Headlined Guests

Guest Occupation: Coach and Yoga Instructor
Guest Biography:

Ashlee Kozac is a confidence, health and nutrition coach with a focus on integration.



Ashlee Kozac  is certified in Buti yoga and nutrition. Her background with narcissistic abuse gave her the inspiration to help empower other women that have ended up on the same path. Stronger through her journey of introspection. She noticed the power that came from her past that she recognized and was certain others would benefit too.


Ashlee allows space and safety in a non-judgmental environment.  Helping women switch their perception and gain clarity from the confusion that can come from narcissistic abuse.  Ashlee empowers you to transform and unlearn patterns of suffering and confusion so you can live from love, joy, and excitement now. Her primary focus is integration. Growth happens when we integrate dense energy. The integration of density is a fast forward button to your least destiny. Breathwork, movement, and nutrition are just some of the tools that Ashlee uses to help her clients resolve the past. With the option of other tools that one could benefit from to transform and raise our vibration(frequency). Ashlee Kozac is a mother of three beautiful children.


Guest Category: Arts, Business, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Medicine, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual
​Elyse Jewel
Guest Occupation: Singer, songwriter, actress and model
Guest Biography:


It’s hard to believe Dallas based singer-songwriter, actress, and model Elyse Jewel is only 16 as she’s already won Pop Song of the Year in the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest for her debut single “Thinking About You” and shared the stage with legends such as Broadway superstar Kristin Chenoweth. Now, Elyse is back with the release of her breathtaking new pop anthem, “Arms,” out February 5th.

​Elyse was surrounded by music growing up and was introduced to the likes of Eric Clapton and musical theater by her dad and listened to Taylor Swift religiously. Inspired by Taylor, Elyse decided she wanted to be a music artist. Now, she takes inspiration from not only her childhood favorites, but Julia Micheals and Olivia O’brien. Elyse has struggled with anxiety, but music enables her to live authentically and open up. She has had the opportunity to work with Grammy nominated and Top Billboard singers, songwriters, and producers including Nash Overstreet, Shane Stevens, and Kristin Chenoweth. Elyse has performed at venues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area such as The House of Blues, Lava Cantina, The Gaylord Texas, Gilley’s, and the Plano Balloon Festival.

​It’s very apparent that Elyse has a strong, personal connection with her fans and that it is important to her that she can inspire others and create a safe space through her music and platform. Despite the fact that she has performed at prestigious venues and has collaborated with award-winning songwriters and producers, Elyse still maintains, “My number one success has definitely been the way I have been able to use my voice to speak on important subjects such as equality and mental health awareness. I struggle with anxiety, but songwriting has been a great outlet for me to grow as a person and work through my emotions. It’s amazing to be able to connect with different people all around the world and be a positive example for young women and girls.”

​Elyse Jewel is truly a rare gem of an artist and a person, just as her name suggests. We can’t wait to watch her follow in the footsteps of strong female role models such as her idol Taylor Swift and continue to glisten, while using her platform for good. 

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music
Sonia Jackson
Guest Occupation: Actor, director and playwright and Founder & CEO of Visions of Possibilities
Guest Biography:


Sonia Jackson (Writer / Performer) is an actor, director and playwright and Founder & CEO of Visions of Possibilities, a nonprofit that focuses on edutainment and is committed to bringing to the public projects that challenge us to live life from what’s possible and works that celebrate the human spirit.

When put in ballet classes at age seven to help straighten her legs, Sonia Jackson discovered she loved performing. That same year, she wrote, directed and performed in her first Christmas pageant. In school, it was math and dance or dance and math.

​After graduating from Chapman College in Orange, California with a BA in Sociology, Sonia entered the corporate world in Human Resources in industries like banking and aerospace. Still, the performance world beckoned so she added stand-up to her list and hit the stage as a comedienne. Once bitten by the performance bug, Sonia jumped in. She put her house up for rent to be free to pursue acting full-time. This action also spawned another opportunity: real estate investing, a career where she continues to advance.

