Headlined Guests

Kathryn Hand
Guest Occupation: Hypnotherapist, Past-life Regressionist, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Event Organizer
Guest Biography:

Kathryn Hand is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives therapy. Starting her career in the high-powered world of investment banking, Kathryn was involved in communications, media and corporate events for global companies in both Sydney and London. In addition to this, Kathryn has actively been marketing, managing and promoting local and small businesses over the last 15 years.

Whilst reading Dr Michael Newton’s ‘Journey of Souls’, Kathryn had a deeply profound experience which led her to ultimately fulfil her calling and make the life-changing career move as a hypnotherapist. She is proudly one of an elite, global group of 250 spiritual regressionists certified by Dr Michael Newton.

The journey of searching for evidence of our immortal existence began for Kathryn after her 6th grade teacher introduced her to the metaphysical - it has been a consuming interest ever since that has evolved to an ongoing discovery of consciousness.  She is passionate in helping people achieve a greater understanding of their own consciousness and connecting them to their highest, immortal self.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Kathryn discovered the importance of developing a health consciousness.  The day before she was scheduled for a double mastectomy, Kathryn intuitively felt there had to be a better way to healing than having both her breasts removed and damaging chemotherapy.  She cancelled the surgery and watched a documentary series that Mick had purchased, The Truth About Cancer.  It gave her hope for the giant leap of faith she had taken.  Kathryn and Mick embarked on natural therapies and their passion for plant and energy medicine has seen the birth of their latest project, the Plant & Energy Medicine Symposium.


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Ten Years After Legendary Bassist Leo Lyons Special Guest on Interviewing the Legends
Guest Occupation: bass guitarist, songwriter and record producer
Guest Biography:

L   E   O 

L   Y   O   N   S





Born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in November 1943, Leo became a professional musician at the age of 16 and as a founder member of the band Ten Years After has been an on-stage eyewitness to some of the most pivotal moments in Rock and Roll history.

In 1962 with his band The Jaybirds along with guitarist Alvin Lee he performed at The Star Club, Hamburg, Germany where only a week earlier The Beatles had polished up their act. Leo was hired to play in the club's house band with Tony Sheridan and yet still found time to guest at the Top Ten Club with guitarist Albert Lee. Like The Beatles, The Jaybirds returned home to England, made the move from their hometown to London and secured their first recording contract with legendary record producer Joe Meek.

From 1963 to 1966, as well as playing and managing The Jaybirds, Leo worked as a session musician, toured as a sideman with pop acts of the day, appeared in a play in London's West End and played a residency with poll winning British Jazz Guitarist Denny Wright.

In 1967 with a name change to Ten Years After, a residency at London's famous Marquee Club and a debut album out on Deram Records, the band were soon to build up a huge following in Europe. Fillmore West and Fillmore East founder Bill Graham heard a copy of the band's first album and immediately sent a letter offering to book Ten Years After into his historic venues in San Francisco and New York. They were also one of the first rock groups to be part of the Newport Jazz Festival. At Newport and on tour TYA performed with Nina Simone, Roland Kirk, Miles Davis and other jazz legends barnstorming across the US.

In August of the same year their now legendary encore " I'm Goin' Home" was captured on film at The Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, exposing their jazz blues rock amalgam to an even larger audience of movie goers who were blown away by the intensity of the band's performance when the academy award winning documentary was released. Their ten-minute appearance in the film is an acknowledged highlight and established Ten Years After a place in rock history. The band's albums are still available, and all have reached Gold or Platinum status.

Leo has produced records for UFO, Magnum, Waysted, Procol Harum, Frankie Miller, Richard and Linda Thompson, Brigitte St John, John Martin, Kevin Coyne, Sassafras, MotorHead, Hatfield and The North, The Bogie Boys, The Winkies, Chris Farlowe, Chevy and many more.
In 2003 Ten Years After reformed yet again, this time with new guitarist singer Joe Gooch replacing Alvin Lee, and for the past seven years, aside from writing and producing, Leo has recorded three CD's and toured the world with Ten Years After.

