Headlined Guests

Lynn Cardona
Guest Occupation: Vocalist
Guest Biography:


Lynn Cardona, the Los Angeles based vocalist whose pretty, exotic looks and diaphanous, jazz-flavored voice makes it easy to go for the Norah Jones comparisons. Imagine instead Ani Difranco had she grown up on Sarah Vaughan records and hired the Roots for her back-up band.

– Duane Vehr, Cleveland Scene Magazine

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music
Dori Amarilio
Guest Occupation: Composer, producer and highly intuitive score mixer in the Film, TV and Video Game industry
Guest Biography:


Dori was born into music in Tel Aviv, Israel. The son of a classically-trained violinist and award-winning composer, he was exposed to music from day one. He studied guitar at age 9, played professionally at 14, composed music at 16 and was a music director by age 17. He studied composition at the Berkley-endorsed School of Music Rimon, the Hollywood Musician’s Institute and the UCLA film scoring program.

Dori landed in Los Angeles after being hired as a musical director for a three-month tour, playing every major city in South America. Performing with top musicians in the L.A. jazz scene earned Dori the reputation as a highly-regarded and extremely versatile guitar player with a special passion for Brazilian music.

Years in recording studios won him awards and the reputation of a sought after composer, producer and highly intuitive score mixer in the Film, TV and Video Game industry. His diverse portfolio features projects that range from working with legendary songwriter Mike Stoller on the album Amazon Moon, to composing for Oscar-winning director Charles Jarot; from scoring a national Pontiac commercial to composing cross-cultural music for theater; from composing cutting edge TV music to producing orchestral soundtracks for major game titles utilizing Hollywood, Seattle and a range of European orchestras.

Overdue for a Grammy nomination, Dori is currently working on a unique project arranging traditional Brazilian music for a full orchestra. The first cut features world renowned percussionist Airto Moreira, with Dori conducting the Seattle symphony. Composing music for pictures is Dori’s primary passion. His scores benefit from his diverse musical background and experience, coupled with the expertise of producing soundtracks for picture. His music can be heard daily on several major network TV shows.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music
Guest Biography:

     Sierra Neblina, of  Cherokee and Irish heritage, is a Pleiadian Volunteer, founder of GalacticU Radio Network, an ordained minister, a Desert Storm Veteran, retired Custom home builder and crystal healer.

     As a volunteer from the 6th Dimension, Sierra had no veil as she entered into a physical body, she came in with all psychic awareness in tact. From a very young age Sierra experienced heightened psychic abilities including astral projection, astral travel, prophetic dreams and the ability to see through the veil communicating with Angelics, Elementals, deceased people and animals. 

     This got the attention of the military at an early age and Sierra found herself in the Super Soldier project at age 5. Sierra was saved from this program by a mother who was very transient, but was later tracked down by the military and by an implant was coerced into joining the military at age 19. 

     Later on while in the reserves Sierra had her first conscious ET experience. Later in her life she would learn that her parents consented to a human/hybrid ET experiment program.

     She plunged into a deep investigation of military cover-up of ET contact and Human abductions. This caught the attention of the military, resulting in a chilling trip into NORAD and serious threats to harm her family if she continued her search. Later in life Sierra would come to find out that her father, is a high level commander in the Secret Space Program, and was present during her trip into NORAD.

     The threats worked and she spent the next 10 years off the grid. In 2007 Sierra was struck with a series of strokes, caused by Desert Storm Syndrome,  effectively crippling 25% of her brain, that resulted in left side paralysis and prolonged outer body experiences. While recovering, Sierra learned about her soul agreements, she met her Galactic Family, learned about her life as a Pleadian Ship Commander and then began her Galactic training. She also made an agreement to have a braided Walk-in help her in her recovery and help her complete her mission here on earth.

     Since fully recovering from her stoke, the Galactic training has consisted of  Time/Space travel and repair of Timelines.  The help in capture and containment of high level Cabal, sitting on an Earth/Galactic counsel representing both Galactics and Humans during this time of the Great Shift.

