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Julie Loewenstine
Guest Occupation: Psychic and Medium
Guest Biography:

Julie has been a medium, psychic, and medical intuitive since childhood. She gives readings both in person and over the phone through the use of photographs and artifacts, and by connecting with family members and friends who have passed. She approaches her clients holistically to assist them in bringing their body, mind, and soul into alignment energetically, so they can become the greatest and best versions of themselves. 





My name is Julie Loewenstine, and I have been a medium, psychic and medical intuitive since childhood.  I give readings both in person and over the phone through the use of photographs and artifacts, and by connecting with family members and friends who have crossed over.  I approach my clients holistically to bring their body, mind, and soul into alignment energetically, so they can become the greatest and best versions of themselves. 
If you have any unresolved issues associated with a family member or friend's passing, a reading can be very healing.  I have helped many people who have experienced the sudden death of a loved one, be it by: suicide, homicide, accident, or substance/alcohol overdose, find answers and finally gain closure.  

As a medical intuitive, I sense and identify physical problems in the body, and perform Reiki and other energy healing with profound results.  I have been privileged to assist many hospice patients by easing their tension, anxieties and stress, thus enabling them to release from this life in a peaceful and dignified manner.  I have also aided family members and friends in communicating with their dying nonverbal loved ones, helping them to find closure during a painful and difficult time.
I am compassionate, empathetic and understanding, and I judge no one. None of us can escape life’s rough roads, traumas, twists and turns, or deep pain.  My goal is to help my clients heal and give them the best clear view of their life. I intuitively guide them onto a path of more understanding, enlightenment, self-fulfillment, self-confidence and self-understanding going forward into their future.



Readings are available both in person and over the phone through the use of photographs and artifacts, and by connecting with family members and friends who have crossed over. ​

  • Private/Individual Reading
  • Group Readings
  • Audience Readings
  • House Clearing
  • Energy Healing
  • Distance Healing
  • Animal Healing
  • NICU or Hospital Visits
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Brian Gryn
Guest Occupation: Fitness & Golf Coach, Intermittent Fasting advocate, & Author
Guest Biography:

I’m a certified personal trainer, human movement specialist and health coach. I’ve been in the health and wellness industry now for over 12 years, working with clients both in and outside the gym, helping them achieve life-changing results. During my time helping these people, I noticed that while some of them took the right courses of action to lose weight, something was still holding them back from maximum success. What I eventually discovered was Intermittent Fasting (IF) became the missing link that totally made all the difference in their lives.  Through my Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal, certification course and one on one coaching I help middle aged individuals who are looking to lose inches around their waist, gain energy, and be in control of their cravings.

I am a kids author of The Magic Zoo teaching life/health lessons to kids, health coach and just recently wrote a intermittent fasting certification!



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Jim Dandy Mangrum the legendary voice of Black Oak Arkansas
Guest Occupation: Lead singer
Guest Biography:

"J   I   M    D   A   N   D   Y"

M   A   N   G   R   U   M





In the year 1963, some high school pals decided to get together to form a group because of their love of music. After 53 years, several dozen albums… three of which became gold, one of which became platinum, and one gold single from a song known as “Jim Dandy To The Rescue,” which was told to them to record by none other than Elvis Presley himself (!), this group of friends still manages to stay together. (After talking to Elvis about this song, Black Oak Arkansas was told the following week by their producer Tom Dowd and by their label president Ahmet Ertegun that these two industry giants were also about to ask BOA about recording that same tune! Ahmet himself only personally signed 5 groups to recording contracts in his long, long recording history… and Black Oak Arkansas had the honor of being number 5!) Many testimonials and awards have been presented to this band by everyone from Bill Graham, (who founded and ran Winterland Ballroom and both the Fillmore East and West), to Wolfman Jack from the Midnight Special; from First Lady Betty Ford to President Bill Clinton!