Leo's not the kind of person who lets the grass grow under his feet and in the Summer of 2010 together with TYA guitarist Joe Gooch he formed 'Hundred Seventy Split'; a new, exciting, high energy Blues/Rock power trio showcasing their combined talents. The pair initially formed a song-writing partnership to write for TYA and have continued writing together ever since. The result was their debut CD 'The World Won't Stop' . . .

Leo and Joe resigned from Ten Years After at the end of 2013 and to celebrate a new beginning Hundred Seventy Split released a new CD, simply titled, HSS, followed by The Road, two years later.
Their live shows have already proved popular with TYA fans. HSS play TYA classics alongside new material in their shows.
'Hundred Seventy Split' was formed to play music that rocks outside of the TYA box.

For more information about Leo Lyons visit



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Welcome Robert Berry Multi-instrumentalist- Vocalist-Songwriter and Producer to Interviewing the Legends
Guest Occupation: Multi-instrumentalist- Vocalist-Songwriter and Producer
Guest Biography:

R    O    B    E    R    T

B    E    R    R    Y



Robert Berry has managed to survive in the treacherous minefield that is the music business and flourished as a performer, songwriter and producer. It seems he's done it all. While he may be best known as the vocalist/bass player in the ELP spinoff, 3, with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer, Berry impressive list of credits include a stint fronting Ambrosia, and long running affiliations with Alliance, December People, and the Greg Kihn Band.  Berry has released 5 solo albums, contributed to a number of high-profile tribute albums and has an impressive track record in the studio.

2017 was noteworthy for some major efforts. Early in the years, Berry, on bass and lead vocals joined with Terry Brock (GIANT, STRANGEWAYS) on lead vocals, Gary Pihl (BOSTON, SAMMY HAGAR, ALLIANCE) on guitar, and Matt Starr (ACE FREHLEY, MR. BIG) on drums, to form ALL 41.They released the band's debut album, "World's Best Hope".  Simultaneously, he mounted a dedicated effort to complete his collaboration with Keith Emerson on the long awaited 3 follow up.  That album, which took shape in 2016, was nearly shattered with the news of Keith Emerson tragic death.  Ultimately and as a tribute to the friendship of Emerson and Berry, it somewhat painfully got back on track and The Rules Have Changed on Frontiers Music SRL was released earlier this year.

Purchase the latest album from Robert Berry

and Keith Emerson

  entitled 3.2 The Rules Have Changed at amazon.com

Also the incredible Classic Rock Christmas CD collection by

Robert Berry & December People

Sounds like Christmas (2000)

Rattle and Humbug (2001)

DP3 (2005)

Classic Rock Christmas (2009)

St. Nicks Picks (2017)

Also available at amazon.com

For more information about Robert Berry visit www.robertberry.com

Or www.facebook.com/Robertberrymusic

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Paul Nelson: Guitarist,Songwriter,Producer and Grammy Award Winner
Guest Occupation: Grammy-winning American guitarist, performer, record producer, and songwriter
Guest Biography:

P   A   U   L

N   E   L   S   O   N



Paul Nelson - is recognized as one of today's top guitarists/songwriters and producers not only having the distinction of being the hand-picked fellow guitarist to the legendary rock/blues icon Johnny Winter but he has toured the world over performing and or recorded alongside an endless who's who list of top artists from Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy to Slash, Billy Gibbons, Ben Harper, Robben Ford, Vince Gill, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, James Cotton, Joe Perry, Susan Tedeschi, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, John Popper, Dr. John, Larry Carlton, Leslie West, Joe Bonamassa, Sonny Landreth, Dickey Betts to Joe Walsh and more...

Nelson received a Grammy award for his work performing on and producing Winter's "Step Back" release on Mega force/Sony winning "Best Blues Album of the Year" highlighting his already long list of Grammy Nominations. As well as the BMA "Blues Music Award" for "Best Blues/Rock Album" reaching #16 on the Billboard Top 200 and staying at #1 on the Billboard Blues Charts for weeks. He is also a recipient of the Blues Foundation's KBA "Keeping the Blues Alive Award".

His music has reached millions with appearances on Late Night with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live, and on award winning documentaries: "Down and Dirty" The Johnny Winter Story and "Sideman: Long Road to Glory" (feat: Bonnie Raitt, Gregg Allman, Hubert Sumlin), as well as music written/performed and broadcast nationally on NBC and on multiple major album releases, books, instructional guitar columns, live Concert DVD's, and guest performances on countless recordings.