     Sierra is currently in these and many other projects to help the humans free themselves of the slave system currently on the planet today.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Military, Paranormal, UFOs, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Sharon Lynn Wyeth
Guest Occupation: Author/Speaker-Reveals the neimoogy® science meaning in your name
Guest Biography:

Sharón graduated from the University of Redlands with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics at the age of twenty. She began teaching that same year in a public Junior High School in California. During her three years there, she obtained her Master of Arts degree from Azusa-Pacific University in education administration with an emphasis in math.

Sharón initially taught in California before moving to Germany where she taught for the Department of Defense Schools. She continued to move around as she married an Air Force soldier. She was fortunate to always find a teaching job in each location. After Germany came Texas, and then Japan. Eventually she would also teach in New Mexico, Nebraska, Washington state and China, besides being a high school administrator in both Texas and Oregon. She retired as a high school principal in 2002, only to come out of retirement in January 2008 to become involved in schools for an additional two and a half years.

It was during her time in the schools that she linked the patterns in names to a person’s mindset or personality. She worked on figuring out the patterns of the different letters for fifteen years before she fully comprehended all of the nuances. Sharón took the opportunity to travel a large part of the world testing her theories for the first three years after leaving the education field. Many people requested that she write a book so that they could learn what she had realized about names.

It was during this time that she wrote "Know the Name; Know the Person", with the first edition being published in December 2006. The second edition, published in May 2010, added chapters on mnemonic devices to help people remember the patterns explained in the book and also how to compare two names. She is currently working on the third edition. She is also is working on her second book which combines story telling with logic to challenge people to think again about some commonly accepted beliefs that may no longer be serving us. Since the publication of her book, she focuses her time writing, traveling and sharing Neimology with others, and researching her theories.


Profoundly valuable and highly recommended.

This book posits the science of "Neimology, the study of names" and is ground-breaking, of potentially historic importance, and it affords broad-spectrum practical application. The empirical research and experience behind it has substantial credibility.

The notion behind the research and this book is that a person's oft-repeated name is initially inspired, releasing a resonance and predictable potential within the person's life expression. The author systematizes how people with names bearing the same initial vowel, initial letter, last letter and middle letters show consistent tendencies. Hence, the resonance of the name demonstrates correlated patterns of conduct due to the structure of the name. This observation is consistent with the ancient knowledge of most cultures' approach to naming children, where the given name "says it all." Offering this as a framework for decoding, she does not, for example, clam that every "John" will be the same, but that every "John" will share certain traits. Her system explains how and why these traits will be distinct from those shared by persons named Jemal, or James, or Jim. The resulting correlations are nuanced and valuable. Socially, this book can help make interaction with friends and strangers alike far more effortless and productive.

Unlike common "cookbook" approaches that merely share the meanings of names, the Wyeth system explores the personality traits associated to vowels and consonants, with interpretive weight given to their placement in the name. She enriches the reader with a systematic exploration and many illustrations. The reader is thus equipped with an interpretive framework applicable to any name. She tested the work in many countries who use the English Alphabet and found consistent results with only minor adaptations. This is significant. In addition she addresses nicknames, changed names, and other permutations involved in naming. In sum, rather than providing a fish to the hungry, she has provided a hook and bait so the hungry can catch fish and eat for a lifetime.

Cymatics, the study of the physical impacts of sound, demonstrates that sounds create visible geometries. Medical research has proven that cell structures, neurological systems, and the body generally does respond directly to sound. It shows that repetition of sounds can create or ameliorate disease. Making a connection between behavior associated to the oft-heard name and cellular responses proven in hard science is not an untenable leap.

Neimology offers a wealth of very useful applications for anyone who seeks to gain a sense of what lies beneath the surface in other people. The range of applications is broad-spectrum. Among readers who could benefit from Neimology are people in business, sales, counseling, politics, ministry, education, military leadership, and anyone seeking to refine simple interaction among other people in any capacity.

Guest Category: Education, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual
Peter Haviland
Guest Occupation: Paranormal investigator and hypnotherapist
Guest Biography:

Peter is a 20 year paranormal investigator and hypnotherapist that ahs written several books on the "Art of paranormal investigation". He has educated the USA in equipment. reality over TV, how our experiences may vary from realty and much more on his travels into the unknown.

