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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

Headlined Guests

Guest Occupation: Founder of Fueling Champions, Nutrition Consultant and Sports Performance specialist
Guest Biography:

Jill Lane is an expert in the fields of nutrition and exercise physiology. Her passion for helping pro athletes and high achievers attain max strength, quick recovery, heightened energy, sharp focus and optimal body fat for peak performance has become the cornerstone of her business. Some of her current and past clients include coaches and players from the NFL, NBA and MLB along with aspiring MMA and Olympic athletes. As a former High School All-American, Olympic Development Team Member, Collegiate and Semi-Pro athlete herself, Jill has a clear understanding of what competitive athletes require for achieving and sustaining their personal best.

Jill’s colleagues say she is gifted at turning complicated biochemistry into simple concepts and action steps that produce success.  She has done so by teaching doctors nutrition and exercise science, developing programs for corporate wellness use and designing high performance health programs for pro-athletes and other high achievers. Her clients call her fun, caring, motivational and “the one-stop-shop for optimal health” because of her cutting edge knowledge in both nutrition and exercise.

In addition to being a mom of 3, Jill Lane has spent over 15 years consulting, coaching and teaching functional nutrition and exercise physiology. Her passion for helping pro athletes, sports families and high achievers attain max strength, quick recovery, heightened energy, sharp focus and optimal body fat for peak performance has become the cornerstone of her business. Some of her current and past clients include coaches and players from the NFL, NBA and MLB as well as aspiring MMA and Olympic athletes. As a former High School All-American, Olympic Development Team Member, Collegiate and Semi-Pro athlete herself, Jill has a clear understanding of what competitive athletes require to achieve and sustain their personal best.

Her mission to support the next generation of student athlete leaders (as well as those who lead them on a daily basis) comes full circle in her event, program and academy called Fueling Champions™. Fueling Champions follows Jill’s proprietary 3-step process, FEED, LEAD, SUCCEED so families of student athletes can achieve healthy success, together.

Ms. Lane had the pleasure of co-hosting (Summer 2011-2013) the One Life Radio Show (still heard on Clear Channel’s AM1190 in Dallas/Ft. Worth and on iheart radio). She has also contributed to best selling books and spoken in person to groups as large at 500.  Jill has over 15 years experience as an Exercise Physiologist, Certified Nutrition Consultant and Health Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine. She currently lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and three children. Want the winning edge? Stay in touch with Jill

Guest Category: Business, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Society and Culture, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Guest Occupation: Founder and CEO of Lower Extremity Review Magazine
Guest Biography:

Richard Dubin has started four successful magazines for the medical, consumer health and technology marketplaces. He was the previous publisher of BioMechanics and has been involved in every aspect of the medical publishing industry for 20 years. He started with Current Podiatry in 1991, moved to Podiatry Today in 1992 and created BioMechanics in 1994 to deliver a multi-disciplinary audience.

Currently, he is the Founder and Publisher of Lower Extremity Review Magazine as well as the interactive and book publishing divisions. LER is a monthly publication with news and clinical articles about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of lower extremity injuries. LER encourages a collaborative multidisciplinary clinical approach with an emphasis on functional outcomes and evidence-based medicine. The circulation includes orthopedists, podiatrists, sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, orthotists, prosthetists, and pedorthists.

Guest Category: Business, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Medicine, News, Science, Society and Culture, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Guest Occupation: Singer-Songwriter-Musician
Guest Biography:

