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I'm a Life Catalyst specializing in teaching Applied Love Technology. So far, I've seen success with people, pets and plants. I'll make you laugh, I'll invite you to rethink the gifts in your situation. Give me 30 minutes to see if we're a professional match for each other.

Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer was a nationally acclaimed calligraphy instructor and lecturer before a health crisis nearly ended her life in 1998. After thirty-five years as an artist, she recreated herself as a spiritual teacher, writer, intuitive, and energy therapy facilitator. She has presented her work at Steve and Barbara Rother's master Facilitator Intensive, the Integrated Energy Therapy tm Master Instructor retreat, and other spiritual venues across America. She especially enjoys helping other people understand the sacred connection with their own angel animals, living or helping other people understand the sacred connection with their own angel animals, living or dead.

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Guest, Ken Ferber

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Ken Ferber
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Founder and CEO of Trueify, LLC - Communications executive with expertise in reputation management, crisis communications and media relations.
Guest Biography

Ken Ferber has more than 30 years of expertise in reputation management, CEO branding and crisis communications. He is one of the few executives to lead reputation and communications functions in all three sectors - corporate, government and not-for-profit. He has represented such entities as a multi-billion dollar healthcare company, the Los Angeles Police Commission, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Ferber is the founder and CEO of Trueify®, which helps professionals develop their unique personal brand and teaches them how to protect their reputation within the social media environment.

TRUEIFY is a family of professional reputation training modules for corporations, executives and recent graduates. TRUEIFY is also a family of “reputation defense” modules, teaching individuals and entities how to protect their reputation in the online and digital world. TRUEIFY trains targeted audiences how to successfully enhance their career path and their company’s reputation by exploiting and manipulating social media.

Since his teen years, he has been an impassioned student of the rise of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. This past June, he made is first trip to Germany and Poland to learn firsthand of the horrors of the Holocaust, and to study how Germany has been remaking its image as it relates to its role of the murder of six million Jews.

Ferber is a graduate of The George Washington University where he witnessed firsthand the demise of the Nixon White House during Watergate.