Guest Category: Entertainment, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Religion, Science, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy, TV & Film
Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria & Shaktipat
Guest Occupation: Transcendental Stress Management, Shaktipat, Meditation, Past Lives, Corporate Wellness
Guest Biography:

Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria has been teaching Meditation since 1978, when she was made a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Since then, she has taught meditation to over a thousand people, including many in corporate settings.

In 2013, Ruffina revealed that she had experienced a major shift in her consciousness 20 years prior, resulting in the opening of her third eye. It enabled her to see the world as made of light, and to gain more knowledge from the object of perception. This included the ability to see the previous incarnations of those at whom she looked “with intention.” It opened new channels of knowledge, of love, and bliss, within her.

She realized she could transfer these abilities to others by looking at them merely with her intention to do so. She calls this transference of spiritual energy “Shaktipat.”

Ruffina holds “Full Moon Shaktipat Retreats” both in her hometown in Ferguson, Missouri or at other locations by invitation. 100% of her retreat participants (about 75 persons) report having changes in their perception when Ruffina gives them Shaktipat.

She can be contacted by email at: tsmo.org@gmail.com. Her Facebook page is at: Ruffina’s Shaktipat. Her Voicemail is: 314.521.4390


Guest Category: Alternative Health, Energy Healing, Access Consciousness, Akashic Records, Meditation, Clairvoyant & Telepathic, Mystic & Seer, Shamanism, Psychic & Intuitive
Meisha Johnson
Guest Occupation: Starseed Contactee Group Facilitator
Guest Biography:
Starseed Contactee Group Facilitator Information

In 1990s I founded the STAR FAMILY CONTACTEE GROUPS here in Las Vegas. These groups are for people who are experiencer's: men, women, teens and children who have been contacted/abducted by aliens. I am a gifted Spiritual, Multidimensional Contactee Consultant. I started the first teen and children's groups in the United States in 1995 and was the facilitator for all of these groups. 

I was director of U.F.O.C.C.I. (UFO CONTACT CENTER INTERNATIONAL) and director of CELESTIAL CONTACTS OF NEVADA (U.F.O.C.C.I.), these organizations are designed to inform the public through speakers, workshops, Contactee panels, videos, field trips and sky watches. I was also a working group member of Steven Greer’s C.S.E.T.I. in Las Vegas, Nevada. California, where I lived for 9 years. I was a resident of Las Vegas for 17. Years. That is why I felt like it was time to return and start another Experiencer Support Group in Las Vegas and Starseed Awakening Group!

I moved to San Diego to start a Center with a group of people. While there I became involved with several groups. I was the Coordinator for of the Art Bell Chat Club San Diego Chapter, an organization designed to inform the public through speakers, workshops, videos, field trips and sky watches. As the Coordinator I am responsible for finding and scheduling the speakers, who include well known names from the UFO community, alternative healing, earth history and spiritual information, speakers who deal with hidden agendas and the world's secret societies. Other topics include reverse speech, remote viewing, crop circles #2, sacred geometry and many more. I also facilitated a support groups in the San Diego area, and did individual consulting. I have lectured in Nevada, Arizona, California, and appeared on TV and on radio talk shows, Art Bell, Dream Land was the last one I was on. I have attended several workshops/classes in remote viewing, reverse speech and many other spiritual workshops and classes. 

I moved back to Las Vegas a 5 years ago from San Diego, CA, where I lived for 9 years. I was a resident of Las Vegas for 17. Years. That is why I felt like it was time to return and start another Experiencer Support Group in Las Vegas and Starseed Awakening Group! It has been going again since 2010.