Staying at #1 on the "Hot New Releases" charts for months Nelson's latest project "Badass Generation" on Sony Records still maintains his unmistakable connection to the Blues, but it also finds the guitarist showing his many other musical dimensions fans have come expect considering him one of music's most respected and influential contemporary artists...

For more information about Paul Nelson visit www.paulnelsonguitar.com  and


Purchase the latest album from The Paul Nelson Band entitled BADASS GENERATION at amazon.com

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Magic and Manifestation
Guest Occupation: International wealth coach Morgana Rae walks you through six time-tested steps to turn your personal Money Monster of scarcity into a Money Honey of abundance.
Guest Biography:

“Money Goddess” MORGANA RAE is an award-winning, ten-time international #1 bestselling author with over 22 years as a pioneer in personal development. She is widely regarded to be the world’s leading Relationship with Money coach. (Ask Siri!) A guest expert on ABC, NBC, FOX News, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal and hundreds more,  Morgana’s fans call her the “Money Goddess” because of the many documented stories of clients manifesting unexpected income of hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars within hours of changing their relationship with money. Morgana guides idealistic entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and artists to have a big impact in the world… and to heal the rift between heart, spirit, and money.

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Joanna Campe
Guest Occupation: Founder and Executive Director of Remineralize the Earth
Guest Biography:

As the founder and Executive Director of RTE, Joanna Campe raises public awareness of the crucial role of soil remineralization with finely ground rock dust, sea minerals and other natural means to regenerate soils, forests and stabilize the climate. She promotes partnerships with foundations and educational institutions, government agencies, international development agencies, the private sector, and NGOs. She has decades of related conference participation, project organization, media development, authorship, public speaking, professional networking, policy advocacy, and public awareness building. She has co-authored several research papers and is the co-editor of Geotherapy: Innovative Methods of Soil Fertility Restoration, Carbon Sequestration, and Reversing CO2 Increase.

In the early 1980s, Joanna read the book The Survival of Civilization by John Hamaker and Don Weaver and what had for her previously been “dirt” under her feet became a vast micro-universe that is the basis of all life. She recognized the tremendous importance of John’s work and joined together with him, Don Weaver and others to get the message out.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Science, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: Author/Information Activist
Guest Biography:

In A Lie Too Big to Fail, longtime Kennedy researcher (of both JFK and RFK) Lisa Pease lays out, in meticulous detail, how the Los Angeles Police Department silenced witnesses with evidence of conspiracy; how evidence was deliberately altered and, in some instances, destroyed; and how the justice system and the media failed to present the truth of the case to the public. Pease reveals how the trial was essentially a sham, and how the prosecution did not dare to follow where the evidence led.

A Lie Too Big to Fail asserts the idea that a government can never investigate itself in a crime of this magnitude. Was the convicted Sirhan Sirhan a willing participant? Or was he a mind-controlled assassin? It has fallen to independent researchers like Pease to lay out the evidence in a clear and concise manner, allowing readers to form their theories about this event. Pease places the history of this event in the context of the era and provides shocking overlaps between other high-profile murders and attempted murders of the time.

Lisa Pease goes further than anyone else in proving who likely planned the assassination, who the assassination team members were, and why Kennedy was deemed such a threat that he had to be taken out before he became President of the United States.

Lisa Pease is a lifelong information activist and a researcher. When she discovered that the Los Angeles Police Department’s records of the Robert Kennedy assassination were available at her local library, she spent many lunch hours, nights and weekends pouring through the files on microfilm to research that bizarre case. Lisa Pease co-editor and publisher of Probe Magazine (1995-2000). Lisa has been a featured speaker at several seminars in Dallas and Los Angeles. Lisa Pease is also the co-editor with James DiEugenio of The Assassinations (2003) that covers the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, and Malcolm X.

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Dr. Ryan Robinson
Guest Occupation: Chiropractic Physician and Functional Medicine provider
Guest Biography:

Dr. Ryan Robinson is from Kenosha, WI. He has his undergraduate degree in Exercise Sciences and his Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He is a Chiropractic Physician and Functional Medicine provider. He is the sole owner of Fundamental Health, a family practice with an emphasis on working with athletes.

