Headlined Guests

Guest Occupation: Entrepreneur, Music Producer, Web Designer, Writer, Video producer
Guest Biography:


L-Dixon is a multi-passionate creative seeking to help uplift humanity through his various outlets. Whether it be through entrepreneurship, music production, web design, writing or video production, his focus is on utilizing those skills to manifest a vision of a freer, more sustainable and abundant world.  

As the founder of Autonomite, L-Dixon has helped amplify many prominent activist and freedom oriented brands such as NeverGetBusted, The Dollar Vigilante, Anarchapulco and The Freedom! Line.  He currently spends most of his time Co-Producing the FREEDOM PORTAL show with Foster Gamble of ThriveOn. 

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music
Angela Covany
Guest Occupation: Book Publisher, Entrepreneur, Artist, Illustrator and Author
Guest Biography:


CEO/ Founder of Publishing Company: Havana Book Group LLCDirector for Global Society For Female Entrepreneurs in Ventura Ca. (GSFE)Previous Director for National Association For Female Executives in Ventura and Santa Barbara, Ca. (NAFE)

Angela is a published Author/ Artist/ Illustrator. Her first book Titled “SILVER LINING ABSTRACTS” was published in June of 2016.

She has also been a contributing author in the adult coloring book. Holiday Express, both published through Blue Star Press The Anthology Titled “Entrepreneurial Women of Faith,” and is a contributing author in Robbie Motter’s Book Titled “It’s All about Showing Up; The Power is in the Asking.”

Angela has been recognized with 3 separate awards by two seated presidents from 2016-2021 for her dedication to her community. One of those awards was the Lifetime Achievements Award.

Angela has also been awarded by many city and state municipalities recognizing the efforts Angela has made to help others personally and professionally.

Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Business, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Society and Culture
Joan E Wakeland
Guest Occupation: Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur
Guest Biography:


Joan Wakeland-Taylor was born in Port Antonio, Jamaica,W.I. She graduated from the University of Technology as a Pharmacist in 1964. She migrated to the United States and continued her Career in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Joan is a Published Author and Speaker. She has received many awards for her achievements throughout her life, including The Lifetime Achievement Award from two Presidents of the United States Of America. She is well respected by her peers and clients.

Joan is the Director of the Riverside, and of Hemet CA, affiliates of the Global Society of Female Entrepreneurs and the Past President of the General Federation of Woman’s Club Menifee/Sun City chapter. She  has dedicated herself to the GSFE organization and the success of its members as well as the success of the Woman’s group. She gives her time and talent to touch lives and make a difference. “That is her passion, making a difference.”  In her work she touches many other 501 c3 non profits. She serves on the GSFE Advisory Board.

Joan is the past President Of GFWC Menifee Sun City Woman’s Club and serves on the Advisory Committee Circle of Promise Member for the Susan G Komen Foundation in the Inland Empire.

Guest Category: Business, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Personal Development, Self Help, Inspirational, Society and Culture
Kelly D Smith
Guest Occupation: Author, dynamic speaker, Special Education
Guest Biography:


Kelly encountered many challenges in life that were devised to stop her from experiencing the best life has for her. Kelly found she was not alone. In the midst of calamity, sorrow, and suffering, she found God and the faith to get through the difficulties of life.

Learning that fear has the power to control her life if she let it, Kelly discovered she could be a victim or a victor, her choice. Fear is just a word that is powerless unless she gives it power. The word of God freed her, healed her, and set her life on an amazing path.

Kelly is an author and dynamic speaker. She has a Master’s degree in Special Education with 21 plus years of experience. Recently, in 2020, she was a recipient of the All Women Rock Award, CD Wilson Events. Senator Morrell awarded her The Woman of Distinction for the city of Menifee 2017. Some of her other awards include The Senate Certificate of Recognition 2017, The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and The President’s Volunteer Service Award, 2016 recognized by seated President Obama.

