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Deb Morrison and Morrison and Co
Guest Biography:


As enamored as Buck Owens was with his native Bakersfield, Morrison & Company bring to bear all the unique flavors of their lost-in-time equestrian hometown of Altadena. 

Their West Coast Americana signature sound is reminiscent of the iconic 1970s Laurel Canyon scene melded together with the sultry feel of the high desert. Heavy with weepy pedal steel and Bigsby drenched guitar riffs, they make no bones about jamming it out old school when they strike a rich vein, but always come back to their ear-worm choruses that folks can’t seem shake. 

Morrison & Company were conceived in a dilapidated old manor house on the outskirts of Los Angeles during the now infamous house party jams called “The Living Room Sessions.”

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music
Jimmy Dean Freeman
Guest Occupation: Marathon Runner and founder of Coyote Running
Guest Biography:


Head Coach & Founder of Coyote Running
Distance Focus: 50 Miles, 100k, 100 Miles & Beyond
Specialization: Trails, Endurance, Mental Game

Jimmy is known for getting inside his athletes’ heads and his emphasis on training the mind like a muscle. Since 2002, he has coached more than a two-thousand adults (and young people) to run further and run more efficiently by creating an uplifting environment to propel people to break through self-imposed glass ceilings. Jimmy has been running competitively for 30 years (200+ races, including the Angeles Crest 100, the Western States 100 and Badwater 135) and has over 14 years of coaching experience tackling ultra endurance over the last decade. He has helped many runners & athletes to complete their first ultra races and 100 milers, and has personally completed 28+ races of 50 miles (or further) while failing to finish 5 races over that stretch. Personal bests include a 1:18 Half Marathon, 2:56 Marathon, 3:56 50k, 7:07 50 miler & 17:34 100 miler. Jimmy is also the father of two kids who can out-endurance him any day.

Half Marathons to Ultra Marathons

Coyote Running offers running coaching and training programs on both road and trail for every distance from the half marathon to ultras. Based in West Los Angeles, we aim to offer runners something a little more off the beaten path.  Often, quite literally. We specialize in training runners in a non-traditional format for marathons, 50ks, and 50 milers, but we’ll gladly help you prepare for a race of any distance, be it a shorter XTERRA trail race to a 100 miler (or worse).

The only thing you have to lose is that old tired routine of running the same exact long run every single week on that same exact course at that same exact pace. If you are ready for something different, something new, then you are ready to rock it out with Coyote Running to your best race yet.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Outdoor
Survivor Legendary Frontman Dave Bickler on Interviewing the Legends with Ray Shasho
Guest Occupation: Singer-Songwriter-Musician
Guest Biography:

D   A   V   E   

B   I   C   K   L   E   R


'S U R V I V O R'



The voice on one of the most instantly recognizable and celebrated rock anthems of all-time is back with his first-ever solo album - with the arrival of former Survivor singer Dave Bickler’s ‘Darklight.’ 
Released on March 15, 2019 via Deko Music, the ten-track album recalls the singer’s classic rock roots with a modern sound - and features contributions by the likes of Ryan Hoyle (Collective Soul) on drums, Brad Smith (Blind Melon) on bass, Grammy nominated producer Steve DeAcutis (Vanilla Fudge, Corey Glover, Vinnie Moore, Overkill, etc.), and Grammy Award winning mastering engineer Alan Douches (Fleetwood Mac, Yes, Mastodon, Monster Magnet, etc.).
The album’s lead-off single is the track “Hope,” which was released digitally on March 8th

Starting his musical career as lead singer of the 1970s rock group Jamestown Massacre (best known for the Billboard Top 100 Song, “Summer Sun”) and doing commercial jingle work in Chicago, Dave was the lead singer of Survivor from 1978-1984 and 1993-1999, and co-lead singer 2013-2014. 
And his crowning career achievement was singing on the track “Eye of the Tiger” - the theme song for the hit film ‘Rocky III,’ which topped the Billboard charts for six weeks and won a Grammy Award for 'Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.' From 1999-2009, Dave served as the singing voice behind the most award-winning radio campaign in advertising history ('Real Men of Genius'), for Bud Light beer.
‘Darklight’ is issued on both CD and vinyl, with the vinyl version being available in both standard (black) and limited (gray swirl) editions. Dave will be launching a European solo tour in March, with further Euro/US dates and festival shows throughout the year. 

