Headlined Guests

Carlos Festas Henriques
Guest Occupation: Associate Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group
Guest Biography:

Associate consultant at BCG, Iberia system, with a background and education on Finance and Business Administration. Trilingual in Portuguese, English and Spanish.
CFA level 1 Exam passed.

Avid sportsman with a keen interest in Martial Arts, having won the Portuguese National MMA Championship, the Portuguese National Kickboxing Championship, the fourth place in the European IBJJF Competition and participated in a few other tournaments.

Guest Category: Business, Politics & Government, Self Help, Variety
Rich Procida
Guest Occupation: Author, Attorney
Guest Biography:

Rich Procida is an attorney and author who writes about Progressive Christianity, social justice, and the supernatural for LAProgressive.com and Modernlectionaries.blogspot.com. He also produces a podcast called "Bible Study for Progressives.'   He is especially adroit at discussing the intersection between religion and politics.


Guest Category: News, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Politics & Government, Religion, Society and Culture, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Rachel Augusta “Pet Psychic”
Guest Occupation: Pet Psychic
Guest Biography:

Rachel works with animals all over the world who are sick, injured, have a terminal illness or suffer from trauma due to previous abuse. In addition to working privately with her patients, she runs a unique membership site where women and their fur babies in all stages of health have community and support because research proves that animals take on the stress of their human guardians, and this usually leads to illness in the animal’s body. She believes that our joy is the antidote to disease in our animals and when we heal ourselves, we can heal the furry people around us. Rachel’s business was featured in a bestselling Hay House published book, Women Rocking Business, she has been interviewed by the international animal protection organization In Defense of Animals and because of her activism, Rachel was interviewed by the New York Times, CNN, BBC and was on the cover of People Magazine. Rachel has worked with thousands of animals and her techniques created miraculous results in her patients. Rachel is the Modern Dr. Doolittle and she's committed to helping us keep our fur babies healthy.

Guest Category: Plant & Animals, Courses & Training, Kids & Family, Pets and Animals
Tim Dryer
Guest Occupation: Illinois Basketball Coaches Assoc HOF, Co- Founder/President of Girls Catholic Ath. Officials Assoc.
Guest Biography:

Tim Dryer was inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2002 and will be entering his 45 season of officiating basketball for the IHSA in 2019-20. He is the co-founder and current president of the Girls Catholic Athletic Conference Officials Association and was inducted into the GCAC Hall of Fame in 2003. He served as the IHSA ‘s official for girls basketball in 2000, 2001,2002,2004 and 2005 and worked the IHSA Class AA State Finals in 1990,1991,1992 & 1996 Tim was named Illinois Official of the Year by the National Federation of State High School Association and IHSA in 2005. He currently works woman’s college basketball for the past 40 years in the Following conferences CCIW, CCAC, NAC, N4C and NJCAA on the college level where he has worked the college playoffs for the past 30 years. Tim also worked basketball for 2 years while stationed in the US Army in Europe.  Tim is also one of the first Certified Clinicians for the IHSA serving from 1980’s threw now

Tim also was head umpire for Downers Grove Youth Baseball in the 1990’s where he started using players and former players to umpire. Tim played High School Basketball and Baseball for St Rita High School in Chicago. Shortly after graduation Tim was Drafter into the US Army during the Vietnam war.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Annmarie Soul and Evan Perman
Guest Occupation: Musicians and Healing Artists
Guest Biography:


As a duo, they play indigenous musical instruments from many cultures around the world including didgeridoo, native drums, flutes and shakers, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls & gong, and stringed instruments. They also share original heart songs, prayers and mantras.

These healing energetic frequencies help to clear, re-balance and restore you into a more peaceful, meditative, and centered state of Being.

When we gather together invoking Spirit with the intention for healing and wholeness, the magic of the Universe answers our call and goes to work on our behalf.

