Headlined Guests

Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Author, Editor, Systems Philosopher, Researcher, Scientist, Economist, Integral Theorist, Speaker, Professor, Concert Pianist
Guest Occupation: Doctor, Author, Editor, Systems Philosopher, Researcher, Scientist, Economist, Integral Theorist, Speaker, Professor, Concert Pianist
Guest Biography:

Prof. Dr. Ervin Laszlo, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, was born 1932 in Budapest, Hungary, founder and President of the Club of Budapest, was one of the first representatives in the area of systems philosophy and general theory of evolution. He published more than 70 books translated into as many as 18 languages. In the course of his long academic career as a professor for philosophy, systems philosophy and future sciences, he worked in teaching and research at a variety of reputable universities in the US, Europe, and the Far East. Laszlo publishes a quarterly scientific journal (WORLD FUTURES: The Journal of General Evolution) and a corresponding book series. He also edited a four-volume encyclopedia. Over 400 articles were published in newspapers and magazines worldwide, including the US, Europe, Japan, and China. His titles and distinctions include a Ph.D. in "Lettres et Sciences Humaines" from the Sorbonne in Paris, an "Artist Diploma" from the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, an honorary medal from the Kyung Hee University in Seoul, the title of honorary doctor in economic sciences of the Turku School of Economics and Business in Finland, as well as the title of honorary doctor in the area of human sciences of the Saybrook Institute in San Francisco. Together with his Finnish-born wife Carita he presently lives in a 400 years old converted farmhouse in Tuscany in the Pisa area.

Guest Category: Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Science, Spiritual, Technology
David Icke, Author, Controversial Speaker and Investigator
Guest Occupation: Author, Speaker, Investigator
Guest Biography:

David Icke (pronounced "Ike") is a former Professional Soccer player, journalist, network anchorman with the BBC, spokesman in the 1980's for the British Green Party, and since 1990 a full time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world. Many have dubbed Icke as the "most controversial speaker" on the planet. They used to laugh at him, but now they come in the thousands to hear him speak all over the world. He is the author of 16 books and among them are: And the Truth Shall Set You Free, The Biggest Secret, Children of the Matrix, Alice in Wonderland and The World Trade Center Disaster ~ why the official story of 9/11 is a monumental lie, and his latest book, Tales from the Time Loop - The most comprehensive exposé of the global conspiracy ever written and all you need to know to be truly free. David's words are designed to inspire all of us to be who we really are, to fling open the door of the mental prison we build for ourselves and to walk into the light of freedom.

Guest Category: News, Paranormal, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Jackie Zeman, also known as Jacklyn Zeman, author, mother, actrees
Guest Occupation: Mother, Author, Actress
Guest Biography:

Jacklyn Zeman does it all! Mother - Actress - Author. Now after more than 4,000 episodes as nurse ‘Bobbie Spencer’ Chief Surgical RN on ABC’s “General Hospital”, she has become one of the most visible and likeable actresses on network television. A true contemporary, a role model to millions of daytime viewers Jacklyn received critical acclaim for her starring role in “Montana Crossroads,” an ABC After school Special, and took a break from her busy “General Hospital” schedule to co-star as a lawyer in ABC’s Comedy Movie for Television, “Jury Duty.” She has guested on “Chicago Hope,” “Mike Hammer,” “Love, American Style,” “Fantasy,” “Sledgehammer” and “Madd TV.” Industry honors and awards over the years include four Daytime Emmy nominations, including one for Outstanding Lead Actress in 1998, a Soap Opera Digest Award and the Hollywood International Favorite Actress Award.

Guest Category: Self Help, Spiritual