Kelly is a #1 best-selling author of Your Amazing Itty, Bitty Book on Faith, 15 Chapters to Overcome Fear and Live a Life of Victory, available in digital and paperback from Amazon.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Personal Development, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Society and Culture
Lori Raupe
Guest Occupation: International speaker, trainer, corporate consultant and life strategist, and a three-time #1 International Best Selling Author
Guest Biography:


Lori Raupe is a highly sought-after international speaker, trainer, corporate consultant and life strategist, and a three-time #1 International Best Selling Author.  Lori was recognized as an Author of Influence by The Connected Women of Influence in 2020.  She was recognized by John Maxwell as a person who lives by his culture of Living Intentionally in 2020. She received The Presidential Silver Medal for Volunteerism presented on World Kindness Day.  

Following a 25-year career with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, she joined the elite John Maxwell Team. This global team of coaches, trainers, and speakers teach leadership, communication, team-building, and personality insights, adding value to their clients and audiences. Lori has put her extensive experience and passion to work, earning much-deserved recognition and accolades. 

Her heart-breaking story of the loss of her young daughter, followed by losing all her worldly possessions in the California Cedar Fire has been the inspiration for her to dedicate herself to helping people achieve results, create greater successes, and find more fulfilled in their lives and help organizations maximize their potential.

Guest Category: Business, Psychology, Personal Development, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Society and Culture
Adam Gates, Mr. Naked Healthy
Guest Occupation: Fitness Guru
Guest Biography:

Feeling Fit and Naked Healthy 

Adam is a former model, actor, and former alcoholic and addict. Meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger at age 6 thrust him into a fitness obsession. He joined the swim team at 5 and swam until he was 14. Actually, learning to swim at 6 months old in a water babies class. Track, cross country seamlessly transitioned all 4 years of High School. Ranking in state meets in both swimming, track, and cross country. Adam Gates began his modeling career at age19.


Adam refrained from drinking until he was 21…. However with Champagne flowing freely for models in VIP rooms …. A lifestyle that led to alcohol addiction. Friends applied heavy encouragement as social situations do. Adam slowly included heavy drinking in his social activities. Soon he was drinking nightly at home.


At the age of 28 while at the peak of his break into Hollywood, a combination of Black Mold inhalation and his alcohol addiction put him on death’s door. With a lowered immune system he was primed for a losing battle with any serious illness. Within six months, Adam lost 30 pounds along with his ego and sense of self. With doctors and specialists at a loss of how to treat black mold or heal him, he decided to take his health into his own hands.


He moved to Boulder in 2012 for a drier climate and became a hermit. Living on the computer researching every thing he could about healing naturally. He began to implement everything he could running tests on himself.


Slowly through his obsession, he found his formula to not only regain his health but completely turn his life around.


Adam Gates is now a successful small business owner entering his 4th year as well as the creator of Naked healthy. The information Adam learned while in his health cave for nine months has become his raison detre that brings him joy from being in service to others, leading them to a healthy and much happier life and turn their health around.


Now in its 7th-year Naked Healthy is the platform where Adam shared what he learned about maintaining a healthy fit lifestyle. He never realized how many people were as lost as he was when it came to what to eat when to eat, what to drink, how much alcohol is ok. Is sugar ok? How much should I exercise? How much should I sleep? 


Being a model for 20 years was exhausting and he completely understood how everyone else felt. Tired, a little fat, and mostly confused. He has now dedicated his life to helping those within his reach became healthier so that they can become happier then treat themselves better, and others better as well.