Annmarie Soul

Annmarie has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 15 years based out of Los Angeles’s beloved Topanga Canyon, where she is nestled in nature and wildlife, and sources strength from the quietness and peace of the native Chumash mountains.

Annmarie performs sacred music concerts and leads yoga and wellness retreats around the world. She has taught and played at many yoga and music festivals including Bhakti Fest, Bali Spirit Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, and Moksha Festival.

Originally from Michigan, she spent her late teens and early 20’s in a modeling career which took her around the world doing print work, catalog and runway in places like Paris, Rome,Vienna, Munich & Morocco. In her travels, she became interested in spirituality and had a spontaneous awakening experience which then shifted everything, and drew her to seek a deeper meaning in life.

It was a call of the Soul. And an incredible blessing in her life.

After leaving modeling, she walked into her first yoga class at Jivamukti Yoga in New York City, and felt that it was going to become an important and life changing journey. In her first yoga class lying down in savasana resting, a voice spoke to her and said “this is what you will do”.  Hearing this strong nudging from within, this began a powerful inward purification journey, and after practicing & studying intensely for a year, Annmarie left for India, Nepal & Thailand for a years journey on a Soul Pilgrimage. During her travels she learned sacred mantras with the brahman, visited holy temples and did purification rituals, did silent vipassana retreats, and began writing heart songs and mantras which she then brought back to America.

Upon returning to the US Annmarie moved to Los Angeles’ Topanga Canyon and completed her Yoga Works Teacher Training in Santa Monica CA where she then taught for  the next 5 years. She has been teaching at Yoga Desa in Topanga Canyon for over 15 years, and is writing her her manual for her own upcoming Teacher Training. Stay tuned!

Annmarie has songs in films, and most recently released her album Back To The Garden in 2016 produced with Ben Leinbach.  She is working on her new album titled Illuminate set to be released 2019.

Evan Perman

Born in California, raised in Malibu, Evan has been a healing Artist for over 20 years. As a Soul Seeker from an early age, Evan had been on a Spiritual path leading him into a Life focused on Spiritual Development -Conscious-transformation, health and Well-Being. In combining multiple modalities; Evan draws from a Diverse Background of Cultural influences Integrating Bodywork and Energy work therapy – Hands on Healing, vibrational sound healing with hand made Didgeridoos, Native Flutes and Drums etc.

He draws from Various Shamanic and indigenous rituals with Nature and quantum physics in his Healing Practice supporting those in need physically, Emotionally and Mentally.. His intention is to assist those drawn to him Energetically for clearing, cleansing Strengthening and Spiritual-Empowerment Transcending Self- induced limitations and Opening up to embody Heart Centered love, Joy and Generate Positive Vibrations…

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Music, Self Help, Spiritual, Shamanism
Michael Daut
Guest Occupation: Immersive media specialist and award winning writer, producer and director
Guest Biography:


Michael Daut is an immersive media specialist, working as an independent writer/producer/director in Los Angeles, CA. He is an award-winning writer, producer, and director for fulldome videos, theatrical productions, music videos, live concert videos, commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, and trade show presentations. He most recently served as the Director of New Business Development for Mousetrappe, an experience design and production studio in Burbank. Previously he worked for over 20 years at Evans & Sutherland, developing a library of shows for the digital fulldome community.

He has a BA in Media Communications with a video/film emphasis from Webster University, where he also served as an adjunct professor. He created the world’s first digital fulldome film for SIGGRAPH, 1999 in Los Angeles, and also helped create the world’s first digital fulldome transfer of a giant screen film, Africa the Serengeti in 2007. As a result of this groundbreaking first step, there are now more than 50 giant screen films that have been converted to digital fulldome.

Michael Daut is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America, a founding member of the Association of Fulldome Innovators, a member of the Telly Awards’ Silver Council, a board member of the Giant Screen Cinema Association, and a board member of IMERSA.org, the Immersive Media Entertainment, Research, Science and Arts organization dedicated to raising the visibility of immersive media across a variety of disciplines throughout the world.

