Headlined Guests

Jimmy Spinale
Guest Occupation: Head Certified Athletic Trainer with DA Academy Tampa Bay United Soccer Club
Guest Biography:

Jimmy Spinale,  ATC/L has been a Athletic Trainer Certified for close to 20 years with an extensive amount of experience with elite level athletes in various sports. He has worked with the St.Louis Cardinals organization, Sports Performance Volleyball Club in Aurora, Illinois with the likes of Kelly Murphy, Lauren Carlini, and Kelsey Robinson all members of the USA Volleyball National Team, The US Soccer U-17 Men's National Team based out of Bradenton, Florida from 2009-2015 with alumni including Christian Pulisic, Tyler Adams, and Weston McKennie. Private Sports Medicine practice in Southwest Florida, and currently is Head Athletic Trainer with DA Academy Tampa Bay United Soccer Club in Tampa Bay, Florida through PT Solutions Physical Therapy. 

Work Experience:

Premier Sports Medicine- Staff Athletic Trainer-2015-2018

US Soccer U17-National Team-Athletic Trainer- 2009-2015

Sports Performance Volleyball Club-Athletic Trainer-2004-2009

Minor League Athletic Trainer-St.Louis Cardinals- 2002-2004

Guest Category: Entertainment, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Lou Vickery
Guest Occupation: Former Baseball Major League Pitcher with Cardinals & Yankees, Author, Speaker & Radio Host
Guest Biography:

Lou Vickery is a former professional baseball player, stock broker, motivational speaker, and radio show host. After graduating from Escambia County High School in Atmore, Lou signed a professional baseball contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. Over a ten-year career, Lou also played for the New York Yankees organization and coached in the Cincinnati Reds organization.

 Lou got his B.S. degree from Troy State University (AL), graduating after his baseball career. He coached a year in Troy, then spent four years with Merrill Lynch as an Account Executive. Lou moved into the training and development field with Pat Ryan and Associates of Chicago, Ill. in l974. After 1980, he did contract training for numerous national organizations and over a thirty (30) year period worked with over 2,800 companies in 44 states and two foreign countries. Lou has spoken in every city in the USA with a population of over 150,000 people. Lou spent almost fifteen years as a radio show host before retiring in 2017.

 Lou is the author of fourteen books on a variety of topics. Books in print are available at Amazon and louvickerybooks.com. Lou resides in Gulf Shores where he plays tennis three to four days a week. Lou leaves on his RV in May for a four month trip to visit cities where he played during his professional career.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Society and Culture, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Dr Veronica Anderson
Guest Occupation: Holistic Practitioner
Guest Biography:

Occupation: Dr. Veronica Anderson, “The Intuitive Doctor”, is a Holistic Practitioner, an Ophthalmologist, Medical Intuitive, author, speaker, mentor, and coach. She focuses on wellness for the real world that advocates natural, non-invasive programs.


Dr. Veronica Anderson, is a Holistic Practitioner who focuses on wellness for the real world, and advocates natural, non-invasive programs for gaining and preserving wellness.  She uses various types of alternative and complimentary health practices for optimal wellness with the fusion of using scientific and spiritual concepts to devise innovative solutions.

She received her MD from Rutgers University and Bachelors in Psychology/Neuroscience from Princeton University. A New Jersey native, Dr. Veronica was an Ophthalmologist (Glaucoma Specialist) and owner of Eye Associates of Central New Jersey with over 11,000 patients.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Homeopathy, Medicine
Nancy Tursi & Gina Mastro
Guest Occupation: Nancy Tursi & Gina Mastro
Guest Biography:

Nancy is a gifted and multi-faceted energy healer, psychic, and medium.  A fourth-generation psychic, she was born with a vivid awareness of her sixth sense. She has committed her life to deepening and expanding her gifts, and today, she offers these gifts of sight and knowing to help you on your life’s journey.

Nancy’s natural sensitivity keeps her sessions warm and conversational. Her insights are direct and can help you change perspectives that no longer serve you. In the safe and open space Nancy creates, you are free to ask the questions you have been hesitant to ask … you can expand your awareness of your ‘self’  … you can better understand some personal experience. Be ready to unlock potential opportunities that you can investigate lightly or explore in depth.

