Featured Guest, Amy Novak May 17, 2016


Catalytic with Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer
Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer

I'm a Life Catalyst specializing in teaching Applied Love Technology. So far, I've seen success with people, pets and plants. I'll make you laugh, I'll invite you to rethink the gifts in your situation. Give me 30 minutes to see if we're a professional match for each other.

Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer was a nationally acclaimed calligraphy instructor and lecturer before a health crisis nearly ended her life in 1998. After thirty-five years as an artist, she recreated herself as a spiritual teacher, writer, intuitive, and energy therapy facilitator. She has presented her work at Steve and Barbara Rother's master Facilitator Intensive, the Integrated Energy Therapy tm Master Instructor retreat, and other spiritual venues across America. She especially enjoys helping other people understand the sacred connection with their own angel animals, living or helping other people understand the sacred connection with their own angel animals, living or dead.

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, May 17, 2016 05:00 pm

Guest, Amy Novak

Guest Name: 
Amy Novak
Amy Novak and Layla
Guest Occupation: 
Dog Trainer
Guest Biography: 

Amy Novak is a college student living on the Jersey Shore with plans to transfer to pharmacy school. When she's not training or playing with her two Alaskan Malamutes, Layla and Enda, she loves hiking, camping, fishing, reading and traveling. Amy works full time in a pharmacy as a senior pharmacy technician and billing specialist.  She loves finding funding for specialty drugs with high co-pays; in April of 2016, she saved one single patient $12,000 on one medication. Amy lives with her boyfriend of nine years; they love to travel together, especially to Disney World.  In addition to the dogs, they share their home with a Lionhead rabbit named Leonidas whom Amy rescued after he'd been severely damaged from being kicked in the face and a rescue cat named Mia who is blind in one eye.