Headlined Guests

Bill Ottman
Guest Occupation: CEO and co-founder of Minds.com
Guest Biography:

William Ottman is an American Internet entrepreneur and freedom of information activist based in New York City, best known as the CEO and co-founder of Minds

Minds is an open-source Facebook alternative that is rapidly growing in popularity. Ottman talked with Heavy about the summit, Trump, censorship, and the future of the platform.

In 2011, Ottman co-founded Minds, an open source social networking platform that is regarded globally as an alternative to traditional social media networks based on its dedication to radical transparency, monetization, digital rights, blockchain and equity crowdfunding.

Guest Category: News, Philosophy, Politics & Government, Society and Culture
Mick Jolly
Guest Occupation: Deputy Sherriff, Law Enforcement, Defensive Tactics Instructor, US Secret Service, Legal Investigator
Guest Biography:

Mick Jolly has an extensive law enforcement and protection background. He was a Deputy Sheriff where he served as the Defensive Tactics Instructor while working Patrol, Detectives and Civil as well as focusing on Border Intelligence. He was later recruited to the US Secret Service where he conducted numerous protection missions to include the President of the United States, Former Presidents and numerous foreign heads of state. He has specialized training in Counter Surveillance, Technical Security and advanced Close Protection Tactics. Mick has taught Dignitary/Executive Protection to law enforcement agencies. Mick is a Member of the Board for the Washington Association of Legal Investigators.

Mick Jolly - Principal
Risk Solutions Unlimited
Former Special Agent US Secret Service
Former Sheriff's Office Detective
DCTI - Defensive/Control Tactics Instructor
CPC - Crime Prevention Coordinator
TSD - Technical Security Division
TS - Transportation Security
CSU - Counter Surveillance Unit
PTC - Physical Training Coordinator
Board Member:  Washington Association of Legal Investigators
Member:  American Society of Industrial Security 
Member:  National Council of Investigation and Security Services
Member:  Intelligence International Network
Guest Category: Business, Legal, Military, News, Politics & Government, Society and Culture
Karen McGregor
Guest Occupation: TEDx Speaker, Author, Trainer
Guest Biography:

International speaker and trainer Karen McGregor helps high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs create real and lasting change. Leveraging ancient wisdom teachings of the Tao, Karen brings realistic strategies for the modern professional that helps them achieve:

+ More Calm and Less Chaos
+ More Productivity and Less Stress
+ A Simple Map to Mindfulness
+ An Increase in Positive Influence
+ Leadership from the Inside Out

Karen is an inspirational speaker motivating leaders to be powerful influencers through the integration of ancient wisdom teachings. Her TED-x talk (Vancouver March 2018) "How to Find Fulfillment - The Secret to Happiness" has been viewed over 1M times. Karen has spoken on stages with Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and John Gray, as well as at the Evolutionary Business Council Annual Retreat of global transformational leaders, and many, many more stages.

A chaos to calm expert and a strategist in mastering the inner mystic with the outer activist, Karen supports individuals and teams to produce lasting change from the inside out. Her talks include topics such as:

Unshakeable: How Influencers Stay Present and Calm Through Chaos

How to Get Along with Anyone: Wisdom Teachings of the Greatest Influencers

Turning Blame into Bridges: How to Influence Positive Change Without Pointing Fingers

She has been featured on CBS, FOX News, abc, nbc, USA Today and Readers Digest, and is the author of the upcoming book "The Tao of Influence" launching in September 2020.


Guest Category: Business, Health & Lifestyle, History, Philosophy, Self Help, Spiritual
Kevin F Montague
Guest Occupation: Author, Scholar, Artisan, and Scientist
Guest Biography:


I am a 63 years old scholar and scientist: A graduate out of Loyola University in Westchester Los Angeles from the 1970's. I have also had two full NED experiences at age 25 and 44 that changed the way I look at the Universe and even our periodic chart of elements. It also affected the way I look at all our sciences on the planet, especially medicine.

I was finally interviewed on Coast to Coast AM by George Noory on November 19, 2019 and April 5, 2020; to tell some of my amazing life story. I came back from the Light to write a new book I've titled THE MASTER'S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE. The book delves into the science behind how non-environmental and non-congenital disease works in all organic life on the planet. This is cutting edge science and connections our planet needs which cover everything from CFS to Cancer and how they are formed in the body.

You can read more about the story behind my work, as a private researcher scientist, on my website; at the following URL where I'm selling the book. The book has been selling both through Payhip.com out of the UK as an ebook and through Bookbaby.com out of New Jersey, as a soft cover, paperback version.

So far, everyone who has interviewed me are very interested in my two NDE experiences. However, I did not come back from the other side to talk about that experience and get stereo typed as a paranormal experience. I came back to help bring new insight into our world to help save human life by enhancing our medical knowledge on this planet. I need to be heard on more medical and alternative medical health care talk shows, not just the paranomal shows who are interested in my NDE experiences. The knowledge revealed in THE MASTER'S KEY, not only saved my life, but is saving the lives of those who put the knowledge to work in their own lives after they read THE MASTER'S KEY.