I    V    A    N

B    R    O    W    N    E




Ivan Browne (vocals/rhythm guitar), Bill Bartlett (lead guitar), R.G. (Reg) Nave (organ), Steve Walmsley (bass) and Bill Albuagh (drums) - made its debut in 1967 with ‘Turn Around and Take A Look’. Its rudimentary style was then replaced by the measured approach of aspiring songwriting/production team, Paul Leka and Shelly Pinz. Together they created a distinctive Lemon Pipers sound, a sparkling mélange of sweeping strings and percussive vibraslaps exemplified on the group’s million-selling hit, ‘Green Tambourine’. The attendant album contained several songs - ‘Rice Is Nice’, ‘Shoeshine Boy’ - which were recorded in a similar style, but the set also contained the startling ‘Through with You’, an extended tour de force for Bartlett’s rampaging guitar work and a surprise for those anticipating easy-on-the-ear fare. Subsequent recordings failed to match their early success, and although a second album, Jungle Marmalade, offered several inventive moments, the Lemon Pipers were tarred as a bubblegum attraction on the strength of that first hit. The group broke up in 1969, although Bartlett later found success as a member of Ram Jam predominantly known for their hit single "Black Betty" in 1977.

IVAN and his wife ISA started traveling together in 1973. They performed in R.I., Hawaii, Alaska and New Hampshire, where they were married and started the IVAN and ISA BAND in October of 1975. Their musical travels continued to Florida and Ohio. In 1977, I and I settled down in Sonoma County, California, where they played 108 consecutive weeks as a house band at Santa Rosa's Ponderosa Club. In May 1981, they once again packed up their equipment and headed for the east coast and traveling through R.I., Ohio, and back to California. In March of 1985, IVAN and ISA bought a ridgetop home in Mendocino County from the "DOOR'S" Ray Manzarek's family.

Guest Category: Entertainment, Music
Guest Occupation: Author, Life Coach
Guest Biography:

I am Scott Kimbro, a man who loves to teach. I am a Christian, husband, father, author, inspirational speaker and teacher. I, my wife, and our two daughters live in Spring Hill, Tennessee. My professional background includes accounting, banking, various managerial positions and entrepreneur of both traditional and network marketing companies.

In traditional business, I was the Chief Operating Officer of Kimbro Oil Company in Nashville, Tennessee. In the network marketing space my wife and I became Diamond Executives with a wellness company.

Guest Category: Careers, Health & Lifestyle, Motivational
Guest Occupation: A well-known Naturopath. He holds many advanced certificates in Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine, First-Line Therapy, and Personality Assessment.
Guest Biography:

TODD NELSON D.Sc., Naturopath has had the privilege of providing thousands of  individuals and families the very best holistic health;care programs for over 36 years. He holds many advanced certificates in Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine, First-Line Therapy, and Personality Assessment. He has been serving the Denver/Boulder area in clinical practice integrating comprehensive holistic modalities including Functional Medicine testing, clinical nutrition, medical-grade dietary supplements, detoxification, fitness, herbal medicine, lifestyle counseling, stress mastery and life coaching. He is a nationally known speaker, teacher, and author. Todd was host/owner/producer of the popular radio show Get Healthy! Colorado’s #1 weekly talk show on holistic medicine, on 630 KHOW, Denver’s Talk Station. He is the co-author of three books, Arthritis Survival, Asthma Survival, and Headache Survival, along with best-selling author, Dr. Rav Ivker (the past president of the American Holistic Medical Association). Todd ihas done many televised corporate wellness programs, entitled Stress Mastery, across the United States through Training Systems Network: The Professional Development Channel, (formerly the PBS Business and Technological Network.) He hosted his own corporate wellness TV show in 2003: The Wellness Coach with Todd Nelson, N.D. on the TSN Network. The Wellness Coach broadcast to businesses nationwide including: IBM, Pfizer, Boeing, Wells Fargo, USPS, U.S Gov., Intel, Microsoft, and many other businesses. Nelson is certified in FirstLine Therapy (FLT), a lifestyle-based clinical program for reducing risk of chronic illness. He offers an FLT 12-week on-site Corporate Program for employees. Clients have included Great West Life Insurance, Coldwell Banker Brokers, Pinnacol Insurance, and Comcast employees. Todd and his books have been featured in articles in Natural Health, Alternative Medicine, Delicious, LOHAS, New Age, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles, and other magazines. He has been featured in numerous local TV news stories, including a recent FOX news story on Red Dye #40. Nelson served two years on the Medical Advisory Board of Oasis Life Sciences, Inc., (now Univera), an international nutritional supplement manufacturer and distributor.