​Having entered the entertainment industry somewhat past the age of ingénue, Sonia felt a need to introduce herself in a memorable way, so she created a one-woman project called I’m Gonna Fly. Since then, she continues to expand in her acting and performance career creating projects like Conversations ‘Bout the Girls.

Sonia Jackson switched from the corporate world to the entertainment industry for the love of performing.  Since she had no credits, Sonia jumped in doing stand-up for fun. A friend suggested she do something memorable which resulted in her first solo show, I’m Gonna Fly, a critically acclaimed play on the world’s first licensed black aviatrix, Bessie Coleman.  Sonia wrote and has been directing her ensemble play, Conversations ‘Bout the Girls. Birthed 15 years ago and consistently performed, Sonia turned it into her second solo show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2017. Both shows earned her NAACP Theatre Award Nominations. Mamaisms is Sonia’s third and latest solo show.

Acting credits include This Is Us, Stray, POLY, Jurassic Park 3, Speed, Grey’s Anatomy, Villain, In Response Year of the Woman and more. Sonia is a Towne Street Theatre Company Member, has studied improv in LA and Shakespeare in England.

Sonia is expanding in so many ways, she has given herself the title of Creatist.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Entertainment, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Emotional Health and Freedom, Self Help, Spiritual, TV & Film
Brian BecVar
Guest Occupation: keyboardist, composer, songwriter and producer
Guest Biography:


Brian BecVar is an accomplished keyboardist/composer/songwriter and producer who has toured, recorded and performed with Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Laura Branigan, Air Supply, Englebert Humperdinck, John Mellencamp, Gino Vannelli, Roberta Flack, Bill Champlin, Jon Anderson (from the group Yes), Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx, Davy Jones (from the group The Monkeys), Phoebe Snow, Dave Mason, Ben E. King, Bobby Caldwell, Wild Cherry, Kitaro, Cheryl Lynn, Alejandro Lerner, Pedro Aznar and David De Maria. The highlight of Brian’s touring years were the years performing with Celine Dion and with Michael Bolton, with whom he is currently performing as a pianist/ keyboardist.

As a composer of Film & TV, Brian has produced and scored music for independent films and major sports channels. His songs have been recorded by John Mellencamp, Roberta Flack, Bobby Caldwell, Cheryl Lynn, Alejandro Lerner and Pedro Aznar. In 1994 Brian released his first solo CD, entitled “Once In A Life,” on the Real Music label, featuring vocals by Pedro Aznar, from Pat Metheny’s group. Since then, Brian has recorded several solo albums of jazz/classical/world music. He is currently producing several promising young artists for major label distribution.

In 2003, Brian, along with his brother Bruce BecVar, collaborated with mind-body specialist and best-selling author Deepak Chopra to create an extraordinary CD of healing music entitled “The Magic Of Healing.” Composed, recorded and co-produced by Brian and Bruce BecVar along with Deepak Chopra, this CD contains music that uses elements inspired by ancient Vedic traditions and principles of healing. Since its initial release in mid-2003, the CD has been a major success globally and continues to inspire to this day.

In 2008, Brian wrote two Olympic theme songs for the Beijing Olympic games. Out of 80,000 songs submitted, Brian’s songs were selected and honored as two of the top 50 songs. And Brian received special Olympic awards from the Olympic committee for both songs.

Brian has recently launched SerenityStream, a video streaming app for mobile phones and smart TVs. SerenityStream is the source for epic films to quiet the mind and calm the soul, an ever expanding library of extraordinary visual landscapes and stunning soundtracks composed, edited and produced by Brian. Multi platform apps for mobile, TV and the Web allow the user to stream tranquil visual & sound environments for meditation, relaxation, stress reduction and inspiration. Brian is also developing an interactive multi-media gaming platform for SerenityStream. And Brian continues also to tour with Michael Bolton and write and produce songs for pop, alternative and world music artists and special events.

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Dave Kincaid
Guest Occupation: Permaculture and Sustainable off grid living practitioner
Guest Biography:


A Tool and Die Maker and Tool Designer by trade, in 2011 PermaDave purchased 40 offgrid acres at 6000’ in Northern AZ to create his own vision of an eco-village style homestead, where his soul family could live and thrive together for generations to come.