For more information about Dave Bickler

and www.facebook.com/dave.bickler.9

Purchase the latest release by Dave Bickler entitled ‘DARKLIGHT’ at amazon.com

Guest Category: Arts, Music, TV & Film
Linda Lowebeck CE5 Copenhagen
Guest Occupation: Founder CE5 Copenhagen and Psychic Medium
Guest Biography:

Linda Lowebeck was born in Copenhagen, Denmark with her psychic abilities awakened. As a child she loved astronomy and dinosaurs and at the age of 6 she saw her first Star Being.  Around that same time she began having  telepathic communication with her Guides who presented themselves to her in human form.

As she became aware that she needed assistance and tools to best utilize her innate psychic abilities she enrolled in a 3 year psychic medium training program in Copenhagen.  She also underwent extensive healing to clear her own energy and old emotional patterns in order to be a clearer channel.

In navigating 3D Linda received a bachelor's degree in nutrition and a master's degree in IT & Organization yet follows her passion on a daily basis as the Founder and Owner of her own psychic consultation named Wonders of Clairvoyance. 

She is a professional psychic medium including clairvoyance (past-presence-future), contacting the deceased, and regression (past lives healing). She also does energy healing and Shaktipat (kundalini transmission) both face-to-face and long distance via Skype or Email.

In 2013 the guides that presented themselves to Linda in human form slowly got replaced with Star Being Guides.  In 2015 Linda saw her first physical UFO in the sky and this led to exploration that resulted in her founding CE5 Copenhagen in 2018.  CE5 Copenhagen is a UFO contact organization, based on the works on Steven Greer, his Sirius Disclosure Project, and the ET/UFO contact protocol which he developed.

As the Founder of CE5 Copenhagen Linda and the group meet once a month around the New Moon, do the contact protocol and have a beautiful out-of-this-world evening.

Linda’s passion revolves around the consciousness raising aspect of contact with our Star Brothers and Sisters.

Guest Category: Energy Healing, Nutrition, Paranormal, UFOs, Physics & Metaphysics, Medium & Channeling, Clairvoyant & Telepathic, Mystic & Seer, Psychic & Intuitive
Gabriel Acevero
Guest Occupation: General Assembly of Maryland's Delgate
Guest Biography:
Gabriel Acevero is a community organizer and activist with a passion for people and public service. A resident of Montgomery Village, Gabriel is a proud public school graduate who went on to earn his Associate’s Degree in International Relations from Montgomery College and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Public Policy from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Coming from a low-income background, Gabriel pursued higher education with the hopes of giving back and serving his community one day. His family immigrated to the United States from Trinidad in search of opportunity. Gabriel’s upbringing, struggles and achievements has shaped the way he fights for social and economic justice issues and advocates for his community. Gabriel has been on the frontlines of progressive fights such as criminal and juvenile justice reform, marriage equality, the Dream Act, automatic voter registration and environmental conservation. In addition to his advocacy, Gabriel is committed to building a strong Democratic Party in Montgomery County. He’s currently the President of the Association of Black Democrats of Montgomery County and serves as a District 39 precinct official. In 2016, he became a fellow with New Leaders Council Maryland and currently serves on its Advisory Board. He’s an active member of Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity Inc., a social service organization, where he serves as its Director of Social Action and mentors young men through its youth auxiliary group, the Sigma Beta Club.
Community Leader and Legislative Advocate
A citizen activist, Gabriel has been a fixture at County Council hearings and Committee meetings in Rockville and Annapolis advocating for new resources to help close the opportunity gap within Montgomery County Public Schools, raising the minimum wage to a livable one, investing in a renewable energy future, reproductive rights and criminal justice reform. In 2012, in support of House Bill 438 and Senate Bill 241 Gabriel worked with Marylanders for Marriage Equality, a coalition of individuals and statewide community organizations to get Marriage Equality passed. That same year, he served as a Lead Organizer, bringing together members of the faith and nonprofit community to support referendum Questions 4 and 6 (the Dream Act and Marriage Equality).
For his work on criminal and juvenile justice reform in Maryland, Gabriel was recognized by The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) in 2015, naming him as one of “100 Emerging Leaders to Watch.” During the 2016 legislative session, Gabriel partnered with State Senator Roger Manno (District 19) to introduce SB350 (Universal Voter Registration) that would’ve automatically registered every eligible Marylander of voting age through a cost-effective statewide system. Later that year, Gabriel actively worked with the coalition of activists and stakeholders, led by Renter’s Alliance, that successfully lobbied for and passed Montgomery County’s first Renter Protection legislation. Gabriel is committed to fighting for the hardworking families like his own whose issues aren’t always represented. For his tireless advocacy, Gabriel was the recipient of the Dorothy Davidson Award in recognition of his tireless work on issues of justice and equity.
Professional Life
Gabriel is a Union Representative and Organizer with the Municipal and County Government Employees Organization (MCGEO). In this role he represents working men and women on labor related and workplace safety issues and lobbies for the right of workers to collectively bargain throughout Montgomery County.
Previously, Gabriel worked as a Legislative Analyst in Federal and State Government Relations. As the Business Development Manager for a Baltimore based commercial real estate firm for over two years, Gabriel helped build a minority owned and operated business from its early startup stage to a thriving small business that now employs a staff of fifteen. He created the firm’s social responsibility program that partners with nonprofits in Baltimore City to offer free workspace to budding entrepreneurs, startups and nonprofits.
Why I’m Running….

