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John D. Riley, Special Effects Expert, Alternative Energy Researcher and Radiant Energy System Inventor
Guest Occupation: Special Effects Expert, Alternative Energy Researcher, Inventor
Guest Biography:

John D. Riley, Researcher of Alternative Energy/Science

With a diverse background in Top Secret military projects at Lockheed Aircraft to 20 years in the Motion Picture business with his own Special Effects company, working on some of the industry's top films, John Riley decided to take his knowledge and experience to a much higher level. Since the age of 8, John was fascinated by the energy systems developed by the early great inventors, such as Nikola Tesla and George Lakhovsky. He has been researching and studying these early discoveries and has re-discovered missing technology and lost meanings behind these origins of power. It is with great passion now that he has combined his expertise in the field of engineering and his understanding behind these early inventions to create his own Radiant Energy system, called the Lifestream Generator. Zero Point Research, John's research facility in Santa Monica, CA is also open to the public to receive Lifestream sessions by certified practitioners. Zero Point Research is where John goes down the rabbit hole daily.

Guest Category: Science, Technology, Tech News, Free Energy
Helena Norberg-Hodge, Author, Filmmaker, Pioneer of the New Economy Movement, Writer, Lecturer, Localization Activist, Producer, Director, Environmentalist, Ecologist, Visionary, Columnist, Linguist and Goi Peace Prize Recipient
Guest Occupation: Author, Filmmaker, Pioneer of the New Economy Movement, Writer, Lecturer, Localization Activist, Producer, Director, Environmentalist, Ecologist, Visionary, Columnist, Linguist, Goi Peace Prize Recipient
Guest Biography:

Author and filmmaker Helena Norberg-Hodge is a pioneer of the ‘new economy’ movement. Through writing and public lectures on three continents, she has been promoting an economics of personal, social and ecological well-being for more than thirty years. She is a widely respected analyst of the impact of the global economy on communities, local economies, and personal identity, and is a leading proponent of ‘localization’, or decentralization, as a means of countering those impacts.

Helena’s book, Ancient Futures, has been described as “an inspirational classic”. Together with the film of the same title, it has been translated into more than 40 languages, and sold about half a million copies. She is also the producer and co-director of the award-winning film, The Economics of Happiness, and the co-author of Bringing the Food Economy Home and From the Ground Up: Rethinking Industrial Agriculture. The Earth Journal counted Helena among the world’s ‘ten most interesting environmentalists’, while in Carl McDaniel’s book Wisdom for a Liveable Planet, she was profiled as one of ‘eight visionaries changing the world’.  The Post Growth Institute counted Helena on the (En)Rich List, a list of 100 people "whose collective contributions enrich paths to sustainable futures."

Helena has lectured in seven languages and appeared in broadcast, print and online media worldwide, including MSNBC, The London Times, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian. She has written numerous articles and essays, and her work has been the subject of more than 300 articles worldwide.

Educated in Sweden, Germany, Austria, England and the United States, Helena specialized in linguistics, including studies at the University of London and at MIT. Since 1975, she has worked with the people of Ladakh, or “Little Tibet”, to find ways of enabling their culture to meet the modern world without sacrificing social and ecological values. For these efforts she was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, or ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’. Helena was awarded the 2012 Goi Peace Prize for contributing to "the revitalization of cultural and biological diversity, and the strengthening of local communities and economies worldwide."

Helena is the founder and director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC). Based in the US and UK, with subsidiaries in Germany and Australia, ISEC examines the root causes of our current social and environmental crises, while promoting more sustainable and equitable patterns of living in both North and South. Helena is also a founding member of the International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture, and a co-founder of both the International Forum on Globalization and the Global Ecovillage Network.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Politics & Government, TV & Film
UFO Researcher, MUFON Director, Editor, Abduction Researcher, Marketing Consultant
Guest Occupation: UFO Researcher, MUFON Director, Editor, Abduction Researcher, Marketing Consultant
Guest Biography:

Elaine Douglass has been a UFO researcher since the mid-1980s and she is a 25-year member of MUFON. For many years she was MUFON state director for Washington, DC and for the past 12 years she has been MUFON state director for Utah.

Elaine is an editor of JAR, the Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research, an email quarterly magazine on UFO abductions. In the 1990s she was an organizer for the group Operation Right to Know, which held street demonstrations protesting UFO secrecy. She holds a masters degree from MIT in military policy. Elaine lives in Utah and she is self-employed as a marketing consultant.

Elaine is one of 4 state directors and 2 assistant state directors purged from MUFON in December 2010. As a result, she is a participant in the newly-formed Committee to Reform MUFON (CRM), which is calling for significant change in MUFON.

Guest Category: Paranormal, UFOs, Theory & Conspiracy
Elizabeth A. Rauscher, Ph.D., Astrophysicist, Nuclear Physicist, Engineer, Chemist, Scientist, Researcher, Professor, Consultant, Advisor, U.S. Delegate, Lecturer, Writer, Author, Inventor and Who's Who
Guest Occupation: Astrophysicist, Nuclear Physicist, Engineer, Chemist, Scientist, Researcher, Professor, Consultant, Advisor, U.S. Delegate, Lecturer, Writer, Author, Inventor, Who's Who
Guest Biography:

Elizabeth A. Rauscher, Ph.D. was associated with the University of California, Berkeley, CA (UCB), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) from 1964 until 1979, first as a graduate student and then as a research staff member. From 1964 until 1966 she was with the theoretical nuclear science division and from 1966-1969, with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Theoretical Nuclear, Plasma and Astrophysical Program. From 1969 until 1974 she was associated with the theoretical particle physics group and from 1974 until 1977 she was associated with the Nuclear Science Theoretical and experimental Bevatron accelerator program from 1977 until 1979 she was on staff with the Nuclear Physics G.T. Seaborg research group.

Dr. Rauscher held concurrent invited positions at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) from 1971 to 1972 and was a consultant of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) Radio Physics Laboratory 1974-1977 in theoretical relativistic physics. She also held a Navy grant from 1970-1974 through U.C. Berkeley and also she held an Air Force consulting position in 1979 an antennae theory and in 1979 and 1989, she was a delegate to the United Nations on long term energy sources and environmental issues. As a consultant and adjunct professor at the University of Nevada, she conducted theoretical research and advised experimental programs on fast light ion-atom collisions, primarily helium to calculate high resolution extreme ultraviolet (EUV) emission cross sections 1990-1995 in which she worked with faculty and graduate students in completing their graduate programs. From 1997-1999 she conducted research on generalized quantum theory and relativistic invariance under a Stanford Engineering research grant.

Dr. Rauscher has been a delegate to the United Nations in 1979, and 1989 and a research consultant to NASA (1983-1985), a staff researcher at Stanford Research Institute, SRI International (1974-1977) and held a Stanford University Grant, 1997-1999. She has conducted extensive consulting research and invited lectures in the U.S.A., England, Europe, Japan, Korea, India, Africa, South America, Canada, Mexico, and Bermuda. She has published over 200 papers, 4 books. She holds 3 U.S. patents and 1 European patent with Dr. W.L. Van Bise. Co-authored with Dr. William L. Van Bise a number of research papers on electromagnetic phenomena and geophysical activity and is a co-author on a US patent on an extremely sensitive magnetometer to measure the fluctuation in electromagnetic fields associated with and prior to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and ionospheric disturbances. Besides developing some design features of the magnetometer system, data analysis and statistical analysis, she has developed geoelectric and geomagnetic theoretical models. She and Dr. Van Bise are conducting extensive research into geophysical phenomena at the Electromagnetic Laboratories of Arizona, U.S.

Dr. Rauscher is a member of American Physical Society, The Mathematical Society of America, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Nuclear Society, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, International Society for the Study of Energy Medicine, American Associates of Medical Instruments and American Association of Mathematics. She has been recognized for her major contributions in Marquis Who's Who of Men and Women in Science, Golden State Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in California, Who's Who in Technology Today, Leading Consultants in Technology, who's Who Historical Society, Men of Achievement, Community Leaders of America, Who's Who of American Inventors, World Leadership Award (England), Outstanding Teachers Award, Award for Significant Research Joint ABC/USA, DOE top ten women in USA in science sward, USPA Leaders of America Life Time Membership Award, lota Sigma Pi fellow, Delta Delta Delta scholarships at UCB. She graduated with honors and presidential Commendation for service to the University of California, Berkeley. She has received numerous honors.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Physics & Metaphysics, Science, Technology
Victor Viggiani B.A. M.Ed., Ufologist, Director of Media Relations, Radio Journalist, Writer, News Director and College Supervisor
Guest Occupation: Ufologist, Director of Media Relations, Radio Journalist, Writer, News Director, College Supervisor
Guest Biography:

Victor Viggiani is a recently retired school Principal from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Psychology (York University Toronto Ontario Canada) and a Masters in Educational Administration and Curriculum Development (Brock University, St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada).

Victor is also a College Supervisor at the Faculty of Education of Medaille College in Buffalo New York.

Victor's research and analysis of anomalous aerial phenomenon spans over 30 years. His experience involves UFO sightings report investigation, counselling work with individuals reporting anomalous experiences, presentations and journalism in the field of ETI Disclosure issues.

Extensive UFO research has been completed throughout the South Western U.S.A. in locations such as Groom Lake Nevada, Corona, Roswell, Socorro, The Very Large Array Telescope, White Sands, Los Alamos NL and Dulce in New Mexico and in South and North Eastern Australia.

Published work includes:

  • Area 51: A Desert Journey
  • Alien Abduction Symposium Boston Mass. A Review of Alien Abduction Dialogue Between Dr. John Mack and Budd Hopkins
  • Disclosure: A Terrestrial Imperative
  • A series of professional articles in educational journals on Student Discipline, Classroom Management, Teacher Supervision, and Curriculum Development


Musician and music enthusiast Victor has a comprehensive working knowledge of music eras from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Victor oversees ZlandCommunications, an exclusive Canadian focal-point news service providing international coverage, commentary and the distribution of news and events related to the geo-political implications of UFO/ET Disclosure.

Victors committed goal is to promote and facilitate genuine educational experiences for media, politicians, academic and private institutions and the general public about the implications of Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial presence currently engaging the planet.

Victor Viggiani is currently the Director of Media Relations for Exopolitics Toronto.

Victor Viggiani is currently the News Director of ZlandCommunications an international news service

Guest Category: News, Paranormal, UFOs, Theory & Conspiracy
Philip Mantle, UFO Researcher, Author, Lecturer, Publicist, Broadcaster, ET Investigator, Writer, Columnist and Consultant
Guest Occupation: UFO Researcher, Author, Lecturer, Publicist, Broadcaster, ET Investigator, Writer, Columnist, Consultant
Guest Biography:

Philip Mantle
British author / co-author, publicist, lecturer, broadcaster and researcher of Unidentified Flying Objects.
UFO research:
Philip Mantle's interest in UFO research began in l979 when he joined the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), and Yorkshire UFO Society (YUFOS).
1985:   Nominated  'Investigator of the year’ by YUFOS.
1987:   Appointed to Council of management of BUFORA. Subsequently acted as Press Officer,  Conference Organiser, and Secretary to the National Investigations Committee
l988:     Appointed England's representative for the  Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON)
l992:     Awarded honorary member of the Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena (RIAP), a science based UFO-study group based in the Ukraine
l993:     Appointed Director of Investigations for BUFORA.
Although extremely active in the field of UFO research, Philip Mantle has relinquished his various appointed positions, due to professional commitments, with the exception of honorary membership of RIAP.
Organisational publication credits include:
YUFOS Journal, UFO TIMES, Enigma, California UFO, MUFON UFO JOURNAL, CENAP REPORT, OVNI PRESENCE, Awareness, The Wild Places, UFO Universe, UFO Brigantia and numerous others international publications
Newspaper / Magazine publication credits include:
Daily Star, The Independent, Today, Plus Magazine, The Guardian, The Mail on Sunday, The People, Daily Mirror, and numerous other local and regional newspapers and periodicals throughout the UK as well as international publications.
Lectures and radio / TV broadcasts include:
United Kingdom -
BBC radio network and TV programmes such as Kilroy, Pebble Mill at One, TV-AM, GMTV, Central Weekend, Fantastic Facts, Wire TV, Schofield’s Quest, Motormouth, The Disney Club, Cool Cube, Good Morning with Anne and Nick, This Morning.

International Radio / TV broadcasts -
Norway, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, San Marino, Rumania, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, and the USA.
Movie and Video Publicity / Promotions include:
College Tutoring:
In l990 I formulated, organised and tutored 3 ten-week college courses on UFO’s for the Adult Education Department of Wakefield College, West Yorkshire.

Book Publications:
WITHOUT CONSENT - Ringpull Press Ltd (UK) 1994

BEYOND ROSWELL - Marlowe & Company (USA) 1997
Philip Mantle was a consultant on a series of books on the 'unexplained', published by Hamlyn Children’s books in l998. Two books are completed for Hamlyn, and titled ALIEN EVIDENCE and ALIEN CONTACT, were published in l998/99.
Philip Mantle was also a consultant for THE SOVIET UFO FILES, which was published Quadrillion Publishing Ltd. This book was authored by Paul Stonehill of the Russian Ufology Centre, and was published in October 1998. Philip Mantle was a consultant on a book in 1999 for Quadrillion Publishing Ltd, titled ABDUCTION - ENCOUNTERS WITH EXTRATERRESTRIALS.

MYSTERIOUS SKY– Soviet UFO Phenomenon – PublishAmerica 2006.

ALIEN AUTOPSY INQUEST – PublishAmerica 2007.
On-going projects include:
UFO-LINK, with journalist and public relations consultant Carl Nagaitis. UFO-LINK is a UFO consultancy aimed at working with and providing UFO material to the media.
School lectures: In 2001 I have been actively involved with ‘The Mystery Club’ at Batley Boys High School, West Yorkshire.
QUEST MAGAZINE: In January, l999 Philip Mantle became the Research & Commissioning Editor of Quest Magazine published by Top Events & Publications Ltd. Distributed in over 30 countries around the world this publication has been in print now for over three years. In May, l999, Philip Mantle was promoted to Assistant Editor of Quest Magazine. 
BEYOND MAGAZINE: In July, l999 Philip Mantle became the Research & Commissioning Editor of BEYOND magazine the sister publication of Quest Magazine published by Top Events & Publications Ltd.  NB: I ceased working on QUEST and BEYOND in September 1999.
BRITISH EUROPEAN ASSOCIATED PUBLISHERS LTD: Philip Mantle has been a consultant to B.E.A.P. from December 2000 to March 2001 on a new magazine project.

Guest Category: Paranormal, UFOs
Dr. Jan W. Vandersande, Physicist, Professor, Communications Director, Psychic Phenomena Reasearcher, Writer, Author and Afterlife Researcher
Guest Occupation: Physicist, Professor, Communications Director, Psychic Phenomena Reasearcher, Writer, Author, Afterlife Researcher
Guest Biography:

Jan W. Vandersande, Ph.D., has published more than 80 scientific articles so brings a wealth of technical expertise to bear on the subject. He holds a doctorate in physics and has served professorships at the University of Witwatersand, South Africa, as well as Cornell University. Dr. Vandersande has worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is currently the communications director for VIASPACE Inc. He spends a lot of his spare time reading about, analyzing and writing about psychic phenomena.


Dr. Jan W. Vandersande - The Best evidence of Life After Death

Renowned physicist Dr. Jan W. Vandersande discusses his book Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence, in which he condenses more than 100 years of literature and testimony. Through historical accounts, photographs, and personal experience he surveys the evidence of an afterlife and finds much of observed physical mediumship credible and compelling. Join us as we learn how a trained physicist investigates psychic phenomena and life after death. Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence

Guest Category: Paranormal, Near Death Experiences, Physics & Metaphysics, Science, Spiritual
Wade Frazier, Scientist, Write, Researcher and Free Energy Activist
Guest Occupation: Scientist, Writer, Researcher, Free Energy Activist
Guest Biography:

BIO BELOW FROM: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?10672-WADE-FRAZIER-A-Healed-Planet

Wade, "groomed as a scientist from an early age", became fascinated by the subject of Free Energy when just a teenager. As is so often the case with those with a clearly envisioned life mission when so young, his life's path then propelled him through a series of hard-hitting experiences that qualify him to be one of the preeminent writers on the subject today.

Wade's website, http://ahealedplanet.net/home.htm, comprises over 1200 pages of deeply thought-out, intelligent and well-informed commentary on a number of the most important issues of our time. His direct personal experiences include working shoulder-to-shoulder for a number of years with Dennis Lee, who he describes as 'The Indiana Jones of Free Energy'. Wade attests that Lee's larger-than-life experiences, many of which Wade witnessed at first hand (including the viability of his technology) were authentic and occurred just as he reports on his site.

Guest Category: Science, Technology
Patrice Chaplin, Playwright, Author, Holy Grail Researcher, Writer, Columnist and Secret Society Explorer
Guest Occupation: Playwright, Author, Holy Grail Researcher, Writer, Columnist, Secret Society Explorer
Guest Biography:

Patrice Chaplin is an internationally renowned playwright and author who has published more than 25 books, plays and short stories. Her most notable work includes Albany Park, Siesta, which was made into a film staring Jodi Foster and Isabella Rossellini with music by Miles Davies, Into the Darkness Laughing, Hidden Star, Night Fishing, Death Trap and City of Secrets.

Patrice's journey into the Holy Grail's mystery first began when she stumbled upon the Spanish city of Girona in 1955, as a fifteen-year-old girl who had left London in search of Bohemia. She fell in love with this ancient Catalan city, and with its esteemed poet and Grail custodian Jose Tarres. Over the years, Patrice became increasingly involved with the Holy Grail material, Kabbalah, and the history and purpose behind Rennes-le-Château, including the enigmatic Bérenger Saunière's commissioned work there.

As a Bohemian in Paris during the 50's and 60's, she spent time with Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. She was married to Charlie Chaplin's son Michael and during her avant garde journeys through occult circles, her friends included Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau (the last listed Grand Master or helmsman of the Priory of Sion, the secret society mentioned in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code), who gave her a starring role in one of his films, Lauren Bacall, Miles Davis and experts on the esoteric practices of the Kabbalah in Spain. City of Secrets is the extraordinary true story of one woman's journey to the heart of the Grail legend.

In 2003, Patrice began making greater sense of everything she had experienced with her lifelong friend and former lover Jose Tarres. Jose had just suffered a near fatal heart attack and decided it was time to reveal many of the secrets he had been guarding from the world, including her. Patrice learned about Jose's private society in greater detail - a society which has for generations held the Grail, protected Kabbalah information, and numerous documents, including Saunière’s letters and texts. In 2004, at the recommendation of Jose Tarres, Patrice journeyed and completed the Venus initiation 'treading the 7 stars', accessing the 11 doorways under the Great Bear.

In her recent memoirs, City of Secrets: One Woman's True-life Journey to the Heart of the Grail Legend and The Portal: An Initiate's Journey into the Secret of Rennes-le-Château, Patrice opens the door publicly to new and compelling elements of the Rennes-le-Château and Grail mystery: the little-known, yet crucial, Girona connection, and its imprinted daleths (portal sites) leading up to the peak of Mt. Canigou in the Pyrenees.

As an accomplished writer, Patrice has contributed to many collections of short stories, including Black Valentine and The Minerva Book of Short Stories 1. Her plays, documentaries, and short stories have been extensively written and adapted for radio. The short story Night in Paris has been translated in many countries, and other short stories of hers have appeared in magazines and newspapers, including The Independent.

Patrice's stage play From the Balcony was commissioned by The National Theatre in London in conjunction with BBC Radio 3, and was performed at the Cottesloe Theatre.

Patrice has written articles for publications including The Guardian, The Independent, The Sunday Times, The Jewish Chronicle, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire and The London Magazine.

Patrice is the director of The Bridge, a non-profit organization that leads workshops based in the performing arts as a new and unique way to help fight addiction. She continues to write and contribute to the BBC.

Today, Chaplin finds herself deeply embedded in the Grail's mystery, and at the heart of Rennes-le-Château's controversies. She continues in her initiatory work and research, residing in London. Her latest book is Mr. Lazarus.

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, History, Religion, TV & Film
Neil Shulman, Associate Professor, Clinical Researcher, Humanitarian, Author, Volunteer and Doctor of Medicine
Guest Occupation: Associate Professor, Clinical Researcher, Humanitarian, Author, Volunteer, Doctor of Medicine
Guest Biography:

Neil Shulman, MD is Assoc. Professor in the Dept of Medicine at Emory University Medical School. His career has covered a wide spectrum of activities, including conducting clinical research in hypertension funded at a level of about $8 million for the National Institutes of Health and publishing in this discipline. He also co-founded the International Society of Hypertension in Blacks and helped launch the journal Ethnicity & Disease and the Heart to Heart Program which brought children from developing countries to the United States for life-saving heart surgery.

Another pursuit of Neil’s has been focused on improving access to health care in underserved communities in the U.S.A. He helped recruit doctors and nurses to rural areas, while developing rural community clinics. He also authored the book Doc Hollywood, which was developed into a film starring Michael J. Fox. The objective in associate producing this film was to encourage youth to consider seeking a career in rural underserved communities.

Neil has also attempted to contribute to improving medical literacy by writing books on medical and health topics for kids and adults. His book Your Body’s Red Light Warning Signals has been developed into a website so consumers can quickly access information relating to important symptoms (www.redlightwarningsignals.com). He also co-authored a book which has been used to teach the basics of the history and physical exam to over 8000 undergraduates at Emory so they can be better consumers of health care.

His children’s book What’s in a Doctor’s Bag? has resulted in the development and distribution of health related television spots on public television in the U.S.A. and Canada. Neil has also written articles on the value of humor in improving communication and health. His “live” performances focus on humor and medical literacy, and are targeted toward kids, adults, and seniors. He also enjoys volunteering in performing comedy for fundraisers for Free Clinics and other charitable ventures.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Medicine, TV & Film
Cindy L. Herb, Public Speaker, Coach, Author and Multiple Tragedy Survivor
Guest Occupation: Public Speaker, Coach, Author, Multiple Tragedy Survivor
Guest Biography:

"I have discovered that guilt, shame and anger are a function of the mind, not the spirit, and simple adjustments in thinking can dissolve these emotions.”
– Cindy L. Herb

Bad things do happen to good people, and it is beneficial for them to hear that it is not their fault. Cindy L. Herb, The Joyful Survivor, and a first-hand survivor of pain offers tools to overcome life’s adversities and find more joy in life. She helps others become Joyful Survivors.

Cindy L. Herb has a story to tell. It’s a story of tragic events, trauma, guilt, and shame. It’s a story of not just surviving the isolation and loneliness that followed, but overcoming personal and health obstacles and thriving.

Cindy has become an inspiration as The Joyful Survivor. She shares her story in her book, Awakening the Spirit: The Open Wide Like a Floozy Chronicles, and through public speaking, and coaching.

Her book and her talks are engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. Her love of life and joy is contagious. Audiences benefit from her messages, especially those individuals who have suffered a painful past or feel unsure of their future. 

Cindy has personal, first-hand experience of overcoming adversity, including:

  • childhood rape at age 9
  • inappropriate sexual contact from an alcoholic father
  • being stalked and pursued by sexual predators
  • growing up in a dysfunctional family
  • a near-death experience
  • being mugged at gunpoint
  • surviving melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer
  • living with many debilitating illnesses, including a rare immune deficiency disease
Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Near Death Experiences, Philosophy
Dr. Har Hari Khalsa, Holistic Health Innovator, Personal Physician, Holistic Chiropractor, Transcendent Meditator, TV Show Host, Columnist and Yoga Practicioner
Guest Occupation: Holistic Health Innovator, Personal Physician, Holistic Chiropractor, Transcendent Meditator, TV Show Host, Columnist, Yoga Practicioner
Guest Biography:

Dr. Khalsa holds a bachelors degree in biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder; and a doctor of chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles. He is currently a Holistic Chiropractor with Beneveda Medical Group in Beverly Hill, California.

With over 30 years in the Holistic Health field as one of its leading innovators. Dr. Khalsa has been the personal physician to some of the leading personalities in Hollywood including (Academy Award winner) Forrest Whitaker and to the top Spiritual leaders of our age including Yogi Bhajan who he personally studied advanced yogic healing techniques for over 25 years. Dr. Har Hari also has been a practicing Holistic Chiropractor for over 21 years and has help thousands attain to greater health and wholeness. In addition Dr. Khalsa also has mastered the art and science of Sat Nam Rasayan an ancient healing art using the transcendent meditative awareness to create profound healings.

Dr. Khalsa's extensive experience includes working with top Hollywood stars on and off the set as well as back stage at concerts with major music industry performers. In addition, Dr. Khalsa hosted a local cable television program from 1997 to 2000 called "Radiant Health" that featured top experts in all forms of Holistic Healing.

Dr. Khalsa has had feature articles about his work in Allure, Maxim, Cosmopolitan and Who magazines and has been featured on local Los Angeles News Shows. Dr. Khalsa has had extensive training in many fields of healing including Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), Body Restoration Techniqe (BRT), and the Brimhall 10 Steps to Wellness method. Dr. Khalsa specializes in Zone Healing to correct all imbalances; physical, mental, and spiritual.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Yoga, Medicine
Infectious Disease Expert, Science Advisor, Bacteriophage Biology Specialist, Microbiologist, and Alzheimer Researcher
Guest Occupation: Infectious Disease Expert, Science Advisor, Bacteriophage Biology Specialist, Microbiologist, Alzheimer Researcher
Guest Biography:

Dr Tyler Kokjohn has a Ph.D. (Biochemistry) from Loyola University Chicago and am a Professor of Microbiology at the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is also a adjunct Senior Scientist at Banner-Sun Health Research Institute (Sun City, AZ) working as a team member researching Alzheimer’s disease (AD) biochemistry and the effects of immunotherapy on AD pathology and dementia.


Tyler A. Kokjohn, PhD Infectious Disease Microbiology

Tyler A. Kokjohn, PhD, Science Advisor - Dr. Kokjohn is a specialist in bacteriophage biology, with special emphasis on the identification and characterization bacteriophage lytic to human bacterial pathogens. Dr. Kokjohn is Professor of Microbiology, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern University, Glendale, AZ. He is a member of the American Society for Microbiology and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


Guest Category: Medicine, Science, Biology & Chemistry
Dr. Pamela Wible, Family Physician and Author
Guest Occupation: Family Physician, Author
Guest Biography:

Pamela Wible, M.D., is a family physician born into a family of physicians. Her parents warned her not to pursue medicine. She followed her heart only to discover that to heal her patients she had to first heal her profession. So she led a series of town hall meetings inviting citizens to design the clinic of their dreams. Celebrated since 2005, Wible's pioneering model has sparked a populist movement that has inspired Americans to create ideal clinics and hospitals nationwide. Dr. Wible is co-author of the award-winning anthology Goddess Shift: Women Leading for a Change with Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

Guest Category: Kids & Family, Medicine
Thomas S. Harbin, M.D., Author, Medical Practices Researcher, Opthalmologist and Clinical Professor
Guest Occupation: Author, Medical Practices Researcher, Opthalmologist, Clinical Professor
Guest Biography:

Tom Harbin MD received his medical degree from Cornell Medical School, trained in ophthalmology at the Wilmer Institute of Johns Hopkins and has been practicing ophthalmology, with a specialty in glaucoma, for over thirty years. In his book, WAKING UP BLIND: Lawsuits Over Eye Surgery, Dr. Harbin exposes a breach of trust that took place in an area where least expected and at a well-respected medical center in Atlanta. This story sheds light on the game of big business where the bottom dollar became more important than human life.

In the early 80's, physicians began to notice problems with the gifted and powerful chairman of Emory University's Department of Ophthalmology. His patients complained of long waits and hurried exams, his bills to Medicare and other insurance carriers became suspect, and tissue removed from patients' eyes showed no sign of the disease that had been diagnosed. Because the chairman was increasing the university's prestige and profits, the university leaders paid little heed to the growing concerns of the other professors and fellows. After the chairman operated on the wrong eye of a patient, who eventually went blind from an easily detected and treatable problem, a departmental committee began an investigation and found other examples of patients' eyes harmed by neglect, improper billing and many other problems. Lawsuits and complaints by two faculty whistleblowers prompted another investigation, this time by the medical school's ethics committee, but the chairman was exonerated and the whistleblowers were reprimanded. Only after a national specialty society ethics investigation and more lawsuits was the chairman forced to resign.

Dr. Harbin provides the authoritative account backed by court documents, official transcripts, letters and personal interviews, in exposing this story.

Few people have the moral courage to speak out against misconducts performed by their superiors who have administrative and financial power over them; and when institutions financially benefit by suppressing corrective action, it takes individuals with superhuman courage to take a stand. These individuals, known as whistleblowers, must deal with the repercussions of these actions. Harbin exposes a problem that occurs not only in universities, but also in corporations, governments, churches, and every kind of organization. This book is a wake-up call to remind us that the people we look up to may not always be looking out for our best interests.


Dr. Harbin is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist specializing in glaucoma and related diseases. His undergraduate degree is from Vanderbilt University and his medical school degree is from Cornell University. He completed residency training at the Wilmer Eye Institute of Johns Hopkins and his fellowship training at Washington University. Dr. Harbin joined Eye Consultants of Atlanta in 1975 and practices at the Cumberland location.


Imagine trusting a doctor – with the best reputation for treating eye disease in the state – to do surgery on your eyes.  Now imagine the worst of outcomes.  Blindness in an eye that you learn, in fact, never needed surgery.  And the medical center where you were treated is ignoring the problem. Waking Up Blind is a story of how an eye surgeon – respected and admired – became the cause of an array of medical problems for his patients. Waking Up Blind is a story of how one of the nation’s premiere medical centers tried to conceal the growing medical scandal.

Author of Waking up Blind, Dr. Tom Harbin, exposes the lawsuits that tell the story of this medical scandal from the very beginning.  Using court documents, tape recorded conversations, interviews and personal observation:  Dr. Tom Harbin will unveil an inside view of the medical world that will shock the reader with its candid exploration of the dark side of medicine.

You're a doctor and you know a lot about medicine. But do you know a lot about the real world? Doctors learn a lot in medical school, but not enough. Only rarely will a course teach practical, useful, or pragmatic information to help with the myriad decisions that arise in day-to-day life. Dr. Harbin wrote The Student Doctor Network What Every Doctor Should Know... But Was Never Taught in Medical School to fill the gap: to help doctors deal with the business aspects of medicine, help doctors in training learn how to evaluate opportunities for the future, and assist practicing doctors in dealing with the questions arising day-to-day and when planning for the future.

Dr. Tom Harbin received his MD from Cornell Medical and trained in ophthalmology at the Wilmer Institute of Johns Hopkins.  He has been practicing ophthalmology with a specialty in glaucoma for over thirty years and is a Clinical Professor Emeritus at Emory University. Dr. Harbin resides with his wife in Atlanta, GA.

Waking Up Blind: Lawsuits Over Eye Surgery is his first book and is on the Amazon.com's Bestseller List. Dr. Harbin's second book is The Student Doctor Network What Every Doctor Should Know... But Was Never Taught in Medical School. Both books are hot sellers and are climbing the sales charts on Amazon!

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Guest Category: Medicine
Alexandre de Bothuri Bathory, Art Collector, Author, Count and History Scholar
Guest Occupation: Art Collector, Author, Count, History Scholar
Guest Biography:

Count Alexandre Bothuri Bàthory is a descendant of the Royal Bàthorys who ruled Transylvannia and Hungary in the Middle Ages and were ranking members of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court and Order founded by the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund. Alexandre is an art collector and author. His new novel is entitled She Messiah.

Alexandre de Bothuri Bathory is a direct descendant of the noble Bathorys who were the rulers of Transylvania and members of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court of the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund.

Alexandre was born at la Faisanderie in Chatou (Le Vésinet) France in 1954 to a prominent noble family (Hungarian and Italian descent) who are known in history as Important Art collectors and patrons, Museum and University founders, as well as Archaeologists and Landowners in Burgundy, France, Hungary, Poland, Tuscany, Russia and Greece. At one point they owned the most important collection of Thrace Gold artefacts discovered on their domains, which was confiscated after WWII and never recovered.

After graduating from Saint-Cyr and Stanislas College in 1969, he followed the steps of his physician grandfather and entered Medical School in Paris but also attended Art and History classes at the Sorbonne and at the Ecole du Louvre under the guidance of scholar Madeleine Ours and with his friend Caroline Kennedy, President Kennedy's daughter, and later Queen Farida of Egypt. During those years he developed then a special bond with Queen Farida of Egypt, President Leopold Senghor from Senegal, Richard Nixon, Mr and Mrs. Ronald Reagan, the future US President and first Lady, former King and Queen Michael of Romania, the Giscard d'Estaing, President and Madame Georges Pompidou, President Charles de Gaulle  (a visitor at the family castle near Bourges during Alexandre's childhood), Princess Sybille de Bourbon-Parma, the Royal Family of Yugoslavia, Prince Orlov, and the late Princess Grace of Monaco who shared the same passion for painting, poetry and humanitarian causes.

Alexandre is a well-known history scholar specializing in Middle Age studies, Joan of Arc, the Stuart dynasty, the Crusades, the Italian Renaissance, the Neapolitan School, French painting of the 17th to 18th centuries and the Napoleon era (owning part of the original Templar Archives and Beauharnais-Leucthenberg' s Archives). He is involved with Medical Research and collecting Royal Art of historical importance and provenance for the permanent collections of Major Museums and Exhibitions all over the world, including the Louvre, the Château de Fontainebleau, Versailles Château -Musée, Château de la  Malmaison, Chaumet Museum in Paris and Hong Kong, The Metropolitan Museum in New York, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Stewart Museum, the Haggerty Museum in Milwaukee, the Chicago Art Institute, the Frick Collection, The Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts New York, The Nassau County Museum, Rosslyn Harbor, The Getty Museum, California, The Osaka Museum, Japan, to name a few of them.

The "de Bothuri-Bàthory Collection" is currently a label of excellence and provenance known around the world by Museum curators, Art scholars, students and so far by a large public in America, China and Europe.

Alexandre's ultimate goal is to establish a permanent Museum to display his entire collection and extensive library in Seborga or someplace else that could benefit from the assistance to the local economy and culture it would bring.

Guest Category: Arts, History
Carol Rainy, Filmmaker, Author, Writer, Producer and Director
Guest Occupation: Filmmaker, Author, Writer, Producer, Director
Guest Biography:

BIO BELOW FROM: http://www.carolrainey.com/about.html

Carol Rainey has been making award-winning documentaries for PBS, cable, and commercial distribution for over two decades.  Although in the past she has focused mainly on scientific and medical subjects, Rainey is currently working on a feature-length documentary about a subculture of people who steadfastly report paranormal experiences that fly in the face of mainstream science.

Several of Carol Rainey’s narrative short films and original screenplays have also won grant awards and a degree of notoriety. She has written additional feature-length screenplays and teleplays and co-authored the book “Sight Unseen,” published in 2003 by Atria: Simon & Schuster.  She has developed considerable skill in writing grants and proposals that regularly bring in funding for both her own projects and those of clients.

Guest Category: Paranormal, UFOs, TV & Film
David Lanz, Recording Artist, Concert Artist, Composer, Pianist and Pioneer of New Age Music
Guest Occupation: Recording Artist, Concert Artist, Composer, Pianist, Pioneer of New Age Music
Guest Biography:

Grammy nominated pianist David Lanz has enthralled music lovers around the world for decades with his engaging playing style and original compositions.

Lanz, who was nominated for a Grammy in 2000, is well known as a top instrumental recording and concert artist, reaching worldwide prominence with his number one Billboard hit, Cristofori's Dream.

His unique impressionistic style is emulated by countless pianists, and his compositions and arrangements performed and studied around the world.

On his latest CD Liverpool - Re-imagining the Beatles, this legendary platinum selling recording artist now turns the musical spotlight on his two greatest songwriting role models, John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Not content to just record a collection of Beatle covers, Lanz poured his heart and soul into these arrangements, re-imagined through his own highly defined musical voice. The results are more a collaboration, than just mere tribute. David is joined here with several featured musical guests and collaborators including, world flutist Gary Stroutsos, cellist Walter Gray, and the late legendary session musician, Larry Knechtel, in one of his last recorded performances.

Listen, as they come together to rediscover and re-imagine the Beatles.

Guest Category: Music
Keith Blanchard, Musician, Composer, Live Studio Sound Engineer, Bass Player, Guitar Player, Singer, Spiritual Teacher, Psychic, Channeler, Speaker, Healer of Vibrational Medicine and Author
Guest Occupation: Musician, Composer, Live Studio Sound Engineer, Bass Player, Guitar Player, Singer, Spiritual Teacher, Psychic, Channeler, Speaker, Healer of Vibrational Medicine, Author
Guest Biography:

Author and composer, Keith Blanchard, was born on November 30, 1963, in Houma, Louisiana, and had a typical middle class Catholic upbringing. In his early teens, he often entertained himself by pondering the big questions about God and the universe. Little did he know that the day would come when those questions would form the spiritual foundation upon which he would build the rest of his life.

In his late twenties, Keith went through a crisis that stripped him of everything he held dear and left him with no choice but to turn inward for answers. This he did, but the peace and stability he so wanted still eluded him.

When he was thirty-two, celestial beings began to appear to him, sharing glimpses of his future and the world's. Not only did they enlighten and guide him, they instructed him to pass their message on to others so that they, too, could learn a higher way of living.

Now in his forties and living a peaceful, stable life as a father, professional musician, and spiritual seeker, Keith continues to pursue his passion to both learn and teach about Truth.


Keith Blanchard, Musician, Composer, Live/Studio Sound Engineer, Bass Player, Guitar Player, Singer, Spiritual Teacher, Psychic, Channeler, Speaker, Healer of Vibrational Medicine (Radionics), Father, and Author of the Best selling book: The Divine Principle Anchoring Heaven On Earth.

Guest Category: Arts, Alternative Health, Sound Healing, Music, Spiritual, Medium & Channeling, Psychic & Intuitive
Shaman Stefan Wils, Healer, Shaman, Teacher, Speaker and Radio Show Host
Guest Occupation: Healer, Shaman, Teacher, Speaker, Radio Show Host
Guest Biography:

Stefan Wils, a Shu'em Healer and Shaman will be on the show Saturday as part of the Spirituality, Healing and Faith series. Stefan has given many thousands of healings starting in 1986 where Shuem Shamanic Healing offered courses, meditation, and healing live online. It started as a small healing practice and soon became a training center for those who like to use Shuem Shamanism as a way to spirituality, healing and transformation.

In 1998, Stefan founded the School of Transformative Shamanism where people learn to use shamanism as an instrument to find more peaceful and and balanced state of life. Shuem Shamanism can change one's perspective on life radically and in a relatively short time many people experience a more relaxed state that makes it easier to deal with life circumstances.

Stefan is an animated speaker/teacher who is able to let his students and clients share in widening states of consciousness in order to experience harmony and well-being in daily life and this is available to everyone through the internet.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Energy Healing, Spiritual, Shamanism