Guest Category: Business, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Medicine, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Self Help, Sports & Recreation
Guest Occupation: Author, Artist, Psychic, Medium, Lecturer
Guest Biography:

In childhood my guest for Saturday, Liberty Forrest,  discovered her abilities as a psychic and medium. These abilities continued to develop over the years, leading her to do readings professionally.

Now living in Western Canada, previously Liberty enjoyed an idyllic life in rural England, where for five years she appeared approximately monthly on BBC Radio doing psychic phone-ins for listeners.

Eventually, she took to the stage, where she connected audience members with loved ones in spirit.

Liberty is an award-winning author and Huffington Post contributor who has several books on inspirational self-help topics. She also writes paranormal thriller saga fiction   Her compelling book, The Power and Simplicity of Self-Healing, has been changing lives and helping people find hope and healing in several countries around the world.

In 2015 her book, Meditation Essentials: How to Quiet the Mind to Achieve More Personal and Professional Success, won the Beverly Hills International Book Award in the Well Being category.

Currently, she enjoys doing readings for clients, internet video calls, offering compassionate heart-centered guidance to help them get unstuck and moving forward. She also assists people in developing their own abilities as psychics and mediums, including offering one-on-one guidance to help them fully access their intuitive abilities. More information is available at:  I suggest that you look at her bio at this link because there is much more to Liberty Forrest than what is written here.


Guest Category: Education, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Science, Self Help, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Singer and Songwriter that plays the piano, bass, guitar and ukulele
Guest Biography:

Amelia Callie Teschner

13 year old singer/songwriter Amelia Callie Teschner started as the lead singer of the band Shattered Records at just 9 years old and continues to perform with the band at numerous venues including the Hard Rock Cafe, The Grove , The El Rey and at Los Angeles’ Night on Broadway. Amelia has studied at the Los Angeles Conservatory and continues to study with prominent teachers.

Amelia plays the piano, bass, guitar and ukulele but her favorite instrument is her voice. She wrote a song for the Orlando shooting victims titled “Me” about being free to be yourself. She sings in her school’s show choir and spends her free time writing songs and volunteering at LA Family Housing.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Music, Philosophy
Guest Occupation: Writer, actress, and producer
Guest Biography:


Lisa Marie Wilson is a writer, actress, and producer who was born in Michigan but currently resides in Los Angeles. Her first novel, Traveling Daisy, A Generational Cancer Story of Disease and Dysfunction, explores the question, “Did I cause my own cancer?” Her second novel, Dating for Dinner, Ordering Love, is about the dating scene in Los Angeles. She is currently writing her 3rd book, Love Letters From a Pickle Factory about her father who was an Elvis impersonator.” Lisa’s articles about cancer and dating can be found on the Huffington Post.

As an actress she has appeared on Ten Things I Hate About You, The Young and the Restless and Port Charles as well as many independent features and national commercials. Lisa wrote, acted in, and produced the TV pilot Over The Hills starring Robert Wagner and Tim Conway about struggling senior actors who create a reality show. She also produces music videos, industrials, short films, documentaries and commercials. She is the proud mom to her daughter Amelia who is a singer/songwriter.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Literature, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy
Guest Occupation: Director Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Guest Biography:



Alan C. Lowe obtained his B.A. (1986) and M.A. (1988) in history at the University of Kentucky.  In 1989, Lowe joined the staff of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California as an archivist.  In 1992, he moved to the Office of Presidential Libraries at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, D.C.  In the Office of Presidential Libraries, Lowe helped to oversee the many Presidential libraries located throughout the nation administered by NARA.  During part of this time, he also served as interim Director of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park, New York. 

From 2003 to 2009, Lowe served as the founding Executive Director of the Howard H. Baker, Jr. Center for Public Policy at the University of Tennessee. In that capacity, he created a host of public, educational, and research programs to increase civic engagement and promote a better understanding of policy issues.  He also oversaw the completion of a facility for the Baker Center on the University of Tennessee campus.