Guest Category: Arts, Design, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Entertainment, TV & Film
Will Henshall
Guest Occupation: Entrepreneur, Songwriter and Consultant
Guest Biography:


  • Founder / CEO at Focus at Will Labs – Exciting new neuroscience productivity music service that delivers focus enhancement on demand for working, studying, creative writing, and reading.
  • Founder of Brilliant Studio Visual Artists Inc – Providing Creative Visual Artists – Photographers, Film Makers, Sketch Artists, Sculptors and Live Scrapbookers for the wedding and event business. Based in Los Angeles, California.
  • President of Henshall Photography – Specialized in contemporary wedding photography and wedding related commercial/editorialfood flower and decor photography.
  • Senior Audio Network Consultant at Digidesign Inc. – When we sold Rocket Network to Avid, part of the arrangement was that I was to work at DigiDesign for a period overseeing the transfer of our patented reliable and fast media transfer technology to new Avid technology and to explore new wide area media network business opportunities.I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Digi team for the 18 months I was there and made some very good friends. I left the corporate high tech world to make a distinct career move back to being a full time artist again.
  • Chairman & CEO of Rocket Network – Created groundbreaking wide area networking technology for the media creation industry -recording studios, video editing etc. Company sold to Avid/Digidesign in 2003. I also founded The Channel ISP, one of the first Internet providers in the UK as an initial division of RocketNetwork.
  • Pop Star of Londonbeat – I was the founder, main songwriter and general studio musician in the multi platinum selling UK soul pop band LONDONBEAT. Most folk will remember the huge smash hit “I’ve Been Thinking About You” which topped the charts all over the world in 91/92, other hits were “Better Love”, “Come Back” and “Build It With Love”. We were signed to RadioActive/MCA Records in the USA and RadioActive/RCA Records in the rest of the world.

    This gave me a great deal of experience being in front of the media promoting our records and learning what you have to do to get hits out and on the radio. I learnt a lot about the messy, sordid and nepotistic side of the music business. Oh and we also had a lot of fun too. 

    I hung up my boots in 95 when I had been on the road long enough and started the hi-tech company Rocket Network, actually originally a “virtual band” project called RES ROCKET SURFER. If you are interested in this do a search on Google, lots of stuff out there about it. It was very ground-breaking. Stuff which now is taken for granted like everyone having email and the web itself existing for instance.

Guest Category: Arts, Design, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Business, Entertainment, Philosophy, Technology, TV & Film
Melissa Rebronja
Guest Occupation: Hypnotherapist, Relationship and Life Coach, Energy Healer, Singer and Author
Guest Biography:


I am a Hypnotherapist with over 15 years’ experience helping people heal and empower themselves. My modalities include Hypnotherapy, Relationship and Life Coaching, Energy Healing and more.  I hold a safe space for you to relax into your Authentic Presence. I’ve traveled a long way to be the light I am today. I was raised in a harsh culture and abusive family environment, in a country eventually destroyed by war. 

I learned that the only way out… is through; feeling and forgiving the past, surrendering and trusting the future, living fully in the present, here, now, today.  It is my mission to help heal our collective heart, helping YOU live, love and prosper by being your most authentic self. I’ve helped many people remove blocks, heal pain and ultimately discover themselves as their own source of everything they need.

My clients come from the worlds of entertainment, business, music and all walks of life.

I have musical albums released under my full name and EMAR, singing devotional music in over ten different languages. I am currently pioneering a new genre of music called  Hypnotic Dance Meditation, and writing my first book. 

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Energy Healing, Kids & Family, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help
Guest Occupation: Singing and Songwriting Duo
Guest Biography:


Hypnotic Dance Meditation grew out of a collaboration between Los Angeles based label founders Will Henshall and Melissa Rebronja. Will is an award winning veteran music producer and songwriter who founded the 90s #1 selling UK pop soul band Londonbeat. Melissa is a celebrity hypnotherapist, relationship counselor and heart healer, with a parallel career as a singer, and voice over artist.