I’m running because I love my community;  I’ve spent many years working on legislation and advocating for issues important to working families; working families just like the one that raised me. As your representative in Annapolis, I’ll always listen to the voices in our community and work tirelessly for you, increasing the quality of life many of us share while making sure to include the experiences that aren’t always represented at the policymaking table. I’m running because regardless of who you are, where you’re from or who you love, everyone should have the same opportunities at pursuing success while also positively contributing to the social fabric that is America. District 39 deserves legislators that work for everyone in the community in ways that promote sustainable growth, safe streets, great schools, attracts desired investment and jobs that pay living wages, protects our environment, and a transportation system that is efficient.  These are realistic, attainable, goals that we can achieve. I’d be honored to earn your vote!

Guest Category: History, Kids & Family, Politics & Government, Self Help, Variety
Mitch Ehren Owens
Guest Occupation: Metaphysical Warrior and Walk In
Guest Biography:

Mitch Ehren Owens has walked many miles in this current incarnation.  He spent 17 years in the US Military including Special Ops and during his service he was exposed to Agent Orange, Car Bombs, Lead Poisoning and More.  After his military service ended he continued his 3D Warrior journey as part of Blackwater.  

His entire life changed on December 18, 2015 at 3:15pm  when a literal Lightning Bolt from Source struck his physical body while he standing in his driveway talking to his then wife.  At that moment, Jeshua appeared to him and asked him if he was done with this incarnation.  Knowing his work as a 1st Wave Volunteer was complete and wanting to leave Earth he said YES.  At that moment, his current soul left this incarnation and was replaced by the Walk-In now known as EHREN. 

What transpired is an epic story that is still unfolding.  EHREN is a higher dimensional aspect of Mitch and also a Sacred Divine Twin of the woman Mitch would later meet in October 2018. This Walk-In is also a Warrior from the Angelic Realm carrying the frequencies of ArchAngel Raphael and ArchAngel Michael. 

His integration of EHREN into this physical body led to miraculous healings (which he has medical proof of), a shedding of 60 pounds without effort and an embodying of many spiritual gifts including Lemurian Crystal healing, Chakra/Tuning Fork Healing, Orb communication, Star Grid and Earth Grid Activation and much, much more.

Mitch Ehren is passionate about sharing his knowledge of the power of self-healing as well as his understanding of the truth of the Awakening process.  

You can connect with Mitch Ehren via his facebook page Meta-Physical Mitch

Guest Category: Alternative Health, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Paranormal, Near Death Experiences, Inspirational, Angel Communication, Medium & Channeling, Mystic & Seer
Rev Michael J Carter
Guest Occupation: Inter-faith Minister, UFO Researcher, Author, Public Speaker
Guest Biography:

Rev. Michael J. Carter presently serves as minister for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in North Carolina.  A long-time UFO experiencer, he lectures on religion and UFOs and has appeared on the  Sci-Fi Channel's Abduction Diaries produced by Steven Spielberg.  He has written numerous articles on religion and UFOs, and appears around the country at MUFON and UFO conferences.  He has also been interviewed by Academy Award winning actress Shirley McLaine, George Noory's Coast to Coast AM, and Beyond Belief on Gaia TV.  He has written four books:  Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible, A New World if You Can Take It: God, Extraterrestrials and the Evolution of Human Consciousness, God Consciousness:  A 30 Day Meditation Manual to God Centered Thinking, and his recently published book - The Metaphysics of Spiritual Healing and The Power of Affirmative Prayer.   Books are available on Amazon.com, and you can discover more on his website

Guest Category: Literature, UFOs, Physics & Metaphysics, Religion, Christianity, Spiritual, Access Consciousness, Meditation, Psychic & Intuitive
Gordon MacLelland
Guest Occupation: CEO of 'Working with Parents in Sport'
Guest Biography:

Gordon MacLelland is the CEO of ‘Working with Parents in Sport'.  A coach of 20 years, with experience at all age levels from Under 7 to adults.  He is a qualified teacher and has been Director of Sport at an independent prep school in the UK for the last 10 years. He has worked in schools in both the UK and New Zealand. Gordon set up ‘Working with Parents in Sport’ after 20 years as a teacher and as a coach to all age levels from 7 year olds to Adults. He has a BA/Hons degree in Sports Science from University College Chester and a PGCE from Lancaster University. He is a qualified teacher and has been Director of Sport at an independent prep school in the UK for the last 10 years. He has worked in schools in both the UK and New Zealand for the last 16 years.