Sober now for 4 years, and healthier at 39 than he was at 25.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Medicine, Self Help, Sex, Spiritual
Joy Overbeck
Guest Occupation: Journalist, Author
Guest Biography:

Joy Overbeck is a Colorado journalist and author who writes for Townhall.com, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, American Thinker, BarbWire and elsewhere. More columns: https://www.facebook.com/JoyOverbeckColumnist Follow her on Twitter @JoyOverbeck1


Guest Category: Literature, News, Politics & Government
Eli Zupnick
Guest Occupation: Communications consultant
Guest Biography:

Eli Zupnick is an experienced communications strategist who has spent his career working with candidates and elected officials to help them win races, enact their policy and legislative agendas, manage crises, and get their messages out clearly and effectively. Eli began strategic communications consulting following ten years in the United States Senate, including six years as Communications Director for Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), the Assistant Democratic Leader and third ranking Democrat in Senate leadership.

As a strategic communications consultant, Eli has worked with nonprofits and advocacy organizations to help them develop communications plans, manage crises, roll out new projects and initiatives, and secure favorable coverage in major news outlets. He has written and placed op-eds that have appeared in the Washington Post and other major publications.

As Sen. Murray’s Communications Director, Eli managed communications for her personal Senate office, Democratic leadership office, and Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Ranking Member office. He led the communications strategy and execution around the passage of numerous bipartisan bills, including her signature K-12 education law that replaced No Child Left Behind. He was on the front lines of Senate Democrats’ messaging and strategy in the fights against President Trump’s attempts to repeal health care reform, defund Planned Parenthood, and jam the courts with extreme judges.

Prior to that role, Eli was Communications Director for the Senate Budget Committee, where he managed communications for Sen. Murray and committee Democrats through the rollout and passage of the Senate Democratic budget, the 2013 government shutdown, and the Murray-Ryan bipartisan budget deal. Prior to that, Eli was press secretary for Senator Murray and lead spokesperson for her work on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (the Supercommittee).

In addition to his work in the Senate, Eli has extensive political campaign experience. He took time off from the Senate to serve as senior communications advisor for Sen. Chris Murphy's 2012 successful election in Connecticut as well as Rep. Bruce Braley's 2014 Senate race in Iowa, and then to run communications for Sen. Murray's successful re-election campaign in 2016. Prior to that, he was a press staffer on the 2008 Obama campaign in multiple states and worked on local races in New Jersey and Rhode Island.

Eli is a native New Yorker and graduated from Queens College with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy.

Guest Category: History, Kids & Family, Politics & Government, Self Help, Variety
Craig Campobasso
Guest Occupation: Author, filmmaker
Guest Biography:


Multiple award-winning filmmaker and Emmy-nominated casting director Craig Campobasso started in the entertainment business at age 15 when he landed his first national commercial for McDonald’s, and spoke his first line of dialogue to Tuesday Weld in a movie of the week.

After graduating high school at 17, Craig went to work behind-the-scenes on blockbuster film classics such as Frank Herbert’s Dune directed by David Lynch; and two Arnold Schwarzenegger movies: Conan The Destroyer and Total Recall

He began his casting career on Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories, and received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Casting for a Series on David E. Kelley’s Picket Fences. Craig’s casting career spans three decades.

At 26, he experienced a life-changing spiritual awakening. That’s when The Autobiography of an ExtraTerrestrial Saga book series was born. His passion is to write stories that provoke the reader to think, to raise their consciousness, and to expand their mind about Creation, while still entertaining in the Hollywood tradition. 

Craig directed, wrote, and produced the short film Stranger at the Pentagon, adapted from the popular UFO book authored by the late Dr. Frank E. Stranges. 

The short film won Best Sci-Fi film at the Burbank International Film Festival, and the Remi Award at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival for Best Sci-Fi Short.

Craig has been a guest on many radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. He’s also been a guest on Open Minds with Regina Meredith and Beyond Belief, hosted by George Noory on Gaia.com

Craig has also appeared on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens.

His latest book is The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac: The Ultimate Guide to Greys, Reptilians, Hybrids, and Nordics, released in January 2021.




This is the ultimate field guide to the 82 extraterrestrial species that populate the universe. ET enthusiast Craig Campobasso explores the origins, physical characteristics, technological and consciousness abilities, dimensional capacities, belief systems, and cosmic agendas of each of the species.