BOA has donated many hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities in their career, and both the mayor of Little Rock and the governor of the State of Arkansas even declared a “Black Oak Arkansas Day” on October 6th. There is now a permanent display in the Arkansas State Museum and the Barton Coliseum in Little Rock, Arkansas dedicated to the band. Black Oak Arkansas continue to tour around the US to enthusiastic audiences!

Southern Rock legends Black Oak Arkansas return with their first full-length album of all new recordings in more than 30 years! Founding members Jim “Dandy” Mangrum (vocals) and Rickie Lee Reynolds (guitar) have been keeping the spirit of BOA alive and their songwriting partnership makes this album an essential release in the band's much heralded catalog!

“Underdog Heroes” includes a very special recording of virtuoso guitarist Shawn Lane, regarded by many as one of the fastest guitar players to ever live, and a member of the BOA clan since 1978 until his passing in 2003!

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music, TV & Film
April Young , Womens Activist and Author
Guest Occupation: Women's Activist and Author
Guest Biography:

Before I introduce my guest today I want to explain why a discussion of women suffragists is important to holistic health. I have always envisioned holistic health as encompassing physical, mental and spiritual health, the environment, relationships and political action because all influence health.  The work of women suffragists and activists are a part of political action that focus on change to benefit the health and activities of all people in an democratic society.

April Young Bennett began studying the lives of suffragists to inform her own activism. As Communications Director for Voices for Utah Children (utahchildren.org), she worked within nationwide networks of advocates for changes to state and federal policies affecting children and parents such as pay equity, healthcare, education and juvenile justice. She was a founding organizer and spokesperson for the activist group Ordain Women (ordainwomen.org), which has been featured in respected news outlets such as the New York Times and the Washington Post. Ordain Women collaborates with the Women’s Ordination Conference (Catholic), Ordain Women Now (Lutheran), Women of the Wall (Jewish), the Parliament of World Religions Women’s Task Force and other networks of religious feminists.

April produces and hosts the Religious Feminism Podcast https://www.the-exponent.com/category/podcast/), which provides a forum for feminists across a variety of faith communities and secular feminist organizations to learn about each other and work together toward common goals. She blogs about Mormon feminism at the-exponent.com, which averages 40,000 unique visitors per month.
As April has advocated for gender equity, she has noticed parallels between her modern challenges and those experienced by our first wave feminist forebears. When she marched with hundreds of women to a male-only religious meeting, the women were barred from entrance but allowed to listen over the internet, much in the same way Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were barred from the World Anti-Slavery Convention in 1840 but allowed to listen from the balcony, behind a bar and a curtain. On another occasion, she was among many women of her faith who demonstrated their desire for gender equity by wearing pants to church instead of traditional dresses. At least one male church member was so peeved that he threatened to shoot any woman who showed up at church in pants. April was reminded of our suffragist foremothers, who received a similarly visceral reaction when they wore bloomers in the 1850s. She witnessed male religious leaders denouncing outspoken women using many of the same tactics employed against women such as Angelina and Sarah Grimké, Lucy Stone and Sojourner Truth.

April began to wonder if her activist community wasn’t recreating the wheel with their frantic brainstorming—the world had not changed as much as they had thought, and certainly some of the feminists who came before them had already addressed some of the problems they were facing. What could she learn from our foremothers? April wanted to read something about this era—one book, preferably, because she was busy—but broad enough to impart the wisdom of activists from a variety of racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. She didn’t want it to be limited to the most famous people because in her experience, movements are built by communities of rank-and-file workers, not solitary heroes. And while history can be fascinating, April was in a hurry—she had urgent causes to support—so she wanted something that focused on what was most pertinent to her modern concerns, like collaborative relationships, strategies and activism, but that would be lighter on dates, meeting minutes and genealogy charts.
April didn’t find that book. So she read everything: memoirs, biographies, history books, archived letters and diaries, even those boring meeting minutes. She asked suffragists her questions and they answered her, but they didn’t all agree with each other; they were a diverse, opinionated bunch. In their lives, April saw much to emulate and some pitfalls to avoid. The people who came before us were as deeply flawed as they were passionate and inspiring. Now, she’s written the book that she wanted to read back when she started this journey: Ask a Suffragist: Stories and Wisdom from America’s First Feminists.
Learn more about April Young Bennett at https://aprilyoungb.com