He is the author of two books, ‘Great Sports Parenting’ – A pocket guide for parents of children in sport and ‘Engage’ – A coaches guide to building positive relationships with parents. In recent times he has become a parent to two children and the early sporting experiences of his own children prompted him to set up the company as well as write the two books above.

As a speaker he brings a wealth of experience to working with organizations, coaches and parents gathered through 20 years as a teacher and coach as well as a parent currently involved in children’s sport.

‘Working with Parents in Sport’ supports parents and coaches in working together to provide children with the best possible sporting experiences. We are a UK based company that works with sporting organizations globally, providing unbiased information that understands the difficulties that parents and coaches face in today’s world. Our partners currently include amongst others, England Rugby, UK Coaching, Cricket Scotland, Northern Ireland FA, Sport Northern Ireland and the Little Athletics franchise in Australia.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Brian Damhoff
Guest Occupation: Founder and Clinical Director of Elite Performance Institute
Guest Biography:

Dr. Brian Damhoff, founder and clinical director of Elite Performance Institute, is a chiropractic physician and a full body certified provider of Active Release Techniques (ART) since 2007. Dr. Damhoff attended Lewis University where he competed collegiately in track and field as a long jumper. He then went on to Logan College of Chiropractic where he completed his doctorate of chiropractic and a masters in sports rehabilitation. In his free time, Dr. Damhoff is the jumps coach and assistant cross country coach at Plainfield North High School. Dr. Damhoff enjoys training for track and field and continues to actively compete in meets. He is an active volunteer at Loaves and Fishes and regularly volunteers throughout the community. He is also a member of the Fox River Trail Runners and loves running with the group! Dr. Damhoff is also the community coordinator of the Naperville Healthy Kids Running Series which promotes kids being active in a healthy and positive manner.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Detroit Motown Legend Dennis Coffey Special Guest on Interviewing the Legends
Guest Occupation: Guitarist- Songwriter-Producer
Guest Biography:

D   E   N   N   I   S

C   O   F   F   E   Y






Dennis Coffey is an American original. Only in America (and specifically, only in Detroit) could one man play guitar with a group of legends as diverse as Del Shannon, The Temptations, and George Clinton and Funkadelic. However, the list of iconic artists, producers and writers Dennis has worked with the world over only scratches the surface of what the man has done and the contributions he’s made to the canon of popular music.

Dennis Coffey first began to make his mark as a member of The Royaltones, a group which had hits in the late 50’s and early 60’s and who performed sessions with other artists, including Del Shannon. From there, Dennis moved on to a distinguished run as a session guitarist for various labels operating at the peak of Detroit’s influence as a hub of musical innovation and commercial success. He’s perhaps best known for his work as a member of the legendary Funk Brothers, backing a veritable trunk load of hits for Motown, specifically The Temptations’ classics “Cloud Nine,” “Ball Of Confusion,” and “Just My Imagination.” It is in those works that his introduction of the wah-wah guitar sound to Motown (and soul / R&B in general) first reared its head, and the resulting influence on all kinds of popular music continues to reverberate to this day. His work with The Temptations is just the tip of the iceberg, though… he’s on stuff like “War” by Edwin Starr… “Band Of Gold” by Freda Payne…on and on the list goes.

In the early 70’s, Dennis struck out on his own as an artist, film scorer and producer. He scored the cult classic film Black Belt Jones. He recorded “Scorpio” in 1971 as part of his second solo record and first for Sussex (“Evolution”). “Scorpio” was a million selling single and was a key foundational track in the history and development of hip-hop, totally apart from its status as a funk classic. Dennis has recorded several other solo records, and he has co-produced a million seller in Gallery’s Nice To Be With You as well as cult record Cold Fact by Rodriguez, a release that has gained increasing notoriety over the decades since it initially appeared, and which is now regarded as a rediscovered gem. He also continued session guitar work through the 1970’s, appearing on such disco classics as “Boogie Fever” by the Sylvers.

Dennis is also featured in the 2002 film Standing In The Shadows Of Motown, further cementing his legacy as a key contributor to the development of some of the most cherished and important popular music of the 20th Century.