I am a third generation experiencer. I had my first experience at age three. I have had numerous contacts and abductions and have been involved with at least 5 different alien types: grays, insectoids, mammalians, reptilians, and human looking groups which include a black ops branch of our government. 
I have had three, missing time, experiences all with one or more persons. I've had on board contact as well as contact in underground bases. I've been involved in many experiments with ETs, most noteworthy, the hybrid program, Psi abilities, technology of the crafts

My experiences, whether they were of a positive or negative nature, taught me to be an understanding, non-judgmental and loving consultant/facilitator. I also feel that the aliens are not good or evil; they are just evolving at their own pace, and experience the polarities of negative and positive existences as we do. Experiencing their lives to the degree that they have evolved thus far to, which is not fair or good, it just is. Having a lifetime of experiences I understand how others feel, and can relate to their experiences. I feel that even though these abductions seemed frightening and very terrible, we have learned and grown through them. I feel that what the some abductees malevolent experiences, have caused "Post Traumatic Stress Disorders", which is the same thing many veterans of war experience. My goal is for people to work through their fear, to learn to live with their experiences, and take what they have learned from them, into their day to day life, so that they can live happy and normal lives. This is accomplished through monthly support groups, assisting them when needed to find qualified professionals in the therapeutic fields, such as hypnosis, breathe work, the breaking of contracts and removal of implants, reverse speech consulting, which I am certified in reverse speech, as well as other methods they choose. I feel that we must feel the pain and sadness and then release it. I feel this is the only way to make it stop and be free from them. I feel the only way is through releasing it, forgetting it, forgiving and clearing it out of your mind, body, heart and soul forever. 

How are we to know the polarities of life, unless we experience them? My experiences and what I have learned from them have prepared me for my mission. In my10 plus years of experience as a facilitator, I have discovered techniques which will help the individual find their answers and reach their own transformational path. It is all about free will and choices. Finally, they will realize they truly are "spiritual souls having a human experience".

Guest Category: Kids & Family, Paranormal, UFOs, Spiritual, Access Consciousness
Frankie Picasso
Guest Occupation: Founder & Host of The Good Radio Network, Author, Artist, Intuitive Therapist & Coach
Guest Biography:

Founder & Host of The Good Radio Network, Author, Artist, Intuitive Therapist & Coach. Advocate for a Socially Conscious Planet.

Frankie Picasso HuffPost Contributor


Today's Wisdom- an Eye for an Eye, will just make the whole world end up blind- ghandi

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness!

Advocate for a Socially Conscious Planet

Guest Category: Arts, Earth & Space, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Spiritual, Psychic & Intuitive
Andy Myers
Guest Occupation: psychic medium, Best-selling Author, Inspirational Speaker
Guest Biography:

Andy Myers is a best-selling author, psychic medium, inspirational speaker, and life coach who has appeared on popular radio stations nationwide. As one of the most in-demand psychic mediums in the country, Andy is known for his sincerity, humor, and remarkable insights into the spirit world. Andy’s first book, Flying Paint Rollers from Heaven, was an instant best-seller in three categories and was a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. In addition to making several television appearances, Andy has been published in numerous magazines and online articles. He travels often to conduct sold-out psychic events and inspirational lectures in cities nationwide. Andy resides in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife and daughter.

Guest Category: Near Death Experiences, Pets and Animals, Angel Communication, Medium & Channeling
Frederick Hinton
Guest Occupation: Army veteran; now an Eligibility Specialist at Craig Hospital in Colorado
Guest Biography:

Frederick (Fred) Hinton served in the U.S. Army for 21 years, 9 months.  Due to his service and valor in war, he was awarded two Bronze Star Medals, the Combat Action Badge, and the Army Commendation Medal with Valor, among other awards.  He served three combat tours overseas, with two tours to Iraq and one tour to Afghanistan.  He spent a total of 39 months deployed to war zones.  During his first deployment, he sustained his first traumatic brain injury (TBI).  During the rest of his deployments, he took many direct hits by IED’s (improvised explosive devices).  It wasn’t until he returned home after his first deployment that his wife starting seeing some signs that he was having trouble doing certain tasks.  However, being the dedicated soldier that he was, he hid his problems as best as he could, even as he served a second and third tour overseas.  Upon his final return home to the United States, things had gotten so bad that he couldn’t remember how to get home at times, and his work in Army began to suffer because of his TBI and PTSD.  He retired from the Army and despite his conditions, he is now able to serve as an eligibility specialist with Operation TBI Freedom (OTF), which is a program of Craig Hospital in Colorado that provides support for veterans and active duty military personnel with traumatic brain injuries.

