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Judy Satori, NZ Diploma in Physiotherapy, Diploma of Natural Healing Sciences in Auric Healing, Doctor of Religion, Light Energy Specialist
Guest Occupation: NZ Diploma in Physiotherapy, Diploma of Natural Healing Sciences in Auric Healing, Doctor of Religion, Light Energy Specialist
Guest Biography:

My role is to energetically transmit the sound and light codes to prepare individuals on all levels of mind, body and spirit for soul ascension, so that we may better adjust to the energetic changes ahead and so that our bodies may be recreated into greater light.

When I work I transmit very fast sequences of sound and light as 'Light Language' directly into the DNA template and cells of the body. My body is used by Spirit as a vehicle, and I am used as a catalyst to switch people on to their inherent spiritual gifts and abilities as well as to reconfigure the body’s energy anatomy and recode the DNA.

It is my belief that the Earth is to be advanced soon into a new evolutionary cycle. Our physical bodies must be made ready to exist in the faster vibrating frequency of the fifth dimension. To remain in sync with the earth we must ‘take our bodies with us’ as it is said in the bible and put on new ‘garments of light‘.

We must be cleared of much of the karmic miasmic patterning which is distorting the energy conduction through our bodies. This is affecting many people right now, physically and emotionally.

We are being prepared not just to return to our original empowerment as in the days of the ‘first times’, 'Zep Tepi', but to move beyond the 12 dimensional spectrum of light into new creation.

I live in New Zealand, the place of ‘Aroha’ love and ‘Mana’, strength, for it is with love and the power of the mind centered in the heart that we will create our own Heaven on Earth.

My role is to prepare YOU energetically so that YOU TOO may do what your soul is called to do at this very important time on Earth.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Paranormal, UFOs, Self Help, Spiritual
Dr. Ramon E. Lopez, B.S. Degree in Physics, M.S. and Ph.D. in Space Physics, Professor, Adjunct Researcher, School District Consultant, Author
Guest Occupation: B.S. Degree in Physics, M.S. and Ph.D. in Space Physics, Professor, Adjunct Researcher, School District Consultant, Author
Guest Biography:

Ramon E. Lopez received his B.S. in Physics in 1980 from the University of Illinois, and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Space Physics in 1984 and 1986, respectively, from Rice University. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Texas at Arlington. Dr. Lopez is a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS) and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). His awards include the 2002 APS Nicholson Medal, the 2010 Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) Distinguished Scientist Award, the 2012 APS Edward A. Bouchet Award, and two NASA Group Achievement Awards. Dr. Lopez leads a research group that is working in both space physics and science education.

Dr. Lopez's space physics research interests are primarily in magnetospheric physics and space weather, as well as solar wind variations and what it tells us about solar activity. Topics of study include solar wind-magnetosphere coupling, magnetic storms and substorms, auroral dynamics and structure, current systems, particle energization, and space weather. The group is part of the Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling (CISM), a Science and Technology Center funded by the NSF for which Dr. Lopez is a Co-PI and Co-Director for Diversity.  CISM research centers on detailed comparisons between observations (space- and ground-based) and the results of 3-D MHD simulations of the magnetosphere as a means of validating models for space weather prediction.  Other research focuses on solar wind-magnetosphere coupling during periods of large values of the interplanetary magnetic field. This work is supported by NASA and the NSF. The current activites of the research group may be found here.

Dr. Lopez's physics education research interests are primarily in issues related to spatial intelligence and visual cognition. Dr. Lopez is an Adjunct Researcher with the Spatial Intelligence Learning Center. In addition, he is one of the Co-Directors for UTeach Arlington. In 2003, he was elected Vice Chair of the APS Forum on Education and served as Chair in 2005. Dr. Lopez has also served various education-related committees of the AGU (American Geophysical Union) and the APS, and as a member of the Board of Directors of SACNAS. In the Fall of 2003, he was co-organizner of the Introductory Calculus-Based Physics Course Conference, sponsored by the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Dr. Lopez is active in K-12 science education as well. He has served as a consultant for a number of school districts around the country, as well as other organizations, particularly the National Science Resources Center. He has been a consultant to the Texas Department of Education for physics content in the STAAR end-of-course physics exam. He worked on the College Board Standards for College Success, coauthoring the physical science standards, and he was one of the authors for the 3rd edition of Active Physics. He is current one of the leaders of the team developing the Next Generation Science Standards.

Dr. Lopez is also the co-author of a popular book on space weather entitled "Storms from the Sun", published by Joseph Henry Press, the tradebook arm of the National Academy Press. This book is now available as a free PDF directly from the National Academy Press.

Guest Category: Arts, Earth & Space, Education, K-12, Physics & Metaphysics, Science
Dr. Julia Assante, Social Historian, Professional Intuitive, Author, Writer, Professional Psychic and Medium, Doctorate in Archaeology and Art History, Professor
Guest Occupation: Social Historian, Professional Intuitive, Author, Writer, Professional Psychic and Medium, Doctorate in Archaeology and Art History, Professor
Guest Biography:

Julia Assante is an established social historian of the ancient Near East (PhD Columbia University). Yet for over three decades she has also been an active professional intuitive. In her book, The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death, she applies the insights and methodologies gained from both fields in order to present a uniquely rigorous investigation of where we go after we die.

From 1977 to the present Julia has been an active professional psychic and medium. In addition to private sessions, she has taught workshops on remote viewing, healing arts and aura reading, afterdeath communication, remembering the future and reincarnational recall in the US, Canada, Germany, France and Spain, with the next one scheduled in Austria for February 2012. She has also coached physicists, medical professionals, entertainers and athletes to develop specific career-related psychic skills. She believes, however, that the real power of good psychic work is not about accurate information. It lies instead in its affect—the spontaneous revelation of a greater reality, the most important experience a person can have. Nothing brings that closer to home than afterdeath communication. Although it is a great wonder and privilege for Julia to assist the dying, officiate at funerals and contact the dead for others, what really changes people, what really heals and ends grief, what unveils the truth of immortality is making direct contact themselves.

Julia Assante received her doctorate in Archaeology and Art History of the Ancient Near East from Columbia University. On invitation, she studied the cuneiform languages of Sumerian (the first known written language) and Akkadian (the first known Semitic language) at Yale. She taught at Columbia, Bryn Mawr and the University of Münster and excavated in Crete (Minoan levels) and Israel. She has given talks at major universities and conferences in the United States and Europe and has written numerous scholarly articles. Her specific area of interest is religion, magic and sexuality, three categories that were closely interconnected in antiquity.

Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Languages, Medium & Channeling, Psychic & Intuitive
Rebecca Willman Gernon, Writer, Author, Received a BA and MA in Psychology and Counselling, Member of the Southern Christian Writers Guild
Guest Occupation: Writer, Author, Received a BA and MA in Psychology and Counselling, Member of the Southern Christian Writers Guild
Guest Biography:

Rebecca Willman Gernon started writing at age 11 when she produced the Dolland News a small daily newspaper typed on her grandmother's old manual typewriter. She also wrote small plays and skits that she had her dolls perform.
Her career with the federal government included a great deal of writing, most of it boring and full of legal mumbo jumbo. In the evening she wrote humor.

Twelve years ago she took an early retirement and was given the opportunity to devote her free time to writing. Her first published story was a veggie fairy take about an eggplant. This was accomplished after two years of writing and submitting manuscripts.

Her plays have won awards or had reading in Missouri, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Virginia. Gernon has won a national food writing contest and paced third in a national humor writing contest. She has been published in a number of anthologies. Amy Signs, A Mother, Her Deaf Daughter, and Their Stories, which she co-wrote with her daughter is her first book. She is currently editing her humorous novel for the umpteenth time.

Guest Category: Literature, Psychology, Motivational
Michael Perlin, Writer, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Videographer, Editor, Writer, Effects Artist, Researcher of Metaphysics
Guest Occupation: Writer, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Videographer, Editor, Writer, Effects Artist, Researcher of Metaphysics
Guest Biography:

Every filmmaker has their story, that they went against all odds and made the impossible happen and cut corners each step of the way with obstacles in their path. But my story is how I made something out of nothing. All I had was an idea; a dream and I had no idea how I was going to manifest it into reality. In 1994, I was living in Dallas Texas, fresh out of college with an economics degree. I was waiting tables at Macaroni Grill. The world that I lived in just didn’t seem right to me. We were still fighting wars over land, race and religion. Nobody seemed to care that this was still going on. It was like people just accepted it the way it was and wanted to stay oblivious to what was happening on our planet as a whole. But I never accepted it as the reality that I was going to live in and I set out to change it. I started to see a pattern-that there was actually a solution to the problem. There were so many spiritual ideas and teachings out there that seemed to be saying the same things about non-violence and love but in so many diverse ways. I saw this as part of the problem. So I decided that if I found this common theme, I would re-package it into a language for the common man and try to bring it to the world by the year 2012.

I stumbled upon an old book called “Three Magic Words by U.S. Andersen, and in it, was the answer I was searching for. This became the inspiration to create the movie and I made the move to Los Angeles. In 2006, with empty pockets, a little film knowledge and a video camera, I began the project. I got fired from my desk job and took a year off to write the screenplay for 3 Magic Words. The biggest challenge in making and completing the film was having no budget, and no experience- except for a short film (Skeptic) I tried to make that fell through the cracks. So I took on another desk job and I purchased my own equipment on credit cards. I threw a green screen up on the wall and with the help of my friend Maura Hoffman; I began contacting the authors, teachers and spiritual leaders who had the most impact on people’s lives. I had to wear practically every hat you can wear in filmmaking since I had little to no money. I tackled editing, animation, titles, graphics, cinematography, sound, color correction and all aspects of production. This film was made in four years on weekends with a full time job and a skeleton crew.

In November of 2010 we traveled to Tokyo and screened the movie in Japanese subtitles. It was a huge success. In April of 2010, we had our big Hollywood Premiere at the Harmony Gold Theater. We sold out 400 seats the day before the event. On August 22 we screened it in Santa Monica, California at the Laemmle Monica 4-plex where we sold out 3 times and had to continue to move into bigger theaters. It looks like Hollywood is finally ready for metaphysics.

After finishing the film I quit my job, sold my furniture, move out of my apartment and bought an RV to take the film on the road. Homeless and broke, I was able to finish the final director’s cut of the film to meet the deliverable requirements on my Macbook pro at Starbucks and land a Warner Bros. Digital Distribution Deal.

As we approach this auspicious date of Dec 21, 2012 (the end of the Mayan Calendar) and the beginning of a new world and a new shift in consciousness for humanity- we have chosen this date to create a cosmic celebration for Earth’s Entrance into the Golden Age by creating a conscious film experience with the 3 Magic Words European Premiere event in London. At the event, a Declaration of Consciousness will be announced to the world. World leaders, prime ministers, presidents and celebrities will sign this document. This is the moment of truth- the day of the final hour when we will all find out if 3 words really can change the world. I hope they will.

Guest Category: Physics & Metaphysics, TV & Film
Helene Olson, Multi-Dimensional Psychic Medium, Trance-Channeler, Reiki Master
Guest Occupation: Multi-Dimensional Psychic Medium, Trance-Channeler, Reiki Master
Guest Biography:

When I was 17 years old, over the course of six weeks, I heard a male voice speaking to me. I vividly remember stating, “I cannot hear you, you do not exist! I am not crazy, and no one is going to tell me I’m crazy.” At that time I had no knowledge or experience with the energies that exist in the universe. I was also sure that if my parents knew that I was hearing a voice they would have intervened with medical attention. Other than the strange voice, I lived an ordinary life, and went out of my way to avoid horror movies, ghost stories, and The Twilight Zone

     Throughout my life, people often said that I was “psychic.” I had a clear knowing about future outcomes in my life and the lives of others. I attributed this to “COINCIDENCE”. Tarot cards became a hobby for me when I was in my twenties, but my life continued in a mundane way. Eventually, I began reading Tarot cards for friends.

     Suddenly while shopping one morning, at a local supermarket, I saw my dead Aunt Doris who had passed on 15 years earlier. Aunt Doris, was speaking to me on a full sized Technicolor screen in my head! I abandoned the shopping cart and left the market. For the rest of that day I was sobbing and confused. Much later, I came to understand that my third eye had opened. While this may seem exciting to some, at the time it was completely overwhelming and scary. I had no knowledge base for this and without the support of my remarkable husband, I would have wound up medicated in a hospital

     Within a few weeks after seeing Aunt Doris, the first Archangel approached me. At first I ignored him, but then he unfolded his energy and spoke to me in a booming voice. I actually felt crushed by his energy and became short of breath. His name was Jophiel, and he continues to connect to me in his thunderous way, bringing messages and teachings.

     Now, at a critical point, I sat at the edge of a precipice the height of Mt. Everest. I had a choice to make. I could take a flying leap of faith or climb all the way back down. I took the leap and stepped beyond the fear. Over time I have been visited by many Angels and they have brought so much good into my life. I stand in gratitude as they continue their teachings with me to this day.

     My work as a psychic medium in Salem, Massachusetts has grown and I now work with clients all over the world offering guidance and support from the Angelic Realm.

Guest Category: Spiritual, Medium & Channeling, Tarot & Other Cards, Psychic & Intuitive
Dean Henderson, Peace and Justice Activist, Writer, Author, Self-Described Revolutionary, Traveler, Co-Founder of the U. of Montana Green Party and Ozark Heritage Region Peace & Justice Network, 2004 Nominated Democratic Congressman in Missouri's 8th Disrict
Guest Occupation: Peace and Justice Activist, Writer, Author, Self-Described Revolutionary, Traveler, Co-Founder of the U. of Montana Green Party and Ozark Heritage Region Peace & Justice Network, 2004 Nominated Democratic Congressman in Missouri's 8th Disrict
Guest Biography:

Dean Henderson was born and raised on a cattle ranch near Faulkton, SD.  He earned a BLS from the University of South Dakota in 1987 and an MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana in 1991.  He founded/published/edited one of America’s first political “zines” – The Missoula Paper - in 1990 in Missoula, MT – where he was also a regular columnist for the Montana Kaimin.

His Left Hook columns have appeared on Infowars, Globalresearch.ca, David Icke and other websites.  His print articles have appeared in Multinational Monitor, In These Times, Paranoia and several other journals.   He is a featured columnist for Veterans Today & Rense.com, and appears regularly on Press TV, al Etejah TV and other international stations.

A self-described revolutionary and traveler to 50 countries, Dean co-founded of the U. of Montana Green Party and Ozark Heritage Region Peace & Justice Network. He was Vice-President of the Central Ozarks Farmer’s Union and former President of the Howell County Democrats.  In 2004 he won the Democratic nomination for Congress in Missouri’s 8th District.  He has authored four books.

His first book, Big Oil and Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families and Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics and Terror Network (www.createspace.com/3476183), has become a global cult classic among conspiracy researchers.

His second book, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries (www.createspace.com/3477016), chronicles insights gained from a lifetime of overseas travel.

His third book, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve: Acht Familien beherrschen die Welt, is published is German language by Kopp Verlag.  This is Chapter 19: The Eight Families of his Big Oil… book.

His latest book, Stickin’ it to the Matrix (www.createspace.com/3914674), is a practical guide to dropping out of the evil Illuminati system and kicking it in the nuts!

Guest Category: Politics & Government, Theory & Conspiracy, Travel & Leisure
Don Miguel Ruiz, Neuro-Surgeon, Shaman, Author, Chief Ambassadors of the Mayans' Cultural Wisdom, Myan Expert, Heart Transplant Survivor
Guest Occupation: Neuro-Surgeon, Shaman, Author, Chief Ambassadors of the Mayans' Cultural Wisdom, Myan Expert, Heart Transplant Survivor
Guest Biography:

Don Miguel Ruiz was born into a humble family with ancient traditions in rural Mexico, the youngest of 13 children. He considers himself very lucky, as this was where he learned from an early age that everything is possible, if we really want it.

His parents, Don Jose and Dona Sarita, as well as his grandfather, Don Leonardo, all believed that Miguel would continue their legacy in the centuries old Toltec tradition. Instead Don Miguel attended medical school, and became a surgeon.

For several years he practiced neurosurgery with his brothers, and he realized that what needed to be healed was not only the physical brain, but the human mind as well.

A near fatal car accident changed the direction of Don Miguel’s life. He experienced himself as pure awareness outside of the constraints of his physical body. He realized that the Toltec wisdom of his family contained all of the tools needed to change the human mind. Don Miguel promptly returned to his mother to finish his training and he became a Shaman.

Don Miguel moved to the United States to share his wisdom, and spent the next 15 years exploring ways to heal and change the human mind. He witnessed his students struggling to quiet their minds and sought to create tools to assist them. The result of this quest was The Four Agreements®. This book contains a specific series of practical steps, that when used by anyone, can result in consistent and long-term personal transformation.

In February of 2002, Don Miguel suffered a near-fatal heart attack. The damage from the heart attack and subsequent coma left him with a heart functioning at only 16% of capacity and in constant pain. Don Miguel would not accept his doctor’s prognosis that he would be restricted to an inactive life of resting at home. He personally embodied the message he shares, by continuing to joyfully live his life, sharing his message through books, lectures and journeys. Though he was enjoying life he also knew that he was slowly dying and focused on preparing his sons to carry on his legacy.

In 2009 Don Miguel’s body began to deteriorate much more rapidly and he applied for a heart transplant. In August 2010 he was put on the transplant waiting list. On October 9th 2010, Don Miguel successfully received a heart transplant. For Don Miguel this is a new beginning and with deep gratitude and generosity he is eager to share his message with all of humanity.

In the tradition of the Toltec, a Nagual (shaman) guides an individual to personal freedom. After exploring the human mind from a Toltec as well as scientific perspective, Don Miguel has combined old wisdom with modern insights and created a new message for all mankind, based in truth and common sense. He has dedicated his life to sharing this new message through practical concepts that promote transformation. His message is simple and when implemented, even incrementally, changes lives.

Don Miguel is highly respected throughout the world. He has received numerous recognitions, including a US Air Force challenge coin engraved with The Four Agreements, and he is referenced as a National Heirloom of Mexico.

The Four Agreements®, published in 1997; was a New York Times bestseller for more than 7 years and the 36th bestselling book of the decade. Other books have followed; The Mastery of Love, The Voice of Knowledge, Prayers, Beyond Fear and The Fifth Agreement, a collaboration with his son Don Jose. All of his books are international bestsellers.

‘Please help us to change the world’! Only you can change the world that you create, and by changing your world, the world will change… ‘and that is the Truth that will set you free’.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, History, Philosophy, Self Help, Spiritual
Greg Haislip, X-Gay Minister, Prayer Warrior, Degree in Psychology, Business Owner, Minister of Delivernce, Radio Host, Singer, General of Prayer in the Kingdom
Guest Occupation: X-Gay Minister, Prayer Warrior, Degree in Psychology, Business Owner, Minister of Delivernce, Radio Host, Singer, General of Prayer in the Kingdom
Guest Biography:

Minister of deliverance, radio host, singer, and a General of prayer in the Kingdom, Greg gives his story of deliverance with an anointing that breaks the yoke of any kind of bondage including pornography and homosexuality. 

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Sex
JIm Channon, Shaman, Spiritual Motivator, Keynote Speaker, Author, Futurist, World Business Academy Fellow, Visionary, Lieutenant Colonel, First Earth Battalion Devoloper, Warrior Monk, Soldier
Guest Occupation: Shaman, Spiritual Motivator, Keynote Speaker, Author, Futurist, World Business Academy Fellow, Visionary, Lieutenant Colonel, First Earth Battalion Devoloper, Warrior Monk, Soldier
Guest Biography:

"Future shock is not one big idea," Jim Channon whispered from the podium, "it's a thousand little ones."

How many business conferences open with a masked and robed master of ceremonies calling in the "muse" of the future of business? At the Global Mind Change Forum put on last weekend in Santa Barbara by the World Business Academy, that's exactly what Channon did - and the muse appeared, singing, dressed in a blue feathered robe, and slowly crossed the stage while Channon fell to his knees.

Channon is billed as America's first "corporate shaman," and is the originator of the popular concept of "corporate visioning," but he's also got the chops - and the credentials - to be taken very, very seriously, having worked as a consultant for ten of the world's hundred largest companies, and as lead futurist and educational technologist for the U.S. Army. His theatrical presentation marking the opening of the three day seminar was well received by the energized, if mildly astonished, audience of 250 business people from around the world, most of whom looked more like Men's Wearhouse customers than seekers of aboriginal wisdom.

As Channon closed his speech to great applause, one businessman who had come all the way from Great Britain turned to another and said in a tone of scandalized glee, "Can you imagine that guy speaking in London?!"

Jim Channon says he’s a shaman at heart, To AT&T, Du Pont, Whirlpool and others, he’s a consultant.

“Three things are missing from almost every organization I’ve been through,” he says “A sincere desire to love each other in a a brotherly way, an ability to incorporate spiritual values in their work, and an ability to do something physical together.” On all three counts he thinks modern corporations could learn from tribal cultures: “Just because those guys can’t make toasters doesn’t mean that singing together, dancing together, and telling stories around a fire isn’t a damn good thing to do.”

As a keynoter you won't get another podium bound pundit with a prearranged list of magic bullets. Jim doesn't do information. Jim will take you on a trip to tomorrow and load your imaginal mind with charged imagery that invites you into your own best choices... the choices that will make the difference in your world and the world of your enterprise.

He has illustrated and verbally charged the visions of ten of the worlds largest corporations. He is a model of creativity in an unforgettable combination. He has a "whole being intelligence" and all who witness this in action will have a new model of how to move into the future with all their senses working as one. He can aim a group at the precise vision they have suggested and evoke the deepest feelings of resolve to launch them on that path.

For the time he is with you he will be your futurist. And, since he leads the World Business Academy fellows on their quest to determine the best planetary vision for the next century .... he has the brain power of many of the worlds finest visionaries ... in his pocket. Because of his graphic language you will be able to see even your most complex maneuvers come clear. Imagine a football play without a chalk talk? Jim can do twelve dimensions on the same 1 X 2 meter white board. No more wandering in the dark. And he can finish it all off with an uncompromisingly beautiful strategic illustration you can use for years.

Guest Category: History, Paranormal, Spiritual, TV & Film
Kent Boxberger - CEO, AUTHOR, PERSONAL & BUSINESS ADVISOR, Spiritual Doctor
Guest Biography:

Author of the Books, “CHANGE YOUR LIFE in 1 Hour”, “The MIND MANAGER”, "ACCELERATING YOUR SPIRITUALITY”, The “HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF” Guide …...found @ Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple iStore.

Guest Category: Business, Health & Lifestyle, Psychology, Self Help
Kendall Ray Morgan, Archaeologist, Explorer and Crysal Skull Event Facilitator
Guest Occupation: Archaeologist, Explorer, Crysal Skull Event Facilitator
Guest Biography:

Kendall Ray Morgan is an amateur archaeologist and explorer who has conducted numerous field research projects locating and traveling to remote sites on the globe. He has extensively explored such areas as Mexico, Central America, South America and Hawaii while listening, learning and sharing with many different indigenous elders, metaphysical and esoteric teachers.

For more than 13 years, he has studied extensively the work of distinguished scholars such as Dr. J.J. Hurtak PhD at The Academy for Future Science https://futurescience.org/ , the late Jose Arguelles, author of the Mayan Factor, and the work of the late Mesoamerican Archaeologist Gareth W. Lowe of the New World Archaeological Foundation. He has also extensively studied the works of the late great Mayan Archaeologist Linda Schele.

At one time or another, Kendall has had personal contact and interacted with these respected scholars and a list of many other world renowned researchers, teachers and shamans too long to list here in following his imagination and passions for personal growth. These interactions have led him to the Lost Hall of Records of Atlantis in Yucatan, Mexico. Kendall now believes he has the proof of the existence of the Firestone Crystal of Atlantis as mentioned in Edgar Cayce's readings. He believes that he has come into contact with the crystal and knows the location of the temple and the Hall of Records to be found there. Only seriously interested parties should contact him for further information on these recent discoveries in the Yucatan.

Kendall went on many adventures in Central and South America in his quest for knowledge and ran into one of the world's most pre-eminent UFO investigators, the late Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (The real life Indiana Jones) several times in the jungles of Ecuador while tracking down Father Crespi and his private collection of Atlantean treasure troves.

Through his diverse teachers and multicultural background, Kendall believes that we are all related and nothing happens by mistake. He believes we are all here learning, growing, and refining ourselves through our experiences both individually and collectively while being embedded within the planes of cosmic consciousness. Kendall is a visionary who has experienced various spiritual healing expressions and modalities.

Kendall recently attended the Return of the Ancestors event, an international multicultural gathering and sacred pilgrimage welcoming indigenous elders and future wisdom keepers. The event, held in Northern Arizona, was hosted by the Institute for Cultural Awareness organizations, Drunvalo Melchizedek and a host of respected indigenous elders. It was a humbling experience for Kendall and he considered it an honor to be with so many other beautiful like-minded brothers and sisters.

Kendall was guided to bring the crystal skulls together first at the 09.09.09 Crystal Skulls World Mysteries Conference in Tempe, Arizona. After that, Kendall heeded the call of the ancient crystal skulls to move on and he founded Oracle Stone Productions. In 2010, Oracle Stone Productions teamed up with Alan Steinfeld of New Realities Television and the Edgar Cayce A.R.E organization in New York City to produce the 10.10.10 event in NYC that was called Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls, They brought together the ancient crystalline artifacts of time, their guardians and the Legendary Mayan Elders with their messages for the world at this event and at a special meeting at the United Nations.

In 2011, Oracle Stone Productions produced 11.11.11 Crystal Skulls Gateway in L.A event bringing the ancient crystal skulls to the West Coast.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, History, Science, Spiritual
Dr. Ralph E. Holsworth, Jr., D.O., Osteopathic Doctor, Family Physician, Environmental Scientific Consultant, Nuclear Power Plant Propusion Operator, Clinical Director, Professor, Editor, Writer and Author
Guest Occupation: Osteopathic Doctor, Family Physician, Environmental Scientific Consultant, Nuclear Power Plant Propusion Operator, Clinical Director, Professor, Editor, Writer, Author
Guest Biography:

Dr. Ralph E. Holsworth, Jr., D.O., received his Doctor of Osteopathy in 1997 from The University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kansas City, MO.  He is a board-certified osteopathic family physician previously serving rural and underserved regions of New Mexico and Colorado. Prior to his medical training, Dr. Holsworth served as environmental scientific consultant with the US EPA and private sector firms providing technical assistance on Superfund site evaluation, remediation and environmental cleanups.  He received his Baccalaureate of Science, Majoring in Geochemistry from The University of Texas, El Paso, in 1985.  In 1977-1981, Dr. Holsworth was a Nuclear Power Plant Propulsion Operator for the United States Navy.

At Tahoma Clinic, Dr. Holsworth treats a wide variety of health conditions, with special interest in cardiovascular conditions (especially problems related to increased blood thickness that respond to the therapeutic aspects of Nattokinase), auto-immune problems, diabetes, and environmental illness. With a long-time interest in integretative and functional medicine approaches to traditional medicine, he first became familiar with Dr. Jonathan Wright and his work in 2001.  He melds his own unique physician experience with Dr. Wright’s treatment protocols to benefit his patients.

Prior to joining Tahoma Clinic, Dr. Holsworth practiced medicine in a wide variety of settings as shown below:

  • Emergency Medicine Physician, Rio Grande Hospital, Del Norte, CO
  • Clinical Director of Rio Grande Hospital Rural Clinics in South Fork and Monte Vista, Colorado
  • Physician, Valley-Wide Health Systems, Rio Grande Medical Clinic, Monte Vista, CO
  • Physician, Durango Urgent Care Center, Durango. CO
  • On-call physician, San Luis Regional Valley Medical Center,  Alamosa, CO
  • Medical Staff Officer, Lieutenant Commander in Commissioned Officers Corps, U.S. Public Health Service, Indian Health Service Units in Dulce, NM and Mescalero, NM

In addition to the above positions, Dr. Holsworth served as Director of Clinical and Scientific Research for Essentia Water; served as honorary professor, Department of Biology, at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and is a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Applied Clinical Thrombosis and Hemostasis and the Japan Nattokinase Research Association.  He has been involved in clinical research with oral systemic enzymes as an adjuvant in cancer treatment and has authored several publications related to antioxidant properties of electrolyzed water and nattokinase, a fibrinolytic enzyme.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Science, Biology & Chemistry, Technology
Dr. Daniel Cho, Director, Publisher, Consultant, Inventor, Writer, Mechanical Engineer, Blood Flow Researcher, Author, Editor, Teacher, Professor and Doctor
Guest Occupation: Director, Publisher, Consultant, Inventor, Writer, Mechanical Engineer, Blood Flow Researcher, Author, Editor, Teacher, Professor, Doctor
Guest Biography:

Dan serves as Director and Publisher of BloodFlowOnline.com, an online resource dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of healthy blood flow. A graduate of Harvard College, Mr. Cho has more than 12 years of experience in the management of emerging growth technology companies in the medical field. From 2009 to 2010, he was Vice President of ProMetrics, a healthcare consulting firm, where he led engagements with healthcare providers in the areas of cardiovascular and renal disease. Previously, Daniel was President and COO of Rheologics, a developer of blood viscosity diagnostics for cardiovascular diseases. He has co-authored three peer-reviewed scientific articles and is the inventor of two pending patents.


Young Cho is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics at Drexel University in Philadelphia. His primary research interests include hemorheology (the study of blood flow) and vascular diseases, as well as water purification and energy. He is an inventor of the Hemathix viscometer, the world's most advanced clinical viscometer, and its predecessor, the Rheolog viscometer. Professor Cho has authored/co-authored approximately one hundred seventy papers in the area of heat transfer, fluid mechanics, rheology, acoustics, combustion and energy.  

Dr. Cho is editor for Handbook of Heat Transfer (McGraw Hill, 3rd ed.) and an editor for the Advances in Heat Transfer (Academic Press). He was the recipient of the 1992 Lindback Award for excellence in teaching at Drexel University. In 1993, Dr. Cho was nominated by U.S. DOE and elected as the chairman of the Advanced Fluid Committee under the International Energy Agency. In 1995, he was the recipient of the Research Professor of the Year at Drexel University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago and holds M.S. and B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Seoul National Unversity in Korea.

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Tanis Helliwell, Spiritual Consciousness Facilitator, Seer, Author, Inner Mysteries Teacher, Speaker and Consultant
Guest Occupation: Spiritual Consciousness Facilitator, Seer, Author, Inner Mysteries Teacher, Speaker, Consultant
Guest Biography:

Tanis Helliwell M.Ed. is the founder of the International Institute for Transformation (IIT), which since January 2000 has offered programs to assist individuals to become conscious creators to work with the spiritual laws that govern our world. Tanis, a mystic in the modern world, has brought spiritual consciousness into the mainstream for over 30 years.

“Tanis Helliwell is a spiritual evocateur and deep seer who opens us up to other voices…other realms….”
Jean Houston, Author of A Mythic Life and ambassador to the UN

Tanis is the author of Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns, Embraced by Love, Summer with the Leprechauns, Take Your Soul to Work and Decoding Your Destiny: Keys to Humanity’s Spiritual Evolution. She is a student and teacher of the Inner Mysteries, living on the seacoast north of Vancouver, Canada. Since childhood, she has seen and heard elementals, angels, and master teachers in higher dimensions. For 16 years she conducted a therapy practice, helping individuals with their spiritual transformation. As well, to heal the Earth and to catalyze individual transformation she has led tours and walking pilgrimages to sacred sites for over 20 years.

Tanis Helliwell is a sought-after keynote speaker whose insightful awareness is applied in a variety of spiritual disciplines. She has presented at conferences also featuring Rupert Sheldrake, Matthew Fox, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gregg Braden, Fritjof Capra, and Jean Houston. These conferences include The Science and Consciousness Conference in Albuquerque, The World Future Society in Washington, DC; Spirit and Business conferences in Boston, Toronto, Vancouver and Mexico. Tanis has also presented at Findhorn, Hollyhock, A.R.E. Edgar Cayce and Alice Bailey.

In addition to her therapy practice and spiritual workshops and tours, she worked for almost 30 years as a consultant to business, universities and government, to catalyze organizational transformation and to help individuals develop their potential. Her clients include IBM, McKinsey and Company, David Suzuki Foundation, International Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans, University of Calgary, The Banff Centre- Leadership Programs, Alberta Medical Association.

Her work is committed to helping people to develop right relationships with themselves, others and the Earth.

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Don Tomas Calvo, Mayan Pope, Keeper of the Mayan Book of Creation and Maya Moral Authority
Guest Occupation: Mayan Pope, Keeper of the Mayan Book of Creation, Maya Moral Authority
Guest Biography:

Don Tomás Calvo, the highest moral authority of the Maya, described as the Mayan Pope.

The head of the Order of the Mayan Lords and keeper of the Popol Vjuh or Mayan Book of Creation, Don Tomas Calvo led a delegation yesterday of Mayan elders to the United Nations, where they performed a special ceremony and addressed indigenous people and members of the U.N. Security Council from Guatemala in observance of U.N. Day.

Calvo told members of the United Nations: "I bring the knowledge of my ancestors to the Earth that holds the thoughts of all those who believe another world is possible...To you, representatives of the peoples who share our planet daily, I bring the voice of my people on my way towards the end of a period of time we call Oxlajuj B'aqtun and before the opening of a new era which we enter with joy and harmony." He emphasized that events are now accelerating at a rapid pace and that pace will continue to speed up. What previously took decades is now taking months and what used to take months is now taking days. The changes ahead are likely to happen fast and furious and yet present rare opportunities for human growth and the establishment of new priorities for the human race.

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Sara Karloff, Daughter of Frankenstein (Boris Karloff) and Speaker
Guest Occupation: Daughter of Frankenstein (Boris Karloff), Speaker
Guest Biography:

Daughter of Frankenstein (Boris Karloff), his only child!

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Sterling D. Allan, CEO, Free Energy Technologies Researcher, Exotic Energy Explorer, New Energy Congress Founder, Writer, Speaker and Radio Show Host
Guest Occupation: CEO, Free Energy Technologies Researcher, Exotic Energy Explorer, New Energy Congress Founder, Writer, Speaker, Radio Show Host
Guest Biography:

Sterling Allan is the primary driving force behind PESN.com, FreeEnergyNews.com, NewEnergyCongress.org and most recently http://EnergyNEST.org

Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network, of which he is CEO, is the premier news, directory, and networking service whose mission is to find and facilitate the best exotic free energy technologies. In May, 2012, Sterling founded the New Energy Systems Trust to help bring these technologies to market.

PES is aided by the New Energy Congress, which Sterling founded in 2005 as an association of energy professionals from around the world who review the most promising claims to existing and up-and-coming breakthrough energy technologies that are clean, renewable, affordable, reliable, easy to implement, safe, and legitimate. From this ongoing review, they generate a Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies listing.  More recently, they shifted their focus to "exotic" modalities, emphasizing the Top 5.  They also endeavor to facilitate the emergence of some of the more promising exotic technologies into the marketplace.  

Sterling has made the term "free energy" more acceptable by relating it to solar, wind, geothermal, and other well-understood technologies; while also making the more exotic approaches not seem so crazy. 

Prior to his focused involvement in free energy over the past eight years, Sterling was an activist in promoting principles of freedom and defending them against forces conspiring to establish world tyranny. For example, he spearheaded the "Draft Ron Paul for President in 2004" signature campaign. When Paul declined, Sterling threw his own hat in that ring. 

He is presently involved in launching an intentional community, Safe Haven Villages, featuring sustainable building and growing methods and utilizing renewable energy. Sterling's graduate studies at BYU and the University of Arizona were in Bioelectrochemisty, studying the interaction between external electrical stimuli and physiological systems.

Sterling is the founder of a dozen-plus organizations whose functions range from preparedness and alternative religious and political thinking; to defining, teaching and researching better ways to live as a society. He has proven experience in creating, managing and sustaining organizations, as well as in using websites as a way to teach, publish and disseminate information.

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Pamela Rae Schuffert, Investigative Journalist, New World Order Researcher, Christian Outreach Worker and Writer
Guest Occupation: Investigative Journalist, New World Order Researcher, Christian Outreach Worker, Writer
Guest Biography:

BIO BELOW FROM: http://www.blogger.com/profile/12695101223748267249

I have been performing in-depth investigative journalism nationwide for 17 years now. My reports have become famous worldwide. I am also proud to confess I am a BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN, a true BELIEVER of Jesus Christ, which means personally that I adhere to high standards of morality and integrity, including in my research and in my personal life. I cover urgent subjects which include the deadly emerging NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA in America.

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Dr. Thomas O'Bryan, Speaker, Gluten Sensitivity Expert, Celiac Desease Expert, Clinician and Teacher
Guest Occupation: Speaker, Gluten Sensitivity Expert, Celiac Desease Expert, Clinician, Teacher
Guest Biography:

Dr. O'Bryan is an internationally recognized speaker specializing in Gluten Sensitivity & Celiac Disease. He is the Sherlock Holmes for chronic disease & metabolic disorders.

He is a clinician par excellence in treating chronic disease and metabolic disorders from a Functional Medicine Perspective. He holds teaching Faculty positions with the Institute for Functional Medicine and the National University of Life Sciences. Dr. O’Bryan is always one of the most respected, highly-appreciated speakers. His passion is in teaching the many manifestations of Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease as they occur inside and outside of the intestines.

In sensitive individuals, Gluten Sensitivity can trigger Auto-Immune Disorders, Epilepsy, Thyroid Disease, Diabetes, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and more. Perhaps one of the more surprising messages is the impact of Gluten Sensitivity on the brain. The “dimmer switch”, that occurs in the brain (especially in children), is one that parents and care givers would never suspect.

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