUS Film & Arts Festival Literary competition. This book has also been a best seller in several book categories on Amazon in 2022 as well. 

As for the magazines, the articles I typically write are profiles on amateur and professional horsemen and women. I absolutely love writing for these magazines, since I get the opportunity to  speak with these people who love their horses  and typically are national or world champions. It’s always so interesting hearing the backstories and behind the scenes lives of the people I write articles on!

I have been on four or five podcast interviews now, so this certainly would not be my first experience with an interview of this nature!


I look forward to hearing back from you, and thank you in advance for your consideration!

 - Sarah Welk Baynum 

United States

Sarah Welk Baynum has an extensive equestrian background which became the inspiration behind her debut novel “Impelled.”

While writing her novels, Sarah draws from previous experience as a working student, show groom, barn manager, working for FarmVet and other various jobs in the horse industry over the years both in her hometown and in Wellington & Ocala, Florida. Sarah also attended Otterbein University and majored in Equine Business and Facility Management.

Sarah still owns horses and actively competes in show jumping and three-day eventing, and horses have been a big part of her life since the age of twelve.  Her first horse may have been a gelding, but she has a bias for mares and has primarily owned mares throughout the years.

Besides writing equestrian novels, Sarah also writes articles for The Equine Chronicle, The Plaid Horse, Sidelines, Off-Track Thoroughbred, and Horse & Style Magazines. 

When she isn’t writing or riding, Sarah also enjoys competing in local and national singing competitions, and mainly sings country music.

Today, Sarah lives in her hometown just outside of Columbus, Ohio, with her family which includes her husband, her two dogs, two cats and her two mares Tilly (a warmblood) and Letty (an off the track thoroughbred).

January 4, 2023
Ted Winslow

What if I told you your human energy field in a just a matter of minutes?  What if you could instantly fill in with your own energy.  What would it take for you to be in your own energy healing yourself and vibrating at the higher frequencies that you were meant to be at.

Vibrational healing is such a powerful and overlooked tool with which we can not only heal ourselves but those around us as well.  This healing is being used in hospitals, in schools, in healing centers, yoga studios, therapy sessions and those at home with their own personalized practice and sessions.

United States

Ted Winslow is an award winning music producer and recording artist in frequency sound healing.  He is considered an authority and pioneer of Solfeggio Frequency Sound Healing genre.

Ted is known for his unique blend of acoustic and electronic instruments with altered tunings and binaural beats.  Through his pioneering work, Ted has developed SoundSyncTech™, a customized brainwave technology which incorporates binaural beats, altered tunings, numerology along with his state -of-the-art recording technologies to facilitate brainwave entrainment.

The germs of music that best describe Ted’s music are a culmination of New Age, Classical, Celtic and Ambient styles. With millions of streams, his music is reaching audiences from Hospitals, Healing Centers, Public Schools, Yoga Studios to those who just keep in their everyday use at home or when they sleep.

Ted has been instrumental in working with the science of Biophotonic Imaging where he has shown how certain frequencies can affect our body, mind and spirit.  Scientific have shown that Ted’s music used in Musical Therapy is showing an impact for those who have anxiety and depression.  It helps to promote emotional and mental wellness.  It has even being used to aid those with sleeping disorders to quiet the mind and allow them to get the proper nights rest they need.

December 29, 2022
Adam Parr

Gerdau’s North American business divisions manufacture long and special steel products for the agricultural, automotive, construction, distribution, energy, industrial, and mining markets. The Company stimulates the economy through its network of recycling operations and steel production facilities. Their mills utilize efficient and clean production practices, including the use of electric arc furnace (EAF) technology.


United States

Adam Parr joined Gerdau in April 2017, and currently serves as the company’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs.  In this role, he oversees Gerdau’s external communications and government relations in the United States and Canada.

Prior to joining Gerdau, Adam worked for the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) for twelve years, serving as SMA’s Vice President of Policy & Communications.  SMA represents the electric arc furnace steel industry and is the largest steel industry trade association in North America.  

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Adam earned a BA in government and American politics from the University of Virginia, and an MBA from the University of Maryland.  He resides in Tampa, Florida with his wife, daughter, and rescue dog.


December 29, 2022
Anar Mammadov

With 18 years of experience in enterprise solutions, Mammadov, is the owner and CEO of Senpex Technology, a personalized logistics and delivery service that utilizes groundbreaking artificial intelligence to optimize routes.  He has been featured in Tech Times, highlighting the uses of their AI-driven, logistics software as well as in Market Watch, LA Weekly, and also Tech Bullion which features the efficiency of Senpex software as a last-mile logistics service.   


United States

Owner and CEO of Senpex Technology, is a software development professional with more than 15-years of experience in enterprise solutions and mobile app development. He has applied his practical and results-oriented approach to business to create Senpex Technology.

Senpex Technology is a personalized logistics and delivery service that utilizes groundbreaking artificial intelligence to optimize routes and to provide the fastest, most efficient, last-mile delivery resource for businesses.

Senpex can be utilized 24/7, with no interruptions to your delivery needs.


December 29, 2022
Bill Haskell

Innventure founds, funds, operates, and rapidly scales companies in strategic collaboration with Multinational Corporations (MNCs). Leveraging MNC market data, we seek to identify opportunities where well-protected, disruptive technology solutions address significant unmet market needs and have the potential to create $1B+ in new enterprise value. Our systematic, quantitative approach to founding and funding new companies is designed to mitigate many of the risks inherent in building and scaling high-growth ventures.

United States

Over the past 30-years, I have been a principal in all aspects of inventing and building technology companies across multiple sectors including renewable energy, healthcare, imaging and agriculture. I am an experienced senior executive; have been a Director of more than a dozen public and private companies in North and South America, Europe and Australia; and have served in roles including CEO, COO, and strategic planning executive. I have also been involved in turnarounds and have extensive experience in taking companies to the public markets through IPOs. Key skills include: Company building, ESOP structuring, financial modeling, M&A advisory and transition planning.