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Galan Gaia
Guest Occupation: Co-Founder of Center of Enlightenment, Liaison to the Indigenous Peoples for Belvaspata, Ambassador for the White Buffalo
Guest Biography:

Living in the Sacred Land of the Heart

It is the intention of the Center of Enlightenment to cultivate and nurture the perceptions of what is real. To create within the world of joyful participation in the perfection of the One Life

Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Spiritual, Clairvoyant & Telepathic, Mystic & Seer, Shamanism
Annique Gaia
Guest Occupation: Co-Founder of Center of Enlightenment, Liaison to the Indigenous Peoples for Belvaspata, Ambassador for the White Buffalo
Guest Biography:

Living in the Sacred Land of the Heart

It is the intention of the Center of Enlightenment to cultivate and nurture the perceptions of what is real. To create within the world of joyful participation in the perfection of the One Life

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Spiritual, Mystic & Seer, Shamanism
Nora Herold
Guest Occupation: Channel, Lecturer, Teacher, Reiki Master
Guest Biography:

Nora Herold has been has been channeling, lecturing, and doing healing work for over 20 years. She channels a multitude of high vibrational beings, including The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Enara, The Lyrans/Lemurians, The Faeries, & The Angelics. In 2007 she began receiving transmissions specific to the integration of the fifth dimensional identity and the re-ascension process and has incorporated that information into her work. Nora offers private sessions, teaches, lectures, is a reiki master, has appeared on radio & tv, and has channeled for people all over the world.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Energy Healing, Spiritual, Medium & Channeling, Clairvoyant & Telepathic, Mystic & Seer, Psychic & Intuitive
Dr. Frederick Graves
Guest Occupation: Founder of JURISDICTIONARY, Attorney and Teacher
Guest Biography:

Dr, Graves is the founder of JURISDICTIONARY, through which he teaches people how to win cases in court without the help of lawyers and how to overcome corrupt judges. His courses are amazing and very easy to follow and you will get a great education and also learn how to save a lot of money.

I've been an attorney since 1986, winning cases in state and federal courts by applying the same tools, tactics, and simple procedures explained in our popular step-by-step self-help course.

I started Jurisdictionary® in 1997, because I know how easily you can be injured in court, whether you're struggling on your own or paying your hard-earned money to a lawyer who may not do everything that should be done.

You need to know what should be done to win ... whether you have a lawyer or not. Protect yourself from other members of my profession! My tutorials make it easy!

Bachelor of Science, Florida State Univ., 1965
Juris Doctor, Stetson College of Law, 1985
Admitted to Florida Bar and Federal Courts, 1986
Licensed to the Gospel Ministry, 1989
U.S. Ocean Master's License
Merchant Marine First Mate's Certificate
Private Pilot's License
Radiotelegraph Operator's License
Radio/TV Engineer's License
Radio Amateur Extra Class License - W4AH
Happily Married to Kathryn since 1 Nov. 2003

Guest Category: Business, Legal, Health & Lifestyle, Self Help
Brad Wilcox, PhD
Guest Occupation: Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Brigham Young University, Current Memeber of the Sunday School General Board, Author, Writer
Guest Biography:

Brad Wilcox is a professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Brigham Young University where he also enjoys working with such programs as Especially for Youth, Women’s Conference, and Campus Education Week. He is the author of the book, The Continuous Atonement, and the BYU devotional, “His Grace is Sufficient.” Brad grew up in Provo, Utah except for childhood years spent in Ethiopia, Africa. He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chile and later returned to that country to preside over the Chile Santiago East Mission from 2003-2006. He and his family have also lived for a time in New Zealand where he directed a Study Abroad Program for Brigham Young University. Brad currently serves as a member of the Sunday School General Board. He and his wife, Debi, have four children and three grandchildren. Reading, writing, teaching, and traveling are some of his favorite things. He loves Peanut M&M's and pepperoni pizza, but he realizes that doesn't sound too healthy so he is really trying hard to learn to love salads.

Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Education, Courses & Training, Religion, Christianity
Mike Malloy
Guest Occupation: National Talk-Show Host, Newspaper Columnist and Editor, Writer, Rock Concert Producer, Actor
Guest Biography:

Mike Malloy came to talk radio by serendipity. Writing for CNN in 1987, a friend at an Atlanta radio station told him there was an opening for a weekend talk show host, if working for no pay was acceptable. Malloy gave it a try and decided it was more fun than getting a paycheck. He was hooked. Even better, within a few months he was being paid enough to cover basic necessities like rent, food and beer. But that was a long time ago.

Mike's radio experience includes two 50,000 watt blow-torches: WSB-AM in Atlanta and WLS-AM in Chicago, and he was one of the original hosts on Air America Radio; a two-year-long association that ended in a massive train wreck. Mike's nationally-syndicated program can now be heard weeknights from 9PM - midnight ET on affiliates from coast-to-coast, border to border, across the fruited plain; and on XM Satellite and Sirius Satellite Radio as well as on live Internet streaming.

In addition to writing and producing for CNN (1984-87) and CNN-International (2000), his professional experience includes newspaper columnist and editor, writer, rock concert producer and actor. He is the only radio talk show host in America to have received the A.I.R (Achievement in Radio) Award in both Chicago and New York City, the number three and number one radio markets in the country.

It is not difficult to pigeon-hole Malloy politically. Generally speaking, he is a traditional Liberal Democrat doing his part to return the Democratic Party to its Liberal roots.

He is married to Kathy Bay (who also produces the radio show) with whom he has a daughter born in July, 2004. He has an additional five children, all grown, and five grandchildren.

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Literature, Music, News, Local News, World News, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Group of Beings who speak as One through the Channel Ginger Metraux, Ph.D
Guest Biography:

Galexis is a group of beings who speak as One through the channel Ginger Metraux, Ph.D. Thesebeings come from various levels, planes, dimensions, and planetary systems. Most members of Galexis have been physical on earth, so they have direct knowledge of physical body experiences and have tremendous compassion for all of us beings who are having a physical plane experience.

The members of Galexis have no competition with each other and can merge into one entity/soul while still retaining their individuality. Occasionally, an individual spokes-being for the group can be distinguished by a change of accent or body posture of the channel.

While many people are curious about the membership of Galexis, Galexis is very private about who their members are. Perhaps that is to keep from distracting their clients and seminar attendees from focusing on personalities. Some of Galexis’ members are well-known and frequent guests with other channels across the country.

But it may also be because the group as Galexis can range in number from as few as the core group of seven to several hundred when speaking to a group. Members include Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Helpers, ET's, the channel's private guides, and spirit specialists who assist in various topics. They are joined by the personal guides who come with the individual(s) being channeled for.

Galexis is also private about giving out the names and identities of individual’s guides. According to Galexis, the process of connecting with one's own guides and learning their names is an important part of the relationship and shouldn't be shortcut by a third party. Also, Galexis encourages individuals to develop real, in-depth, non-physical relationships with their spirit helpers as well as their Higher Selves. This keeps some people from using the information too casually as entertainment or for ego-validation.

Galexis chose Ginger as their channel due to the extensive personal emotional healing work she done, and also that she uses Lazaris’clear and well-defined map of the human psyche (for information on Lazaris, see the Links section).

Guest Category: Spiritual, Medium & Channeling, Clairvoyant & Telepathic
Nancy Dreyfus Psy.D.
Guest Occupation: Psychotherapist,
Guest Biography:

I grew up a self-conscious bookworm in a tense, glamour-oriented household where I worried so early about my relational deficits that by 3rd grade you couldn’t get me to play Old Maid. By 5th grade, I was planning my face-saving lifeplan: “Someday I’ll write for The New York Times and no one will notice there’s something wrong with me.”