HDM is designed for people who would like to be able to meditate, but can’t sit still long enough. Like us. The act of moving your body at the same time as listening to a guided hypnosis based meditation allows the fidgets to become dance moves while your unconscious tunes into a new type of stillness.

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Indra Singh
Guest Biography:

From Seed to Flower...
Indra is
the Founder of Silent Moon Imaginarium

Indra Singh is an intuitive guide for those that are ready to face their shadow, em-brace their own wild inner guru and live a truly authentic life. She is the creator of the international flower elixir brand ‘Silent Moon Imaginarium’ and is on a mission to spread awareness of ‘The Power of the Flower’ and vibrational medicine to the masses.Indra spent many years traveling the world and searching externally for her guru; that one soul that would save her. It was only when Indra returned home that she found her true guru; the wild one within.

During her search Indra enjoyed a successful career in Yoga and meditation. She was featured several times on the cover of Yoga Magazine and has written many inspirational articles for Elephant Journal and various yoga publications. Alongside the deep spiritual works, Indra followed her love for colour and the natural world, exploring the realms of Aura Soma, Shamanic Healing and plant medicine.In 2015 she was guided to work intensively with nature; channeling the vibrational energy of flowers and plants and creating elixirs by the light of the moon.

Silent Moon Imaginarium was born and quickly became an international brand with a loyal following on four continents.As well as her powerful elixirs and misters, Indra offers life transforming 1:1 programs, online support groups and magical live events – helping people honour their inner shadow and connect with their wild authentic self.

Guest Category: Arts, Health & Lifestyle, Science
Ariel Moger
Website: https://foe.org/
Guest Occupation: Environmental Activist
Guest Biography:

Ariel Moger collaborates closely with campaigns to develop materials and policy recommendations for activists, journalists and key decision-makers, as well as monitors, researches and analyzes legislative and regulatory attacks on the environment and public health.

Friends of the Earth strives for a healthier and more just world. Together they speak truth to power and expose those who endanger the health of people and the planet for corporate profit. They organize to build long-term political power and campaign to change the rules of our economic and political systems that create injustice and destroy nature. https://foe.org/about-us/

Prior to Friends of the Earth, Ariel advocated for ocean-friendly federal policies as Oceana’s Policy Fellow. Before moving to DC,
she worked in Southeast Florida as a consultant for the Institute for Sustainable Communities and the City of Miami Beach on climate resilience and sea level rise adaptation projects.

Ariel has a Master of Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School and a B.A. in Political Science from Columbia University. 

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Politics & Government, Self Help, Variety
David Icke
Guest Occupation: conspiracy theorist, award winning author, international public speaker, media personality, broadcaster
Guest Biography:

New Film “Renegade” About The Life of Legendary Conspiracy Researcher David Icke Premieres In June

Premiering this April across the United Kingdom and United States is “Renegade” - the first authorized documentary exploring the life of famed conspiracy theorist David Icke. Icke has been warning for nearly 30 years of a coming global Orwellian state in which a tiny few would enslave humanity through control of finance, government, media and a military-police Gestapo overseeing 24/7 surveillance of a microchipped population.

“I have been waiting for this opportunity for so long, the chance to get this information out to a wider audience in a top class, professional way like never before. This is a chance for people to see what I really stand for and why I have done what I do for 30 years,” Said David Icke.

'Renegade' - The Life Story of David Icke (Official Trailer) - 2019


“Renegade” Film Premier Dates:
April 26, 2019 - Manchester, UK
April 28, 2019 - London, UK
April 30, 2019 - Los Angeles, CA
May 2, 2019 – New York, NY

Website to buy tickets:

In “Renegade” we learn:
•    David Icke has said that ‘physical’ reality is an illusion and what we think is the ‘world’ is a holographic simulation or ‘Matrix’ created by a non-human force to entrap human perception in ongoing servitude.