After discovering Permaculture in his quest for sustainable offgrid living techniques, PermaDave has since completed 3 Permaculture Design Courses and his life is forever changed and charged with a passion to learn and share the knowledge and wisdom of the Ethics and Design Principles of Permaculture throughout the world.

His vision is to make Permaculture a household word and reach as many people as possible as we rediscover this 10,000 year old science that deals with sustainable human habitation on this planet in all of its forms.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Plant & Animals, Health & Lifestyle, Philosophy, Science, Self Help, Society and Culture
Paul Hellyer
Guest Occupation: Canada’s Senior Privy Councillor
Guest Biography:



Paul Hellyer is Canada’s Senior Privy Councillor, having been appointed to the cabinet of Prime Minister Louis S. St. Laurent in 1957, just eight years after his first election to the House of Commons in 1949 at the age of 25. He subsequently held senior posts in the governments of Lester B. Pearson and Pierre E. Trudeau, who defeated him for the Liberal Party leadership in 1968. The following year, after achieving the rank of senior minister, which was later designated Deputy Prime Minister, Hellyer resigned from the Trudeau cabinet on a question of principle related to housing.

Although Hellyer is best known for the unification of the Canadian Armed Forces, and for his 1968 chairmanship of the Task Force on Housing and Urban Development, he has maintained a life-long interest in macroeconomics. Through the years, as a journalist and political commentator, he has continued to fight for economic reforms and has written several books on the subject.

A man of many interests, Hellyer’s ideas are not classroom abstractions. He was born and raised on a farm and his business experience includes manufacturing, retailing, construction, land development, tourism and publishing. He has also been active in community affairs including the arts, and studied voice at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. His multi-faceted career, in addition to a near-lifetime in politics, gives Hellyer a rare perspective on what has gone wrong in the critical fields of both world politics and economics.

In recent years he has become interested in the extraterrestrial presence and their superior technology that we have been emulating. In September 2005 he became the first person of cabinet rank in the G8 group of countries to state unequivocally “UFO’s are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.” He continues to take an interest in these areas.


Guest Category: Military, News, Paranormal, UFOs, Politics & Government, Spiritual
Dr. Stephanie Rimka, BA, DC, BCN is a holistic brain optimization specialist focusing on integrated neurotherapies to identify and address the root cause of mental illness, learning disorders, and chronic illness.Dr Rimka is perpetual purveyor of hope.
Guest Occupation: Dr Stephanie Rimka shows sick people how to get well, and well people how to get optimized. She teaches people how to create abundant health so they are empowered to expand physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Guest Biography:

Dr. Stephanie Rimka, BA, DC, BCN is a holistic brain optimization specialist focusing on integrated neurotherapies to identify and address the root cause of mental illness, learning disorders, and chronic illness. She has dedicated over 25 years to learning the best practices in functional medicine from masters in their fields.

Dr. Rimka is active in private practice seeing clients 1:1, teaching online group courses in her E-Learning Center, leading healing group retreats internationally, teaching continuing education certifications to GA doctors, advising on a Scientific Advisory Board, and, most importantly, raising her teenage son Bennett.

Dr. Rimka is the winner of the People’s Choice Award 2020 for Best Mental Health Practice in Buckhead via Atlanta best Media Group. She graduated from Albion College, Albion MI 1995 (BA); Life University, Atlanta, GA, 2000 (DC); BCIA certified (BCN); Wahls Protocol certified; Scientific Advisory Board Member for New U Life Corporation, a Health and Wellness Supplement company; CEU certified Chiropractic instructor through the state of GA.