There is no other book like THE MASTER'S KEY book on the face of the planet right now and what it reveals, I know because I've read the top health science books these past 20 years as well as thousands of abstracts on the subject leading to incredible connections out planet needs right now, including how to clear the COVID19 virus from the body without a vaccine. No one has captured what I reveal in THE MASTER'S KEY.

You can hear segments of my talks with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM by going to my website!


I was born back in the mid 1950’s to Patrick and Patricia Montague. I attended four grade schools in Los Angeles, California: I was a born asthmatic and struggled with bad eye sight all my life. This kept me out of sports and kept me more in my books. So my physical handicaps served to make me the scholar I am today. My parents divorced when I was age ten, after being separated for three years. My brother Patrick Vincent and I eventually wound up in the custody of my father just before the start of our teen years. We then both attended Notre Dame High School from about 1970 to 1974. I graduated cum laude (with honors) and won a California State scholarship. I decided to attend Loyola University of Westchester, California, because I was interested in their fine & communication and liberal arts & sciences programs.

My interest had always been in the arts and sciences, since I could first walk. I was always taking things apart as a boy to see how they worked, as a budding young scientist and I wanted to learn music at the early age of 5 years. However, the unrest in my family caused by my mother, held me back from learning at the fast pace I wanted to learn. I got some lessons, but didn’t get to really pursue learning music, until age 15: Then, while attending Loyola University, I nearly second majored in music before graduation. These days I keep a Cdbaby artist page of some of my earlier music works dating back to my late teens and early twenties. I thought back then, I would not focus more on the science aspect of my interests, until this time of my life anyway: So, I went after the performing arts first, while keeping my studies in the liberal sciences going, even after graduation. I never stop studying and reading as a scholar.

After graduation from Loyola University, around age 23; I had my first full death encounter off the operating table of Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital during a pylogram and cystoscope study at age 25; where sodium pentothal was used to put me under. I did not have to come back from the Light in that experience, for I had learned the original plan for my life had been “wrecked”, as I stood before the Lord of the Universe we call Jesus in this world, while I was in the Light. So I didn’t have to come back to the Earth at age 25. The experience was all quite real and profound. We are part of something far grander than any of you can even begin to imagine. How the grander picture of it all works,

I came back to reach out to my parents and brother, because the Light showed me that they were tetter tottering between Heaven and Hell: Both places in the Light are quite real I might add. Our Lord encouraged me to return, so I would be sure they were going to be fine, before moving me on past this life. I was working on a new board game titled THE MILLION DOLLAR BANK GAME, so as to market it with the banks as a giveaway premium and then into the retail market back in those days. I’ve never been wealthy as a scholar, but I knew I needed a vehicle that would quicken the pace of making me the money I needed to further pursue the arts and sciences. That’s another story in my life. I was very close to final success after many years of marketing, when I walked into a local Vons supermarket near my home, where I bought contaminated sausage, causing my health to dramatically fail. I spent 3 years with Western medicine to try and save my life. After three years, my primary care physician told me to go home and die; for there was nothing else they could do for me.

I was very close to death when I met a fellow by the name of Dr. Rick Santee, ND; who started me down a new pathway to help me change my biological terrain. I had entered a new world of science I would have to master. My life was dependent upon it too. Eventually, I surpassed Dr. Santee’s knowledge as a research scientist and started to begin the journey that lead to writing THE MASTER’S KEY, where I was walking “virgin territory” in my research studies Santee told me. It took 15 years to write the new book that came from that as I saved my life in the end.

When the Light showed me the peril my parents and brother were in, with them tetter tottering between heaven and hell, I decided to come back; to see if I could make a difference in their lives, to get them home to the Light, where our Lord’s heaven is located.

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/KFFMenterprises
Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/Causalityloop
LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-montague-316a3238/
YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAstroboy9

Guest Category: Literature, Earth & Space, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Music, Religion, Science, Technology
Dr. Ralph Reed
Guest Occupation: Founder and chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition
Guest Biography:

Founder “The Christian Coalition”

Ralph Reed is founder and chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. He was senior advisor to the Bush-Cheney campaigns in both 2000 and 2004, and chairman of the Southeast Region for BC04. As chairman of the Georgia Republican Party he led the GOP to its biggest victory in history, helping to elect the first Republican Governor and third U.S. Senator since Reconstruction. Reed is chairman and CEO of Century Strategies, LLC, a public relations and public affairs firm. As executive director of the Christian Coalition from 1989-1997, he built one of the most effective public policy organizations in recent political history. He is the best-selling author and editor of six books. He is married to his wife Jo Anne and is the father of their four children.

Guest Category: Kids & Family, Philosophy, Religion, Christianity, Self Help, TV & Film
Darrell M. West
Guest Occupation: Vice President and Director of Governance Studies and a senior fellow at the Center for Technology Innovation at The Brookings Institution
Guest Biography:

Darrell M. West is vice president and director of Governance Studies and holds the Douglas Dillon Chair. He is Co-Editor-in-Chief of TechTank. His current research focuses on artificial intelligence, robotics, and the future of work. West is also director of the John Hazen White Manufacturing Initiative. Prior to coming to Brookings, he was the John Hazen White Professor of Political Science and Public Policy and Director of the Taubman Center for Public Policy at Brown University.