•    Today David’s books are read all over the world and his speaking events are watched by thousands on every continent. Why? Because what he has been so derided for saying is now happening in world events and even mainstream scientists are concluding that reality is indeed a simulation.

•    Almost every day something that David Icke said long ago is supported by happenings and evidence. As Mahatma Gandhi said: ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.’ David Icke’s time has come.

About David Icke
A former professional soccer player and sports broadcaster, David Icke is an English writer and public speaker, best known for his views on what he calls "who and what is really controlling the world." Self-described as the most controversial speaker in the world; he is the author of over 20 books and numerous dvds. Through his lectures in over 25 countries, Icke has attracted a global following that cuts across the political spectrum. His book, "The Biggest Secret," has been described as "The Rosetta Stone for conspiracy junkies." After being told by a psychic that he was a healer who had been placed on earth for a particular purpose, Icke held a press conference to announce that he was a "Son of the Godhead." Through his writings, Icke has developed a worldview that combines new-age spiritualism with a denunciation of totalitarian trends. He believes that many prominent figures belong to the
Babylonian Brotherhood, a secret group of shapeshifting reptilian humanoids that control humanity.

Interviews to be arranged with Jaymie Icke / Jaymie.icke@ickonic.com
or +447791308067 ​

Guest Category: Literature, Entertainment, News, Philosophy, Politics & Government, Society and Culture, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy, TV & Film
Sherry Wilde
Guest Occupation: Author, Speaker, Extra Terrestrial Contact, Abductee
Guest Biography:

Sherry Wilde was born & raised in southwestern Wisconsin and continues to spend the majority of her time there. In 1987 her community experienced a UFO flap that was considered one of the most active in the world.  Over the next 18-24 months, Sherry was forced to accept her involvement in a phenomenon that was totally unknown to her.  

Sherry spent the next several years of her life trying to exonerate the experiences from her mind and did her best to return to a normal life, but when heavy contact started again in late 2009, after several years of relative peace, she could no longer ignore it.

Inexplicably, she found herself writing a book about the encounters as her memory opened up to the past events and the teachings these beings had imparted to her.  Overcoming her fear and learning the truth of her involvement with these ultra-dimensional beings became her life goal.

Following the publication of her book The Forgotten Promise in late 2012, Sherry was poisoned and fell seriously ill, forcing her to curtail all speaking engagements for several years. Recently a documentary was filmed about her life and a major film project is also in the works.  You can find out more, and access her blog posts on her website.

Guest Category: Education, Paranormal, UFOs, Physics & Metaphysics, Spiritual, Access Consciousness, Clairvoyant & Telepathic, Psychic & Intuitive
Sally Sampson
Guest Occupation: Founder and President of ChopChop magazine, Cookbook Writer
Guest Biography:

Sally Sampson is the founder and president of ChopChop magazine.

On her motivation behind ChopChop magazine: My career experience has been as a cookbook writer and a magazine contributor. I wrote different cookbooks and I contributed to a lot of different food magazines and other magazines. And I also had a child with a chronic illness. She needed to be on a very, very low-fat diet, so as a result I learned a lot about obesity. I began to feel that writing cookbooks wasn’t what I wanted to keep doing. I wanted to give back in some way. And I thought that I could use my skills as a cookbook writer to help address obesity by getting doctors to prescribe cooking during well-child visits. So, I don’t know if you have children, but it’s now mandated that you take your kids at certain times and that doctor’s talk about healthy eating and physical activity during these appointments.

On expanding the mission: We’ve expanded the mission to obesity, poor nutrition and hunger. Unfortunately, that covers a huge portion of the population. Poor nutrition is an obesity effect, rich and poor, and hunger affects the poor and we’re focused in our brains on those most at risk, but ChopChop is written to appeal to any children. We hope that the Whole Foods moms pay for it and the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) food moms get it for free through their SNAP program.