Her website is: https://brainandbodysolutions.com/

Guest Category: Medicine, Science, Self Help
Guest Occupation: American screenwriter, director, lyricist, playwright, author, theater lighting designer, artist, teacher
Guest Biography:

Want to create stories that get standing ovations? My guest is Steve Cuden who co-created the hit Broadway and international musical Jekyll & Hyde, writing the show’s original book and lyrics with noted composer Frank Wildhorn.  He’s written 90 teleplays for popular animated TV series, such as X-Men, The Batman, Iron Man, Pink Panther, Xiaolin Showdown, Gargoyles and numerous others. Steve directed and co-produced the cult-favorite horror-comedy feature Lucky.  He’s the author of two books on writing: Beating Broadway and Beating Hollywood.  He taught screenwriting for 10 years in the Conservatory of Performing Arts at Point Park University in Pittsburgh. And he currently produces and hosts StoryBeat with Steve Cuden, a weekly podcast of in-depth interviews exploring the creative process of artists of all kinds.  For more, please visit stevecuden.com and storybeat.net

Guest Category: Arts, Comedy, Entertainment, News, Philosophy, Psychology, Society and Culture, TV & Film, Variety
Guest Occupation: Soul singer
Guest Biography:

Dave Revels, is an entertainer with over three decades of experience. In the mid to late eighties he was a member of the Hall Of Fame group, The Drifters, which featured two original members, Charlie Thomas and Elsbeary Hobbs. He has toured world-wide and is currently the lead singer and record arranger/producer for internationally acclaimed a cappella group, The Persuasions. He is an author and songwriter. His song, “Stand Up America”, hailed by many as a contemporary national anthem, has been featured in shows nationwide has been the theme song for fundraiser and special events for the Armed Forces and relief events for Hurricane victims in New Orleans and Haiti. Dave’s Stand Up America “One World” Children’s Choral group has performed at these events including appearances at New York Mets stadium.

Dave has over 20 years experience in developing theme shows and 50’s and 60’s style productions. He has produced or written songs for shows in Las Vegas, Nevada (Sahara Hotel & Casino – “Love Potion #10” and the finale song for a rock and roll show that played in Las Vegas for over 7 years). Dave has also created and produced Christmas shows in Atlantic City (Resorts Hotel & Casino, The Sands, Tropicana). When not performing with The Persuasions, Dave tours the nation with his hit production show, Standing In The Shadows Of The Four Tops. His latest self-penned solo album is entitled “Family Ties.”

Guest Category: Entertainment
Domizio Cipriani
Guest Occupation: President and Grand Prior of the Ordre des Templiers de Jerusalem of the Principality of Monaco
Guest Biography:

I am Domizio CIPRIANI, President and Grand Prior of the Ordre des Templiers de Jerusalem of the Principality of Monaco. I would like introduce myself and our Monégasque think tank "Montecarlo Committee" a humanitarian organisation. Maybe we could share the knowledge and develop some sinergies together.

The scientific committee of our ecumenical center of​ studies, is developing with the advocacy of Center High Studies Politicians International of Bari, a department of quantum psychology to allow all interested parties to deepen this interesting topic, by the scientist members of our think tank. Through the online lessons for Two years University master post bachelor and by a new ethical television  "love&gratitude.tv".
Quantum Psychology school is create from old spiritual philosophy rosencross knowledge, by Para-Psychology and Quantum Physics teaching.

The lessons of our academy are to Invest in health, wellness, culture and for a better lifestyle. Time, is the new luxury item. Those who have a lot of free time to devote to what they are interested in knowing and doing are rich. We give you the method to transform your work into a business, through knowledge of the quantum field and the ability to interact with the superconsciuosness. An experience to live and share.

You can see also the presentation of our Monaco’s Think Tank academy in the Italian television TELECOLOR with English subtitles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfRJZbntljM

I would like to show you my last revelation book, as always all the royalties of the book will be donated to charity to help children in the world with the Amade Mondiale. If you can help me share the news, it would be a great help to us.

Book title and back cover: Templars and Rosicrucians, the inner and secret part of the Temple  order. The Brotherhood of the old Rose +Croix.
This book is translate in English and Italian version.
This work that clarifies the true history of the Templars and the Rosicrucians from 1317 to the present day took shape following the teachings of Roger Caro and Pierre Phoebus, who have done considerable work in analyzing and cataloging an innumerable quantity of parchments and ancient manuscripts.
In the work some philosophical and alchemical knowledge of the Secret Order are revealed, inside the Order of the Temple, brought to light today in the "Grande Maison Metropolitaine d'Initiation" in the Principality of Monaco.