His books include Turning Point: Policymaking in the Era of Artificial Intelligence (with co-author John R. Allen; Brookings Press, 2020), Divided Politics, Divided Nation (Brookings Press, 2019) The Future of Work: Robots, AI, and Automation (Brookings Press, 2018), Megachange: Economic Disruption, Political Upheaval, and Social Strife in the 21st Century (Brookings Institution Press, 2016), Going Mobile: How Wireless Technology is Reshaping Our Lives (Brookings Press, 2015), Billionaires: Reflections on the Upper Crust (Brookings Press, 2014), Digital Schools: How Technology Can Transform Education (Brookings Press, 2012), The Next Wave: Using Digital Technology to Further Social and Political Innovation (Brookings Press, 2011), Brain Gain: Rethinking U.S. Immigration Policy (Brookings Press, 2010), Digital Medicine: Health Care in the Internet Era (Brookings Press, 2009), Digital Government: Technology and Public Sector Performance, (Princeton University Press, 2005), and Air Wars: Television Advertising in Election Campaigns (Congressional Quarterly Press, 2005), among others.

His books have been translated into Chinese, Japanese, and Korean and he is the winner of the American Political Science Association’s Don K. Price award for best book on technology (for Digital Government) and the American Political Science Association’s Doris Graber award for best book on political communications (for Cross Talk). His Brain Gain book won the ForeWord Review Book of the Year for political science and his Billionaires book won the ForeWord Book of the Year Silver Award for political science, In 2014, he was honored by Public Administration Review for having written one of the 75 most influential articles since 1940. This was for his article “E-Government and the Transformation of Service Delivery and Citizen Attitudes.”

Guest Category: History, Kids & Family, Politics & Government, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: Legendary Bassist for Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna -Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member
Guest Biography:

J   A   C   K

C   A   S   A   D   Y



J E F F E R S O N   A I R P L A N E


H O T  T U N A




As a Founding member of the Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, Jack Casady’s full driving tone and innovative melodic bass work has defined the role of bass guitar in Rock and Roll for decades. Liberating the bass from its traditional role as part of the rhythm section, Jack s pioneering approach has brought the instrument to the forefront. With sweeping chords and stormy melodic lines Jack’s bass distinguished not only Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna but also a variety of side projects and recordings with artists including Jimi Hendrix, David Crosby, Warren Zevon, Country Joe and The Fish, SVT, Rusted Root and Gov’t Mule.

In September of 1965, Casady received a fateful call from his old friend Jorma Kaukonen, who had transferred from Antioch College to Santa Clare University in San Francisco and became immersed in a new music scene developing there. As Jack recalls, “Jorma told me he had joined a band called Jefferson Airplane and I kind of laughed at the name. He asked me what I was doing and seemed surprised to hear that I was playing the bass. Then he says, ‘Wait a minute. I’ve got a bass player in this band that I’m not fond of. It’s not working out, in my opinion.’ So then he says, ‘Let me call you back.’ A few minutes later he calls back and says, ‘We got this band. We got a manager. And the manager promises to pay us $50 a week whether we “work or not.” ‘ And I said, You’re on!’”

When the original singer Signe Anderson left the band to have a baby, it was Jack who convinced Grace Slick, then performing with her own band the Great Society, to join the group. The roster complete, Jefferson Airplane rocketed to superstardom in 1967 on the initial strength of their hits “Somebody To Love” and “White Rabbit,” making them a cornerstone of San Francisco’s burgeoning rock scene. Jack’s ground-breaking basswork was a highlight of Surrealistic Pillow, the Airplane’s 1967 breakthrough album. “That album was really a unique statement,” says Casady in retrospect. “There were a lot of different styles of songs contributed by everybody, including an instrumental acoustic fingerpicking original tune by Jorma called ‘Embryonic Journey.’ It was quite an eclectic album and I think it still holds up today.” Jefferson Airplane subsequently released a string of acclaimed recordings –After Bathing At Baxter’s (late ’67), Crown of Creation (’68), the live Bless Its Pointed Little Head (’69), Volunteers (’70), Bark (’71), Long John Silver (’72) and the live Thirty Seconds Over Winterland (1973). The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995.

In 1970, Casady and Kaukonen found time between Airplane gigs to put together another uniquely named aggregation, the blues-influenced Hot Tuna. “We formed Hot Tuna basically because we were young and had endless energy,” says Casady, “and there was so much material going into the Airplane from everybody it ended up that you’d only get a couple of songs per session.

Hot Tuna shows are an opportunity to witness two lifelong friends coming together to make extraordinary music. “I can’t remember having so much fun,” says Casady, “but also musically being so in touch and in the moment with the music as I am now; where every minute, every note counts on stage. And I find it really unique that I have a situation with a partner of over 42 years now where we can just really enjoy the craft of making music together.”