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Marlisa Brown
Guest Occupation: Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Author, Professional Speaker, Chef
Guest Biography:

Marlisa Brown, MS RD CDE CDN

Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Chef-Author, Professional Speaker and Author of 4 Gluten-Free Books including her most recent release The Gluten-Free Training Guide for Restaurants and Chefs” currently the only gluten-free training book for restaurants and chefs available, with a special section on food allergies.

Her other publicaions are  “The Gluten-Free, Hassle-Free Cookbook”, “Gluten-Free, Hassle-Free” & “Easy, Gluten-Free
President of Total Wellness, Inc, Past President of The New York State Dietetic Association, NSA Professional member. Coming this May 2016 “I Woke Up Fat

Marlisa works as a Consultant, International Speaker, Culinary Expert and Writer. In addition, she has successfully treated over 15000 patients the past 20 years. Marlisa specializes in diabetes, heart disease, weight loss and gastrointestinal disorders.

Marlisa has written and contributed to many books and programs, has been featured on a cooking show series and has done hundreds of presentations, including a brand new program on diabetes cooking just being introduced https://foodytv.com. Some of her clients include; Richard Simmons, Jorge Cruise, Goldman Sachs, Brookhaven National Labs, The Kennedy Space Center, Prudential Securities and the New York Jets.

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Rich Wessenberg
Guest Occupation: Certified Healthcare Consultant, Preventive Care Advocate, and Licensed Health Insurance Professional
Guest Biography:

Rich Wessenberg – Certified Healthcare Consultant, Preventive Care Advocate, and Licensed Health Insurance Professional with over 20 years of experience. Rich Wessenberg is the National Sales Manager for Wyoming Health Fairs in Wyoming, a nonprofit organization that provides low cost wellness screenings to businesses, government, communities, and partners with nonprofits to fund raise, throughout the United States. Rich was also a State Manager in Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHB), the largest employer group plan in the world that has over 5 Million members.”

Do you know what you are ingesting into your body? Medication side effects fall under the category of “things most people don’t think about until they have to.” But make no mistake; all drugs have side effects, even if they are so mild that you don’t notice them.

A growing number of states, alarmed by the rising death toll from prescription painkillers and frustrated by a lack of federal action, are moving to limit how these drugs are prescribed.

Over the course of life, it is inevitable that we will feel intense and unpleasant emotions from time to time. Our loved ones will pass away, our friends and families will disappoint us, and the challenges of life will make us angry and frustrated.

When those painful emotions arise, it’s important that we know how to deal with them and understand the background of the meds that may be prescribed.

Certified Healthcare Consultant Rich Wessenberg uses his background to discuss the side effects of prescription medication and why it is important to know what you are putting into your body!

Rich Wessenberg can explain further…….

* Do most people understand the side effects of medication?
* What types of side effects exist?
* How can you manage these side effects?

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual, Variety
Renaé Mussachio
Guest Occupation: Energy Therapist, Energy Healer
Guest Biography:

Renaé works with people on their issues by clearing the blocks she sees in your body’s energy and how it is affecting your physical body. She does an energy clearing to remove the energetic blocks and obstacles that no longer serves you.  Call in if you’d like to know how to clear an issue in your life, and/or assistance in getting to a place in your life that you’d like to be.

Renaé is an internationally known and respected energy therapist and author who has not only healed her own life, but over the past 20 years has helped thousands heal and free themselves from limitations, unworthiness, fears, and in some cases, illness. Renaé’s personal experiences on this road (that so many struggle to walk) serve as her driving force in helping others to regain their voice, self-worth, and life of empowerment.