The species fall into two categories: 1) benevolent races, which function as the guardians of humanity, whose goals include helping people overcome duality, healing, and protecting; and 2) malevolent races, which are responsible for abductions and cloning, and who ultimately seek domination.

This is an intergalactic expose that will entertain those interested in UFOs and ETs. 

If you like sci-fi and fantasy such as in the Marvel universe or Star Trek, Star Wars, and popular shows such as Ancient Aliens, or if you're intrigued by Roswell and Project Blue Book, this book delves deep into who the real extraterrestrials are, and what they want with us. 

Guest Category: Entertainment, Kids & Family, Paranormal, TV & Film
Tanja Caprioli - Co-founder of Andreia Solutions
Guest Occupation: Co-founder Andreia Solutions
Guest Biography:

Tanja has over ten years of experience as an executive coach working with corporates, business owners and individuals who want to improve their lives and the lives of others.  Amongst other organization Tanja has worked with QT Mutual Bank, Shine Lawyers and BHP developing confident employees to communicate assertively and work with purpose.

Tanja harness' clarity to inspire and impact my clients by reminding people who they were born to be and not who they were told they should be and then unleashing their full potential.

Guest Category: Business, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Psychology
Guest Occupation: Conservative thinker, writer, author
Guest Biography:


RADICAL SON: A Generational Odyssey
By David Horowitz
Radical Son: Second Edition by David Horowitz is one of the most compelling and important political memoirs in recent American history - republished after more than twenty years with a new introduction by the author. In a narrative that possesses both remarkable political importance and extraordinary literary power, David Horowitz tells the story of his startling political odyssey from sixties radical to nineties conservative. 
CALL Sandy at 516-735-5468 or e-mail Sandy to schedule interviews with David Horowitz.
A political document of our times, Radical Son traces three generations of one American family's infatuation with the radical left from the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 to the collapse of the Marxist empire six decades later. David Horowitz was one of the founders of the New Left and an editor of Ramparts - the magazine that set the intellectual and revolutionary tone for the movement. 
In the new edition of Radical Son, you'll learn:
  • The deep divisions that divide our country now began in the Sixties;
  • The violence that tore up our cities this past summer and the coddling of black criminals began in the Sixties. A murder committed by the Black Panthers ended my life in the left; and 
  • The leftward shift of the Democrat Party began with the riot that Tom Hayden staged at the 1968 Democrat convention after which he led the anti-American left into the Democrat Party. This left took over the Democrat Party with the election of Barack Obama in 2008.
From his vantage point at the center of the action, he populates Radical Son with vivid portraits of people who made the radical decade, while unmaking America at the same time. This painful and difficult journey from Left to Right has made Horowitz the most hated ex-radical of his generation. In telling his story, he provides not just an intimate personal account of his own transformation, but a scathing moral history of the American left, and a guide to the evolving political conscience of an entire generation.
"David Horowitz's political pilgrimage from a Sixties radical to a Reagan conservative - and the friends and enemies he has made along the way - makes for a very interesting, very compelling story. Speaking as a conservative: it's much better to have David Horowitz with you than against you. Radical Son demonstrates why."
--William J. Bennett, Author of The Moral Compass
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Horowitz is a conservative thinker and writer who has authored dozens of books over the course of his lifetime. He began his political career as one of the founders of the New Left in the 1960s and served as an editor of its largest magazine, Ramparts. As described in this bestselling autobiography, Horowitz was forced to confront some difficult truths about the political left after a close friend of his was murdered by the Black Panthers, and ultimately found a political and intellectual home as a conservative activist. David is the renowned conservative commentator and New York Timesbestselling author of Big Agenda: President Trump's Plan to Save America and Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America. He is the founder and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles.
Guest Category: Literature, News, Politics & Government, Theory & Conspiracy
Lori Kilpatrick
Guest Occupation: Candidate
Guest Biography:

Lori Kilpatrick grew up in a small rural southern farming community.  She joined the army right out of high school where she met her husband.  While traveling base to base she started a family as an Army wife and achieved a degree in education.