This mindset got me into The Columbia School of Journalism and turned me into a prize-winning reporter managing her own sense of invisibility crusading for the disadvantaged. I actually was offered a job at The Times when I was 25…..about the same time The Universe offered a competing option: An assignment to write an exposé of a spiritual group gave me an unexpected glimpse of feeling whole--independent of any achievement or anyone’s particular affection. When an important editor told me I had written something “incredibly mediocre,” and astonishingly, I felt no familiar diminishment, I promptly left journalism and decided to spend the rest of my life exploring ways to access and sustain the identity that made that possible.

A psychotherapist now for over 25 years, I see myself as a kind of transpersonal scout, helping people let go of external structures that no longer fit and orienting them to what it means to live a life based on their own insides. A phrase I like in this regard is “Trust in Being,” and while the phrase is probably not unique to them, I really heard it from some wonderful teachers in a group called Waking Down in Mutuality.

While I was learning psychoanalytic theory at Hahnemann Medical College, I was also studying Buddhism and secretly teaching clients to meditate. The tension between solid developmental approaches and my draw to the Mystical has been part of my journey. For years I taught Law of Attraction classes to Main Line moms, but understood enough about unconscious programming to consider The Secret as not telling the whole story. Personal growth, to me, examines the interplay between family-of-origin conditioning and one’s understanding of how The Universe operates. Many of us operate as if we are living in an Unfriendly Universe-, and my hope is that Talk To Me Like I’m Someone You Love will show you how—right in the messiness of life—to feel both discomfort and Something Friendlier in the wings.

Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Visual Arts, Psychology, Self Help, Motivational, Spiritual, Meditation
Ralph Poynter
Guest Occupation: Lynne Stewart Defense Committee
Guest Biography:

Born in Pennsylvania, 1934, son of a union orgainzer when Pittsburg was steel capital. Remained true to principles of unionism as a founding member of the UFT. Continued same, when the United Federation of Teachers joined management supporting a rascist New York City Board of Education against the communities. After leaving jail, as Chairman - Inmates Improvement Council - Riker's Island 1969, continued the struggle for justice as a private investigator. I support Lynne Stewart's struggle against double standard in the U.S. injustice system.

Former defense attorney Lynne Stewart's offense came in 2000 while defending Omar Abdel Rahman, an Egyptian cleric who in 1995 was convicted of "seditious conspiracy" for encouraging his followers to commit terrorist acts in and around New York City. She violated what were at the time a novel set of security requirements known as Special Administrative Measures, or SAMs. The measures included a communications ban on Rahman, which Stewart defied by issuing a news release to Reuters on the sheik's behalf that urged his supporters to reconsider their participation in a cease-fire with the Egyptian government.

As a result, Stewart was disbarred and sentenced to 28 months in prison. Citing the "deadly serious nature of her terrorist crimes," the Justice Department sought a far higher penalty: 15 to 30 years. The outcome of that effort culminated in November when an appellate court upheld the verdict against Stewart, revoked her bond and ordered the original trial judge, U.S. District Judge John G. Koetl, to reconsider his "breathtakingly low" sentence. Koetl's revised sentence is expected at a hearing in federal court in New York on Thursday.

Ever since her indictment in 2002, Stewart's case has captured the attention of defense attorneys and the support of groups such as the National Assn. of Criminal Defense Lawyers, which filed amicus briefs on her behalf, and George Soros' Open Society Institute, which donated $20,000 to her defense. Supporters believe the government's dogged pursuit of Stewart - whose legal odyssey has now spanned three presidents and five attorneys general - is meant to have a chilling effect. The Center for Constitutional Rights said the case represents "an attack on attorneys who defend controversial figures and an attempt to deprive these clients of the zealous representation that may be required."

Guest Category: Business, Legal, Politics & Government
Dr. Garland Landrith
Guest Occupation: Quantum Field Psychologist, Teacher, Energy Healer, Writer, Public Speaker
Guest Biography:

Dr. Landrith a cutting-edge Quantum Field Psychologist/Healer has had incredible success teaching his clients how to heal themselves by "re-wiring" their brains, so they can manifest more love and abundance in their lives.