So, yeah… the man’s important. This isn’t just a history lesson, though. Dennis has continued to write and perform music. He’s a lifer. Now, it’s time for a new chapter. An opportunity to both remind music fans of what he’s done and show them what’s to come.

Dennis is a cast member in the Sony film Searching for Sugarman. He is also co-producer and co-arranger along with Mike Theodore for some of the songs on the soundtrack. He also plays guitar and bass in some of those songs.


For more information about Dennis Coffey visit … https://denniscoffeysite.com

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Guest Occupation: Congresswoman for the District of Columbia
Guest Biography:

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, now in her fifteenth term as the Congresswoman for the District of Columbia, is the Chair of the House Subcommittee on Highways and Transit. She serves on two committees: the Committee on Oversight and Reform and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Before her congressional service, President Jimmy Carter appointed her to serve as the first woman to chair the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She came to Congress as a national figure who had been a civil rights and feminist leader, tenured professor of law, and board member at three Fortune 500 companies. Congresswoman Norton has been named one of the 100 most important American women in one survey and one of the most powerful women in Washington in another. The Congresswoman's work for full congressional voting representation and for full democracy for the people of the District of Columbia continues her lifelong struggle for universal human and civil rights.

Congresswoman Norton's accomplishments in breaking barriers for her disempowered district are matched by her success in bringing home unique economic benefits to her constituents. Among them are senatorial courtesy to recommend federal judges, the U.S. Attorney, and other significant federal law enforcement positions for the District; up to $10,000 per year for all D.C. high school graduates to attend any public U.S. college or university and up to $2,500 per year to many private colleges and universities; a unique $5,000 D.C. homebuyer tax credit, which has sharply increased home ownership in the District and was a major factor in stabilizing the city's population; and D.C. business tax incentives, including a significant wage credit for employing D.C. residents, which has maintained businesses and residents in the District.

Congresswoman Norton also has brought significant economic development to the District of Columbia throughout her service in Congress, creating and preserving jobs in D.C. The most significant are her work in bringing to D.C. the U.S. Department of Homeland Security headquarters compound, now under construction, and is the largest federal construction project in the country; her bill that is developing the 55 acre-Southeast Federal Center, the first private development on federal land; her work that resulted in the relocation of 6,000 jobs to the Washington Navy Yard; and her successful efforts to bring to the District the new headquarters for the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, along with an additional Metro station at New York Avenue, which has resulted in the development of the NOMA neighborhood.

Congresswoman Norton helped end the city's most serious financial crisis in a century, in the 1990's,by achieving a historic package that for the first time restructured the financial relationship between Congress and the District, by transferring $5 billion in unfunded pension liabilities and billions more in state costs to the federal government.

The Congresswoman, who taught law full time before being elected, is a tenured professor of law at Georgetown University, teaching an upper-class seminar there every year. After receiving her bachelor's degree from Antioch College in Ohio, she simultaneously earned her law degree and a master's degree in American Studies from Yale University. Yale Law School has awarded her the Citation of Merit for outstanding alumni, and Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has awarded her the Wilbur Cross Medal for outstanding alumni, the highest awards conferred by each on alumni. She is the recipient of more than 50 honorary degrees.

Congresswoman Norton with Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Guest Category: History, Kids & Family, News, Politics & Government, Self Help, Society and Culture, Variety
Guest Occupation: Speaker, Author, Life skills Coach
Guest Biography:

Born a Metis’ child, and taken away at the age of three, she found herself in the foster care of a very religious cult, The Holdeman Mennonites from Roblin, Manitoba. At a young age she discovered something wasn’t right, and her questioning and honesty were not welcome.

After struggling for many years, then forced into an arranged, loveless marriage, and immediate motherhood, Shirleylee found her inner courage to leave. For several years she fought for her freedom and the custody of her four young children, removed from her by the Holdeman, Mennonite people.

She is the first woman in Canada and United States to have taken this huge religious society to court. In 1997, in Alberta: a victory: she won sole custody of her children, and then later her divorce.

With a unique voice of a woman who was given isolated schooling to Grade 8, she wrote her passionate autobiography, ‘A World Within A World’, and now speaks on the power of her journey to Self discovery, freedom and forgiveness. No longer the child she was, Shirleylee is a woman who has become the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, the ones who live in fear and guilt; who know they must move on but have no idea how. She states her purpose is to help people recognize that they alone have the power to change their world, their lifestyle, and their beliefs and come out the other side feeling whole. Being a part of The Metis’ 60 Scoop also, Shirleylee speaks on The Loss of Identity and finding that Sense of Belonging.