Her husband's family had settled in Douglas, Arizona and Lori's family retired from the service and settled in the area. As a small business owner, Lori decided to run for AZ state Senate.  Even though she lost, she realized that her commitment to making a difference and changing what she saw as corruption within the establishment would not keep her from trying again.

Running for County Supervisor of Cochise County, AZ she once again encountered the difficulties of running against an incumbent.  We are honored to have her on our show tonight as we discuss the perils and pitfalls and the accomplishments of running for public office.

Guest Category: Education, Military, Politics & Government, Local, National, World, Regional, Society and Culture
Viviana Puello
Guest Occupation: Award-winning artist, writer, entrepreneur, Art Business Expert and coach, Founder, CEO
Guest Biography:
Most recently featured as one of the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in 2020 by New York Weekly, Viviana Puello is an award-winning artist, writer, entrepreneur, Art Business Expert and coach, Founder/CEO of ArtTour International—a revolutionary multimedia platform dedicated to promoting artists worldwide. As CEO, she has expanded the platform to include print and digital publications, an award-winning TV show, international events, and more! It now serves talented people from more than 205 countries.
As an art marketing expert with extensive experience, Viviana has helped hundreds of artists transition from their 9-5 jobs to full-time art entrepreneurs. In her workshop "Debunking The Myth of Starving Artist," Viviana teaches artists how to create a successful art business, market their art, find the importance of having an inspiration-based career, and staying true to their message.
After two decades of working as an independent artist and curator and seeing the struggles and hardships that many artists face within the art industry, Puello decided to use her knowledge to help others. Puello has published 52 art magazines reaching more than two million readers, as it is her active mission to support artists at their full potential.
Puello is also the host of "ArtTour International," a television series that's traveled to more than 50 cities across the globe to support artists and help emerging art organizations. Puello is also the founder of "Artists For A Green Planet" and "Create4Peace," assisting artist-activists in finding a voice. She's also the founder and Director of Vivid Arts Network, an international art event platform to offer artists the opportunity to cross over continents with their art and expand their reach.
An award-winning writer and filmmaker, Puello also obtained the First Time Director and Top Documentary Awards for her environmental film Kintsugi: The Line of Destiny. The stunning film aims to encourage audiences to choose an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Viviana Puello has been featured on CBS News, Medium, ABC, Fox, The NY Weekly, The Washington Post, LA Wire, NY Wire, The American Reporter, Venezuela TV, Brazil TV, Toscana Cultura, and Incontri con L'Arte in Italy, among others.

Guest Category: Arts, Business, Education, Entertainment, Games & Hobbies, Society and Culture, Travel & Leisure, TV & Film
Transforming Self and Spirit
Guest Occupation: Transformation Coach, film maker, speaker, psychotherapist, host of The Spark with Stephanie James radio show / podcast.
Guest Biography:

Is your life needing a spark? My guest is Stephanie James, who is a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker with over 30 years in the mental health field. She has a thriving private practice and is also an advanced level E.M.D.R. II trauma specialist. Stephanie’s work involves being a Transformation Coach, film maker, speaker, and host of The Spark with Stephanie James show. Stephanie is the author of: The Spark – Igniting Your Best Life. 

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Medicine, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Bill Hughes
Guest Occupation: Certified Athletic Trainer & popular Illinois Santa
Guest Biography:

Professional Experiences

2015-2018 Lewis University, Adjunct Faculty, Clinical Site Visitor for Athletic Training Interns

2015-2019 Oak Brook Hills Resort-Willow Crest Golf Course, Grounds keeper

2012-2014 Orchard Valley Golf Course, Starter, Ranger and grounds crew worker.