OTF is privately funded and assists veterans and service members who have served on or after September 11, 2001, reside in Colorado, have clinical evidence or history of TBI event(s), and whose TBI occurred after the start of his/her military service.  The TBI does not need to be combat related and OTF will take referrals for any type of military discharge status.  Each veteran or service member is assigned a case manager (Military Support Specialist) who is a veteran and a Certified Brain Injury Specialist.  The MSS begins with a comprehensive analysis of the veteran’s needs/concerns, creating an individually tailored life plan.  Services provided or coordinated by OTF include the following:  crisis management, mentoring, emergency financial assistance, employment training, psychosocial education, mental health/medical referrals, assistance navigating complicated benefit processes, and much more.

Referrals to OTF can be made by the individual veteran, a community partner, a clinician, etc.  If there is concern about cognitive dysfunction/impairment, yet no medical diagnosis of TBI, please refer the individual to OTF to be screened by our trained staff.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Military, News, Psychology, Science, Self Help
The Unbreakable Miss Lovely
Guest Occupation: Journalist, author
Guest Biography:
Tony Ortega is a journalist who was formerly the editor of The Village Voice. He's written about Scientology since 1995, and in May 2015 released a book about Scientology's harassment of Paulette Cooper titled 'The Unbreakable Miss Lovely.' He continues to monitor breaking developments in the Scientology world from an undisclosed location in an underground bunker he shares with four cats and one of them wrinkly Shar Pei dogs. Despite his super-secret security protections, you can still reach him  by sending him a message at tonyo94 AT gmail
Guest Category: History, News, Politics & Government, Religion, Self Help, Society and Culture, Theory & Conspiracy, TV & Film
Vickie Helm
Guest Occupation: business development strategist, relationship expert, international keynote speaker, seminar presenter
Guest Biography:

Double Your Success

Meet Vickie Helm

Discover how you can double your success by meeting Vickie Helm! She is the acclaimed bestselling author of Ultimate Freedom: Unlock the Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity.

She has a unique combination as a recognized business-development strategist and relationship expert. Vickie shows people in business and other partnerships how to double their success and maximize their potential by working together and creating mutually beneficial partnerships. The media has called on Vickie to answer questions regarding business development and how to grow a successful business. She is an international Keynote speaker and seminar presenter.

Discover what you need to know to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world. Vickie offers invaluable tips and tools to help business owners become successful, creating more money, more influence, and more success.

Vickie shares from her own business experience and how she accidently opened her first business at ten years old, not even realizing she had developed a business.

Guest Category: Business, Education, Courses & Training, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Personal Development, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational
Elaine Lopez-Bogard
Guest Occupation: Modern Day Medicine Woman and Soul MidWife
Guest Biography:

Elaine Lopez-Bogard is a Modern Day Medicine Woman that helps women get pregnant, heal their womb and finally bring their baby into this world.  Elaine considers herself a "Soul Midwife" and helps create a beautiful soul connection between the mother and spirit baby. Elaine's unique gifts and abilities allow her to help women heal through the physical, emotional and spiritual layers. 

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Medicine
Priya Nembhard
Guest Occupation: Co-Founder Mom's Pump Here LLC
Guest Biography:

"It’s easy to see why people love Priya. She’s adventurous, bright, engaging and personable." Priya Nembhard is a serial entrepreneur with a flare for gab and loves talking about topics she’s passionate about. She once applied to be an astronaut with NASA, ran a couple of marathons, broke a state dead lift record when she was 17 and her life goal is to save the planet. She is DRIVEN.

Priya is the Co-Founder of Moms Pump Here, LLC and Co-creator of the Moms Pump Here Nursing Room Locator App helping moms find places to breastfeed and breast pump around the world; Co-owner of BlueBox Media; and Founder of the EDGE Charitable Foundation in Miami. She has also hosted YouTube vlogs, podcasts and radio. Priya is an alumna of Syracuse University and New School University. She loves science, is married and has three children.