Gina Mastro accepted a co-host position with Nancy Tursi on Out-and-Out Vibes radio show earlier this year. This is her first foray into the broadcasting realm and she is very excited about it. She is easy to talk to, encouraging and empathetic, and will contribute on many feature topics as well as sideline questions from callers.

Gina is an education advocate. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Music Education and a Master’s of Education in Reading Specialist. She is the proud mother of 2 daughters, who are both currently attending college. When she is not on the radio she loves to write and to sing. The Metaphysical world has been of interest to her all her life. For the past three years she has been studying and enriching her journey of enlightenment through classes and people she has met. Her goal is to help people recognize their inner strength and heal their hearts.

Guest Category: Spiritual, Akashic Records, Angel Communication, Animal & Plant Communications, Medium & Channeling, Tarot & Other Cards, Meditation, Clairvoyant & Telepathic, Mystic & Seer
Roland Comtois
Guest Occupation: Roland Comtois is an internationally acclaimed channel, speaker and author.
Guest Biography:

Roland Comtois first realized his calling at the age of ten with an other-worldly experience, a visit from after his grandmother after she had passed away and a trio of angels. From that day forward intuitive visions, angelic visits, and heavenly encounters became part of his daily life, encouraging him to use his gift of healing to benefit others. In his professional career he was a gerontology nurse and used his gift to help people nearing the end of their journey on earth. Today he continues to help others by connecting to the spiritual realm and sharing personalized messages that have the power to heal the soul.

Guest Category: Spiritual, Medium & Channeling, Clairvoyant & Telepathic, Psychic & Intuitive
Dr Doug Kihn
Guest Occupation: Doctor of Oriental Medicine and licensed acupuncturist
Guest Biography:

Dr. E. Douglas Kihn is a doctor of Oriental Medicine and licensed acupuncturist. He has worked on thousands of patients to help them eliminate pain, disease, and excess weight. Dr. Doug’s application of wellness coaching combines acupuncture, Chinese herbology, and shiatsu massage. His goal is for his patients to get lean, clean, strong, and calm and stay that way. He is also the author of Chinese Medicine for Americans, Avoiding Death Indefinitely, and The Workbook of Chinese Herbs.

Guest Category: Alternative Health, Energy Healing, Homeopathy, Nutrition
Amy Scher
Guest Occupation: Energy therapist, author, expert on mind-body healing, The Accidental Guru
Guest Biography:

Amy Scher is the best-selling author of How to Heal Yourself When No one Else Can. She is an expert in mind-body-spirit healing and is lovingly referred to as an “Accidental Guru”. She helps those experiencing emotional and physical challenges to move on and heal permanently. After years of struggling from chronic illness, she discovered answers to important question: “Why do some people heal from emotional and physical issues when others don’t?” Through her own experiences, she created a way to release old emotional baggage or energy from the body. Now she helps others heal themselves using her methods.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Energy Healing, Spiritual, Divination
Maudy Fowler and Gail Hunt
Guest Occupation: Maudy Fowler is a Mystic and Angel Messenger, from Holland. Gail Hunt is the co-author.
Guest Biography:

Maudy Fowler is a Mystic and Angel Messenger, from Holland, who assists people through messages from angels, which she calls ‘angel whispers’, to aid those left behind here on earth.  She is able ‘to turn their luggage into a backpack!’ Gail Hunt is the co-author of 7 books with Maudy. Their books have been translated into many languages.

Maudy was born in The Netherlands and settled in North Carolina with her family.  She is a Mystic Messenger, who listens to the ‘whispers of angels’, and provides people with choices and information through Angel Whispers.  With Heaven’s approval, the messages are delivered from loved ones whom have passed to assist the ones left behind.  She has the gift of prophecy.  Her mother was also gifted with the gift of healing and prophecy.

Gail was born in New England and moved to North Carolina with her family.  She is co-author of seven books with Maudy.  Further, she has produced award-winning videos, an avid photographer, and artist.  Gail was Director of Telecommunications for the Diocese of Charlotte and enjoys giving motivational presentations.