Following this life’s purpose, shirleylee is a Life Skills Coach, working with ages 13 and up. She teaches them tools to find their Self Worth, Gratitude, and Communication and to bring joy into their lives. Recently she followed her own joy and married the man of her dreams, her life partner.

To hear Shirleylee speak is literally to see a glimpse through a window into a world that most of us never imagine. To watch audiences, focus on her every word, seeing recognition in their eyes about situations in their own life, then sparking hope that maybe they can change too, is inspiring.

To book Shirleylee for speaking engagements, please reach her through her email or private message on Facebook or Instagram.

Guest Category: Education, History, Psychology, Society and Culture
Barbara Rose, PhD
Guest Occupation: Bestselling Author Life Transformation Specialist
Guest Biography:

How You Can Receive Immediate Answers and Solutions from God. Learn how to receive immediate answers and solutions to dramatically solve any problem you have within minutes.

Find Out if You Are in a String Along Relationship based on the Amazon number 1 relationship bestseller Stop Being the String Along A Relationship Guide to Being THE ONE

Barbara Rose, PhD most widely known as Born To Inspire is the bestselling author of thirty two books. Her personal growth and transformation has endeared her to the masses as a pure loving and caring soul who shares by living example. Her ability to bring through solutions from God for herself and all has made her work continuously spread globally by word of mouth. She is a world renowned Life Transformation Specialist with subscribers spanning 191 countries. Her mission is to totally empower you.

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/barbara-rose-phd-62272142/

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3X9gVg2_tZMUD4kw-t7Iw

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BORNTOINSPIRE

Twitter https://twitter.com/1BORNTOINSPIRE

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Christian Wilde
Guest Occupation: Medical Researcher/Author
Guest Biography:

My guest this week is Christian Wilde an author/researcher who has appeared as a favorite guest on hundreds of radio shows and has been a medical ‘go to’ commentator over 106 times on George Noory’s number 1 international radio show airing to millions of nightly listeners in the US and Canada, Armed Forces Radio, Sirius and computers worldwide. As well as 95 other nationally syndicated radio programs.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Science, Self Help
Carmine Appice one of the premier showmen in rock special guest on Interviewing the Legends
Guest Occupation: Drummer,Singer,Songwriter,Author
Guest Biography:

C   A   R   M   I   N   E

A   P   P   I   C   E





As drummer for Vanilla Fudge, Carmine Appice set the grooves for the groundbreaking band's 1967 psychedelic debut, inadvertently inventing Stoner Rock in the process. The Fudge had no precedent. The band was totally unique. No rock group, up until that point, had ever so lugubriously s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out well-known pop tunes. Vanilla Fudge went on to tour with Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and even had Led Zeppelin as an opening act.

Post-Fudge, Bogert and Appice formed Cactus (seen as an influence on Van Halen & King's X). Post-Cactus, the rhythm section found Grammy-winning Guitar Hero Jeff Beck to form the first supergroup: Beck, Bogert & Appice.

One of the premier showmen in rock, Appice became known worldwide for his astonishing live performances and a highly sought-after session drummer, recording with countless artists throughout his career. In 1976, he joined Rod Stewart’s band, touring, recording and writing two of Stewart’s biggest hits, "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" and "Young Turks.” He left Stewart to record his first solo album, Rockers, and tour Japan and North America with an all-star band. In 1978, Appice played drums on Paul Stanley’s first solo album.

In the early 1980s, he toured with Ozzy Osborne, Ted Nugent. In the mid '80s, he formed King Kobra for two Capitol albums and international touring. In the late ‘80s, Carmine played on Pink Floyd’s "Momentary Lapse of Reason and formed Blue Murder with Whitesnake's John Sykes and The Firm's Tony Franklin. In the early '90s, he pounded away soul-style for The Edgar Winter Group.

As an educator, Carmine was the first to legitimize rock drumming with his landmark book, The Realistic Rock Drum Method, selling over 400,000 copies (now in dvd and ebook format). He was the first Rock Drummer and Rock Musician to conduct instructional clinics and symposiums around the world, a tradition he continues. In appreciation for his universal appeal, Los Angeles was one of four cities that have had "Carmine Appice Day.”  In 1991, he was forever immortalized via his induction in cement to the Hollywood's Rock Walk (next to his idols, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich).

In 2016 Carmine wrote an autobiography titled “Stick It” which appeared on Amazon’s “Best Sellers” list.

As a true artist, Carmine stretches the limits of his talents, always pursuing new experiences with a broad spectrum of musicians. His high standards have earned him the respect of the world's most admired performers as well as captivating the loyalty of legions of fans. He has reshaped the path of music education, redesigned the very instrument he plays, and recreates excitement with every performance.