2013-2015 Founding Chair of  IATA-AT’s Care-CISM Committee, (Critical Incident Stress Management)

2013-Present Committee member of AT’s Care Illinois response team

2013-Present Member of NCHS Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee

1992-Present  Professional Santa Claus, Member of International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, Bachelors Degree in Santa Clausology from the International University of Santas

2012-2014 Orthopedic Associates of DuPage, Outreach Athletic Trainer

2011-2014 District 4 Representative of NATA Hall of Fame Selection Committee

1985-2012Naperville Central High School, Naperville, Illinois

Physical Education Teacher/Head Athletic Trainer

1983-1985University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Coordinator of Athletic Training Outreach program for 14 suburban high school athletic programs

1982-1983St. Louis Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Clinic

Staff Athletic Trainer, Outreach services provided to 9 St. Louis area high schools

1979-1982Greater Flint Sports Medicine Center, Flint, Michigan

Head Athletic Trainer, Clinical Coordinator

1974-1979Flushing High School, Flushing, Michigan

Biology Teacher/Head Athletic Trainer


  • Fifty-six post  Masters graduate hours accumulated at several institutions

·Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Masters of Arts, Administration of Recreation and Parks, 1984

  • Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois

Bachelor of Science in Education,

Major; Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

Minors; Biological Science, Social Science and Athletic Training, 1974

Professional Offices Held

2013-2015  Founding Chair of IATA-AT’s Care-CISM Committee (Critical Incidence Stress Management)

2013-Present IATA-CISM/AT’s Care Team member

2012-Present  Naperville Central Hall of Fame Selection Committee

2011-2014  NATA Hall of Fame Selection Committee, District 4 Representative

2006-2016  IATA Annual Golf Outing Committee

2007-2008-2017 Archives Committee, Illinois Athletic Trainers Association

1996-2000 President-elect/President/Past President, Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Assoc.

1989-1994President-elect/President/Past President, Illinois Athletic Trainers Association

1986-1989Special Events Coordinator, Illinois Athletic Trainers Assoc.                                                               


National Athletic Trainers Association, Certified 1974 Cert. # 04-0252

Illinois Athletic Trainers Association, Licensed by Illinois Department of Professional Regulations, 1984 License # 096000076

Illinois Secondary school teaching certificate

Michigan Secondary school teaching certificate

American Red Cross, CPR / First Aid& AED instructor

American Heart Association, AED/CPR Responder Instructor& Health Care Provider

Cooper Aerobic Institute, Certified Personal Trainer                                                                                                          

Presentations and Publications

  • “Making an Athletic Trainer a Member of Your Team” presented to the Illinois Athletic Directors Association
  • “How the Institution of Marriage can Survive the Profession of Athletic Training” presented to the Illinois Athletic Trainers’ Association & the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association
  • “Licensure vs. Registration” published in the Illinois Journal of Athletic Training
  • “Emergency Extrication from the Water” presented at the Prairie State Games Seminar
  • “Management of Shin Pain and Dysfunction” presented at the University of Chicago Sports Medicine Symposium
  • “Acromio-clavicular Arch Impingement Syndrome” presented to Michigan Swimming Coaches Association annual meeting
  • “TMJ Dysfunction related to Quadriceps Strength” published in the Journal of the American Dental Association
  • “Sacro-iliac Dysfunction Management” published in the Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association
  • CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) Illinois’ response Team, Lewis University 2014-2018
  • CISM Are You Prepared?  Illinois Athletic Trainers State Meeting 2015


Guest Category: Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Robert Pick
Guest Occupation: Dentist, Author, Speaker & CEO of The Pick Group, Progressive Periodontics & Implants
Guest Biography:

Dr. Bob Pick is a popular business practice management consultant, coach, bestselling author, entrepreneur, andprofessional speakerknown for his high energy, fast moving, motivational,highly educational,and entertaining programs. His audience always goes home with great information that can be used immediately for practice enhancement and reward!You will find out why he has been branded the “PURPLE-COW-WOW-GUY!” and a “BITMOJI ON STEROIDS!”The PBR!or the Pick Business-Team-Building Retreat, one of Dr. Pick’s most Powerful Secrets to Success, isso good, it isChapter8in Jack Canfield’s newbook, “Mastering the Art of Success” (of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books!).Dr. Pick is the CEO of The Pick Group, a practice management firm based on excellence and ethics all designed to yield a happy, healthy and wealthy practice!Focus is on getting new patients through the door, growth, system operations, building your brand, mission, vision, culture, why you do what you do, goal setting and attainment, social media,organization and creation of a great team and team environment, and much more!“We Make Your PracticeUnstoppable!”He is also in private practiceandin the “trenches” just like you.Dr. Pick received his Dental Degree, Certificate ofResidency in Periodonticsand his Master of Science Degree, Oral Pathology, all from Northwestern University.Dr. Pick is currently engaged in full time private practice of Periodontics, Implants and Oral Medicine in Aurora, Illinois. He is also a memberof the attending staff of Northwestern Memorial Hospital and a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at the Northwestern University’sMedical School. Dr. Pick has also been involved with the Jack Welch Business Management Institute. Dr. Pick is recognized by Dentistry Todayas one of the top 200 Leaders in Continuing Education and has won thishonor all 23yearsthat the award has been given. He is now listed as a Consulting Leader. He was the recipient of the 1998 Gordon J. Christensen Outstanding Lecturer Recognition Award.Dr. Pick is a Fellow in both the American and International College of Dentists,a member of the O.K.U. Honors Dental Society,and the Pierre Fauchard International Dental Honors Society. Hewon the 2014 Northwestern UniversityMerit Award for outstanding achievement in a profession. It is the highest award given by the University. Dr. Pickwrites monthly articleson Practice Management for Dentistry Today, the most read dental journal. Dr. Pick haspresented programsnationally and internationally, has publishednumerous articlesand book chaptersin the scientificliterature, including writing the first text ever on “Lasers in Dentistry.”He has been on live closed circuit TV at both the CDS and Hinman Dental Meetings.Asan official spokesperson for the American Dental AssociationDr.Pick has frequently been featured in themediaincluding: GoodMorning America, Fortune,Wall Street Journal, Glamour, McCalls, Popular Mechanics, Cosmopolitan, NewYork Times, Chicago Tribune andSun Times, L.A. Times,CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox News,many others,and even The National Enquirer!In his spare time, Dr. Pick is a commercially rated pilot, an avid guitar playerand guitar collector,and a collector and restorerof Classic Corvettes.

Guest Category: History, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Guest Occupation: writer, speaker, astrologer
Guest Biography:

Raphael Fitch is an author and mentor on advanced astrology for detective work, forecasting and self development.

Guest Category: Arts, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Paranormal, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Science, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Canadian musician, singer and the lead singer of the legendary rock band Loverboy
Guest Biography:


Limited vinyl LP pressing of the Canadian rock band's 1980 debut, released to coincide with the album's

40th anniversary.




Lead singer of the legendary rock band


Canadian Music Hall of Fame group, LOVERBOY, celebrates the 40th anniversary of their 5x Platinum-certified, self-titled album Loverboy this year. To commemorate this sonic work of art, the group releases a special limited-edition vinyl of the legendary rock classic today via Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.

Originally released in October 1980, Loverboy features many fan-favourite singles, including “The Kid Is Hot Tonight”, “Turn Me Loose” and “Little Girl” – the latter serving as the inspiration behind the iconic album sleeve artwork. Contemporary Canadian artist Barbara Astman was commissioned to create the cover art, and brilliantly typed the lyrics from “Little Girl” onto a self-portrait Polaroid as it developed. The 2020 special edition is printed with a full cover emboss on Astman’s typed text to pay homage to this process.