The aim is to clarify and give justice to the persecutions suffered by our predecessors and to convey their spiritual values ​​in a more understandable way.

Our web site contains a section dedicated to a free press room open to all for sharing topics of applied quantum spiritual philosophy and metaphysic.

I want introduce you also our project to realise a new tv series INFINITY, arcane ancient mysteries, to contribute at global awakening by real story, suite the "da Vinci code".
You could see the trailer, the teaser and further details in the section of our official website:
We have need some producers or financial partners to develop our project.

Many thanks for your attention, have a nice day, King regards.
Ordre des Templiers de Jerusalem
25 av de la Costa - le Park Palace
98000 Principality of Monaco
Mobile phone +33669641969

My personal web sites :



The video of our mission

Video interview sur la chaine Italianne TELECOLOR sous-titré en francais



Guest Category: Education, History, Philosophy, Religion, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Dave Luptak
Guest Occupation: Midwest Acct Mgr.of Hope Services, featuring Podiatry & CBD products
Guest Biography:

Dave Luptak, Midwest Acct Mgr.of Hope Services, featuring Podiatry & CBD products.

Experience representing:
— Dia-Foot diabetic shoes and orthotics
— Medix CBD products
—MedLine medical supplies
— Bako CTS products
—MedPro malpractice insurance

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
David S. Bieri
Guest Biography:

David Bieri is Associate Professor of Urban Affairs at Virginia Tech, with a joint appointment in the Global Forum on Urban and Regional Resilience (GFURR) and in the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA). His main research and teaching interests are at the intersection of regional economics, public finance and economic geography.

Dr. David Bieri is Associate Professor of Urban Affairs at Virginia Tech, with a joint appointment in the Global Forum on Urban and Regional Resilience (GFURR) and in the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA). Dr. Bieri also holds an endowed appointment as Faculty Fellow in the VT Program in Real Estate. His current research examines spatial features of credit flows, focusing on the dynamics of urbanization and the evolutionary development of the monetary-financial system as a joint historical process. Dr. Bieri also writes about regulatory aspects of international finance, global monetary governance, and the history of economic thought.

Prior to joining the faculty at Virginia Tech, Dr. Bieri was a faculty member at Taubman College at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. From 1999 until 2006, Dr. Bieri held various positions at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland, most recently as the Adviser to the CEO. From 2002 to 2004, he was Head of Business Development in which capacity he was responsible for new financial products and reserve management advisory for central banks. Prior to joining the BIS, Dr. Bieri worked as high-yield analyst at Bankers Trust in London and in fixed-income syndication at UBS in Zürich.

Bieri received his Ph.D. from the School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia Tech. He holds a M.Sc. in corporate and international finance from the University of Durham (UK) and a B.Sc. (hons) in economics from the London School of Economics.

Guest Category: Business, News, Investing and Finance, Management, Education, News, Politics & Government
Guest Biography:

Radio personality Shonda Mallory aka, Mallory J from 1075 Jamz FM. Home of the Ricky Smiley Morning Show and DL Hugley in the afternoons. Mallory J is on Mid-days 10 am – 3 pm. She’s been in radio for over 10 years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and 2 years in Charlotte NC before coming to Fort Myers. On the Podcast, We will talk about the power of music and its effects on your mind, body, and soul.

Guest Category: Music
Bridgette Cooper
Guest Occupation: Classical singer, actress, recording artist, owner of 728 Productions
Guest Biography:

Bridgette “Bri” Cooper is an award-winning classical singer, actress, recording artist, and owner of 728 Productions “a performing and creative arts media and lifestyle brand”. Bridgette is the host of the critically acclaimed podcast and tv series Harbour for the Arts™ (formerly Operaluscious™), and Cooper and Company Podcast. In 2018 and 2020, Bri ran for United States Congress with a platform that included the importance of the arts in the global economy. Honored with being named “25 Women Changing World ” by Conversations Magazine, Bri is on a mission to keep the classical arts, including opera, relevant. With many other amazing things that Bridgette has done in the world of Opera, she has also been featured in publications such as Black Enterprise Magazine, Conversations Magazine, ABC’s Here and Now, and more.