From 2009 to 2016, Lowe served as founding Director of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.  In that role, he managed all aspects of the Library and Museum’s operations, and was part of the team that oversaw the design and construction of the new Bush Library and Museum facility on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.      

In July 2016, Lowe was appointed as Executive Director of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois.  He oversees all elements of that agency’s operations, all with the mission of perpetuating and learning from the enduring legacy of President Lincoln and the rich history of Illinois. 

Lowe was appointed by Governor Bruce Rauner as a General Trustee of the Lincoln Academy in 2017.  He serves on the Boards of the Central Illinois Foodbank and the Illinois Association of Museums.  He is a commissioner on the Illinois Bicentennial Commission

Lowe is a native of Bourbon County, Kentucky. He and his wife, Kathy, and daughter, Carolyn, reside in Chatham, Illinois.

Guest Category: Arts, Education, Entertainment, History, News, Society and Culture, Travel & Leisure
Guest Occupation: Astrologer Tarot Reader Intuitive
Guest Biography:

Tisch is a New York based Astrologer with over a decade of experience. Based on your birthday, year, time, and place, Tisch looks at the current trends in your life.  She provides time frames and dates for upcoming love, career, personal, and financial cycles.  It is a great tool to maximize dates and make the most of your lucky cycles and transits. It is also useful to prepare and master the lessons from the more challenging cycles. 

Guest Category: Tarot & Other Cards, Astrology, Clairvoyant & Telepathic, Mystic & Seer, Divination, Psychic & Intuitive
Guest Occupation: International speaker, Master Strategist
Guest Biography:

Jill Lublin is an international speaker on the topics of Radical Influence, Publicity, Networking, kindness and Referrals.  She is the author of 4 Best Selling books including Get Noticed...Get Referrals (McGraw Hill) and co-author of Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic.  Her latest book, Profit of Kindness went #1 in four categories. Jill is a master strategist on how to position your business for more profitability and more visibility in the market place. 

She is CEO of a strategic consulting firm and has over 20 years experience working with over 100,000 people plus national and international media. Jill teaches Publicity Crash Courses as both live events and live webinars and consults and speaks all over the world. 

Guest Category: Business, Marketing, Education, Courses & Training, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Author/UFO Investigator
Guest Biography:

Chase earned her Master Trainer, Master Instructor title while employed with the Department of Defense. Armed with a Bio-mechanical Engineer accreditation, she was responsible for designing specialized programs and the supervision of complete success regarding Force Readiness, unique mission responsibilities and Elite Force Protection. This was achieved by understanding the goals and requirements placed on physical and mental strength assignments that are demanded and expected for today’s Active Duty members and civilian anti-terrorist units. This includes assignments with Homeland Security and Private Sector Security Forces.

Schooled and certified as a Private Investigator, Chase consistently demonstrates the knowledge, technical requirements, legal parameters and the commitment to evidence based investigations using the latest technologies and methodologies deployed by professional Law Enforcement Officials in a modern and forward moving scientific environment.

​She joined the Mutual UFO Network in 1996 and was selected as The Star Team Manager and Deputy Director of Investigations through 2011. She was responsible for the program design, protocols and investigation procedures for a national rapid response unit. This position included supervision of the most experienced investigators and access to the most sensitive and complex cases reported to MUFON. As of today, Chase leads the “Special Assignment Team” of experienced and specialized investigators in MUFON, responding to the reports that need specific and thorough attention. As an International CAG investigator, Chase focuses her attention on National UFO cases reported in Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Central America.

In November of 2016, Chase became a registered and official LOBBYIST for the UFO Field. This goal was realized through a progressive understanding that to truly influence change and offer a knowledgeable commentary on the realities of the UFO phenomenon, we must include our Nation’s elected and the very people that are trusted as our Lawmakers. Her efforts will focus on document declassification and an Ombudsman role for witnesses and those most effected by unknown technologies. This is done through “THE FIELD REPORTS: A Science and Technology Investigation Group.