Purchase the most recent release


J a c k   C a s a d y


'Dream Factor'

At amazon.com


The Bass Guitar

of  Jack Casady

on DVD

Jack Casady shares his ideas and techniques with learning bassists. In an informal and delightful session (Jorma provides vocals and guitar along with companionable commentary), Jack analyzes his bass parts for classic tunes from the Hot Tuna repertoire, and discusses the musical concepts that make up his unique style -- melodic lines, tonal variety, chordal work and improvisational solos. You'll see all of Jack's tricks: the use of partial chords, sustained notes, tremolos, trilling, tonal variety and many other fascinating devices.

Songs include "Ninety-Nine Year Blues," "Blues in A," "San Francisco Bay Blues," "Been So Long," "Mann's Fate" and "Water Song."

At amazon.com


For more information about

J A C K   C A S A D Y







Facebook:  Jack Casady


Jorma’s Fur Peace Ranch YouTube channel:


Fur Peace YouTube Channel - Over 3,000,000 views!

Many renowned artists from live concerts at Fur Peace Station.


Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, History, Music, TV & Film
Guest Biography:

Stephanie’s passion is to encourage Christian women to live empowered. She hosts a free monthly luncheon called, Soul Sisters, Proverbs 3:17 that invites Christian women from all over the Metroplex to come together for good food, great fellowship, and receive encouragement in their walk with the Lord. She is getting ready to publish her first book this fall called Girl Undone. Girl Redeemed.


She is the mother of three children, miracles and gifts from God. As a Champion over cancer for 29 years, Stephanie is an advocate for living a healthy, balanced life filled with gratitude. She is the founder of Tribe Crushing It!, a Christian women’s mind body and spirit fitness program and also assists individuals with creating personalized Live It plans for their wellness journey.

Guest Category: Business, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Religion, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Mark Shaiken
Guest Occupation: Former Bankruptcy Lawyer, Author, photographer, editor
Guest Biography:

Mark Shaiken – Former Bankruptcy Lawyer and Author of And… Just Like That

Mark Shaiken is a survivor of a decades long career in the corporate bankruptcy trenches. He sat for 10 years on his law firm’s board of directors and was a member of its strategic planning committee. He holds his B.A. from Haverford College and received his J.D. from Washburn University. He holds seats on art boards, sits on Habitat for Humanity – Metro Denver’s audit and finance committee, and is a member of the Downtown Denver Partnership’s obility and Housing Councils. He now measures his life by what he gives, and enjoys that immensely. Mark is also the author of And… Just Like That: Essays on a life before, during and after the law, which presents observations on his life before the law, his forty-one years in the law, and his life after he left. He has now started his next book Fresh Start, a bankruptcy novel.

A Denver-based photographer and the editor and founder of do : : or : : diso — a short, to the point, internet magazine offering periodic photography and insight articles. My images have appeared in and been used by:

Sporting Kansas City’s and the Colorado Rapid’s Major League Soccer websites
KC Counselor covers – Kansas City’s legal profession magazine
NewWest.net – the voice of the Rocky Mountain West
Colorado Business Committee for the Arts
St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
Combat Brands, LLC
Think 360 Arts for Learning
Downtown Denver Partnership
Stinson LLP
N Magazine (Nikon) photo of the week
My Nikon Life on Facebook – banner skiing image
The Pulse
State of Kansas official calendar
World Soccer Talk featured photos
WVhooligan.com Major League Soccer blog
PocketWizard Blog feature article about my lighting techniques
Collegiate athletic websites including The Summit League, University of Denver, North Dakota State University, South Dakota State University, Missouri Western University, Northwest Missouri State University, Haverford College, University of Missouri – Kansas City, St. Louis University, Rockhurst University, Fort Hays State University, Whitman College, Metropolitan State University, and Seattle University.
The Kansas City T Bones Baseball Club website
I am a Getty contributor. Installations of my work have been on display at two military hospitals in Kansas and Missouri, Collection (a Kansas City restaurant), the Arts Council of Hays, Kansas, and Cremalab in Kansas City, Missouri.

Guest Category: Literature, Visual Arts, Business, Legal, Medicine, News, Politics & Government, Society and Culture, Sports & Recreation
John Oates
Guest Occupation: R&B, and soul guitarist, singer, songwriter and record producer best known as half of the rock and soul duo, Hall & Oates (with Daryl Hall) and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member
Guest Biography:

J  O  H  N

O  A  T  E  S

One half of the best-selling duo of all time

H  A  L  L   &   O  A  T  E  S







John Oates is one half of the best-selling duo of all time, Hall & Oates, as well as an accomplished solo artist. Singing from the time he could talk and playing the guitar since the age of five, John Oates was destined to be a musician. Born in New York City, his family moved to a small town outside of Philadelphia, PA in the early 1950s, a move that would change the course of his life.

Soaking up the sounds of the 60s, John was influenced by the nascent folk scene, bluegrass, delta blues, and ragtime guitar styles, while also immersing himself in R&B legends such as Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, The Temptations, Curtis Mayfield, and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. One of his biggest mentors was his guitar teacher Jerry Ricks, who had spent time on the road with Mississippi John Hurt and Son House, and introduced John to the music of Doc Watson and Reverend Gary Davis, passing down their signature finger and flatpicking styles.