Guest Category: Medium & Channeling, Clairvoyant & Telepathic, Psychic & Intuitive
Mark Anthony
Guest Occupation: Lawyer, psychic medium and author
Guest Biography:

Mark Anthony is an Oxford educated trial lawyer, licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court. He regularly appears on television as a legal analyst, psychic medium and expert on the paranormal, after death communication and near-death experiences.

Guest Category: Paranormal, Near Death Experiences, Spiritual, Medium & Channeling, Psychic & Intuitive
Dr. Veronica Anderson
Guest Occupation: Dr. Veronica Anderson, “The Intuitive Doctor”, is a Holistic Practitioner, an Ophthalmologist, Medical Intuitive, author, speaker, mentor, and coach. She focuses on wellness for the real world that advocates natural, non-invasive programs.
Guest Biography:

Dr. Veronica Anderson, is a Holistic Practitioner who focuses on wellness for the real world, and advocates natural, non-invasive programs for gaining and preserving wellness.  She uses various types of alternative and complimentary health practices for optimal wellness with the fusion of using scientific and spiritual concepts to devise innovative solutions.

She received her MD from Rutgers University and Bachelors in Psychology/Neuroscience from Princeton University. A New Jersey native, Dr. Veronica was an Ophthalmologist (Glaucoma Specialist) and owner of Eye Associates of Central New Jersey with over 11,000 patients.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Energy Healing, Homeopathy, Nutrition
Marianne Williamson
Guest Occupation: Author, Motivational Speaker and 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Guest Biography:

Marianne Williamson has appeared on CNN and MSNBC. Now come listen as we discuss her candidacy for the 2020 Democratic Party nomination. Best-selling author, social activist, spiritual leader, former congressional candidate, currently running for President of the United States, Williamson will share her ideas for creating a better America. Marianne began reading a set of books called “A Course in Miracles,” a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy based on universal spiritual themes — including on how to forgive. Her study of the course, plus writing and speaking about it, turned into a 35-year career. Williamson became deeply involved in the HIV/AIDS crisis, facilitating counseling and support groups; non-profit organizations in Los Angeles and New York to provide non-medical support to people living with life-challenging illnesses. 

In 1992, she published her first book, “A RETURN TO LOVE: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles.” Oprah Winfrey embraced her book, which became the 5th largest selling book in America that year. 
Marianne has since published 12 other books — four of which have been #1 New York Times bestsellers. Her latest book, “A POLITICS OF LOVE: Handbook for a New American Revolution,” will be published this month. 
In 2014, Williamson ran for Congress in Los Angeles’ 33rd district and finished 4th in a field of 16 hopefuls. She is now a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. 

Why I'm Running

Just as it’s been said that war is far too serious a topic to be left in the hands of generals,  the future of our country is far too serious to be left in the hands of traditional politicians. I have great respect for political experts, but the idea that only experienced politicians can lead us at this point in our history is preposterous. Experienced politicians led us into the wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Experienced politicians have led us to the largest income inequality since 1929. Experienced politicians have led us to the brink of environmental disaster. Experienced politicians have led us to where we are today. There are many other kinds of experiences needed in order to prepare the leader of tomorrow.

What we most need now is a political visionary -- someone with a deep understanding of where we have been and where we need to be going. While car mechanics are important, they aren't necessarily the ones who know how to drive you to where you want to go. It is unreasonable to expect the mindset that drove us into the ditch, to be able to pull us out of it. It's not enough now to just know what's happening inside Washington; we need someone who also knows what's happening inside us.

My campaign provides the American people with the option of choosing another way -- not just a better version of same old, same old politics, but a genuine pattern disruption that allows for breakthroughs and possibilities that will not otherwise occur. It is for those who want the person sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office to be someone with an expanded sense of what is necessary, as well as what's possible, in the 21st Century.