Chase continues to be an active investigator, responding to reports and international cases. She has an extensive history in the field of Ufology and a diverse investigation background that includes MUFON Field reports to Ancient artifacts as demonstrated by her study and “hands on” forensic contributions to the Elongated Skulls and The Star Child Skull, in which she maintains the Lead investigator. The “evidence” available in UFO events remains the focus as she keeps the standards high and the ethical aptitude in all she does. There is NO compromise when the truth is at stake.

Chase is an Author of two popular books; “Admissible” The Field Investigators Manual with Richard Dolan & the first of its kind Children’s book, “Are Aliens Really Real?”. Both can be found on

In her most recent TV appearance with Rob Lowe, Chase lends her expertise to the investigation of the Alleged Malibu Underwater Alien Base. The episode can be found at A&E On Demand.

Chase has been featured with Josh Gates on Expedition Unknown on the Travel Channel.

She and Josh investigate a breaking case for MUFON at the Board Camp Crystal Mine in Mena, Arkansas.  The video evidence that was captured has made headlines!

Guest Category: Paranormal, UFOs
Guest Occupation: Budget Coach
Guest Biography:

My name is Michelle Jacobik and I’m a Financial Coach/Mentor.

My goal is to hel families & individuals stop living paycheck to paycheck and to start living the life they dream of! 

Guest Category: Business, Education, Personal Development, Self Help, Motivational
Guest Occupation: Singer-Songwriter-Musician-Record Producer
Guest Biography:




F  E  L  I  X   

C  A  V  A  L  I  E  R  E


The message has always been to stand for peace, love, and happiness. For legendary singer songwriter, FELIX CAVALIERE, making people feel good is primary to his illustrious 50-year career that includes the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Songwriter Hall of Fame, Vocal Group Hall of Fame, and Grammy Hall of Fame. Few artists can claim they defined a generation; FELIX CAVALIERE continues to remind us to keep listening for the world’s beauty.

The classically trained pianist, born in Pelham, New York, idolized Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, and Sam Cook. FELIX CAVALIERE embraced the Hammond Organ and pioneered a fresh, rock and roll sound. Upon leaving Syracuse University to form the Escorts and become a backup musician for Joe Dee and the Starliters and later Sandy Scott, who knew that his legendary next stop would be the beginning of an illustrious hall of fame career.

Early in 1965, FELIX CAVALIERE formed the ‘Young Rascals’ with Dino Danelli, Eddie Brigati, and Gene Cornish. That October, they caught the attention of promoter/manager Sid Bernstein with their high-energy set at Long Island’s elite club, Barge. Signed to Atlantic Records, and now called The Rascals, the mega hit “Good Lovin’” struck No. 1 in February 1966. They followed suit with a string of hits like “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long,” “Groovin’ (No. 1 in 1967), “How Can I Be Sure,” “A Girl Like You,” “A Beautiful Morning,” and “People Got to Be Free” (No. 1 in 1968). The Rascals are considered the best ‘blue-eyed soul’ group to come out of the 1960s, as well as one of the groups with the most record sales.

By the early 70s, The Rascals experimented with more jazz-influenced sounds, and moved to Columbia Records. The Rascals disbanded in 1972. FELIX CAVALIERE’s solo career thrived during this decade. He released his self-titled debut album with Todd Rundgren at the producer helm. His follow-up albums were Destiny (1974), Castles in the Air (1979) (Castle in the Air produced another Top 40 hit – “Only a Heart Sees” reached No. 2), Dreams in Motion (1994) and in 2008 he collaborated with Stax guitar legend, Steve Crooper, on the Grammy-nominated Nudge it Up a Notch and again in 2010 with Midnight Flyer.

FELIX CAVALIERE calls Nashville home base, where he is constantly collaborating and writing new material. He’s also finishing his memoir and has an active tour schedule with FELIX CAVALIERE’S RASCALS. Visit FELIXCAVALIEREMUSIC.COM.

