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Reaching For The Gold

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A publishing journalist and a college instructor Harriet finds that these two careers have much in common as they both demand honing communication skills every day. Harriet instructs her students almost exclusively online and her writing is published in print and over the web. Times change but the need to speak to your audience by being concise, yet intriguing, is key.

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Guest, Scott Penwell

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Scott Penwell
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computer security expert
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Since first learning of the binary system in grade school, Scott Penwell has followed the developments in computing with great interest. He built his first computer (a mechanical model) in fifth grade, used the first remote terminal attached to the Case mainframe in eleventh, wrote programs at Kent on decks of punch cards, and brought early graphic capable computers to the workplace. He has been regional manager for several technology companies, and worked for two consulting firms. I opened my own design, consulting, customizing and repair practice, and have been specializing in digital security for over ten years.