While reminiscing about making the album and the musical test of time, lead vocalist Mike Reno reveals, “Boy did we get lucky in late 1979 to work with the best in the business, Bruce Fairbairn and Bob Rock..... oh and don’t forget Mike Frazer. This record still sounds great.” Echoing Reno, Guitarist Paul Dean confirms, “Considering we recorded ‘Get Lucky’ 40 years ago, I think it holds up really well. Especially on this new deluxe vinyl edition, I would say it’s the best it’s ever sounded.”

Loverboy went on to become a major Canadian rock hit, winning a record-breaking six awards at the 1982 Juno’s – a record the band still holds today. Upon release, the album sold more than 700,000 copies in Canada, two million copies in the U.S. and four million copies worldwide. The band’s success catapulted them into the Top 5 touring acts in the world, making them the first Canadian group to ever earn Columbia Records’ exclusive Crystal Globe Award, celebrating the sale of over five million albums outside their native country. Since 1992, the band has maintained a steady road presence, with Sony/Legacy releasing a greatest hits compilation. The group was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the 2009 Juno Awards.







'L O V E R B O Y' 

Limited vinyl LP pressing of the Canadian rock band's 1980 debut, released to coincide with the album's 40th anniversary.

At amazon.com

For more information about






Official Website





Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music, News, TV & Film
Larry Klayman
Guest Occupation: Attorney At Law, Founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch
Guest Biography:


Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is known for his strong public interest advocacy in furtherance of ethics in government and individual freedoms and liberties. During his tenure at Judicial Watch, he obtained a court ruling that Bill Clinton committed a crime, the first lawyer ever to have done so against an American president. Larry became so famous for fighting corruption in the government and the legal profession that the NBC hit drama series "West Wing" created a character after him: Harry Klaypool of Freedom Watch. His character was played by actor John Diehl.

In 2004, Larry ran for the U.S. Senate as a Republican in Florida's primary. After the race ended, he founded Freedom Watch.

Larry graduated from Duke University with honors in political science and French literature. Later, he received a law degree from Emory University. During the administration of President Ronald Reagan, Larry was a Justice Department prosecutor and was on the trial team that succeeded in breaking up the telephone monopoly of AT&T, thereby creating competition in the telecommunications industry.

Between Duke and Emory, Larry worked for U.S. Senator Richard Schweiker (R-Pa.) during the Watergate era. He has also studied abroad and was a stagiaire for the Commission of the European Union in its Competition Directorate in Brussels, Belgium. During law school, Larry also worked for the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington, D.C.

Larry speaks four languages—English, French, Italian, and Spanish—and is an international lawyer, among his many areas of legal expertise and practice.

The author of two books, Fatal Neglect and Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment, Larry has a third book in the works dealing with the breakdown of our political and legal systems. His current book, Whores, is on now sale at WND.com, Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Borders.com, and all major stores and booksellers.

Larry is a frequent commentator on television and radio, as well as a weekly columnist, on Friday, for WND.com.

Larry has been credited as being the inspiration for the Tea Party movement. (See "Larry Klayman - The One Man TEA Party," by Dr. Richard Swier.)

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Kelly S. Jones
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Through many years of training with 5 different Asian Masters, Kelly learned to "divine the earth" with a special focus on the Flying Stars aspect of Compass School Feng Shui. This led her to an encounter with and entrance into the remarkable Halls of the Akashic Records where she learned to "unearth the divine” held within one’s own experience and often overlooked. Gifted with a trans-dimensional ability to access the wonderful voice of one’s true Self, the schoolrooms of the subconscious and the wisdom of earth energies, she also offers life-enhancing Conscious Business Coaching, Personal Life Coaching and Christ Light Transmissions designed to help clients know more love, success and beauty in their daily lives.  Kelly facilitates workshops on how to access one’s own Akashic Records, is a speaker, and a co-author of "Akashic Records Soul Dialogues: Creating Heaven on Earth Now", a down-to-earth enlightenment handbook found on Amazon. 

Akashic Records:  https://www.kellysjones.net/akashic-records-reading/
Feng Shui:  https://www.kellysjones.net/feng-shui/

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