Fundamental Health is located right off of the intersection of Hwy 34 and Route 59 in Aurora, IL. This office takes a unique whole body holistic approach to healthcare by utilizing chiropractic and functional medicine.

The doctor aims to fix patients physical ailments via chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Ryan doesn’t just focus on the spine but instead is focused on “building the person from the ground up” by addressing leg length discrepancies and working on the feet so that each patient has a solid foundation to support the rest of the body. Only by addressing these underlying issues can a person remain pain-free. This practice can help with: neck pain, back pain, shoulder restriction or pain, headaches, sprained ankles, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis, knee pain, foot pain, bunions, and many other conditions.

What is functional medicine? Functional medicine is the future of healthcare (in my biased opinion)! Functional medicine is a patient-focused approach focused on the underlying causes of many chronic, debilitating and hard to treat diseases. Healthcare is focused on symptom control and very rarely looks at the causes of known conditions. Functional medicine can help prevent and detect diseases earlier. Through the use of advanced, specific lab testing, the physician can treat the pathology at the core of the problem. Functional medicine can help with: improving digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients, addressing nutritional deficiencies, improving bowel elimination, brain fog, bone health, autoimmune conditions, weight loss, improving immune function, reducing oxidative stress, minimizing inflammation, improve blood sugar regulation, improve energy, combat stress, enhance metabolism, balance hormones and much more!

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Dr. Karen Sutton
Guest Occupation: Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Specialist & Team Physician for US Woman’s Olympic Lacross
Guest Biography:

Dr. Karen Sutton is a Board Certified orthopedic surgeon from Yale University School of Medicine where she was an Associate Professor. She specializes in sports medicine with surgical expertise in arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee and hip. Dr. Sutton officially joined HSS as an attending on November 1, 2017.

As the Head Team Physician for United States Women’s Lacrosse, Dr. Sutton is responsible for providing care for the National Team athletes.  She was elected to the Sports, Science and Safety Committee for United States Lacrosse where she advises the Board of U.S Lacrosse on injury prevention and management.  She also serves as Team Physician for Yale University Athletics, Albertus Magnus College and the professional Women’s Tennis Association.  During her fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard School of Medicine, she assisted in the orthopedic care of the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Bruins and the New England Revolution.

Dr. Sutton’s passion for sports medicine stems from her years playing lacrosse at Duke University where she was Team Captain for 3 years, Regional All-American, Academic All-American, and led her team to the Final Four.  She is dedicated to caring for athletes.

Dr. Sutton is an elected member of the American Orthopedic Association, acknowledging scholarship in orthopedic surgery.  She serves on multiple committees on the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine.  She is an editor of leading orthopedic journals, including The American Journal of Sports Medicine, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, and The Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.  She has made substantial contributions to research, publishing over 30 publications and giving over 70 presentations on topics from anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction to treating the female athlete to shoulder issues in breast cancer.

Dr. Sutton began her academic career at Duke University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in biochemistry, graduating with distinction.  She earned her medical degree at University of Maryland.  She completed her orthopedic surgery residency at Yale University School of Medicine followed by fellowships in sports medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard School of Medicine and pediatric sports medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard School of Medicine.

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How to be Interviewed for a Job with Confidence
Guest Occupation: ICF and Law of Attraction certified coach - How to be Confidently Interview and Land the Job
Guest Biography:

Kim O’Neill is an ICF and Law of Attraction certified coach with a passion for helping people move forward. She is a former Crime Analyst who now provides personal empowerment and interview confidence coaching for heart-centered professionals and youth. She’s also the host of the “Every Day is a New Day” podcast. Kim is the co-author of the bestseller “Positive Minded People: Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Adversity for Living a More Positive Life.” As an inspirational speaker, Kim aims to remind audiences the importance of knowing who they are; the value of their emotions; and how to move forward. Kim’s philanthropic work includes youth mentoring and interview workshops.