From what is essentially a sociopathic economic system, to a government that has become little more than a handmaiden to that system, to the dark influence of money on our politics, to the systematic neglect of millions of chronically traumatized children, to our need to fundamentally address issues of racial injustice, to our need to wage peace as well as to be prepared for war, to the sacrifice of America's moral values within the public sphere -- we need to do more than water the leaves of our democracy. We need to water the roots. We need to address the deep emotional and psychological dynamics within the average citizen that have led to the erosion of our political system. In order to have a moral and spiritual awakening in America, we need a leader who is a moral and spiritual awakener.

I believe I am that person.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, History, Kids & Family, News, Politics & Government, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual, Variety
Michael Boyle
Guest Occupation: Educator in Performance & Personal Training
Guest Biography:

Michael Boyle is one of the worlds’ foremost educators in the areas of performance training, personal training and athletic rehabilitation. His company Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, founded in 1997, was one of the first for-profit strength and conditioning facilities in the world. In 2009 and 2010 Men’s Health named Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning one of the top ten workout facilities in the United States.

During his career Boyle has been involved in training and rehabilitation with a wide range of athletes, including stars in every major professional sport. In addition, Mike has served as a consultant to some of the top teams in the NFL, NHL, as well as numerous division one athletic programs. Boyle has been involved in Olympic Gold Medal efforts in women’s soccer, women’s ice hockey, gymnastics and judo.

In 2012 and 2013 Boyle served as a strength and conditioning coach for the Boston Red Sox, winners of the World Series in 2013.


Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
There is no other rock band in history that has done more with the twin guitar concept than Wishbone Ash
Guest Occupation: Guitarist-Singer-Songwriter-Author
Guest Biography:


A   N   D   Y

P   O   W   E   L   L


UK classic rock legends Wishbone Ash US Tour begins 



In the ramp-up to Wishbone Ash’s 50th anniversary, the band is celebrating its 49th year in characteristic fashion: with an extended tour. Dubbed XLIX (49 in Roman numerals), the tour began in October 2018 in the UK, followed by early-2019 dates in Europe and Japan. This spring, XLIX arrives on these shores.

Longtime fans and new converts alike will revel in the group’s signature twin-guitar mastery and powerhouse rhythm section as they present classics spanning their career.

The US leg of the XLIX Tour will revisit some of the band’s favorite venues as well as new ones from the Eastern seaboard to the Rocky Mountains.

“We always look forward to meeting old friends and fans alike on our annual Midwest and East Coast tours,” says founding member Andy Powell. “American audiences are so supportive and enthusiastic!”

Formed in 1969 in London, England, Wishbone Ash is one of the most influential guitar bands in the history of rock. True road warriors, each year they log around 30,000 miles, roughly equivalent to circumnavigating the earth.

Mark Abrahams, the group’s newest member, has been trading licks with Powell for two years. Right out of the gate, Abrahams earned rave reviews from critics and fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Longtime rhythm section Bob Skeat on bass and Joe Crabtree on drums continue to provide the solid groove that is their hallmark.

By 1969, The Beatles, the blues boom and psychedelia had made their impact on classic rock, and the creative possibilities were infinite. Pioneering the use of twin lead guitars, Wishbone Ash jumped on board the burgeoning progressive rock scene. Taking full advantage of the fertile musical environment, they produced a distinctive brand of melodic rock.

Inspired equally by British folk traditions, American jazz and R&B, the group played to public and critical acclaim. Power and melody have made the Ash a hard act to follow, while they are currently being discovered by new generations of loyal rock fans.

Through the years the band has delved into various musical genres, from folk, blues and jazz to pedal-to-the-metal rock and electronica. Whatever the style, Wishbone Ash’s signature is the distinctive twin-melodic lead guitar interplay that has influenced such bands as Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Iron Maiden and, more recently, Opeth.

The quintessential road band, Wishbone Ash has gained worldwide recognition based firmly on a regime of relentless touring.

“The band basically lives together year-round on the road, so we have a very strong level of communication that translates in our performances and recordings,” says Powell. “We’ve come to an era where the industry has to pigeonhole a band as Classic Rock, Prog Rock, Heritage Rock and so on. The truth is that we have always kept our options open and always relied on the musicianship of the players to lead the way. It’s fun to be stylistically diverse and this has, in its way, contributed to our longevity.”