Carmine Appice is, truly, A Different Drummer!

Purchase Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus

Also Vanilla Fudge Live at Sweden Rock 2016 (Live)

Spirit Of '67 Vanilla Fudge March 3, 2015

And Carmine’s best-selling book



Paperback – April 1, 2018 also available at amazon.com

by Carmine Appice (Author), Rod Stewart (Foreword), Ian Gittins (Contributor)

all available at amazon.com

For more information about Carmine Appice visit https://www.carmineappice.net/  and https://twitter.com/carmineappice1

http://vanillafudge.com/  https://www.facebook.com/VanillaFudgeOfficialSite

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Tyler Crawford
Guest Occupation: Indie Soul Artist
Guest Biography:


New and upcoming Indie/Soul artist Tyler Crawford has a candidly soulful sound with a huge voice. Crawford’s music resonates his influences of vintage 1960s and 70s soul and R&B combined with subtle modern nuances of today’s pop music. Crawford’s vintage sound and style is something to look out for.

Hailing from the small town of Toledo, Washington, Crawford didn’t have any close family members who were musicians. The only access he had to an instrument as a kid was the piano his grandmother had in her living room where he taught himself to play by ear and fell in love with music. From there he explored his musical talent and discovered his vast assortment of influences on his own. He became inspired by artists such Michael Jackson, Sam Smith, Adele, Emily King, Allen Stone & much more.

Crawford is currently working on writing and recording his debut EP set to be released in spring 2019. He has also put together a team of skilled musicians to play show stopping live performances all around LA and beyond. Stay tuned for more news to come!

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Lin Evola
Guest Occupation: American Contemporary Artist
Guest Biography:


Lin Evola is an American Contemporary Artist who has used her career as a platform to bring attention to the disturbing proliferation of violence which occurs in our neighborhoods and among nations. Evola holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from San Francisco Art Institute and has had solo exhibitions in museums and galleries in London, Paris, Monaco, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Art historians have declared her work to be on the level of Leonardo da Vinci, Joseph Beuys and Robert Rauschenberg.  Evola is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including having been declared Artist Life Member of New York City’s National Arts Club.

In 1992, Evola’s decision to utilize her artistic skills to galvanize the public to take action against needless violence was actualized when she discovered that 1,000 children were being killed each year through the use of illicit guns in the Los Angeles area. It was then that she founded the Peace Angels Project. 

Through the Peace Angels Project’s  USA Weapons Destruction Campaign, Evola requests surrendered weapons from communities and countries through law enforcement and government agencies, melts the weapons down and uses the melted metals to cast sculptures which she calls Peace Angels. Simultaneous to the weapons requests, she engages the media to transmit the message that the public should consider how to balance the need for protection against the desire for peace. 

Since 2008, Evola has attended the closed meetings regarding Disarmament at the United Nations in New York City at the Biennial Meeting of States, Small Arms and Light Weapons. In 2012 and 2013 she attended the United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty in the company of 193 international Member States where she bore witness to a global effort to address the issue of illegal arms trafficking among nations. Evola was honored to be the only artist allowed in the 2013 meetings, and in April 2013, history was made as the United Nations General Assembly voted to approve the first international Arms Trade Treaty ever to be adopted in the history of mankind. The Peace Angels Project is an official NGO of the Unites Nations.

Evola is best known for her Renaissance Peace Angel sculpture which was initially created in California in 1994. In the aftermath of the horror that took place in New York City on September 11, 2001, Evola had her thirteen-foot Renaissance Peace Angel immediately transported to Ground Zero to stand outside a 24-hour respite center and food canteen where the rescue and recovery workers who toiled at the devastated World Trade Center came for sustenance. This Peace Angel brought with it the embodiment of humanity’s yearning for peace, even in the face of unspeakable adversity, and in 2013 the Renaissance Peace Angel was taken into the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York City as a permanent part of their collection. The Renaissance Peace Angel was installed at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in October 2018.

Over decades, Evola has created Peace Angel sculptures which range in height from one to thirteen feet and which reflect specific cultural indicators of regions throughout the world. Discussions are ongoing to create sixty four foot Peace Angel monuments, each of which is to be made from 1 million surrendered weapons. Two of those monuments are likely to stand in high-visibility locations in New York and California, and Evola has begun a project to create Peace Angels throughout Los Angeles.