On whether she sees the niche market of children’s food magazines as growing: Well, it’s definitely grown. We’ve quadrupled in volume since our first year. And we have a bit of a strange business model. We’re a non-profit and we don’t take any ads. So, it really is 39 pages of content. There is one page where we have sponsors.

On any stumbling blocks that she’s had to overcome: If you asked my staff if we had stumbling blocks, they would say yes more than I would. I’m just the sort of person who puts one foot in front of the other and I don’t worry too much. Having had a chronically ill child, I don’t worry too much about anything other than my children being sick.

On the most pleasant moment she’s had throughout this magazine journey: We went to the White House and we interviewed Mrs. Obama; we did sort of a shared 5th anniversary of “Let’s Move” and ChopChop. We both launched within a month of each other and that was really incredible. We brought two kids to the White House and they interviewed her and she was amazing; she gave us way more time than she said she would. She was beyond charming with the kids. That was an amazing experience. We also won the James Beard Award, which was also incredible. So, those things are not insignificant, but I would say that the letters that we get from kids are just really moving and very real.

chop-chop-5On whether anyone has ever told her she was out of her mind for launching a print magazine in a digital age: Oh yes, all of the time. Of course, the people who ask us if we’re out of our minds are not our readers. I think for a child to get this beautiful four-color thing that they can hold and touch, where they see a child who looks like them is important. We show kids of every color, adorable, braces, in wheelchairs; we just featured a child with Down Syndrome. We show real kids, and we don’t put makeup on them; we don’t tell them to smile. So, your grandchildren, and I don’t have grandchildren yet, but my grandchildren someday; the idea is that any child should be able to open the magazine and feel like they can relate.

On the myth that digital natives do not want anything to do with print: I honestly could not begin to understand why people feel that way. I still read paper books and I love magazines. I just think that there is something really special about print. I have an iPad and I read The New York Times on it; I read little things on it. But I think there is no sensuality to digital. Touching and feeling the paper is amazing. And I think for a child, for the magazine to be theirs, is pretty incredible.

On why she thinks it took the magazine industry so long to discover that print is not dead: I think it’s human nature and that people just have a tendency to go to extremes. First it was: no, you can’t eat any fat. Now you can eat fat. It must be the nature of human beings. I don’t know. I never felt like paper was dead and as you said in the beginning, we launched when people thought we were nuts. We launched within a very short time of Gourmet closing. Everybody asked why we were doing paper? But it just seemed like the right thing to do.

On whether she feels now that ChopChop is a movement rather than just a magazine: I do. If you think about it, we’ve got the cooking club; we have the curriculum; we’re not just a magazine. And also, when I started, not only did people ask was I crazy for doing print, but they also asked are you crazy; kid’s cooking? Like, who cares? But you look at it now and everybody sees kid’s cooking as a pipeline to many different things, whether it’s teaching kids about math or teaching them manners or teaching them to be responsible for themselves; really cooking is everything. There’s nothing that you can’t learn in a kitchen.

chop-chop-6On what she would say if this interview were conducted one year from now: I would tell you that we launched a third magazine called “Seasoned.” And that magazine is for older adults. And you would say to me, but you’re focused on kids, and I would say to you, we’re focused on people who need help in the kitchen. “Seasoned” is launching in February, 2017. The AARP Foundation gave us a grant and I believe we’re actually launching in Mississippi as one of four southern states. It’s a smaller magazine and it’s for adults who need to cook from scratch instead of buying junk, and who are downsizing.

On what someone would find her doing if they showed up unexpectedly one evening at her home: I cook a ton. This sounds crazy, but whenever I’m emptying my dishwasher, I’m sort of amazed at how much I cook. I cook all of the time. I don’t eat anything prepared; I make every single thing from scratch.