Wishbone Ash has to its credit 24 original studio recordings, 11 live albums and five live DVDs along with a DVD rockumentary (“This is Wishbone Ash”). Released April 2018, “The Vintage Years” 30-disc box set, three-and-a-half years in the making, is a special collection dedicated to the band’s output from 1970 to 1991, including all 16 studio albums, three live albums, eight previously unreleased live shows from 1973 to 1980, a 156-page coffee-table hardcover book and an assortment of memorabilia.

Also available is the fifth Roadworks CD, “Live in Sacramento,” recorded on the 2018 North American tour; and the first official re-releases in decades of “Twin Barrels Burning” from 1982 and “Raw to the Bone” from 1985. In addition, some older recordings are emerging from the vaults, including Snapper Records’ most recent release, “Live in Glasgow” from 1977. The legendary and eagerly awaited “Live from Rockpalast” TV show recording from 1970s Germany will also soon be available on the label Made in Germany Music.

In 2015, Powell released his musical memoir, “Eyes Wide Open: True Tales of a Wishbone Ash Warrior,” co-written with renowned Irish music journalist Colin Harper and available in Kindle and Apple iBook formats.

“It’s quite an undertaking to put 46 years of being a touring musician in this one band into book form,” he says. “I’ve seen a lot of changes in the music business and the world in general, as you can imagine.”

There is no other rock band in history that has done more with the twin guitar concept than Wishbone Ash. Be sure to catch them on the XLIX US Tour in April-May 2019, and stay tuned for the 50th anniversary tour in 2020!

For more information about

Andy Powell and Wishbone Ash



Facebook: @wishbone.ash.official

Twitter: @wishboneash_com

Purchase Andy’s book … Eyes Wide Open: True Tales Of A Wishbone Ash Warrior by Andy Powell, Ian Rankin, et al. | Nov 9, 2015

at amazon.com

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Russell Bizzett Toured with Jose Feliciano and performed with the legends
Guest Occupation: Drummer and Teacher
Guest Biography:

R   U   S   S   E   L   L

B   I   Z   Z   E   T   T





Born in Sioux City Iowa, Russell grew up in a family of musicians and started playing drums on his father's knee at age 5. Both grandfathers were professional musicians. His mother's father was a "boogie-woogie" piano player and his father's father was a jazz trumpet player and big band orchestra leader. His father was a jazz drummer who played with the "Ink Spots". His two brothers were a trumpet player and a sax player, and both played drums as well. His love for drums drove him to pursue this calling. At 12 he started playing gigs at his grandfather's nightclub and by the time he was 19 he played with Chick Berry. The following year he played with Muddy Waters. He moved to New York City and studied with Roy Haynes as well as attended jazz workshops in Harlem. From 1974 to 1976 he toured and recorded with rock legend, Tommy Bolin. In 1977 he studied East Indian rhythms with Colin Walcott at Naropa Institute, Boulder Colorado. From 1979-1981 he played with jazz legend, Freddy Hubbard and in 1981 played with Bo Diddly. 1982-1990 he toured with Jose Feliciano. He recorded for the Laverne & Shirley Show, under Bennett Salvey, the Merv Griffin Show under Mort Lindsey, musical director between 1983 and 1985 during down time from touring. Later he also recorded for the Northern Exposure TV series. The Independent film, "Stanley's Gig" also featured his talents on the sound track. He played with French pop icon, Michel Jonasz from 1997 to 1998. Studied with International jazz drummer, Billy Higgins in 1998. Between tours he spent his time recording and performing in the LA area.

He has worked and recorded with a large variety of artists including Jimmy Smith, Billy Preston, Robben Ford, Tommy Bolin, Jeff Berlin, and many-many more. Has 3 solo albums to his credit: Tommy Bolin Tribute, Dream Street, and Fortaleza.


For more information about Russell Bizzett







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Kathy Forti
Guest Occupation: author, inventor, film maker, entrepreneur, speaker
Guest Biography:

Dr. Forti is a film producer, inventor, entrepreneur, and
the Indiana Jones of women archeologists.