Guest Category: Music, Sexuality
Guest Occupation: Rnb Soul Singer Entertainer
Guest Biography:

Nahum Thorton Grymes, better known by his stage name J. Holiday, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper and actor. He came into prominence in 2007 with his breakthrough hit "Bed", peaking at number five on the US Billboard Hot 100. His debut album, Back of My Lac', was released in October 2007 and peaked at number 5 on the US Billboard 200. The album would also hit number 32 in the United Kingdom. Back of My Lac' has sold just over 700,000 copies worldwide.

Guest Category: Entertainment
The Edge of the World
Guest Occupation: Legendary Author
Guest Biography:

Whitley Strieber is author of more than 40 books, including many novels. Among his non-fiction works are Communion: A True Story, Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us, Solving the Communion Enigma: What Is to Come, The Secret School: Preparation for Contact, The Key: A True Encounter, and A New World. 

Herein is a surprisingly deep philosophical and spiritual discussion concerning the apprehension and understanding of levels of reality within consciousness and their interaction with the physical world.

Want to go to the edge of the Earth? My guest is Whitley Strieber who offers compelling and startling accounts of his experience meeting non-human intelligence that he calls The Visitors and his ongoing, inspiring story of his desire to understand and form a relationship with them.  Strieber's tale is listenable and mind-shattering. Whitley Strieber is widely known for his bestselling account of his own close encounter, Communion: A True Story, and has produced a television special based on Confirmation for NBC. He is also the author of the vampire novels The Hunger, The Last Vampire, and Lilith's Dream, and is the new host of his own radio program, Dreamland, founded by Art and Ramona Bell. His website -- the world's most popular site featuring topics at the edge of science and culture.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, History, Military, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Marilyn Suttle
Guest Occupation: CEO, CVP, Customer Service Expert
Guest Biography:

Marilyn Suttle, CVP knows how to overcome adversity and come back stronger. After the World Trade Center Attack on 9-11 in 2001, her speaking business nose-dived, taking her from a 6-figure income to a devastating 4-figure income. With a series of "Suttle" Shifts she reinvented her business and bounced back. 


She transferred her skills, gained new skills, blogging about and interviewing leaders of world-class businesses, and used the power of masterminding to emerge as an expert at creating long-term win-win relationships with internal and external customers. A major publisher paid her and her coauthor an advance for their first customer service book, featuring Singapore Airlines, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and 8 other companies that excel at maintaining cultures of customer service excellence. It springboarded her forward. She's been listed on Global Gurus list of Top 30 Customer Service Speakers Worldwide for 3 years. Then, Covid-19 put a wrench in her business once again. It was time for more "Suttle" Shifts.  She dived into Zoom, becoming double certified as a virtual presenter. 


Seeing the need for leaders to keep relationships strong with customers and remote working employees, she now educates them on ways to create engaging connections. What happens on the inside of a business, eventually shows up on the outside. Her virtual engagement strategies help leaders and teams work well together, so they can serve their customers well in these uncertain times. As a speaker, she sees the importance of creating exceptional experiences over platforms like Zoom and trains fellow speakers and leaders to use virtual engagement strategies to build trust while strengthening connection, collaboration, and service excellence. 



When it comes to retaining customers there's nothing subtle about Marilyn Suttle, CVP. She's an internationally recognized customer & team engagement speaker, featured expert on TV News, and national print. Marilyn works with organizations that want to stand out as a provider of choice, leaders who want teams to create lasting customer relationships, and people who want to work well together. Her engaging programs show virtual audiences how to make Suttle Shifts for breakthrough success using relationship strengthening practices and growth mindsets. A Certified Virtual Presenter, and Certified Experiential Trainer, her programs endear customers to organizations, and leaders and teams to their highest potential. 