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Passionate advocate for women entrepreneurs. Wings of Success.
Guest Occupation: CEO and Founder @ Verifeed | Crunchbase
Guest Biography:

MELINDA WITTSTOCK is a four-time serial entrepreneur, acknowledged influencer and visionary in all things tech and media, and an award-winning journalist and host. A passionate advocate for women entrepreneurs, Melinda's mission is to catalyze the ecosystem where women "lift as they climb" by mentoring each other, investing in each other and throwing business to each other. Melinda is the host of the acclaimed and fast-growing Wings Of...Inspired Business podcast and a growing curated community, coaching and content platform called Wings of Success. She is also the CEO and Founder of Verifeed, the social intelligence company that assures its clients a Return on Authenticity™ from social media engagement. A meditation, yoga and visualization devotee, as well as a Maverick adventurer whose travels have taken her to many exotic places including Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island and the Amazon rainforest, Melinda is also passionate about encouraging conscious leadership and evolved enterprise companies that do well by doing good. She's a loving mom to two teenage kids and a golden retriever.

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Mark Laisure
Guest Occupation: CEO of Vortex Immersion Media, Producer and Co-Host of The LIFE CHANGES Show and an award winning entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker
Guest Biography:


Mark Laisure is CEO of Vortex Immersion Media, Producer and Co-Host of The LIFE CHANGES Show and an award winning entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker.

His passion thrives in service of others and amongst life changing technologies and conscious immersive content. Mark spent his early career around Wall Street as principle with Firms such as UBS Paine Webber and Wellington Shields & Co.  and has been a guiding force within several start-ups, takeovers, and turn-arounds most notably; Inktomi Corporation (acquired by Yahoo!), Emmy Award winning Teranex (video processing), Mesh Networks (mobile WiFi, acquired by Motorola,) Theseus Logic (clock-less semiconductor acquired by Camgian Networks,) Skycross (award winning antenna technology,) Zeros & Ones, Inc. (digital convergence) and ONEHOPE Wine (cause centric commerce).

Mark has received numerous awards as an entrepreneur and inventor including; A Prime Time Emmy for technological innovation in film and television processing, R & D 100 award (The Oscar’s of Inventing) and Businessweek Magazine Product of the Year.

Recently, Vortex teamed with James Hood to produce “Mesmerica.”  James is renowned as a vital and versatile musical pioneer. His lengthy and varied musical resume includes playing drums in “The Pretenders,” an ongoing two-decades-plus run as mastermind of the visionary ambient/electronica act “Moodswings,” and an expansive array of production and soundtrack projects. Mesmerica is a musical journey that will take you deep into the beautiful space that is your higher self.  James will be touring “Mesmerica” globally in 2018 with performances planned at planetariums and immersive domes worldwide. 

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Jett-Paul Laisure
Guest Occupation: Smart positive 10 year old, aware beyond his years
Guest Biography:


Jett is a very outgoing, smart and “positive future” looking 10 year old with an expansive vocabulary and keen self awareness that is beyond his years.  Jett is very inquisitive and has a huge heart. He’s confident and willing to take on a challenge especially if it involves learning something new, exploring technology or helping others and the planet. He has great musical ability and singing and dance also come easily to him. Jett possesses an authentic and quick wit with improvisational skills, loves athletics and is actively engaging in football, basketball, soccer, horse riding, surfing and skate boarding. 
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Melissa Gottlieb
Guest Occupation: Singer
Guest Biography:


Los Angeles native Melissa Gottlieb masterfully blends country, roots, and rock.  With a rich, sultry voice, she weaves the influences of her youth into a current soulful sound. 2017 was a breakout year for Melissa. While performing shows regularly at LA’s best known showcase venue, The Hotel Cafe, Melissa worked on her debut EP with veteran producer, Steve Churchyard. Churchyard signed on after hearing one of Melissa’s live performances.  At the same time, Melissa was catching the attention of multiple major network casting producers who sought her out after seeing her unique, unplugged youtube series, The Bathroom Sessions. Currently, Melissa is back in the studio working with producer, Ned Douglas crafting a current and standout sound fitting of her voice and style.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music
Armando Compean
Guest Occupation: Bassist, vocalist, composer and band leader
Guest Biography:


Armando Compean, bassist/vocalist/composer and band leader, boasts a career marked with a countless number of collaborations and musical partnerships.  He has had his own voice since the late 1960s when he relocated to Los Angeles.  A native of Houston, Texas, he was born into a musical family and, as a result, was exposed to all types of music and instruments.  His musical journey began with violin lessons at the age of 5 and continued with learning the trumpet, drums and the studying of classical piano for 10 years.  At age 13, he taught himself the guitar, formed his own bands and was fortunate to play with some of the best local blues and jazz musicians in Houston.  After being asked to play the bass in a band, and after hearing bassist Ray Brown with Oscar Peterson and Scott LaFaro with the Bill Evans Trio, Armando completely fell in love with the bass and it became his choice of instrument.  The diversity of his musical background has given him a wide spectrum to draw from for his writing and composing.

Television / Film Credits: Armando has worked with Oscar/Grammy winner T-Bone Burnett playing the bass on such films as WALK THE LINE, starring Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix, ALL THE KING’S MEN, starring Sean Penn, and DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA YA SISTERHOOD, starring Sandra Bullock and Ellen Burstyn.  Other film credits include HOPE FLOATS, starring Sandra Bullock; L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, starring Russell Crowe and Kevin Spacey; ULEE’S GOLD, starring Peter Fonda; and BECAUSE I SAID SO, starring Diane Keaton.  Television credits include the current TNT show MEMPHIS BEAT, THE DREW CARREY SHOW, 7THHEAVEN, ACCORDING TO JIM, THE JOHNNY CARSON SHOW, and the RICHARD PRYOR SHOW.

Recording / Stage Credits:  Armando can be heard playing the bass on numerous recordings with artists Gillian Welch, A.J. Croce, producer T-Bone Burnett, Taj Mahal, Jennifer Warnes, Coco Montoya, Jon Hartman, M.A.L.T., Pete Snell, Matt Harris, Carmela Rappazzo, Jaye P. Morgan, as well as singing the vocal on jazz guitarist Joe Pass’s C.D. White Stone, to name a few.  Live performances include working with Paul Williams, Cybill Shepherd, Lowell George, Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Scott Ellison, Arnette Cobb, Jimmy Ford, Lanny Morgan, Jaye P. Morgan, Texacali Horns.  Featured documentaries include writing and music supervision for the PBS series Over America and Over California.  As a producer, he has worked with a number of artists on their recordings and projects, and also produced and performed on his own C.D.s, “Texas Brown Soul Zone” and “Just For A Thrill.”

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Ingez Rameau
Guest Occupation: Actress and Model
Guest Biography:


Ingez Rameau’s passion for performing goes back to her early childhood when she was cast in an Estonian play while growing up in post-WWII Displaced Persons Camps in Germany. After emigrating with her family to Toronto, Canada and graduating from Humberside Collegiate Institute she continued her studies in the field of Radio & Television Arts at the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. Ingez subsequently moved to New York, working as an actress and a model, prior to moving to Los Angeles. Some of her credits include Birthday Girl, Stiletto, The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, Dark Justice, and Fame.

For the past five years, Ingez has devoted her life to examining, writing and crafting her experiences growing up in those post-WWII DP Camps. Her journey of survival, discovery and empowerment ultimately formed her 90-minute, one-woman play BURN which debuted at the Actors Forum Theatre in North Hollywood for a 3-week run to standing-room-only audiences.

For Women’s History month in March 2011, a performance of BURN was featured at the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival to a standing ovation. BURN has taken on a life of its own and a book is now in development with guidance from writer/author and coach Christiane Schull. In conjunction with the theme of the play and book, Ingez is embarking on the development of workshops and seminars to break the Code of Silence — a place where men and women can begin their journey from darkness into light.

While living in Europe, Ingez was fortunate to have been exposed to countless different nationalities and languages which helped shape the woman she is today. Her life has been full of diversity, experience and travel and she continues to express her creativity through various art forms. She speaks, reads and writes German, Estonian and French.

Ingez is privileged to have had the guidance of Michael Phillip Edwards on BURN. His direction, experience, soul and sensitivity helped bring her vision to a reality and she is honored to share her story with you.

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Self Help, TV & Film
Eleanor Clift
Guest Occupation: Political Reporter, Television Pundit, Columnist and Author
Guest Biography:

Eleanor Clift is a columnist for the Daily Beast, an online publication. She writes about politics and policy in Washington, and the partisan clashes that make governing almost impossible. Clift has covered every presidential campaign since 1976 and bring her perspective to analyze the dynamics between an unconventional president and his party, and an opposition party still licking its wounds over its loss in 2016. Clift is best known as a panelist on the syndicated talk show, “The McLaughlin Group,” which ended a 34-year run with the death of the host in 2016. She has appeared as herself in several movies, including “Dave,” “Independence Day,” “Murder at 1600,” “Rising Sun,” and the CBS series, “Murphy Brown.” Clift and her late husband, Tom Brazaitis, who was a columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, wrote two books together, “War Without Bloodshed: The Art of Politics” (Scribner, 1996), and “Madam President: Shattering the Last Glass Ceiling (Scribner, 2000). Madam President is available in paperback (Routledge Press). Clift’s book, “Founding Sisters,” is about the passage of the 19th amendment giving women the vote (John Wiley & Sons, 2003). Her recent book, “Two Weeks of Life: A Memoir of Love, Death and Politics” (Basic Books, 2008) is about the loss of her husband together with an examination of how we deal with death in America. “Selecting a President,” written with Matthew Spieler (Thomas Dunne Books), published in 2012, examines the process that for all its flaws is better than the alternative. Formerly Newsweek’s White House correspondent, Clift also served as congressional and political correspondent for six years. She was a key member of the magazine’s 1992 election team, following the campaign of Bill Clinton from the start to inauguration day. In June 1992 she was named Deputy Washington bureau chief.

As a reporter in Newsweek’s Atlanta bureau, Clift covered Jimmy Carter’s bid for the presidency. She followed Carter to Washington to become Newsweek’s White House correspondent, a position she held until 1985. Clift began her career as a secretary to Newsweek’s National Affairs editor in New York. She was one of the first women at the magazine to move from secretary to reporter. Clift left Newsweek briefly in 1985 to serve as White House correspondent for The Los Angeles Times. She returned to Newsweek the following year to cover the Iran-Contra scandal, which embroiled President Reagan and tarnished his administration. Clift covered every presidential campaign since 1976, and was part of Newsweek’s special project team following the 1984, 2000, 2004 and 2008 elections, each of which resulted in a book. The most recent, “A Long Time Coming,” written by Evan Thomas and based on the Newsweek team’s reporting (Public Affairs, 2009) chronicles the history-making campaign of Barack Obama. Clift lives in Washington, D.C., where she is on the advisory council of the International Women’s Media Foundation, the board of the American News Women’s Club, the Board of Governor’s of the National Hospice Foundation, and the board of Respect Ability, which advocates for people with disabilities.

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Ken Ludwig
Guest Occupation: Owner/Co-Founder Vibrant Aging - Helping people conquer the myth that aging is bad for your health
Guest Biography:

Born and raised in NY, Coach Ken moved to Colorado in 1975. A child of the 60's he was fully invested in the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll lifestyle, that surely would have killed him, were it not for a series of life changing encounters in the late 80's. Starting with his sobriety in 1988, Ken has been dedicated to bettering himself and the lives of all with whom he comes in contact. He is in total alignment with the mission of his partner company, to end human suffering. And he is very clear that as grandiose as that mission sounds it all starts within each of us individually. We can end our own personal suffering mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. That is who Coach Ken has become and is becoming.

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Guest Occupation: Physician/Activist
Guest Biography:

Margaret Flowers is a Maryland pediatrician and mother of three. After graduating from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1990 and completing her pediatric residence at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Margaret worked first in hospitals in Carroll County and and then in private practice. In 2007 she stopped practicing medicine to start advocating full-time for a state and federal single payer health care system.

"I view the struggle for health care as part of a broader social, racial, economic and environmental justice movement."
- Margaret Flowers

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Loretta Swit chats about 'MASH' and her ongoing mission to prevent cruelty and end animal suffering
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Award-winning actress and activist and recipient of the 2017 BETTY WHITE Award from Actors & Others for Animals, Loretta Swit, has released “SWITHEART: The Watercolour Artistry & Animal Activism of Loretta Swit” in conjunction with the 45th anniversary year of M.A.S.H., and the role that brought her international acclaim as   Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan.