For those who know Dr. Forti from
her book, ‘FRACTALS OF GOD
(audio book HERE),
or from her brilliant 2 hour video on
Ancient/Modern Quantum Healing,
this interview may well interest you.

Ascension 11

As inventor of the quantum Trinfinity8 healing modality,
Dr. Forti is now providing the advanced Ascension 11.
This new technique for recalibrating wholEness is like
‘knocking on heaven’s door and asking to enter’
an upward spiral - conscientious evolutionary ascent;
integrating fractal mathematics and sacred geometry
 with coherent sound frequencies for upgrade of DNA.

Guest Category: Arts, Business, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Religion, Spiritual
Jackson Tisdell
Guest Occupation: Australian Performance Podiatrist & Coach for Academy of Sport Speed Australia
Guest Biography:

Jackson Tisdell (B. Pod, M. APodA, SMA, ASCA)

Jackson graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatry in 2017 and has been exclusively in the field of musculoskeletal and sports podiatry at Forster Tuncurry Sports Podiatry ever since. As a junior athlete he succumbed to numerous lower limb injuries, and uses his personal experiences to fuel his passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Jackson has extensive experience working with junior and senior athletes at all stages of the injury process- from acute on field management, treatment in the clinic, and further into rehabilitation and improving sports performance.

Jackson is an advocate for a pro-active approach to injury, and aims to bridge the gap between the clinical setting and the return to sport/exercise. He believes that a thorough biomechanical assessment and individually tailored rehab program is the key to achieving the best results.

He is also passionate about raising awareness and the standard of podiatrists as the lower limb specialists, regularly taking on podiatry students and presenting at events/seminars, as well as being active on various social media platforms.


Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Ann Marchetti
Guest Occupation: Owner of Ann Marchetti Consulting & Consulting Director of Forward Dupage
Guest Biography:

For the past twenty-six years, Ann Marchetti has held leadership roles in several successful nonprofit agencies towards a singular goal-- to improve the health and well being of children, youth and families. Drawing upon her unique combination of public policy, business and creative skills, Ann has assisted these nonprofits in optimizing their business models while building organizational capacity and developing sustainable programs.  In 2008, Ann was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Service to Children and Youth by the National Child Labor Committee.  This body remarked, “Ann has been at the forefront of action and has been the voice to improve the health, education, well-being and futures of millions of children.”

Ann founded AW Marchetti Consulting in 2008.  Her firm is dedicated to empowering a new generation of leaders to develop effective systems for capacity development and program delivery.  Ann believes that collaborative solutions enhance sustainability and build shared and lasting solutions for a brighter and healthier nation and world. As such, Ann serves as the Consulting Director of FORWARD DuPage. For ten years she has been responsible for providing leadership in building the organization’s marketing, finance, human resources and board governance capacity while expanding solutions to address the complex issue of obesity prevention.

Obesity remains a severe public health crisis.  For the past ten years, FORWARD DuPage has ensured that healthy lifestyles and obesity prevention remain a top priority in DuPage County. Through its leadership and partnerships, FORWARD DuPage has leveraged expertise with state and national obesity prevention experts and initiatives.  We convene, educate, connect and share best practices in nutrition, physical activity and built environment across a range of leaders and stakeholders. They in turn start new initiatives and programs, adopt practices, and change policies that improve the health of the citizens of the county. Between now and 2021, FORWARD DuPage will build on its history by targeting its resources to an area of urgent need - DuPage County children aged 0-11 years.  Currently DuPage County children aged 2-4 years show obesity rates higher than the national average.  Establishing a healthy lifestyle foundation when children are young, help ensure healthy habits for a lifetime.  Together we can make a difference!

Ann earned her MS degree from Radford University.

Ann not only brings infectious energy and determination to her work by developing creative and sustainable solutions for today’s complex social and business issues, but she is dedicated to creating a healthy and sustainable world by example. She regularly volunteers on local and national Boards and at community events, established a Farmers Market and bee apiary in her local community, and she serves as a Guardian Ad Litem/Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for several foster children.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Society and Culture, Variety
​Heather Christie
Guest Occupation: California-based singer/songwriter and music artist
Guest Biography:


‘A vocal tour de force’. 