Marilyn Suttle, CVP

Certified Virtual Presenter I Trainer, Coach

CEO of Suttle Enterprises LLC, CX expert, Communication Pro 

www.MarilynSuttle.com  | P: 248-348-1023 | M: 248-752-0460

22203 Antler Dr., Novi, MI 48375



Who's Your Gladys? books I Twitter: @MarilynSuttle

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/marilynsuttle

Guest Category: Business, Education, Psychology, Self Help, Society and Culture
Dr Holly Benjamin
Guest Occupation: Pofessor Pediatric Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, Director Primary Care Sports Medicine
Guest Biography:

Holly J. Benjamin, MD, FAAP, FACSM, FAMSSM is a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Rehabilitation Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Chicago and the Director of the Primary Care Sports Medicine program.  She is a past-vice president of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and previously served on the Board of Directors for the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM).  She was recently appointed as the inaugural Associate Editor for Continuing Medical Education for the prestigious international Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine (CJSM). She is a team physician for the University of Chicago NCAA DIII athletic program, the WNBA Chicago Sky, US Soccer, USA Triathlon and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Dr. Benjamin has presented and published at the local, regional and national level on a variety of sports medicine topics and is known for her contributions to sports medicine education.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Medicine, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Guest Occupation: Legendary singer, songwriter, musician, best known for the mega-hit "American Pie"
Guest Biography:

Don McLean

Grammy award honoree, Songwriter Hall of Fame member,

BBC Lifetime Achievement Award recipient 

His smash hit

“American Pie”

resides in the Library of Congress National Recording Registry and was named by the Recording Industry of America (RIAA)

a top 5 song of the 20th Century. 



This year marks the 50th anniversary release of the iconic song, American Pie. In celebration of this legendary song, Home Free and Don McLean teamed up for a special collaboration which was released on Friday, January 29th.  An official music video will follow on Wednesday, February 3rd, “the day the music died” -- the day Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. Richardson died tragically in an Iowa plane crash -- 62 years ago. 

We’re excited to use this release and this platform to continue to draw awareness to the National Independent Venue Association’s (NIVA) work in raising money for emergency grants for independent music venues and promoters so that 2021 does not become the year the stages died, too.  We’ll be pushing Home Free fans to donate to NIVA and making sure they’re aware that just because The Save Our Stages act passed, that the work is not done.  

Don McLean is a Grammy award honoree, a Songwriter Hall of Fame member, a BBC Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, and his smash hit “American Pie” resides in the Library of Congress National Recording Registry and was named by the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) a top 5 song of the 20th Century. A New York native, Don McLean is one of the most revered and respected songwriters in American history. After paying his dues in the New York club scene in the late ‘60s, he went on to score mega-hits like “Vincent (Starry, Starry Night),” “Castles in the Air” and many more. His catalog of songs has been recorded by Madonna, Garth Brooks, Josh Groban, Drake, Weird “Al” Yankovic, and countless others. In 2015, one of McLean’s four handwritten manuscripts of the lyrics to “American Pie” was auctioned by Christies, selling for just over $1.2 Million. 2019 honored Don with a star on the Las Vegas Walkway of Stars and his song “And I Love You So” was the theme for Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding. Now in 2020, Don signed a recording contract with Time Life to release his catalog of recordings as well as the highly anticipated new album Still Playin’ Favorites, which was released October 23rd. “American Pie” will be featured in the Avengers Black Widow and the Tom Hanks movie BIOS and much more to be announced. And when you think things are slowing down, not so for Don McLean! 2021 will mark the 50th anniversary of American Pie with a world tour to follow.

"American Pie"

By Home Free and

(feat. Don McLean)

available now at amazon.com


For more information


Don  Mclean



Official Website







Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, History, Music, News, TV & Film, Variety
Guest Occupation: Legendary Drummer with Ten Years After
Guest Biography:


legendary drummer

R  I  C    L   E   E


“From Headstocks To Woodstock –A Drummer’s Tale”

and release Deluxe Version of 

'A Sting in the Tale'

Exclusive ZOOM Interview!