Renaé’s journey of life began with a childhood of physical, emotional and sexual abuse that ended when she was reunited with her birth mother at age 12. Her emotional traumas resurfaced after leaving her high-level corporate job to become a full-time mom.  Renaé’s struggle to accept this new identity and feeling lost within her own body led her to a life-changing path of worthiness and empowerment. She became a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and a facilitator in over 7 different profound healing modalities, all of which helped to awaken the true gifts within herself.

Renae’ uses her abilities of being able to see energy, and being able to channel energy beings of love and light – together with the connection between spiritual and physical, to assist people in releasing their limitations and blocks - unleashing the limitless power within. Renae’s imprint on life is a simple thought to embrace --- all that you need is within you.​

Renae’s core values drive everything she does.

          - Support
          - Honesty
          - Enthusiasm and Positivity
          - Creativity
          - Appreciation
          - Respect
          - Empowerment through Learning and Growth
          - Simplicity

Renae' has a deep commitment to transformation of not only the individual and his/her life, but the world as well.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Energy Healing, Kids & Family, Paranormal, Philosophy, Mental Health, Personal Development, Spiritual, Access Consciousness
Guest Occupation: Keyboardist,singer,songwriter
Guest Biography:


P H I L   L A N Z O N  of  U R I A H   H E E P


Classic Rock Icons URIAH HEEP to Embark on

2019 North American Tour

As Special Guests to Judas Priest


URIAH HEEP debuted in 1970 with the release of one of hard rock’s milestones, “Very 'eavy... Very 'umble” and have since sold in excess of 40 million albums worldwide. They constantly tour the world, playing up to 125 shows a year to 500,000+ fans. The band’s live set features the classic tracks from the '70s and is a musical journey from the band's beginnings to the present day.

Along with Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, Uriah Heep helped invent a decorative and uniquely British form of heavy metal with their debut album, Very ‘Eavy, Very ‘Umble, offered as a self-titled on American shores, but whatever the titling, historically massive in the invention of a music format that would rule the ‘70s and only intensify in the ‘80s.

Uriah Heep have been responsible for the most elevated and intelligent use of vocals in a heavy metal context amongst the major bands inventing the genre in the 1970s. It is for this reason Heep were coined the Beach Boys of Heavy Metal, and their influence is there for all to see in other bands including ‘Queen.’ They were also one of the forerunners of using the Hammond organ along with Micks signature wah wah guitar and this became the template for their sound.

Success has followed the forging of such an audacious formula. Across 25 studio albums, along with myriad live releases and compilations, Uriah Heep have managed to sell 40 million records worldwide, four million of those in the US. Impressive American numbers, but that leaves 36 million records to be sold in the rest of the world, underscoring the fact that Uriah Heep have become, through their relentless dedication to touring, a truly global band, with particular success in Germany, Scandinavia, Japan, Eastern Europe and Russia, where they were the first Western rock band to play live in Moscow in December 1987 to 180,000 people.

Through their success as Rock n’ Roll pioneers this enabled other bands to follow in their wake and Russia is now part of every bands touring schedule.

In celebration of the release of their 25th studio album, Living the Dream, classic rock icons URIAH HEEP will join fellow British rock icons JUDAS PRIEST on an extensive North American tour. Kicking off on May 3rd in Hollywood, FL, the trek will run through June 29th in Las Vegas. The current itinerary can be seen below.