​Heather Christie is a California-based singer/songwriter and music artist.

​She began singing at age 5 when she was taken to her first Broadway musical. Immediately beginning her training in private vocal lessons and ballet, Heather stuck with her singing, dance, and acting training until age 18 when she moved to Seattle, WA for college. There, she discovered the therapeutic side of the performing arts, and became enamored with modern dance (e.g. Martha Graham technique) and surrealist art philosophies. She gained her yoga teacher certification in Costa Rica, and when she traveled to India at age 21, she decided to live a life of freedom from material excess, and has been focusing on her songwriting ever since.

​Heather has released 4 records with three different projects in the last 3 years. One of her songs, ‘Tincture’, gained worldwide traction by placing at the top of the ‘Spotify Discover Weekly’ Playlist and reaching over a million listeners. 

​In 2016, Heather was invited to be part of the finale season of American Idol, and made it to the top 200 contestants in Hollywood Week. There, she met Rick Barker (former manager of Taylor Swift), and has been working with him in his online programs for music business, as well as receiving mentorship from Cari Cole, NYC-based music business mentor.  

​Now, Heather runs her own booking company for her and her partner’s wide spread of bands and music projects. She works from her home studio in Los Angeles, CA, and regularly collaborates with various producers and musicians.

Heather is currently working on 2 new albums, and a music video for her soon-to-be-released single ‘People’. Her new music is due to come out in early 2018, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

​Heather was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA. Her parents took her to many music festivals in her youth, during which she absorbed the sounds of The Grateful Dead, and was early-inspired by singer/rocker Grace Potter. Heather received her first guitar at age 13, and wrote her first song. She self-taught the piano at age 22, and mainly writes on that as her instrument of choice. Heather also works with Ableton Live, a DAW for music production.  Fans call her music feminine empowerment music, and remark on the vulnerable yet strong presence that she carries on both recording and onstage.

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Ena Love
Guest Occupation: Writer, poet, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, humanitarian, and founder of the Something About Love Foundation
Guest Biography:


Glinis “Ena” Love formerly known as Glinis Ena Mays is a native of Texas and a mother of three. Love is a writer, poet, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, humanitarian, and founder of the Something About Love Foundation. In 2010, Ena moved to Los Angeles, California and founded All That Is Entertainment (a record label and music recording studio). Several artists were signed to the record label while Ena worked on her first book. 

Something About Love (a book of poetry) was officially released on Valentine’s Day, 2019. The poetry is a spiritually rooted and infused with pearls of inspiration and motivation. Ena is publishing her personal collection of poetry with the intention to heal others. Ena writes poetry about love, peace, positivity, being your best self, and life experiences that everyone can relate to.

The author has also established the Something About Love Foundation. Through the Foundation, proceeds of book sales will be used to gift the book to the homeless, people in group homes and shelters, rehabilitation centers, those who are incarcerated, and wounded military veterans. Love states “the purpose of life is love”. The path to love is through understanding and when we understand life we heal and ultimately find peace”.

Love is on a mission of love to heal the world!  In 2015, she journeyed around the world in 40 days to bring the energy of the world into the book. Photographs from the trip will be used to illustrate the book. Love calls herself a student of life in service to humanity. She works to assist others in finding inner peace, self-love, and the joy of life.

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Deb Morrison and Morrison and Co
Guest Biography:


As enamored as Buck Owens was with his native Bakersfield, Morrison & Company bring to bear all the unique flavors of their lost-in-time equestrian hometown of Altadena. 

Their West Coast Americana signature sound is reminiscent of the iconic 1970s Laurel Canyon scene melded together with the sultry feel of the high desert. Heavy with weepy pedal steel and Bigsby drenched guitar riffs, they make no bones about jamming it out old school when they strike a rich vein, but always come back to their ear-worm choruses that folks can’t seem shake. 

Morrison & Company were conceived in a dilapidated old manor house on the outskirts of Los Angeles during the now infamous house party jams called “The Living Room Sessions.”

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music