Ric Lee has penned a new memoir called From Headstocks to Woodstock focusing on his long music career, including his adventures with the famous U.K. blues-rock outfit.

The 448-page tome is available now exclusively from Lee's official website, RicLeeTYA.com.

"It was something I'd always wanted to do, and I actually started it more than 10 years ago, but kept stopping and starting for various reasons," Lee explains in a statement. "Then a chance conversation with a friend in Los Angeles persuaded me to get it finished."

Ten Years After was led by singer guitarist Alvin Lee and had a series of popular albums in the late 1960s and early '70s. In the U.S., the band is best known for their scorching performing of "I'm Going Home" at the 1969 Woodstock Festival and their hit "I'd Love to Change the World," which peaked at #40 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1971.

Ric says some of the highlights in the book for him are "[m]y early days in bands in the Mansfield (my hometown) area, my stories about meeting people like Sir David FrostMuhammad AliThe WhoLed ZeppelinMiles Davis and many others, and, of course, playing at Woodstock."

Lee adds that he hopes his memoir will "also be an inspiration to any aspiring young musicians to keep going against all adversity to finally win through."

While Alvin Lee died in 2013 at age 68 from heart surgery complications, Ten Years after has continued on and currently is led by Ric and founding keyboardist Chick Churchill.  The band is working on a new studio effort that's due out later this year and is planning to release a deluxe version of its 2017 album A Sting in the Tale in March.


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For fans of Alvin Lee, Ten Years After, and Classic Rock! Over fifty years since the release of their eponymous debut album in 1967, Ten Years After has returned with a new studio album containing twelve tracks titled “A Sting In The Tale”. This “Deluxe Edition” also contains 4 live tracks from the bands recent tour including an amazing rendition of the smash hit “I’d Love To Change The World”, which remains as relevant today as when first released in 1971. The beginning of their meteoric rise to fame can be pinpointed to their performance at The Woodstock Music and Arts Festival in August 1969. The audience were blown away by the intensity of the band’s performance and their unique combination of Jazz, Blues and Rock, and their enigmatic frontman Alvin Lee. This made them one of the biggest bands of the early 70’s. As well as original members Ric Lee (Drums) and Chick Churchill (Keys), the band now features Bass Icon Colin Hodgkinson (Peter Green, Spencer Davis, Chris Rea) and multi-award winning Guitarist/Vocalist Marcus Bonfanti (Van Morrison, Ginger Baker, Ronnie Wood). The title “A Sting In The Tale” reflects the same sentiment Ric & Chick wished to convey in the 2015 live album “The Name Remains The Same”. Although the band lineup has changed and the music continues to evolve and grow fifty years on, the sound of the band will always be heavily rooted in the way they paved the way during the late sixties and early seventies and will never forget its incredible heritage. This new record is the ‘Sting’ in the continuing Tale of Ten Years After.


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Following the Woodstock Festival in August 1969 and the subsequent movie in 1970, Ric's band, Ten Years After, became huge on the world stage. Ric's autobiography charts the journey from the coal mining town of Mansfield in the UK to performing alongside the greats and in some of the biggest venues of the music scene: The Newport Jazz Festival with Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention, Miles Davis and The Godfather of Soul, James Brown all became part of Ric's life and enhanced the band's burgeoning worldwide appeal. Other festivals: The Miami, Atlanta and Texas Pop Festivals, 1970's Isle of Wight Festival (with Jimi Hendrix and The Who) and headlining London's Albert Hall, New York's Madison Square Garden and Tokyo's Budokan, further exposed the band's music to a global audience. It's thought that Ric performed to almost 4 million people a year between 1969 and 1975, not including the estimated 300,000 to 500,000 who saw their amazingly powerful performance at Woodstock nearly fifty years ago. A must read for anyone who wants to find out more about the music scene in the mid twentieth century and at a time when revolution in music was in the air.


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