Dr. Landrith has proven thru his ground breaking published research studies that our consciousness is Quantum based. This means that our inner thoughts are connected with, and can influence the outside world. Dr Landrith's techniques are completely unique because he combines this Quantum Technology with tapping on Acupuncture points with ones fingers (EFT). This will not only remove blocks so your energy flows and you feel like you are high on life, but even more, his Quantum Tapping techniques will enable you to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams.

Dr. Landrith is a cutting-edge quantum field psychologist and energy healer, whose research was cited in the highly-acclaimed film, "What the Bleep Do You Know?," which combines quantum field technology with tapping on acupuncture points to teach people how to create the life of their dreams.

Dr. Landrith was among the first to scientifically document that "what we think inside, can have a profound influence on the outer world." In his pioneering peer-reviewed published research studies in 1981, 1982 and 1988, it was found that the inner thoughts of groups of individuals can actually improve the quality of life in the cities they live-by lowering crimes, auto accidents and suicides. In short, we can create miracles in our outer worlds with our own minds.

His scientific studies have been published in numerous journals, including, "International Journal of Neuroscience," "Journal of Crime and Justice," and "The Journal of Mind and Behavior". In addition, his research has been cited by numerous authors, including: Deepak Chopra, Md., Neale Donald Walsh, and Dr. Dean Radin.

Dr. Landrith's techniques were so well thought of that he was invited to teach a training class at Fort Carson Military Base in Colorado for the Therapists and Psychologists, on how to use this technology to help the soldiers returning from the war.

He has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences including most recently: The Psychic Studies Institute (2007), The Institute for Noetic Sciences (Tucson 2008), The Unity Church Convention (2009). The Psychic Studies Institute (2007, 2011), The Institute for Noetic Sciences (Tucson 2008, 2011), The Unity Church Convention (2009).

In a recent demonstration project of his Quantum Tapping Technology, Dr Landrith was able to help reduce the crime rates in Dallas by over 23% over an 18-month period. Over 1000 people were participating in this demonstration project, proving that these energy techniques done on our body, enhance the power of our mind and thoughts.

Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Health & Lifestyle, Energy Healing, Psychology, Science
Dr. Richard Moss
Guest Occupation: Globally Renowned Physician-turned-Master Healer, International Bestselling Hay House Author, Workshop and Retreat Leader, International Teacher and Public Speaker
Guest Biography:

Guiding People To Find the Harmony in Themselves, Their Relationships and The World

His Process Takes Them on a Healing Journey of Self-Inquiry that Leads to "Radical Aliveness," Unconditional Love, and Real Inner Peace

There cannot be true change-real lasting transformation-- without DEEP WORK.

And that is why Richard Moss, the Maestro of "DEEP WORK," has given his life over teaching people how to delve deeply into their inner core so they can achieve a life of "Radical Aliveness," Unconditional Love, and Real Inner Peace.

For 37 years, this globally renowned physician-turned-master healer, international bestselling Hay House author, and workshop leader has been guiding people on profound journeys of self-inquiry and self-discovery that have transformed their relationship with themselves, with their loved ones and with the world. "To join me in Deep Work means that you want to become the most balanced, awake, alive, and loving person you can be. It means you want your whole life - and most importantly every relationship - to be lived as an expression of your spiritual path," says Moss. "This means that you want and are willing to do the deep work of seeing and rooting out everything in you that has limited your ability to love and celebrate life."

Moss' work is centered in helping people achieve present moment awareness-and to clear away the beliefs, habits and thinking patterns that prevent them from living in a hyper-alive, joyful and loving state of being nearly all of the time. In Moss' bestselling books Inside-Out Healing and The Mandala of Being, he outlines his methodology for achieving this mastery. But while people can do this work on their own, it is often in the workshops, lovingly coached by Moss, that many achieve their most profound transformations.

People seek out Moss for many reasons: resolving or coping with a health crisis; feeling stuck in old patterns; experiencing an emotional malaise; yearning to deepen their life path; seeking to reignite, improve or save a relationship, and desiring to catalyze new creative energy to achieve or accomplish a desired goal.

And what they experience in either the 10-day Radical Aliveness Retreats, the 3 or 4-day Deep Work Workshops or the Couples Deep Work Intensive Programs, is nothing short of seeing the world through new eyes-the eyes of their true selves. And experiencing it with the full embodiment of their feeling sense-and especially their heart.

Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Health & Lifestyle, Energy Healing, Philosophy, Self Help, Spiritual, Meditation, Psychic & Intuitive
picture of Jennifer Cornbleet
Guest Occupation: Educator, Nutritionist
Guest Biography:

Jennifer Cornbleet is a firm believer that raw food - the complete opposite of the fast food that fills so many American's diets these days - can benefit people. But she is more inclined towards a gentle approach than a doctrinaire one. Being preachy is not her thing; talking openly to people is. So, she delivers her message through easily-digeted - sorry for the pun - books like How To Go Raw for a Day. And she has found a very receptive audience.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Self Help
picture of Donna Henes
Guest Occupation: Urban Shaman
Guest Biography:

Donna Henes is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, popular speaker, and award-winning writer specializing in multi-cultural ritual celebrations of the cycles of the seasons and the seasons of our lives. Her joyful celebration of celestial events have introduced ancient traditional rituals and contemporary ceremonies to millions of people in more than one hundred cities for thirty-three years.

Queen Mama Donna is the author of four books, The Queen of My Self (Monarch 2005), The Moon Watcher's Companion (Marlowe & Co. 2004), Celestially Auspicious Occasions: Seasons, Cycles & Celebrations (Perigee: Penguin/Putnam 1996) and Dressing Our Wounds In Warm Clothes (Astro Artz 1982) a CD,Reverence To Her: Part One: Mythology, the Matriarchy, & Me (Io Productions 1998) as well as an acclaimed quarterly journal, Always In Season: Living in Sync with the Cycles.

Guest Category: Arts, Paranormal, Spiritual, Divination
Kathleen Marden
Guest Occupation: Prominent UFO Abduction Researcher, Author and Lecturer; MUFON’s Director of Abduction Research and Recipient of MUFON’s “Researcher of the Year” award in 2012
Guest Biography:

Kathleen Marden is a prominent UFO abduction researcher, author and lecturer with 23 years experience in the field. She is MUFON’s Director of Abduction Research. For ten years Kathy volunteered as MUFON’s Director of Field Investigator Training. In 2012, she was the recipient of MUFON’s “Researcher of the Year” award.

She earned a B.A. degree in social work, with honors, from the University of New Hampshire in 1971, and participated in graduate studies in education while working as a teacher and education services coordinator. She is also a certified hypnotherapist. Her interest in UFOs dates back to September 20, 1961, when her aunt, Betty Hill phoned her nearby home to report that she and Barney had encountered a flying saucer in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. A primary witness to the evidence of the UFO encounter and the aftermath, Kathleen has intimate knowledge of the Hill’s biographical histories, personalities, and the previously unpublished historical files pertaining to their sensational story.

She is the author of three books, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, Science was Wrong, with nuclear physicist/scientific ufologist Stanton T. Friedman, and The Alien Abduction Files, with Denise Stoner (May 2013 release). Her chapter on alien abduction appears UFOs and Aliens: Is There Anybody Out There? and Children of the Greys.. Her articles have been published in the MUFON UFO Journal, Open Minds magazine and on several websites. Kathy has appeared in television and radio programs in the US, Canada and the UK, and has lectured throughout the United States. She is recognized as the world’s leading expert on the Betty and Barney Hill abduction.

Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Paranormal, UFOs
Marcus Velazquez
Guest Occupation: Christian Recording Artist, Musician and Producer for the Christian Rap Ministry, Teacher and Minister
Guest Biography:

Marcus Velazquez aka J.I.T.A. is a 27 year old Puerto Rican born and raised on the Northside of Chicago. Being raised Roman Catholic, he always had an idea of God, but never experienced God. With a well upbringing, he never had to experience drugs or gangs. Although he nor his family ever struggled financially, he did struggle with a lack of purpose, identity, and destiny. This all changed when he experienced and gave his life to Jesus Christ. Now after 3 released Christian Hip Hop albums, a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies from The School of Urban Missions, and an almost 4 year marriage to his wife Arisbel, he is a man on a mission from the Lord. J.I.T.A. loves to minister to The Church, but is mostly focused on ministering to those outside of the Church. With a heart for evangelism and bringing people to Jesus, whether through preaching, teaching, or music, this man is destined to bring glory and souls to God with every aspect of his life.

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Religion, Christianity
Anthony Malone
Guest Occupation: Gospel Singer, Songwriter and Producer, and Christian Recording Artist
Guest Biography:

Anthony Malone Is a Gospel Singer Songwriter and Producer who's goal is to let all the earth know about the Lord Jesus Christ and preach the Gospel and lead the nations into worship through song.

Born in Loyola Hospital and raised by his mother in Oak Park, IL, he grew up singing at the the small age of three; from then he was raised up in church and got his first start with music playing the piano and congos at first bapist church daycare. From there, being raised in the church, he became a Gospel Singer and Christian Recording Artist.

Anthony Malone's background in music is not particular to a specific sound but what pleases God first and fore most, His children and listeners. Anthony brings a new age gospel sound with soul and a true heart for God as a worshipper Psalmist and minstrel.


Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Religion, Christianity
Diana West
Guest Occupation: Author of "American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character" and "The Death of the Grown-Up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization", Newspaper Columnist and Correspendent
Guest Biography:

Author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character (St. Martin's Press 2013), and The Death of the Grown-Up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization (St. Martin's Press 2007).

Her weekly newspaper column is syndicated by Universal Uclick, and West also serves as Washington Correspondent for the European weekly newspaper Dispatch International. West is one of 19 co-authors (including Frank Gaffney, Andrew C. McCarthy and James Woolsey) of Shariah:The Threat to America, a 2010 publication of the Center for Security Policy,

Diana West's work has appeared in many publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, The Weekly Standard, and The Washington Post Magazine, and her fiction has appeared in the Atlantic Monthly. She has made numerous television and radio appearances, and was recently featured in the Glenn Beck TV documentaries "The Project" and "Rumors of War III."

Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Politics & Government, National, Theory & Conspiracy
Hunt Henion
Guest Occupation: Best Selling Author of "The Don Q Point of View" and 3 other books, PhD in Religious Studies, Served as Cleric for Eckankar
Guest Biography:

Best selling author, Hunt Henion, PhD. has a lifetime of study and insight under his belt, including initiation into Transcendental Meditation, Buddhist practice, serving as a cleric for Eckankar, and a PhD. in Religious Studies. His books include, The Big Fake Out, The Don Q Point of View, and Looking Seeing and Knowing.

Hunt Henion spent over forty years constantly studying and contemplating the workings of life. First, he was initiated into Transcendental Meditation. Then he practiced Buddhism; then studied Eckankar, "the religion of the light and sound of God," serving as a member of their clergy for six years. He finally earned his PhD in Religious Studies. Combining traditional research with specific questions asked through a trans-channel have resulted in four books in the last five years.

Once, in channeling, he was told that he was the crazy old man who was Cervantes's model for Don Quixote. That triggered a flood of past life memories. Hunt's appreciation for Quixote's perspective and his desire to set the record straight about that character resulted in the writing of "The Don Q Point of View"

When Henion asked more specific questions about his past and the history and future of mankind, he got a unique perspective on that too. These insights are the subject of "Looking, Seeing & Knowing."

After being blessed with all this insight and perspective, Henion went back to his first manuscript, "The BIG Fake-out," which was simply a documentation of all of life's illusions, and rewrote it (winning a Reader View's book of the year award) as "The Big Fake-out, the illusion of limits."

All three of these books are different aspects of the perspective that grew after meeting Danna and having regular channeling sessions. They all tell spiritual stories from history, his present life and past lives, and they all reveal hidden truths in uniquely heart warming ways.

Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Religion, Buddhism, Spiritual, Meditation, Mystic & Seer
Dr. Carlos Alvarado
Guest Occupation: Assistant Professor of Research at the University of Virginia, Adjunct Research Faculty at Sofia University (formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology), Associate Editor of the Journal of Scientific Exploration, International Teacher and Professor
Guest Biography:

Carlos S. Alvarado has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Edinburgh, and holds masters degrees in parapsychology (MS, John F. Kennedy University), and in history (MA, Duke University). His work has centered on survey research (on out-of-body experiences and other psychic experiences) and studies about the history of psychical research.

Alvarado is Assistant Professor of Research at the University of Virginia, and Adjunct Research Faculty at Sofia University (formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology). He is on the editorial boards of theJournal of Near-Death Studiesand theJournal of the Society for Psychical Research, and an Associate Editor of theJournal of Scientific Exploration. Alvarado is also the recipient of the 2010 Parapsychological Association's Outstanding Contribution Award and of the 2010 Harold and Sherry Crasilneck Award for Best First Paper on Hypnosis published in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Hypnosis.

He is one of the editors of Research in Parapsychology 1993 (Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 1998) and the author of booklets for introducing parapsychology to the general public (Getting Started in Parapsychology. New York: Parapsychology Foundation, 2002; Apuntes para una Introducción a la Parapsicología. New York: Parapsychology Foundation, 1999). His scientific and scholarly work has been published in psychology, psychiatry, and parapsychology journals.

Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Education, Courses & Training, Paranormal, Near Death Experiences, Psychology
Dr. Nancy Zingrone
Guest Occupation: Director of Publications of the Parapsychology Foundation, Executive Editor of the International Journal of Parapsychology, Associate Editor of the series Advances in Parapsychological Research, International Teacher
Guest Biography:

Nancy L. Zingrone has a Bachelor in Arts with Honors in psychology (Mundelein College), a Masters of Science in Education (Northern Illinois University) with a teaching speciality in college-level psychology, and was a doctoral candidate in history (Duke University) with specialities in the histories of science, medicine, psychiatry, and American social history. She completed a doctorate in psychology (University of Edinburgh) in 2006 with a thesis entitled "From Text to Self: The History of Criticism and Response in the English-language Literature of Academic and Scientific Parapsychology."

Zingrone was an Adjunct Faculty in Psychology at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, Illinois where she courses of elementary and nonparametric statistics and introductory and research parapsychology (1979-1982). She was a Research Fellow (1982-1985) and a Visiting Scholar (1986-1993) at the Institute for Parapsychology in Durham, North Carolina (now known as the Rhine Research Center), where she conducted experimental ESP research. She has been an organizer of, and lecturer at the Summer Study Program of the Institute of Parapsychology (1983-1993, 2000) where she lectured on elementary statistics, spontaneous case research, experimental methodology and women in parapsychology. She has served several terms on the Board of Directors of the Parapsychological Association since the early 1990s, during which times she was also the Editor of PA News. She was elected President of the Parapsychological Association for the 2000-2001 term. She is currently a candidate for President of the PA for the 2003-2004 term.

In recent times, Zingrone has managed the publication of psychology journals in Puerto Rico through her publishing house Puente Publications. Currently she is the Director of Publications of the Parapsychology Foundation, the Executive Editor of the International Journal of Parapsychology, and the Associate Editor of the series Advances in Parapsychological Research.

Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Education, Courses & Training, Paranormal, Psychology