Guest Category: Education, Kids & Family
Michelle Ann Owens
Guest Occupation: Content Creator and Business Development Gal
Guest Biography:

MICHELLE ANN OWENS is an audio/video host, voiceover talent, vocalist and
songwriter. She has stamped her business, creative & actual voice across multiple
industries, including corporate business development and marketing, composing music for television, commercial advertising, and the world of podcasting. Michelle is the owner of Ladyfox Entertainment, LLC and is currently the hostess and producer of
Nothing Off Limits (NOL) on iTunes.

Guest Category: Love & Relationships
Ego spiritualism
Guest Occupation: Metaphysician, certified Reiki master, healer, color/sound practitioner, spiritual medium, psychologist.
Guest Biography:

Rev. Dr. Linda is a metaphysician, certified Reiki master teacher, spiritual healer, color/sound practitioner and spiritual medium. Dr. Nickolas is a licensed psychologist, social worker & certified school psychologist who has worked in clinical, university, public school and private practice settings as a therapist, diagnostician, educator and consultant for 30 years.

Guest Category: Business, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Paranormal, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual
Secretary Larry D. Hall of North Carolina Dept of Military & Veterans Affairs
Guest Occupation: Secretary of NC Dept of Military & Veterans Affairs
Guest Biography:

At the start of 2017, Larry D. Hall was appointed by the Governor of North Carolina to serve as the Secretary for the North Carolina Department of Military & Veterans Affairs.  Prior to that appointment, Secretary Hall represented Durham County, North Carolina’s 29th District in the state House of Representatives, since 2006, and he led House Democrats from 2012 through 2016.   Secretary Hall earned a B.S. with Honors in Political Science and Business from Johnson C. Smith University and a Juris Doctor degree from the School of Law at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Upon undergrad graduation, he was commissioned as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps.  Secretary Hall served 16 years in the United States Marines and Marine Corps Reserves and served in the support of the Operations in the Middle East in Lebanon and Iran.  He served as a Rifle Platoon Commander, Weapons Company Executive Officer, Training Officer, Battalion Area Security Officer, Staff Judge Advocate, Communications Security Officer and Logistics Officer. Secretary Hall also served as Legal Officer and was formerly Commandant for the Marine Corps League Detachment, which assists Marines transitioning from active duty to civilian life in locating employment, housing and educational opportunities for their families.

Secretary Hall’s other service to his nation, state and community has been very extensive.  He has served as an Executive Committee Member and Economic Committee Chairman of the Durham Branch of the NAACP, as Secretary and Chairman of the Durham Business and Professional Chain, and served on the Durham Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. 

He has also served as Executive Officer of the Young Marines Program, Board Chairman of the Durham Companions Mentor Program, and as an instructor and training officer teaching youth leadership, discipline, custom, courtesies, and traditions of the Marine Corps.

As House Democratic Leader, Secretary Hall served on the state’s Economic Development Board, the state’s Innovation Council, The North Carolina Courts Commission as Chairman, The Duke Medical Center Advisory Board, the Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee as Chairman, and has been inducted as a Toll Fellow by the National Conference of State Governments.

Guest Category: History, Military, News, Politics & Government
Talk Show Host Malik Shakur and Cousin of Tupac Shakur on The Ray Shasho Show
Guest Occupation: Radio Talk Show Host
Guest Biography:





Malik Shakur is the host of THE KNOWLEDGE SHOW a very Unique, Controversial, Educational, and Entertaining Talk Show that broadcasts live. Malik Shakur is the cousin of the late Tupac Shakur and has earned several trophies, awards, and accolades for the show and the live conversations on the show. Malik Shakur asks the real questions and gets the real answers to keep it 100 and deliver the truth, but some can't handle the truth. If you are one of the few that can, then this is the show for you. We cover conspiracy theories, current events, controversial discussions and topics, and talk about subjects that no one else is talking about, but the community needs to know about by any means necessary.