John Oates met Daryl Hall while attending Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. The two began collaborating and playing music together, marking the beginning of their historic partnership. Since their formation in the early 70s, Daryl Hall & John Oates have gone on to record 21 albums, which have sold over 80 million units, making them the most successful duo in rock history. They have scored 10 number one records, over 20 Top 40 hits, and have toured the world for decades.

In addition to their numerous American Music, MTV awards, and multiple Grammy nominations, in 2005 they were inducted into the American Songwriters Hall of Fame and in May of 2008 were presented the prestigious BMI Icon Award for their outstanding career achievement in songwriting. In April 2014, Hall & Oates were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Since embarking on a long awaited solo career in 1999, John has recorded six solo albums: Phunk Shui, 100 Miles of Life, Mississippi Mile, a live album called The Bluesville Sessions, and Good Road To Follow, (which featured collaborations with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, Vince Gill, Nathan Chapman, Jim Lauderdale, and Jerry Douglas).

John’s most recent record album:




John went on the road with the “ Good Road Band “  the very same musicians that played on the album and developed a critically acclaimed show which he captured during a live performance at the legendary Station Inn in Nashville in June of 2020. The recording, to be released in September 2020 displays the amazing talent of these world class players and captures the energy of not only the music of “Arkansas” but introduces new original songs as well. “This is the culmination of two years of touring and you can hear the players interacting and working together in a way that is astounding. "

For more information about

John Oates





Also Purchase

Change of Seasons:

A Memoir Hardcover

–Deckle Edge, March 28, 2017

by John Oates  (Author), Chris Epting  (Author)

available at amazon.com

John Oates was born at the perfect time, paralleling the birth of rock ‘n roll. Raised in a small Pennsylvania town, he was exposed to folk, blues, soul, and R&B. Meeting and teaming up with Daryl Hall in the late 1960s, they developed a style of music that was uniquely their own but never abandoned their roots. John uncovers the grit and struggle it took to secure a recording contract with the legendary Atlantic Records and chronicles the artistic twists and turns that resulted in a DJ discovering an obscure album track that would become their first hit record. This is not your typical rock and roll story. John was focused creating great music. Along the way he achieved incredible success, battling the ever-changing pop music landscape and coming to terms with complex managerial, business, and personal challenges.

Daryl Hall and John Oates have over 20 albums together, more than 60 million records sold, and 29 Top 40 hits. They are the most successful pop duo in the world and members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And yet John’s story has never been told. Relying on his many hand-written journals, he brings to light many fascinating stories spanning his entire life with a journalist’s eye and a poet’s heart.

In Change of Seasons, John shares his highs, lows, triumphs, and failures. He takes the reader on a wild ride through all the eras, personalities and music that has shaped him into what he is.



John Oates Discography

Studio albums

Phunk Shui (2002)

1000 Miles of Life (2008)

Mississippi Mile (2011)

Good Road to Follow (2013)

Arkansas (2018)




Live albums

Live at the Historic Wheeler Opera House (2004)

John Oates Solo – The Album, The Concert (2006)

The Bluesville Sessions (2012)



Whole Oats (1972)

Abandoned Luncheonette (1973)

War Babies (1974)

Daryl Hall & John Oates (1975)

Bigger Than Both of Us (1976)

Beauty on a Back Street (1977)

Along the Red Ledge (1978)

X-Static (1979)

Voices (1980)

Private Eyes (1981)

H2O (1982)

Big Bam Boom (1984)

Ooh Yeah! (1988)

Change of Season (1990)

Marigold Sky (1997)

Do It for Love (2003)

Our Kind of Soul (2004)

Home for Christmas (2006)

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, History, Music, News, TV & Film
Dr. Daphne Denham
Guest Occupation: Wound Care & Hyperbaric Oxygen Concussion Specialist
Guest Biography:

Dr. Daphne Denham, MD is a wound & burn care specialist in Northbrook, IL. Dr. Denham completed a residency at University of South Florida / College of Medicine. She currently practices at Comprehensive Wound Care, LLC and is affiliated with Evanston Hospital. She accepts multiple insurance plans. Dr. Denham is board certified in General Surgery.

Since 2009, Dr. Denham has focused exclusively on wound care and hyperbaric medicine.  As a board certified general surgeon, she has a unique perspective on the potential benefits of oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical treatment that involves breathing 100% oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber. The pressure in the chamber is increased, anywhere from 1.5 atmospheres to up to 3 atmospheres.  The hyperbaric oxygen treatment provides a dramatic increase in oxygen in the blood.  The high level of oxygen in the blood then provides an increase in oxygen to all tissues, decreases swelling to any damaged tissues, and mitigates an over-reactive immune function.  These three results, all from simply the increased oxygen of the blood, provide incredible healing benefits.

Guest Category: Kids & Family, Medicine, Science, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Greg Justice
Guest Occupation: National Fitness Hall of Famer, CEO Scriptor Publishing Group & author upcoming “Pride & Discipline- The Legacy of Jack LaLane”.
Guest Biography:

Greg is a best-selling author, speaker and fitness entrepreneur. He opened AYC Health & Fitness, Kansas City’s Original Personal Training Center, in May 1986, and has personally trained nearly 60,000 one-on-one sessions. Today, AYC specializes in onsite corporate wellness, personal and small-group training. 