SwitHeart chronicles the artwork of TV Icon Loretta Swit, a true champion of the animal kingdom. Watercolorist, award-winning animal activist and actress, Ms. Swit is renowned for her starring role on TV's most honored series, M*A*S*H, for which she won two EMMY's and worldwide acclaim.  SwitHeart includes 65 full-color paintings and drawings.  Proceeds from the book will be donated to charities and programs that are as dedicated, as Ms. Swit and the SwitHeart Animal Alliance are to ending animal suffering and cruelty.

Loretta Swit: Ms. Swit, known worldwide for her iconic starring role on TVs M*A*S*H, is an animal activist and artist who has combined her passions to create a beautiful new book that celebrates her artwork and her love of animals. Proceeds from this book will be donated to Ms. Swit's tireless campaign to end animal suffering and cruelty. Ms. Swit has devoted decades to animal-related causes and is a strong advocate for animals and animal rights.  In September, she was awarded the 2016 Global Wildlife Conservation Champion Award by the GES Africa Conservation Fund for her support of animal conservation efforts, kindness, compassion and generosity.  

This December Ms. Swit will accept The Betty White Award from Actors and Others for Animals, their highest honor, “for all she has done to protect and care for animals.” What many fans may not know about the multi-talented thespian is that Ms. Swit has been an artist from age six. 'SwitHeart' ($49.95 / Hardcover / 2017) documents her animal portraits along with descriptive anecdotes about each and her extensive philanthropic work. Ms. Swit recently said, “I'm thrilled to see my passion for animals and my passion for art merge in a book that will help benefit and protect the animals on our planet.” For decades, Ms. Swit has supported the efforts of a wide variety of the best and most effective animal advocacy groups and programs with live appearances, promotional campaigns, endorsements, interviews, photo ‘ops’, documentary footage, cash donations, and steadfast encouragement.

 Ms. Swit has earned the respect of both the general public and the philanthropic world for her continuous humanitarian work.
SwitHeart Animal Alliance’s mission is to prevent cruelty and end animal suffering. This is realized through donations, the promotion of and cooperation with numerous non-profit organizations and programs that protect, rescue, train, and care for animals and preserve their habitat, while raising public awareness about issues that concern domestic, farm, exotic, wild, and native animals and their well-being.  

“How wonderful that Loretta can use her talent to do so much good.”

- Angela Lansbury

“Her pictures are created as much with her compassion and dedication as they are with her talent and artful vision.”

- Alan Alda

“Loretta's paintings touch us... the joy of the intimacy, the touch of fur, feather, warm breath, the awe she must feel at creating something so simple yet so unimaginably, breathtakingly complex.”

- Mike Farrell

“It's clear she has given her passion to the animals and to the arts. She makes me proud. But I still covet this woman... must be her animal magnetism.”

- Ed Asner

For more information about Loretta Swit visit … www.facebook.com/RealLorettaSwit


The Watercolour Artistry & Animal Activism of Loretta Swit

By Loretta Swit
Published by Ultimate Symbol / Publication Date: June, 2018
Hardcover Price: $49.95 / Pages: 128 / 65 Color images

available at amazon.com

SwitHeart chronicles the artwork of TV icon Loretta Swit, a true champion of the animal kingdom. Watercolorist, award-winning animal activist and actress, Ms. Swit is renowned for her starring role on TV s most honored series, M*A*S*H, for which she won two EMMYs and worldwide acclaim.

What many fans may not know about the multi-talented thespian is that Ms. Swit has been an artist from age six. SwitHeart documents her animal portraits along with descriptive anecdotes about each and her extensive philanthropic work. Ms. Swit said, "I am thrilled to see my passion for animals and my passion for art merge in a book that will help benefit and protect the animals on our planet."

SwitHeart includes 65 full-color paintings and drawings, as well as 22 photographs. Proceeds from the book will be donated to charities and programs that are as dedicated, as Ms. Swit is, to ending animal suffering and cruelty.

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