'The Knowledge Show'

airs every Sat & Sun at 6:30 pm ET

 to listen in.

Tupac Shakur was a sensitive, precociously talented yet troubled soul who came to embrace the 1990s gangsta-rap aesthetic and paid the ultimate price — he was gunned down in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996 and died six days later. His murder has never been solved. He began his music career as a rebel with a cause — to articulate the travails and injustices endured by many African-Americans, often from a male point of view. His skill in doing so made him a spokesperson not just for his own generation, but for subsequent ones who continue to face the same struggle for equality. In death he became an icon symbolizing noble struggle, though in life his biggest battle was sometimes with himself. As fate drove him towards the nihilism of gangsta rap, and into the arms of the controversial Death Row Records impresario Suge Knight, the boundaries between Shakur's art and his life became increasingly blurred — with tragic consequences. Hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur was embroiled in a feud between East Coast and West Coast rappers and was murdered in a drive-by shooting in 1996, leaving behind an influential musical legacy at the age of 25. Tupac sold over 75 million records worldwide.

Guest Category: Entertainment, Music, News, Theory & Conspiracy
Larry E. (Buck) Hunter
Guest Occupation: Broadcaster Author
Guest Biography:

LARRY E. BUCK HUNTER is a BROADCASTER & AUTHOR. For over 30 years he worked in the marketing and communications field. Larry specializes in executive coaching, professional speaking, radio & television broadcasting and, most importantly, has real-life, in-the- trenches mass-media marketing experience. He has established a solid reputation as a top-notch publicist, event producer and entertainment communications professional with expertise in the publishing markets. Larry has a knack for bringing out the best in people and is known for his savvy style and exhilarating personality! He is the author of the book “7 Days in Hell! I was there”

Guest Category: Spiritual
Cheryl Melody Baskin
Guest Occupation: Songstress Author Motivational Speaker
Guest Biography:

Cheryl Melody Baskin is the author of the popular Amazon motivational self-help book, “Shift of Heart: Paths to Healing and Love.”  This inspirational book is jam packed with personal and professional life experiences, and offers the reader a huge dose of unconditional love, encouragement, reflections. meditations, learning to listen to the whispers and signs of life, ways to open creativity, acknowledge moments of serendipity, inspirational stories of shifting our heart, as well as inner growth tools that she uses to balance herself in the midst of life’s challenges.  Cheryl Melody is also a performing artist, singer and sound healer, composer and an independent recording artist of 10 albums.  Some of her albums are for children, and some for adults.

Her healing albums for adults are entitled: “Voice of the Angels: A Healing Journey”  “Lullabies of Love: Nurturing the Heart of the Inner Child” and “Celebrate Peace.” 

All of her albums are under the name “Cheryl Melody,” and all are available on iTunes, CD Baby, http://cherylmelody.com and http://shiftofheart.com/.

Exciting news is that she is about to release a new album… with content from her inner growth workshops and concerts,  filled with motivational chants and songs, reflective meditations and positive affirmations, and the name of the album is LISTEN TO THE WHISPERS. It will soon be released on CD Baby and on iTunes, and to pre-order, please e-mail her for an advanced copy at  melody@shiftofheart.com.

Melody’s focus has always been her use of consciously-written words in every song and book, no matter what age the song or book is for:  Words that uplift the spirit, help people feel less alone and more loved, and words that advocate for self-esteem, inner and outer peace, healing, inclusion, respect, unity, kindness, compassion and  forgiveness.

From the time that she was young, "Melody" has been a creative dreamer, quietly listening to life's whispers and signs to help guide her next steps.  She believes in a balance of quiet contemplation, meaningful social interaction, and the healing power of nature, reflective open listening, positive words, music and creativity. Most of all, she is passionate that peace is possible, one loving person at a time, and that we are all connected.

She proclaims herself “a work in process,” believing that the answers to our questions in life are inside each of us if we are silent and willing to listen. Most of all, Melody feels that every small moment of personal healing, compassion, love and forgiveness helps to create positive resonance that actively vibrates love into our beautiful planet.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Literature, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational