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Patricia Cagganello Author Publisher Spiritual Leader
Guest Occupation: Author Publisher Spiritual Leader
Guest Biography:


Pain doesn’t have to define us; it can instead transform us.

Real people. Real pain. Real hopelessness. Real healing. A global voice of authors bare their souls.
Welcome to the heart of our shared humanity. Offering their expertise in spirituality and psychology authors Cagganello and Kanavos share
personal challenges of change; divorce and death, and those of thirty men and women from around the world who faced change head-on.
Through their adversity, learn how they became stronger and happier and went on to inspire and help others.
Topics of Change: Battling a life-threatening illness. Surviving an abusive relationship. Overcoming
addiction. Suffering the heartbreaking loss of a child. Wrestling with self-sabotaging thoughts. Losing and
finding love. The painful death of a parent... and more!
“This outstanding book contains everything a reader could want: emotionally gripping,
encouraging, hope-filled, powerful writing, engaging personal stories...so much packed into
it. Pain is part of the human experience that we can all relate to. But finding hope and
healing through the pain—that is a precious gem that this book uncovers. A must-read!”

– Pamela Cangioli, literary reviewer and editor
Kathleen offers these 3 Key Discussion Points from a Psychological Perspective
1. Metathesiophobia is fear of change and evolutionary in humans. We crave routine.
2. The Butterfly Effect of change is part of Universal Oneness.
3. Change is good for us. It can be a coming-of-age situation that allows for growth.
Patricia offers these 3 Key Discussion Points from a Spiritual Perspective
1. How change is a catalyst for spiritual transformation.
2. Why the deep emotion triggered by significant change is a gift.
3. It's time to change the paradigm of spiritual transformation through trauma, to one of joy.
For Interviews Please Contact: publicity@sacredstoriespublishing.com or katkan@comcast.net

November 2019
Sacred Stories Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-945026-61-4
Paperback: $16.99, 314 pages, 6x9
Electronic ISBN: 978-1-945026-62-1
Order here: https://sacredstoriespublishing.com/#!/chaos-to-clarity

KATHLEEN O’KEEFE KANAVOS is accredited in Psychopathology and Special Education, taught Psychology at USF, Ft. Myers Branch, serving the severely emotionally handicapped for ten years and heading the Special Education Department Head for two years before retiring. Kat, an international speaker and author, is also known as The Queen of Dreams in her syndicated columns and as a PR Guru, video podcaster/radio show host of Dreaming Healing, where she promotes patient advocacy and connecting with divine guidance through dreams. A three-time breast cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed her illness, she also is a multi-award-winning author and dream expert who has been seen on Dr. Oz, Doctors, NBC, and CBS. Kat and Duke University Radiologist Dr. Larry Burk co-wrote the 2018 Nautilus Award Winner Dreams That Can Save Your Life. Kat also authored Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing.

Founder of Sacred Stories Media, a
conscious online media network. As an
ordained interfaith, inter-spiritual minister
Patricia believes every story is a sacred
story. She is ordained from One Spirit

Interfaith Seminary in New York.
Patricia, who holds a Masters of Arts in Education and a Bachelors
of Science in Business, has worked in the corporate and
educational worlds for many years and proudly served six years as a
sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps.
Patricia has authored God is in the Little Things: Messages from the
Animals and God is in the Little Things: Messages from the Golden
Angels and is co-author Scanning For Signal, a book of poetry.
Sacred Stories Media includes Sacred Stories Publishing, an
award-winning traditional publishing and marketing company:
Garnet Press, a self-publishing book division; and Sacred U, an
online course division.

Guest Category: Marketing, Alternative Health, Energy Healing, Inspirational, Motivational
What would your life look like if you were fully living YOUR purpose? The Book of WHY (and HOW) answers that question and shows you how to get there.
Guest Occupation: Corey Poirier is a multiple-time TEDx, and sought-after Keynote, Speaker.
Guest Biography:

Want to learn the roadmap to Meaning, Success and Abundance? My guest is Corey Poirier who is a multiple-time TEDx, and sought-after Keynote, Speaker. He has spoken on MoMonday’s and PMx stages, has shared the bill with everyone from John C. Maxwell to Deepak Chopra to Stephen MR Covey to General Hillier and has presented to thousands of attendees.  Host of the top rated ‘Conversations with PASSION’ Radio Show, For The Love Of Speaking Show, and the founder of The Speaking Program, Corey has been featured in multiple television specials, and he has been seen on CBS, CTV, NBC, ABC, and heard twice on the popular Entrepreneur on Fire show. A columnist with Entrepreneur and Forbes, he has interviewed over 4,000 of the world’s top leaders.

Guest Category: Arts, Business, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual, Variety
Michelle Anna Marie Santana
Guest Occupation: Author
Guest Biography:

Michelle Santana was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She spent her childhood in Atlanta and the surrounding area. She is divorced and has two adult children and two precious grandchildren. She found peace in the North Georgia Mountains where she is now with her rat terrier, Mary Jane. By writing "To Hell and Back," she has conquered her demons and has changed from the inside out into a beautiful woman. She has found happiness that resides deep in her soul. Through her many struggles and heart aches, she has become a strong and vivacious woman. She hopes that her book will encourage others to seek professional help and support. Healing and living a rich life and fulfilling life is possible.

She has been asked to speak to PTA groups on "Ending the Silence" a program through NAMI (National Alliance On Mental Illness). She helps law enforcement officers better understand the trauma that families face when sexual child abuse is brought to the officer's attention. She speaks to law enforcement officers through the CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Trainings in Georgia. She attends Georgia DBHDD (Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disability) counsel meetings and speaks about the need to provide an avenue for better mental health services to children of sexual abuse. 

Michelle has a vision to open a non- profit factory that will employ men and women recovering from mental illness, but will not re-victimize others. The factory will produce and distribute angel dolls and Aslan Lions. These toys will be given to children of abuse. The making of the toys will give an empowering effect on those involved.

Author of TELL IT ALL MY SON, and To Hell and Back

Guest Category: Energy Healing, Paranormal, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help, Sex, Society and Culture, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Anthony Denino author of The Power of Giving and Gratitude!
Guest Occupation: Founder and President of CORe – Creating Our Reality, Inc., Keynote Motivational Speaker, Workshop Trainer, and Consultant
Guest Biography:

Known as “The SMART Guy” Success Means Acquiring Right Thoughts 

 Anthony DeNino is the Founder and President of CORe – Creating Our Reality, Inc. Working with both For-Profit companies and Non-Profit organizations, his talks and training/workshops are targeted, interactive presentations, that are always customized to fit the specific needs of the client. He speaks for major corporations, smaller companies, and NPOs. He works with troubled teenagers, and loves to discuss ways in which he can help you and your company/organization. Prior to creating CORe, he worked for 25 years in the corporate world, which has allowed him to offer powerful insights during his talks and workshops, while also providing the foundation for the consulting work he does. Some of the topics he covers include: Leadership, Sales, Customer Service, Effective Communication, Workplace Environment, and Perspective.  He has been speaking at company events since 2008 and have been the Keynote Speaker for State and National Conferences.

Anthony is a spiritual person, believes in the amazing power of God and how He is always speaking to us, always wants us to succeed and always, always loves us...no matter what the circumstances are. 
Highlights Include:

• Partial Client List -  Taco Bell, NC Department of Public Safety, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, UTC Aerospace, Heartland Payment Systems, National Partnership for Juvenile Services, Emory University, CBS Radio and Speedway Motor Sports;
• Co-Developer of  “The CORe Project™” - a 7–16-week self-esteem, social-skill building curriculum for kids and teens utilized in Teen Courts, Schools, and Community-Based Programs in North Carolina, Virginia, and California;
• Published Author - “The Power of Giving and Gratitude!”

Guest Category: Business, Courses & Training, Energy Healing, Politics & Government, Religion, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Andy Tillison
Guest Occupation: Multi-instrumentalist,Singer,Songwriter
Guest Biography:






'T H E    T A N G E N T'


The Tangent is a Progressive Rock Band from Northern England, based around keyboards player, composer and idiosyncratic vocalist Andy Tillison Diskdrive.

Their music is cinematic and lyrical, full of narrative, often telling stories or making observations about the world we live in - often choosing subject matter more associated with Anarcho-Punk bands than with the genre in which the band choose to base themselves. "No Hobbits or Orcs in our songs" The band have released a steady output of well-regarded albums through their record label Inside Out Music.

The band has changed personnel many times and has used this fluidity to keep ideas fresh and lucid. The debut album released in 2003 The Music that Died Alone was often referred to as a "supergroup" project, though Tillison has always eschewed this title, preferring to go for the less obvious "a good idea".

In twelve years, the group has had close affiliations with Swedish progressive legends The Flower Kings, and Jonas Reingold (bass) from that band remains in the Tangent to this day despite the departure of Roine Stolt from the Tangent ten years ago now. David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator) was heavily featured on that debut album, Jakko Jakszyk (now of King Crimson) has been a frequent collaborator along with Theo Travis (Steven Wilson Band, Soft Machine Legacy, Gong etc.). Guy Manning, Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), David Longdon (Big Big Train) have all played key roles in the band's development and the band was instrumental in bringing the talents of the astonishing young guitarist Luke Machin (Maschine) to the world for the first time.

Tangent philosophy has been to embrace other more contemporary bands. Whether overtly progressive themselves (Flower Kings, Spock's Beard, Argos, Magenta etc.) or completely away from the official boundaries of the genre into metal, Jazz, modern pop, soul, disco and film music, the Tangent do not follow the prog rock rule book.

"It's more what we don't do that sets us apart" Tillison said in a 2007 interview... "we've always avoided doing the 12 string acoustic stuff, and in fact anything that gets too Genesissy or Floyd-like usually (not always) gets binned.. that's not to say that there aren't influences.. just that we don't like the idea of being confined to the styles of those particular figureheads. The spirit of progressive rock music was carried by lots more people than Genesis. I think that too many of us (new bands) use the obvious source - i.e. the 70s bands and forget to look around us and see what our contemporaries are up to!"

Over the years the band has had many manifestos, all of which are still relevant to the future of the Tangent..

Andy Tillerson’s progressive bands have been "A New Opera" 1978 - 1986, "Gold Frankincense & Diskdrive" 1987 - 1995, Po90 (Parallel Or 90 Degrees) 1996 - 2010 and The Tangent 2002 - the present. With over 20 albums released out there - Andy has been one of the most committed and unrelenting advocates of Progressive Music through its darkest days.


Purchase the latest album by The Tangent



At amazon.com


For more information about Andy Tillison and The Tangent







Studio albums


The Music That Died Alone (2003)

The World That We Drive Through (2004)

A Place in the Queue (2006)

Not as Good as the Book (2008)

Down and Out in Paris and London (2009)

COMM (2011)

Le Sacre du Travail (2013)

A Spark in the Aether (2015)

The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery (2017)

Proxy (2018)


Live albums

Pyramids and Stars (2005)

Going Off on One (2007)

Going Off on Two (2010)

London or Paris, Berlin or Southend On Sea (2012)

Hotel Cantaffordit (with Karmakanic as Tangekanic) (2018)

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music, Technology
Dr Catherine Crosland
Guest Occupation: Medical Director for Homeless Outreach Services and Director of Homeless Outreach Development
Guest Biography:

Dr. Catherine P Crosland specializes in internal medicine in Washington, DC and has over 17 years of experience in the field of medicine. She graduated from Harvard Medical School with her medical degree in 2003. She is affiliated with numerous hospitals in District Of Columbia and more, including George Washington Univ Hospital. Dr. Catherine P Crosland is licensed to practice by the state board in District Of Columbia (MD038272).

Dr. Catherine P Crosland also practices at 425 2Nd Street Northwest, Washington, DC. She is accepting new patients at her medical office, and available for appointments, preventative care, medical care as well as ongoing patient care.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Medicine, Self Help, Variety
BBS Radio SpirituallyRAW Ep. 331 MIND HACKING Fast Track To Increase Mental Health and Happiness Ann Elizabeth Wagner, Motivational Speaker
Guest Occupation: Motivational Speaker and Author
Guest Biography:

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety...Finding Your Soul's Purpose

Ann Wagner is a speaker and author with 30+ years of first-hand experience in the areas of depression and anxiety. After a traumatic brain injury and subsequent out of body experience (OBE), Ann has focused her study on the relationship between our thoughts, our consciousness, and the direct impact on our mental health.

All of our thoughts, positive and negative, go into the universe with certain vibrational energies attached. Thoughts of love, compassion, and happiness have higher vibrations than fear, anger, and anxiety. We attract “more” of whatever we put our minds toward. If we put out thoughts and feelings of despair or anxiety, we attract people and situations with similar energy vibrations. The good news is that if we can shift to higher vibrational energy, we can completely change our circumstances for the better.

She speaks to audiences about "re-training the brain" by slowing the mind (meditation) and changing the "programming." On the most fundamental level, she teaches techniques that can change negative thought patterns as they arise. With practice and over a period of time, she shows how we can radically change our consciousness and the outcomes in our lives.
Depression and anxiety can be situational or deep-seated. By aligning the physical, mental, and soul self, Ann shows how one can experience lasting mental health and true fulfillment.

Guest Category: Alternative Health, Energy Healing, Medicine, Near Death Experiences, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Billie Jean author of Quiet Whispers My Best Friends
Guest Occupation: Spiritual Communicator & Mentor
Guest Biography:

Billie Jean began this journey when she was a child. She was raised on a farm, and from there was out on her own at the age of 16. With a lot of lessons learned, she is where she is at right now, having acknowledged her gift and ready to pursue. 

Billie is a mother, grandmother and an animal activist, with the love and compassion for all animals and mother earth, as they live in the moment, they are love and to the purest form as they are of mind body and spirit.

Billie is also of native descent, and offers healing in all aspects, for humans, who would like to heal and ascend to a higher level. This also applies to animals, such as horses, dogs, cats, farm animals, etc. She sees and feels the power within, and she would like to share this gift with all. When doing healing on humans, she can tell where their pain is, and what is going on at a higher level. Billie walks between both worlds and is very much in tune with who she is.

Author of Quiet Whispers: Lessons from the Animal World (My Best Friends): The Awesome Life with Animals

Guest Category: Plant & Animals, Love & Relationships, Paranormal, Pets and Animals, Philosophy, Religion, Self Help, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Susan Holland
Guest Occupation: Executive Director Cancer Schmancer
Guest Biography:

Susan joined the Cancer Schmancer team in July 2008 as a Special Events Coordinator. She volunteered with the organization at its inception due to losing her father and many friends to Cancer. She shifted from events and marketing into her present position as Executive Director. She is a health advocate in her own right and has a passion for developing relationships and connecting people through moments that entertain and make a difference in health across the board. Before joining Cancer Schmancer, Susan Executive Produced a travel series with her former husband. She holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Business and specializes in fashion buying, media sales, public relations, and event production. She is a proud mother of two daughters and is a dedicated martial artist and spin cyclist.    

Guest Category: Business, Health & Lifestyle, Self Help
Sabrina Coleman
Guest Occupation: Actress and Media Correspondent
Guest Biography:

Sabrina was born on Long Island, NY, and from an early age knew that entertainment was a calling she could not ignore. Her Sicilian background helped nurture her talents for singing and acting by creating a pathway and platform at family functions to let her talent shine. As she matured, she ran her family’s Italian restaurants and, with the encouragement of her mother, set out to New York City and started vocal lessons with top Vocal coach to the stars – Don Lawrence. It was there that Sabrina was able to free herself and venture out to explore how strong her talent was.  

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, News
RJ Redden
Guest Occupation: Technology Coach
Guest Biography:
Let's just skip the business babble and get down to it, shall we?
I come to work every day because I help solve one of the biggest problems in marketing a business: Everyone is guessing.
What's going to bring qualified clients to your doorstep? Maybe if you focus on building your email list... step up that social media posting... go Live more often... then that will be the magic formula that inspires potential clients to beat down your door.
And hey, all of these things do work. I've used them myself. But the fact is, those methods burn a lot of midnight oil.
I'm here because I've discovered a method that works very well: Messenger Marketing (also known as bots).
Bots allow you to:
  1) Have a one on one conversation with potential clients
  2) Get answers to all your questions
  3) Be able to qualify potential clients - automagically
Most of all, bots have been freakin' amazing for my business. And I want to tell every single solopreneur I know.
Fun Facts
I've been coaching people about technology since 1998. That's even before we were worried about the year 2000 destroying all computers everywhere.
I remember Oregon Trail, and actually have died from dysentery.
I once spent five months in a country where I didn't know the language, just so I could learn how to explain things more effectively to people.
Note: The results were both great and terrible. My explaining skills greatly increased, but I also did get kicked off a train once. (It was NOT moving at the time.)
I love teaching technology like it's my best friend. And I have the most outstanding clients on Earth.
Guest Category: Business, Marketing, Philosophy, Technology
Guest Occupation: Texas Veterans Commission Policy and Program Specialist
Guest Biography:

Michael Malone   -   Biography
Born: Dayton, Ohio
Entered Military Service: US Navy, May 1984. Completed two Western Pacific deployments aboard USS Peleliu (LHA 5) and separated from service during the 1988 reduction-in-force of March 1988 as a Hull Maintenance Technician Petty Officer Second Class.
Reenlisted US Navy March 1991. Served at the following assignments: USS Philippine Sea (CG 58), Naval Station Annapolis, USS John Young (DD 973) one of the first Naval ships sent in response to 9-11 to the Gulf, and Helicopter Combat Support Squadron THREE (HSC 3). Completing two Mediterranean deployments, a Baltic Cruise, and two additional Western Pacific deployments.
While assigned at Naval Station Annapolis, I converted from Hull Maintenance Technician Petty Officer First Class to Navy Counselor (Fleet) Petty Officer First Class. (basically changed my MOS from being a welder to being a Career Counselor/Planner)
Transferred to inactive Naval Reserve May 2007, and was officially Retired from Naval service April 2017.
Following service:
Member of IUPAT 88 (International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 88) as a Glazer Journeyman and Foreman. Hired as a local glazing companies certified welder, 2007 – 2010.
Certified welder, performing flux-core arc welding to Cougar Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles at Bagram, Afghanistan from October 2010 until October 2011 for Force Protection Industries.
Hired by Texas Veterans Commission February 2012 to work at the Austin Outpatient Clinic as a VSR-I.
May 2013, transferred to the Cedar Park CBOC to operate the facility as a single-counselor office.
September 2015 became the Supervisor of the Austin Outpatient Clinic (VSR-V), which until recently was the largest VA outpatient clinic in the United States.
March 2018 became the TVC Policy and Program Specialist working at the Austin TVC Headquarters office.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Military, News, Politics & Government, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Multimedia Specialist for the Texas Veterans Commission
Guest Biography:

Julia Conner

Multimedia Specialist

Communications and Outreach

Texas Veterans Commission


Julia has worked at Texas Veterans Commission for 4 years.  Her main focus is on producing “The Voice of Texas Veterans” Radio Show.

She previously worked for Townsquare Media as a Radio Morning Show personality.

Julia worked for the III Corps Public Affairs Office on Fort Hood from Sept 2009- September 2012. She was the Manager of the Fort Hood Radio Station, and also produced video pieces for the Weekly Fort Hood Television Program.

Julia was News Director and co-owner of several radio stations in Killeen. KIIZ, KIXS and Lone Star 105.5.

While Julia has worked in radio over the past few decades, she also anchored the evening news at KTPX TV in Odessa- Midland, Texas, and she was Killeen Bureau Chief for KXXV TV in Waco Texas. 

Julia graduated from American Technological University with a Bachelor’s Degree In Communications Technology.


Guest Category: Education, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Military, News, Politics & Government, Society and Culture, TV & Film
Corona Brady, CEO and Founder of the Energy For Life Academy.  Holistic Life Coach & Mentor for Women, Mind Detox Therapist, Senior Kundalini Teacher, Podcast Host & Producer
Guest Occupation: CEO and Founder of the Energy For Life Academy. Holistic Life Coach & Mentor for Women, Mind Detox Therapist, Senior Kundalini Teacher, Podcast Host & Producer
Guest Biography:

Corona is a Holistic Life Coach & Mentor for Women, Mind Detox Therapist, Kundalini Level 2 Teacher, and Speaker. She is deeply passionate about supporting and empowering high achieving Corporate Professionals, Women In Business, Entrepreneurs & Women In Leadership Roles.

Corona is known as an expert in the field of Life Coaching for women with a specialty in Mind Detox Therapy and the transformational power and technology of Kundalini Yoga.  

Her work has a very special focus on awakening your life energy and overcoming burnout so that you can live a vibrant life.

Corona Brady takes women in business from burnout & overwhelm to energetic, joyful lives in 8 weeks or less!

She's helped thousands of women discover how to reclaim their energy, innate power & self-worth through our 2 renowned online group coaching programs

Her transformative work, knowledge, and wisdom have been sought out by leading publications such as Cosmopolitan, Inspired Coach Magazine, Happiness & Well-being Magazine, Australian Natural Health Magazine, Nature & Health Magazine, Channel 9, Spiritual Biz Magazine, PBA 98.7 FM, Mama Disrupt as well as many international podcasts and blogs.

The Awakened Woman's Autumn Retreat is a 3 day deep dive immersion for Busy High Achieving Professional Women.

Join Corona in the beautiful healing Blue Mountains where you get to focus 100% on you.

We will be diving deep together over these 3 days and you will be creating profound powerful shifts in all areas of your life. This retreat is an upgrade of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

As Seen In

Guest Category: Courses & Training, Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Energy Healing, Psychology, Personal Development, Self Help, Spiritual, Access Consciousness
Royce Morales Love Inspire Focus Empower  Renowned Spiritual Teacher Transformational Inner Journey Guide Author
Guest Occupation: Expert on Reincarnation, Renowned Spiritual Teacher, Transformational Inner-Journey Guide, Author of "Want: True Love, Past Lives and Other Complications
Guest Biography:

Royce Morales arrived in this life with an insatiable quest to understand the mysteries of the mind, emotions, and spirit. For years she religion hopped, tried every personal development training and spiritually-based course, only to feel even more frustrated, lost and confused.

Quite inadvertently, this inner delving opened her own intuitive gift of groundbreaking transformational tools that got to the core of personal blocks, subconscious programmed fears, and self-sabotaging limitations. ​

People became curious, so Royce began teaching small groups. Lives began to shift almost miraculously. Students awakened to their Higher Possibilities, discovered depths of who they really are and why they're here. Pain, anger, confusion, frustration, and hopelessness dissolved. Stuck repetitive patterns ceased. 

Most significantly, spiritual concepts integrated and became applicable, rather than just nice-sounding theories.  

In her Perfect Life Awakening center, Royce continued to teach small groups for several decades. With each group that arrived, she discovered more ways to help people empower themselves. 

Observing what's going on in the world, and with the ease of technology, she decided it was time to make her teachings more widely accessible. Royce developed an intensive, remote program that's just as powerful as her small group classes.   

It's called "Empower Your Life."

"Royce is an authentic channel of consciousness!" - Donna Duffield, Prophet of Love podcast host

Empower Your Life

The Empower Your Life course offers profound, inner transformation, that can shift how you perceive everything, especially yourself. It's an insightful wake-up call, giving you applicable tools and Real World mindfulness practices to start or accelerate your spiritual journey. 

Rather than reading yet another self-help book, Empower Your Life is experientially discovering and breaking through core, false, subconscious notions about yourself that are running (and perhaps ruining) your life. 

Guest Category: Education, Courses & Training, Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Love & Relationships, Physics & Metaphysics, Self Help, Sex, Spiritual
Lynn Everard author coach, speaker, life coach and literary producer
Guest Occupation: Expert on How To Speak One's Truth. Author coach, speaker, life coach and literary producer
Guest Biography:

Lynn Everard, Author, Author Coach, Speaker, Life Coach and Literary Producer
Expert in How To Speak One's Truth.

Lynn is a product of incest. He grew up in a home with his alcoholic and abusive father and spent most of his life believing that in order to be safe he needed to be perfect, silent and invisible. At the age of 64, he learned how to speak his truth and now teach others how to do it. Author of, "How Speaking Your Truth Could Save Your Life and How it Saved Mine".

Lynn guides people in discovering and embracing their true selves and inviting them to walk freely into a future with greater self-confidence and limitless possibilities. He also helps people discover their hidden stories and limiting beliefs. Once discovered these stories can be rewritten so that people can live their best lives.

Lynn Everard is first and foremost a writer. He has been writing for over 40 years, professionally for over 25 years. He is the author of over 100 published articles, reports, and blogs. He has served clients as an editor, publisher, and ghostwriter. He is passionate about helping aspiring writers become outstanding authors of books and powerful authors of their own lives. 

In addition to being skilled in the mechanics of writing, Lynn also serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement to his clients.  

Lynn is the author of the forthcoming book, How Speaking Your Truth Can Save Your Life and How It Saved Mine and is the Co-Creator of the soon to be launched How To Speak Your Truth Workshop. By assisting his clients in writing their stories and their lives, he helps them speak their own truth.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Psychology, Self Help, Sex, Spiritual
 Terry L. Cook published Author of The-Duke-Of-Hell
Guest Occupation: Published Author of The-Duke Of Hell and Media Personality
Guest Biography:

Terry L. Cook has been a long-time published author and has written more twenty-seven books and a dozen best sellers. His latest really scary SCI-FI novel “The Duke Of Hell, The World's Final Dictator” is about the End-Of-The-World.

Terry holds AA, AS, BA, BS, and MBA Degrees, plus two college teaching credentials and two college certificates. He is a retired Los Angeles Police Professional, Military War Veteran, and a former National Guard Officer.

He is also an FAA licensed Commercial Jet Airplane Pilot (ATP) with 3000 hours of total flying experience. Additionally, he has appeared as an expert guest on thousands of international radio and TV shows during the past 25 years, including the prestigious 2012 H2-History Channel TV special entitled, "Countdown To Apocalypse", which was re-aired thereafter on Global television for several more years.

Watch the video trailer and read all about it in this most AMAZING book,
“The Duke Of Hell, The World's Final Dictator!”

It is 2020 and the world is on the brink of complete destruction as never before! Global political chaos is in the air everywhere, food shortages and famine are beginning, international wars and rumors of more wars are on the News daily, pestilence and disease are occurring worldwide, and with all international economies nearing collapse, it seems as if mankind has finally brought about its own doom.

Yet, is Mankind alone solely responsible for this predicament? Or is there some type of UNSEEN spiritual force behind it all? Indeed, is a secret, virtually unknown cadre of international leaders preparing the world for the coming of their Dark-Lord inside a UFO? Is there truly an unseen international conspiracy to bring about an End-Times Apocalypse in the making?

And have such circumstances been predicted for thousands of years by Prophecies? Could we be the final generation that is actually nearing such an earth-shaking cataclysmic conclusion? Or will Earth be SAVED by a friendly UFO invasion of benevolent SNAKE creatures from a different dimension? If so, will they actually help us or hurt us...???

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Entertainment, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Politics & Government, Religion, Christianity, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
 Brenda McDaniel Author of My Angel My Hero
Guest Occupation: Author of My Angel My Hero
Guest Biography:

Brenda E. McDaniel's story is unique in that it shows beyond a doubt that God and Heaven exist!! And his love, guidance, hope, and faith is everlasting.

My Angel My Hero is a written testament to the power of love, faith, hope, and strength. It details the life and death of a woman named Snowe (Brenda's mother) who came as close to being an angel as possible, and a veteran of WW II who fought in the war as a Navy man, her father Earl, who is her hero. Earl also fought the demon of mental illness, and eventually won both battles.

They both were the generation who saved the world from the evil of Nazism and the tyrant called Hitler and suffered through the Depression. Both, especially Brenda's mother, were Christians with a strong faith that helped them through difficulties and hardships. Their faith gave them joy and love all during their lifetime. And now, their love is eternal. Even in death, it continues for each other and their loving Savior Jesus Christ and his Father.

My Angel My Hero is a story of family, love, hope, courage, and faith. Still young in marriage, Henry suffers mental illness. This comes from an incident while serving in the navy where he was predisposed to harmful gases. Snow, his young wife then and a nurse didn't give up on him. She instead gave up college to take care of him. Together they have four children, Brenda, the author, being the third born.

This memoir is narrated with passion and from the narrator's voice, one can tell that it is written with love. This book would suit anyone living with a person suffering from mental illness.

Brenda E. McDaniel has a BS in Psychology and an MA in Counseling. She lives in South VA., and enjoyed writing since childhood poems and short stories. This is a dream come true!

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Psychology, Mental Health, Personal Development, Religion, Christianity, Self Help, Inspirational, Spiritual
Harry Jaffe
Guest Occupation: Author/journalist covering Washington, DC
Guest Biography:

Harry Jaffe is a legend among journalists and writers covering the city of Washington, DC — its politics, its crime, its heroes and villains. Beyond Washington, his work has been published in Playboy, Yahoo News, Men’s Health, Harper’s, Esquire and newspapers from the San Francisco Examiner to the Philadelphia Inquirer. He’s appeared in documentary films, TV and radio across the country and Europe.

Jaffe started reporting for the Rutland (VT) Herald in 1974. By 1977 he was a statewide reporting covering politics, nuclear power and the Legislature.

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy asked Jaffe to become his press secretary in 1978. Moving to DC, he helped get Leahy’s message to state and local media while preparing the senator for reelection. He resumed reporting with States News Service, writing about Congress and the federal government for newspapers in the Bay Area in 1980. He learned the craft of long form journalism at Regardies and Washingtonian magazines. Jaffe found his niche covering the local Washington region, honing in on politics, true crime and media. As Washingtonian’s National Editor from 1990 on, he won many awards for investigative feature writing. His expose of toxic waste pits from World War I in DC’s Spring Valley triggered a $300-million ongoing cleanup.

With WRC-TV reporter Tom Sherwood, Jaffe co-authored Dream City: Race, Power and the Decline of Washington, DC, the definitive account of Washington’s emergence as a world class city, with Marion Barry as the main character. The New York Times named it one of the best political books of 1994. Published as an e-book in 2014, Dream City rose to the top of Amazon’s local history list. Universities across the U.S. have adopted Dream City as a text in Urban Studies courses.

Jaffe went on to collaborate with school reformer Michelle Rhee on Radical, her memoir and take on education in America. He followed that by collaborating with former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Michael Kelly, her astronaut husband, in their book ENOUGH; Our Fight to Keep America Safe from Gun Violence.

As an educator, Jaffe started lecturing at Georgetown University in 1984 and became an assistant professor of media studies at American University. In 1986 he taught journalism and media at the American University in Rome. He’s lectured at the University of Maryland, Towson University, George Washington University and Trinity College.

In addition to contributing to Washingtonian and other publications, Jaffe is at work on a number of collaborations and books, as well as treatments for dramatic productions.

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author, inspirational and motivational speaker
Guest Occupation: Author of Happy Endings and a New Beginning, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker
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Micheal Black's story is one of Defeat and Victory!
Author of "Happy Endings and a New Beginning.”

Michael has found his voice after keeping silent far too long. He's a survivor of multiple years of child sexual assault by 3 separate men outside his family unit. From that trauma came an early onset addiction to sex, which subsequently then became one with his fourteen-year love affair with drugs, and then turned over a new leaf…..sobriety.

He survived the AIDS epidemic, child sexual assault, abuse, rape, a survivor to meth, cocaine and even heroin, and conquered four months of aggressive chemotherapy. Michael was married, to a woman and divorced rather quickly. Lived the Gay life, had two committed relationships with men. Today, he is happily married...to a woman who completes him.

Micheal Black is living proof of higher power and prayer, changes things!!

Aspiring to share his passion for life through writing and public speaking, Michael reveals intimate details of his lifelong journey through the pages of his tell-some book, “Happy Endings and a New Beginning.” Michael was born in Southern California and grew up with a lot of family around him. At eight years of age, his family moved to Northern California to a small town a couple of hours from the Oregon border. He lived there with his mother, brother and new stepdad in a small town with small-town values.

Unfortunately, those small-town values did not attach themselves to every person that Michael encountered. As such, Michael now speaks openly of the many years he endured sexual abuse by several different pedophiles, along with his sexual orientation and the struggles that illuminated because of his choices.

He struggled to live two separate lives as he had been raised in a home and church where homosexuality was looked down upon, yet he tried to live his own truth. In order to cope with the mass confusion festering in his young mind, Michael casually began using street drugs, which led him to a fourteen-year affair with those same drugs and so much more. It darkened his life path. At age 33, Michael's high-life partying came to an abrupt end, leaving him hospitalized and sober. He began looking to his Higher Power to sort out his life that was in a state of ruin. Now, years later, Michael shares his personal journey of mayhem over the years, how he met and fell in love with his wife and gives each one of us hope for a better tomorrow.

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