Some people may not realize it, but The Rascals were the first rock band in the world   — Steven Van Zandt


18 Top 40 Hits

5 Top 10 Hits

3 No. 1 Mega Hits

Hits include "Groovin'," "Good Lovin'," "Beautiful Morning," "How Can I Be Sure," and "People Got to Be Free."

Felix Cavaliere is The King of Blue Eyed Soul. His songs helped define a generation. He is a member of… 

The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

Grammy Hall of Fame

Songwriters Hall of Fame

Vocal Group Hall of Fame


For more information about Felix Cavaliere and the Rascals visit


And Twitter:


Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, History, Music
Guest Occupation: Expert at teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to eliminate the common cold call and replace it with warm handshakes and networking using LinkedIn.
Guest Biography:

7 Secrets to a Profitable Profile-Get LinkedIn or be Left Out! Rhonda Sher is a published author, keynote speaker and business development consultant specializing in LinkedIn training, consulting, profile makeovers and business networking. Rhonda brings a wealth of practical, real-life expertise and presence into every consulting, coaching and speaking relationship. Having over 20 years of experience in an array of industries including law, insurance, direct sales and training, Rhonda’s philosophy is that you cannot teach what you have not practiced and learned firsthand, and her mission is to make a positive difference in the success of small business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and those who run non-profit organizations. Rhonda’s clients choose her because they want to fill their businesses and practices with qualified prospects and referrals, and eliminate cold calling. Organizations have been calling on Rhonda since 2003 to help them get the right strategies to build a pipeline of prospects and referrals and leverage their base of loyal clients. Using powerful marketing strategies, Rhonda assists her clients in creating more revenue with less effort using the power of LinkedIn. She knows that by taking daily action one small step at a time large changes can occur.

Guest Category: Arts, Business, Education, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, News, Self Help, Society and Culture, Technology
Guest Occupation: Clinical Hypnotherapist
Guest Biography:

Johanna facilitates transformative group work, providing solutions for the emotional patterns we all inherit from our families. She is committed to resolving the painful patterns that live out from generation to generation. Like a detective, she listens to the facts of your family history, down to the words you use to describe your challenges. These clues lead her directly to the most effective resolution for you. The intention in her work is to contribute to world peace, one family at a time.

Guest Category: Kids & Family, Love & Relationships, Genealogy
Guest Occupation: Illustrator, Designer, Interior Decorator
Guest Biography:

Belle Crow duCray, BFA, grew up in the Tennessee Valley foothills creating art and dreaming of illustrating children’s books. She has always believed that what we can imagine we can create. Design is in Belle's lineage. She wishes to inspire passion for creativity and joy to children of all ages. She has illustrated seven award winning children’s books, which have won over 20 awards. She has also illustrated three books for adult audiences. Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses recently won the Anthology Division of the London Book Festival. For queries contact:
You can also find her on Facebook!

Guest Category: Design, Beauty, Literature, Visual Arts, Kids & Family, Access Consciousness, Animal & Plant Communications, Mystic & Seer, Psychic & Intuitive
Guest Occupation: Music Artist, Guitarist, Composer and Band Member of Carnival of Soul
Guest Biography:


Whether jazz, country, rhythm’n’blues, Chicano soul, exotica, or any style you can name, Skip Heller has been there and done that his way.
Born and bred in the Philadelphia barband scene of the early 1980s, Heller first gained local notice as an eclectic young guitar hero.  He became the opening act of choice for national acts like Rick Danko, John Hartford, Dave Alvin, and Walter Hyatt.  His two local early 1990’s CD’s established him also as an incisive songwriter as well, drawing on classic soul, jazz, and bossa nova while staying rootsy.  In 1993, Heller discovered the music of exotica godfather Les Baxter and was so moved that he wrote the older composer a letter asking for copies of written music.  Baxter was so taken with Heller than he invited the young whippersnapper to come to Palm Springs and study with him.  Within a year, Heller had moved to Los Angeles and started working with artists from exotica diva Yma Sumac to Stan (Wall of Voodoo) Ridgway, rockabilly original Ray Campi, rhythm’n’blues sax giant Big Jay McNeely, and the Rather of Chicano Music, Lalo Guerrero.
Music for film and TV, including The Flintstones and Sesame Street.  Live and studio work with NRBQ, Glen Glenn, Wanda Jackson, Flaco Jimenez, Cannibal and the Headhunters, Bob (Schoolhouse Rock) Dorough, Uri Caine, Tish Hinojosa, the Klezmatics, the Latin Playboys, and even Ogden (“Dead Puppies”) Edsel.
His band, Carnival of Soul, is mainstay in the Los Angeles clubs and have just release an EP.
And his new recording, SACRAMENTO, is available on all the digital platforms as well as CD.
Guest Category: Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music
Guest Occupation: Political Translator, Music Video producer, Comedian, Artist, Writer
Guest Biography:


Jill Gatsby just so happens to be a political translator for the most important entity in this entire solar system! She works for #YourMutha at “earthspeaksout” where she has animated the planet and given her a voice that’s a mix between Jason Alexander and Phyllis Diller.

#BadMutha is the latest music video Jill Gatsby produced for Earth Speaks Out, where she is playing a #BADMUTHA with co-star, her son, Gabriel Gocobachi!

Jill is one of the founders of The Sanford Meisner Center For The Arts and worked with Mr. Sanford Meisner for seven years in New York, Bequia and Los Angeles.  She is also the founder of the SuperCellular Music, Science and Arts Program that is currently in development here in Los Angeles.

Jill Gatsby has been doing comedy since she came out of the womb and then continued on to the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd all the way back in 1886.  I’m sorry. 1996. She really looks great for her age! These days she’s doing her stand up comedy on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK LIVE when she’s got the time off from building content for SuperCellular.

Some of her comedic work includes writing both the one-man show & feature film, “Holyman Undercover” starring David White, Fred Willard and Pauli Shore. She’s also acted in a couple of very funny Henry Jaglom films with Tanna Fredrick, and she’s died in 6 bad horror films! Finally, she is rekindling her coma of a career by portraying YOUR liver as an adorable and relatable organ everyone wants to learn from!  Meet Little Liver!

Jill is also an artist of recycled bottles and did an art installation last year in 2017 at the BEQUINOX ART FESTIVAL with her BELIEVE BOTTLE ART INSTALLATION where she transforms bottles headed for landfills into gorgeous LED Lighting systems that resemble alien oceans.

Visit Jill Gatsby on Facebook or look For FRESH MORNING NEWS on how to live with a sense of humor and love your Electrons … because face it, you can’t live without ‘em!

Guest Category: Arts, Comedy, Entertainment, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Self Help, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: SuperCellular creator, author and savant at age two and a half
Guest Biography:


Gabriel Gocobachi created SuperCellular, the first healing micro superhero for kids when he was only 2 ½ years old.

After meeting a young boy at the Woodbridge Park who was very sick, Gabriel came home and declared that the world needed a healing superhero for kids, because the ones that Marvel Comics made didn’t do anything for a rotten cell! LOL

He said the boy told him he had good cells and bad cells inside of him and the good cells had to fight the bad guys.  This is how a two-year-old boy came up with the name SuperCellular!

The first book Gabriel made was called THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERCELLULAR and it’s been for sale on Amazon for 8 years now.

The 1st Adventures Of SuperCelular 2008 on Amazon

Over the past 8 years Gabriel has helped to create more books:







Gabriel has also created 3 bravery awards for kids to help give them encouragement through tough times.

He’s taken these awards to the City of Hope Children’s Hospital and donated hundreds of them, but he’d like to see these bravery awards in the hands of all kids who have to go to the doctor or to the hospital to get shots or procedures.

Gabriel is currently starting a program at his school to teach other kids about Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and Adobe editing with animation.

Gabriel also co-starred with his mother in #BadMutha The Music Video where he plays an “overexposed” child exploited by his super liberal mother! #BADMUTHA MUSIC VIDEO with Jill Gatsby & Gabriel Gocobachi

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Science, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Society and Culture