Greg is the co-founder and CEO of the National Corporate Fitness Institute (NCFI), a certifying body for fitness professionals, and the co-founder of Scriptor Publishing Group.  

Greg holds a master’s degree in HPER (exercise science) (1986) and a bachelor’s degree in Health & Physical Education (1983) from Morehead State University, Morehead, KY.  He has been actively involved in the fitness industry for more than three decades as a club manager, owner, personal fitness trainer, and corporate wellness supervisor. He has worked with athletes and non-athletes of all ages and physical abilities and served as a conditioning coach at the collegiate level. He worked with the Kansas City Chiefs, during the offseason, in the early 1980’s, along with professional baseball, soccer and golf athletes. 

He writes articles and contributes for many international publications and websites including, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Prevention, Time, US News & World Report, New York Times, IDEA Fitness Journal, Corporate Wellness Magazine, and has a monthly column called “Treadmill Talks” in Personal Fitness Professional magazine.  Greg has authored twelve books.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Anil Mathai
Guest Occupation: Politician, Activist
Guest Biography:

To provide solutions to problems that individuals/organizations have to address, while building better trust-based relationships with everyone around me. In short, I love to Solve Problems, Help/Encourage People, Increase Revenues, Travel the World, Learn New Things, and Greatest - Leave A Positive Legacy for My Children, Family, Friends, and Community!

- Experienced Leadership of Process Improvement, Quality Management Systems, Strategic/Project Planning, Change Management, Validation, & Regulatory Affairs.
- Led process improvements to reduce operational expenditures and meet budgetary requirements.
- Customer focused by addressing problems and providing cost effective solutions to satisfy customer expectations.
- Experience in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech/Medical Device/Nutraceutical, Blood Banking, Retail, and Automotive Manufacturing environments.
- Extensive experience in dealing in environments such as the FDA, MHRA, EMA, ISO, etc.
- Certified Auditor (CQA/CHA) of domestic and international businesses regulated by governmental agencies.
- Extensive business background in international environments; traveling to more than 50 countries to date.

Personal Summary
I am actively involved in being a loving husband & father to my family; volunteer at the Adams County jail by teaching the Bible & life skills to men, missions to help the poor locally and/or the world, & listening/helping anyone in their time of need. I have traveled to 54 countries & all 50 US states. Overall, loving and enjoying life, God, family, friends, work, sports, traveling, etc.


Guest Category: News, Politics & Government, Society and Culture
Dr. James S. Robbins
Guest Occupation: Columnist for USA Today, Senior Fellow for National Security Affairs
Guest Biography:

James S. Robbins (born 1962) is an American commentary writer for USA Today and Senior Fellow for National Security Affairs on the American Foreign Policy Council. He is the former Senior Editorial Writer for Foreign Affairs at the Washington Times, an author, political commentator and professor, with a focus on national security and foreign and military affairs.

James S. Robbins is a columnist for USA Today, Senior Fellow for National Security Affairs at the American Foreign Policy Council and a member of the advisory board to the National Civil War Museum. Formerly, he was an award-winning editorial writer at the Washington Times, professor at the National Defense University, and special assistant in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Dr. Robbins holds a Ph.D. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. His books include Erasing America: Losing Our Future By Destroying Our Past (2018), The Real Custer: From Boy General to Tragic Hero (2014), This Time We Win: Revisiting the Tet Offensive (2010) and Last in Their Class: Custer, Pickett and the Goats of West Point (2006).

Dr. Robbins’ books include The Real Custer: From Boy General to Tragic Hero (Amazon #2 in Military Biography), Native Americans: Patriotism, Exceptionalism and the New American Identity (Amazon #1 in Nationalism), This Time We Win: Revisiting the Tet Offensive (Amazon #1 in American Military History and Vietnam War History) and Last in Their Class: Custer, Pickett and the Goats of West Point.

Dr. Robbins has appeared on hundreds of national and international television and radio programs, including on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and CSPAN among others. His articles and commentaries have appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

Dr. Robbins’ awards include the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Meritorious Civilian Service Award, the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association Division A, First Place award for editorial writing, and the U.S. Department of State Secretary’s Open Forum Distinguished Public Service Award.

Dr. Robbins holds a PhD and Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude with High Honors in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati.

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Divya Parekh
Guest Occupation: Business Strategist, Author, Coach
Guest Biography:

Adversity is an Adventure!

Divya Parekh is a Business Strategist, Author and Coach who survived an accident which triggered medical debts which piled up to over $35,000 for two years. After almost losing her sanity and her business, she discovered how to shift her mindset and move towards healing. She now shares how to manifest your dreams in life and business and helps many others do the same.