On what keeps her up at night: Not ChopChop. The direction of the country keeps me up at night, or if my children are having a problem, that concerns me, even though they’re in their 20s. That’s the sort of thing that keeps me up at night.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Society and Culture, Variety
Kathy Feinstein
Guest Occupation: Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Sport Performance Consultant
Guest Biography:

Kathy Feinstein is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Mental Performance Consultant in private practice in Naples, Florida.  She works with sports parents, coaches and athletes of all ages and levels in a variety of sports.  Kathy also hosts a weekly podcast, Parenting Peak Performers whose mission is to help sports parents manage the challenges specific to parenting competitive athletes.  Her education, depth of counseling experience, specialized training in sport psychology, and parenting two competitive athletes uniquely qualifies Kathy to do the work she absolutely loves!  

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Be Bop Deluxe Guitar Legend Bill Nelson on Interviewing the Legends
Guest Occupation: Guitarist,Singer,Songwriter
Guest Biography:

B   I   L   L

N   E   L   S   O   N






Be Bop Deluxe was a '70s British rock group led by guitarist Bill Nelson (born on December 18, 1948, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England) who veered between glam rock, pop, and heavy metal, with lots of demonstrations of Nelson's guitar prowess.

Bill Nelson wrote all of the band’s material. Signed to EMI, the band released five studio albums and scored a top ten UK hit with the single "Ships In The Night."​

In 1979 Bill disbanded Be-Bop Deluxe and launched Red Noise whose 'Sound-On-Sound' album is often cited as an inspiration by many younger bands.

Bill then formed his own independent record label, Cocteau Records, and throughout the 80's and 90's he released many solo albums as well as collaborating with other musicians such as Yellow Magic Orchestra, David Sylvian, Harold Budd, The Associates, Cabaret Voltaire, Sandy And The Sunsets and Channel Light Vessel.

As a producer he has worked on albums for Roger Eno, The Skids, Gary Numan, The Units, The Rhythm Sisters, Nash The Slash and many others. Bill has composed and recorded music for film, television and theatrical productions. Since 2000 he has released many solo albums on his own label.

Explore this website to discover the astounding amount of work that Bill has created throughout his career!

Esoteric Recordings is proud to announce the release of a new re-mastered four-disc deluxe expanded boxed set limited edition (comprising 3 CDs and a DVD) of FUTURAMA the legendary 1975 album by BE-BOP DELUXE.

The album gained much praise thanks to Bill Nelson’s composition skills and his highly innovative guitar playing. Featuring such wonderful material as ‘Maid in Heaven’, ‘Sister Seagull’, ‘Music in Dreamland’, ‘Sound Track’, ‘Between the Worlds’, ‘Jean Cocteau’ and ‘Swan Song’, the album would see Be Bop Deluxe heralded as one of the most accomplished acts of 1975.

Another highlight of this limited-edition boxed set is the lavishly illustrated 68-page book with many previously unseen photographs and an essay of recollections by Bill Nelson. Additionally, the set includes a facsimile Record Store poster for FUTURAMA, replica track sheets, and postcards. This special deluxe limited-edition boxed set of FUTURAMA is a fitting tribute to a fine band, the creative vision of Bill Nelson and a wonderful album.

Order Be-Bop Deluxe FUTURAMA 3CD/1DVD at amazon.com

For more information about Bill Nelson visit …

Bill Nelson’s official website at https://www.billnelson.com

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Guest Occupation: Comedian Keynote Networker Coach
Guest Biography:

Adora Nwofor is a Comedian, Model, and advocate for women. She is the Founder of the Calgary Women's March, which had over 5,000 people attend in 2018.

I saw Adora speak recently, and can share that she is certainly unique with an expansive personaliity. Standing over 6 feet tall she commands the stage as a comedian, MC, public speaker, and more. She can be seen hosting events such as folk fest Cariwest, femme wave, as well as the Grand marshal of the March for Women (2017 to 2019).