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Gabriella Wright
Guest Occupation: Actor, mother and activist
Guest Biography:


Gabriella wright is an actor, mother and activist. Born in London , she is of Anglo-Mauritian French and Scottish descent. Embracing her many cultures, she has developed an inquisitive nature… always pushing her further on a journey to truly understanding the world of today .

Her career foils her personality… She is involved in a diverse and compelling line of projects, encompassing acting, modelling and humanitarian enterprises.

She has recently featured in action movies such as “The Transporter – Refueled,” and “Security,” along side Sir Ben Kingsley; Indie Productions like “The Alcoholist,” and “The Perfect Husband,” and also political documentary features such as “OXI, an Act of Resistance,” directed by Ken Mcmullen.

She has worked with luxury brands such as Kenzo Perfums, Poiray and Cartier.

Gabriella is a passionate advocate for women and children’s rights. Fund raising and public talking are core to her engagement.

‘‘The most important teaching I gained from being an actor and model is that people look up to you, no matter what. Even if you have inner conflicts, the outer world needs hope and people project what they need on you. Dreams aspirations, role modelling etc… and you sometimes have no idea that by just being present you are affecting and influencing someone’s life. So This job really is not about you , its about them.’’

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Bobbo Byrnes
Guest Occupation: Musician
Guest Biography:


Bobbo Byrnes is not a musician who remains still very long. Between The Fallen Stars, Riddle and The Stars, and solo performances, Byrnes plays about 150 shows every year. That being the case, it’s no surprise that from Billerica to Berlin, his songs are born from a life on the road. You need look no farther than “Heart like Mine”, in which he explores the theme by singing about the roads that take him from show to show.

Two Sides to This Town is an album that is a product of Byrnes’ busy touring schedule. However not all of the songs are road songs. “Angelia” is a contemplative song, and the one from which the album takes its title. “Angelia, is the spark, the kick in the ass that makes you get up and do something. It’s a song about the muse that inspires you to look beyond your own front yard and be a better version of yourself.”

Seeking is another common theme on this album, whether the object of the search is answers to a division of people, a car that doesn’t break down all the time, or simply the next show. With Byrnes the search for the next show is constant, which is a good thing because it means he’ll continue to write and record heartfelt songs like the ones on this album.

Over the past two years, I’ve played over 330 shows in 17 US states and 7 different countries. I was voted Best Best Band by OC Weekly magazine and Best Country / Americana Band by the OC Music Awards and the LA Music Critic Awards. I received another award from the OC Music Awards for “Best Live Acoustic Band” as well as the SoCal Live Music Comp. I was one of the nominees for the Toronto Independent Music Awards and the South Australian Music Awards. “Two Sides To This Town” landed on Number 25 of the best albums of the year and the song “Angelia” was nominated by NBT Radio in Germany as number 27 of the best songs of the year. 

Bobbo will be on tour in Texas, March, 2019, Arizona in April 2019, California in May 2019, U.K. in June, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic in July and August 2019, East coast of the U.S. in November and Australia in December 2019. 

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Dr Svetlana Transky
Guest Occupation: Piano soloist, chamber music collaborator and music educator
Guest Biography:


Dr. Svetlana Transky is an accomplished piano soloist, chamber music collaborator and music educator. Her musical training and background acquired at the prestigious Odessa Stolyarsky Music School for Gifted Youth in the former Soviet Union, stems from the pianistic traditions of eminent Heinrich Neihaus and Konstantin Igumnov. In Los Angeles, Svetlana continued her education with a reputable Master teacher Dorothy Hwang at the Colburn School of Music. Subsequently, she became a recipient of the prestigious John Crown Memorial Music Award and obtained her Bachelors, Masters and the Doctoral of Musical Arts Degree in Piano Performance with a minor in Music Education and Collaborative Arts under the tutelage of esteemed artist-teacher Daniel Pollack at the USC Thornton School of Music.

As a prizewinner of the Michelstadt International Music Festival in Germany and Missouri Southern International Piano Competition Svetlana had concertized as a soloist throughout Europe and the United States. Dr. Transky is in great demand as a chamber musician, as well as the vocal coach, collaborating with various chamber ensembles, prominent instrumentalists and vocalists.

She has performed for Sundays Live – KUSC Radio program from LACMA and was a recording pianist for PBS-NOVA movie special “Darwin’s Darkest Hour” shown on KCET. For several years, Dr. Transky was a pianist with Synergy chamber ensemble and performed in “Recovered Voices” series, founded by James Conlon. Svetlana is a frequent artist with the Enlightenment Chamber Music Series, as well as with the Artistic Soirees music events. Dr. Svetlana Transky is on a piano faculty at the Colburn School of Performing Arts, where she teaches applied private and group piano classes.

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