Divya has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and leaders from a wide array of industries, who are ready to play full out, experience the joy of impacting others and expand their reach, business, and revenue. Together, they work to achieve success through coaching, authorship, consulting, authority positioning, media exposure, course building, speaking, and strategic marketing. Also, she loves holding “Get Work Done” masterminds and speaking at leadership, entrepreneurial, and women’s conferences. She is an avid proponent for oceanic sustainability, nature communing, and mentoring young students and women to help them create opportunities for themselves and their communities.

As an author, Divya has been invited as a media influencer to publicity conferences and summits, including sharing the virtual platform with industry leaders like Jack Canfield and JJ Virgin. Divya’s books and strategies have been endorsed by the likes of Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Kevin Harrington (Original Shark from Shark Tank), Joe Theismann (Super Bowl World Champion and Entrepreneur), Rhonda Vetere (Global CIO/CTO and 2019 top 50 most powerful Tech Women), Sherry Winn (Two-time Olympian) and many more….

More about Divya Parekh at:

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Bashar's Four Laws of Creation
Guest Occupation: Darryl is a spiritual medium who channels an enlightened extraterrestrial entity named Bashar.
Guest Biography:

Want to learn more about UFOs and metaphysical topics? My guest is DARRYL ANKA who is a writer-director-producer at Zia Films LLC, a company he owns with his producing partner and wife, Erica Jordan. Darryl has an extensive background in miniature effects, storyboards and set design and has worked on some of the biggest sci-fi and action films over the past thirty years, such as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Iron Man and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. He is also an internationally known public speaker on UFOs and metaphysical topics. Over twenty books of his seminars have been published in the United States and Japan and recordings of his talks have been sold to thousands of people around the globe. Bashar info: https://www.bashar.org/   

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Larry Braig
Guest Occupation: GOP Colorado legislative candidate
Guest Biography:

Biography taken from: https://www.braigforsafety.com/about

My name is Larry Braig.
For 34 years as a Denver Firefighter,
my highest priority was your safety.
I promise to protect you and your family,
because your safety is still my top priority.
Larry Braig for Colorado House District 9
How blessed can a person be to have had an occupation that forever changed who you thought you were, and each day helped further shape what type of person you would become?
What if you discovered as I did, that a job once seemingly out of reach due to my own doubts, as to my ability to actually do it, became the one thing I felt I was put on earth to do?
Then, spend the next thirty four years doing it.
That defines my career as a firefighter, and later as an officer, for the Denver Fire Department. A career so meaningful and important to me that I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.
My career was full of thousands of varieties of emergency calls, with thousands of face-to-face interactions with people undergoing all manner of illness, injury, stress, hardship, or predicament. My job as a Denver firefighter, with proper training and equipment, was to help people during the course of my duties. To me, and others like me, it wasn’t a job but a vocation; to help, serve, and protect all people regardless of their circumstance. In other words, everyone I came in contact with should receive the same, professional level of attention in finding solutions to any given problem, no matter their background, with respect and compassion. It was in my job description, and anything less would have been contrary to what I grew up believing: being a firefighter just cemented my mindset of treating others the way I’d like myself, and my family to be treated.
It wasn’t always perfect, flowers didn’t spring up out of my very footsteps year after year. But I can honestly say, my ideals carried over into the physical and emotional component of my work, and that, in turn, was of some value to the people I served.
I retired from the Denver Fire Department as a Lieutenant in September of 2018. My family and I have lived in Southeast Denver for twenty seven years. The last fourteen years of my career were spent protecting that same neighborhood. I am proud of my service record, and my extensive involvement in the community lasts to this day. I am deeply committed to our church, and regularly deliver and distribute food at Hopes Provision food bank. In addition, I am certified and have been recently deployed by Team Rubicon, a worldwide disaster response organization.
My hardworking mother Rosalie, brought our small family to Denver from Wyoming in 1967, and was married to my stepfather, Stan Anderson soon after. I attended Denver Public Schools, graduating from North High and went on to Metropolitan State University where I enrolled in the Professional Pilot program. A family emergency forced my decision to not continue my education or earn my degree.
My wife Sharon and I have been married for 24 years, and have two wonderful children, and one beautiful grandchild. Our son Ezra attends the University of Nations, in Kona, Hawaii, an international missionary school. And, our daughter Taryn lives in Grand Junction, CO with her husband Patric and their new son Milo. Patric is a wine maker and co-founder of Sauvage Spectrum Winery. 
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Holly Ferrell, National Appeals Director for Veteran Warriors
Guest Occupation: National Appeals Director, Veteran Warriors
Guest Biography:

Holly Ferrell is Veteran Warriors’ National Appeals Director and oversees all veteran caregiver related matters.  In this role, she handles cases of various natures: those who have had their applications denied; those who have been discharged; those who are attempting to resolve issues with the VA staff; those veterans and their caregiver who are attempting to decide whether to apply and whether they meet eligibility; those veterans who require assistance with applying; those who are looking for other resources or possibly that their veteran requires more care; and any other related matters.