URIAH HEEP is: Mick Box: Guitars, Vocals, Phil Lanzon: Keyboards, Vocals, Bernie Shaw: Lead Vocals, Russell Gilbrook: Drums, Vocals, Dave Rimmer: Bass, Vocals


Purchase the latest release from Uriah Heep entitled ‘Living the Dream’ at amazon.com

For More Info about Phil Lanzon and Uriah Heep Visit:





With Special Guests URIAH HEEP


May 3rd: Hollywood, FL @ Seminole Hard Rock Casino

May 4th: Miramar, FL – Village Door Music Hall *

May 6th: Nashville, TN-Municipal Auditorium

May 8th: Atlanta, GA – Fox Theatre

May 9th: Kent, OH – Kent Stage *

May 10th: Kent, OH – Kent Stage *

May 11th: Kent, OH – Kent Stage *

May 12th: Washington, DC – Anthem

May 14th: Huntington, NY – Paramount Theater

May 15th: Huntington, NY – Paramount Theater

May 16th: Uncastville, CT – Mohegan Sun

May 18th: Albany, NY – The Palace

May 19th: Albany, NY – The Palace

May 20th: Sellersville, PA – ST94 *

May 22nd: Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theater

May 23rd: Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theater

May 25th: Chicago, IL – Rosemount

May 28th: Austin, TX – Moody Theater

May 29th: Austin, TX – Moody Theater

May 31st: Dallas, TX – Bomb Factory

June 1st: Little Rock, AR – Riverfest Ampitheatre

June 3rd: St. Louis, MO – Stifel Theatre

June 4th: Kansas City, MO – Knuckleheads *

June 5th: Colorado Springs, CO – Broadmoor World Arena

June 8th: Saskatoon, SK – Sasktel Centre

June 10th: Lethbridge, AB – Enmax Centre

June 11th: Edmonton, AB - Rogers Place

June 13th: Dawson Creek, BC – Encana Events Centre

June 14th: Prince George, BC – CN Centre

June 16th: Kelowna, BC – Propera Place

June 17th: Abbotsford, BC – Abbotsford Centre

June 19th: Spokane, WA – Northern Quest Casino

June 21st: Seattle, WA – Showare Center

June 22nd: Portland, OR – Moda Center

June 24th: San Francisco, CA - Warfield

June 25th: San Francisco, CA - Warfield

June 27th: Los Angeles, CA – Microsoft Theater

June 28th: Ontario, CA – Citizens Business Bank Arena

June 29th – Las Vegas, NV – The Joint


*Uriah Heep Only

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Guest Occupation: Eclectic electric singer songwriter and violinist
Guest Biography:


Maesyn is an eclectic electric singer songwriter and violinist. She weaves catchy melodies, uplifting musical vibes, and poetic lyricism, over funky playful beats. She has toured the world sharing music, and has written a book about her adventures as a nomadic minstrel.

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Michael Mansouri
Guest Occupation: Professional cinematographer, digital imaging technician and camera operator
Guest Biography:


Prestigious honor recognizes Mansouri’s technical expertise, passion and forward-thinking mindset in digital cinematography

Radiant Images Co-Founder Michael Mansouri has been selected by the American Society of Cinematographers as an ASC Associate Member of the prestigious organization.

The ASC Board of Governors voted to extend membership to Mansouri in recognition of his technical expertise, passion and creativity in the field of digital cinematography.

Mansouri, 46, of Los Angeles, is a professional cinematographer, digital imaging technician and camera operator who has earned a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable, inventive and passionate technicians in 2D and 3D digital cinema. 

His forward-thinking mindset, combined with a determination to simplify digital cinema technology, has established LA-based Radiant Images as the go-to rental house for filmmakers looking to stretch the boundaries of digital cinema. Mansouri and his team specialize in removing limits and finding solutions, often by designing and building custom rigs and gear – even new cameras – to help cinematographers achieve their vision without compromise.

The ASC is the oldest motion-picture society in the world and is considered the most highly respected educational, cultural and professional organization in the film industry. Membership into the ASC is a “mark of honor and distinction based on merit” and is possible by invitation only. Associate members are invited to join based on their significant contributions to the art and craft of motion pictures. Today the ASC has approximately 360 distinguished members (including the industry’s most well-known, skilled cinematographers) and 200 associate members who collectively dedicate their time, expertise and passion to the ASC mission.