Just when you think she has a niche she pops up as MC for Canada Day 150 and Culture days or for the University of Calgary, as key note speaker for diversity days. Adora's comedy has a feminist POV with a dark twist that has been labeled by some as shock wit.Learn more about the march here:

As quoted in Avenue Magazine: Standing over six feet tall, Adora Nwofor, a comedian and feminist activist, is a self-professed “giant” with a personality to match. But compared to her raunchy “shock-wit” humour, her style isn’t that outlandish. She juxtaposes classic cuts and clean lines with bold Nigerian-traditional patterns and bright colours, especially her signature blue. “I tend to give people anxiety just by walking into a room in jeans and a sweater,” Nwofor says. “I’m kind of sensory overload.”

She can be reached at: adoranwofor@gmail.com or at:  facesofwendy or imodel management
Photography by Jessica Pechet; Styling by Julie Redmond; makeup by Amber Chomezcko; hair by Lisa Tompkins.

Guest Category: Comedy, Education, Entertainment, Society and Culture
Michael Gogger
Guest Occupation: Talk Show Host, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Consultant, Entertainer
Guest Biography:
Talk Show Host, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Consultant, Entertainer
518-209-6530 please leave a message
Thank you

Guest Category: Entertainment, Paranormal, Ghosts, Spiritual, Access Consciousness, Angel Communication, Numerology, Medium & Channeling, Psychic & Intuitive
Noah Wills
Guest Occupation: President of Students for D.C. Statehood
Guest Biography:

Noah Wills is the President of Students for D.C. Statehood – a non-partisan non-profit organization dedicated to educating and mobilizing students and young adults to advocate for equal rights and statehood for the people of the District of Columbia. Noah has led Students for D.C. Statehood over the years engaging young people in the struggle for D.C. statehood.

Noah earned his B.A. from American University in Washington, D.C. 
and currently works with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 
the Department of Health and Human Services. 

The D.C. Statehood Congressional Delegation gave Noah 
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Richard Dugan
Guest Occupation: Broadcaster, producer, host, author
Guest Biography:

Im Richard Dugan, host of 'Tell Me Your Story”,


To bring as many different points of view, from around the circle, into your view, to assist you in expanding your life and living. To assist in the positive evolution of mankind and bringing about a greater awareness of self and others in order to create the kind of world YOU want. A world in which we all can search for, find and fulfill our 'first best destiny'.


You deserve to know 'the truth' about who you are, because that 'truth will set you free'. Knowing your past is fine. Knowing who you are now is greater. And knowing who you want to be and how to bring about that transformation is what 'Tell Me Your Story' is about.

Since 2007, we've been producing TMYS, available at richarddugan.com/radioshow.

My dream is to syndicate 'Tell MeYourStory' and take it on the road. Traveling to all parts of the world, talking with people who are living, working and playing in new ways that are changing the world, one person at a time.

I have been interviewing for over 30 years, talking with thousands of; authors, musicians, light workers, metaphysicians, spiritualists, co-creators, body, mind and light workers, new thought people, visionaries, revolutionaries, inovators.

We all have a story and mine is no greater or lesser than yours. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I was legally blind from birth. In spite or because of that, I went through 13 years of school not knowing what I wanted to do and so I went to Communtiy College and worked in the AV Department. I found out about a job with 'Sun Sounds' Radio Reading Service, for the blind and visually impaired. I not only became a client, I started working there August 29, 1979 and never “looked” back.

On March 6, 1996, I received a lens implant and went from 20/200 or worse to 20/80 overnight. Within just a few months, I was learning to drive a car. A dream I had given up in acceptance of the way I was, legally blind. And that was 'ok'. Bicycling was just fine for me. Then my marriage of 15 years came to an end and I met Amrita Ma. We married and moved to her home town of Santa Barbara and we both started a new life 5 minutes for her childhood home.

We've been to Ireland twice and dream of living there one day very soon.

I dreamed I would drive, travel to far away places, share the love with someone with a very open, loving heart, live by the sea, have my own radio show, teach others my craft, meet new and exciting souls. I am working on 2 books and more.

What are your dreams?........

I will share more thoughts later. RD


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