With her clinical background, the majority of her time is spent assisting veterans whose Caregiver Program applications have been denied and those that have been discharged from the program with properly drafting their appeals, including assisting the veteran and caregiver with gathering the proper documentation and medical records to prove they were wrongfully denied.  On a case by case basis, Holly will represent a veteran and their caregiver with their appeals either onsite or via teleconference.  There are often times where she is required to help open the dialog between the veteran and the VA to discuss potential administrative errors on a Veteran’s Eligibility Assessment, misconduct, or other wrongdoing by VA.  She has oversight of all the organization’s cases regarding the public law’s clinical and administrative eligibility for the Caregiver Program, requiring her to spend a lot of time discussing options with veterans or caregivers regarding Program eligibility and whether there may be other more suitable programs.

When Holly is not assisting other veteran families, she enjoys spending time with her family.  Holly’s husband is a post 9/11 Army veteran, which allows her to relate closely with the veteran caregiver community.  Daniel and Holly have four children, three boys and a little princess, and one four-legged fur-child.  With two of their four children knowing life before the military discharge and two only knowing the veteran lifestyle, she has strived to ensure her children are well rounded, compassionate, and understand that their lifestyle is not typical for many of the peers.  She and her family frequently help other families who are attempting to transition out of the military to navigate the veteran family lifestyle, particularly with navigating the VA and adapting to a new way of life.

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Dr Elizabeth Tandy Shermer
Guest Occupation: Associate Professor, Loyola University Chicago, Department of History
Guest Biography:

Elizabeth Tandy Shermer (Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara, 2009; B.A. University of Virginia, 2003) is an Associate Professor of History at Loyola University Chicago where she teaches courses in twentieth-century United States history, with an emphasis on in the fields of capitalism, business, labor, political ideas and ideologies, regional development, and urbanization. She previously taught at Claremont McKenna College in California.

Shermer has written extensively on twentieth-century U.S. political and urban history.  She is the author of Sunbelt Capitalism: Phoenix and the Transformation of American Politics (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013), editor of Barry Goldwater and the Remaking of the American Political Landscape (University of Arizona Press, 2013), and co-editor, with Nelson Lichtenstein, of The Right and Labor in America: Politics, Ideology, and Imagination (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012). Her articles have appeared in the Journal of American HistoryAmerican Historical Association PerspectivesBloomberg NewsHuffington Post, and History News Network.  Her article “General Motors vs. General Electric,” November 26, 2012, History News Network, was recently named an “Editor’s Pick” for 2012.

Shermer was previously the assistant director at the Center for the Study of Work, Labor, and Democracy at the University of California, Santa Barbara from 2005 to 2009.  She was also the Paul Mellon Fellow of American History at the University of Cambridge from 2010 to 2012 where she taught graduate-level American history courses and lectured in the US history survey. Shermer was the recipient of the 2011 Lancaster Dissertation Award in the Humanities and Fine Arts from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and the runner-up for the 2011 Council of Graduate Schools/UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award in the Arts and Humanities.  She was the student Commencement Speaker at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2009.

Shermer currently serves as co-editor of the book series “American Business, Politics, and Society” at the University of Pennsylvania Press which explores the relationship between governmental institutions and the creation and performance of markets, firms, and industries. She is a contributor to Bloomberg.com’s Echoes Blog which places economic current events in historical perspective.  Shermer is currently a Scholar-in-Residence at the Newberry Library.

Research Interests

Modern United States, capitalism, urban history, politics and public policy, labor and working-class history

Courses Taught

  • HIST 461: 20th Century America
  • HIST 212: U.S. Since 1865
  • HONORS: History of Recent Events (2012 Election)

Selected Publications

Sunbelt Capitalism: Phoenix and the Transformation of American Politics (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013).

Barry Goldwater and the Remaking of the American Political Landscape, ed.(University of Arizona Press, 2013).

The Right and Labor in America: Politics, Ideology, and Imagination, ed. with Nelson Lichtenstein (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012).

“Banking on Government” in Steven Conn (ed.), To Promote the General Welfare: The Case for Big Government (Oxford University Press, 2012).       

 “‘Take Government Out of Business by Putting Business into Government:’ Local Boosters, National CEOs, Experts, and the Internal Dynamics of Mid-Century Capital Mobility,” in Julian Zelizer and Kim Phillips-Fein (eds.), Business and Politics in Postwar America (Oxford University Press, 2012).

“Origins of the Conservative Ascendancy: Barry Goldwater’s Early Senate Career and the De-legitimization of Organized Labor,”Journal of American History 95 (December 2008), 678-709.

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Julian Miranda
Guest Occupation: Singer Songwriter, owner of Standing O' Music
Guest Biography:


* Opening for Ray Charles 

* Opening for Stephen Bishop

* Opening/ Singing w/ Ms. Oleta Adams

* Singing & Recording  w/ Freddie Revel

* Opening act for Marrianne Williamson

 * Touring w/ Jessica Simpson – 1 year 

* World Tour Enrique Iglesias- 4 years 

* Rick James -2 yr Ebony Eyed Duet 

*  Teena Marie 7 yrs as Vocal Captain. 

* Star Search 

* Natalie Coles Big Break 

* Signed to Paisley Park 

* Signed to Michael Simbello

* 92.3 The Beat HOME JAMS Winner

* Jingles, Radio Spots, Commercials 

* Vocal Coaching




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