Mansouri was nominated by Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, and Frederic Goodich, ASC, who provided the ASC Board of Governors with letters of recommendation that were then sent out to the entire membership for final approval.

In his letter of recommendation, Zsigmond, ASC, who won an Academy Award for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, said that he has worked closely with Mansouri over the years and is most impressed by his deep knowledge of digital technology.

“Michael was one of the first to experiment with innovative HD and 3D technology and he went the extra mile by personally demonstrating how to make best use of his state-of-the-art camera features. He was always eager to lend advice and help, always knowledgeable and professional in his service,” Zsigmond wrote. “When we needed to run lens and camera tests with new digital equipment, he personally helped to set things up and make the experience valuable for all the interested ASC members.”

Goodich, ASC, echoed those sentiments.

“Skilled DIT, camera operator, passionate gear-head entrepreneur, considerate of his clients, Michael projects an agreeably warm personality, generous to a fault,” Goodich wrote. “Knowledgeable and inventive in HD and 3D digital-technology, he seems especially adept at servicing the needs and vision of these clients: cinematographers and camera crew members – the established, the up-and-coming and the novice student.”

He continued, “Specialties of the Radiant team include design and construction of custom 2D and 3D rigs and accessories for all the major camera platforms. Radiant’s innovative development of Novo and mini-SI-2K camera systems embody compact versatility and ease of use in tight quarters, features that are impressively demonstrated in the films: End of Watch, 127 Hours and the upcoming Pele.”

Mansouri said he is honored by his selection to the ASC but also considers the recognition to be the result of a team effort at Radiant Images.

“It is certainly an honor and a privilege to be recognized by the ASC and to be placed in the company of such talented and esteemed artists and professionals,” he said. “At the same time, I believe this recognition truly reflects what we’ve been able to achieve as a team at Radiant Images in developing an approach that resonates with filmmakers. Our focus is simplicity in design and operation, ease of use, small form factor, versatility. It’s a new language of cinema and we are helping artists express themselves with these new, uncomplicated tools.”

Radiant Images created the award-winning, palm-sized Novo digital cinema camera which, along with its sister Novo 2K and SI-2K Nano, continues to captivate filmmakers. The Novo has been used in a number of feature films, including Transformers 4, Ten, Fast & Furious 7 and In the Heart of the Sea as well as NBC’s Revolution and Danny Boyle’s Babylon on BBC.

About Radiant Images

Radiant Images provides innovative 2D and 3D digital cinema solutions, support and leading-edge, high-end cameras and equipment to the film and entertainment industry worldwide. The company offers creative, flexible and affordable solutions for any sized project

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Dr Dave White
Guest Occupation: Game-Changing Success Life Coach
Guest Biography:


Dr. Dave is a Game-Changing Success Life Coach!

On the court, I’m a Lead NCAA Men’s Basketball Referee. I control the game. I make big calls under pressure. I manage alpha coaches and competitive players. I get it done. 

Off the court, I’m a Success Life Coach. I help others, like you, to get the control, make the calls, manage the pressure, and seize the winning results they want. I inspire the inspired. I champion champions. 

The great Notre Dame Football Coach, Lou Holtz, said, “You have to have talent to win, but you can lose with talent, and that’s where coaching can make the difference.” I trust you’ve got the talent. Experience the coaching difference. 

If you’re ready for the personal and professional advantage that comes from being strengthened, bolstered, and resourced by a seasoned expert, you’ve come to the right place. 

A Success Life Coach is a game-changer! As every great athlete has his coach, every workplace warrior would do well to have his too. Boxers throw more knockouts with an advocate in their corner. Powerlifters bench more weight with a spotter by their side. Fighter pilots win more battles with a wingman on their flank. You’re a workplace warrior; let me ease the load as your armor-bear

Guest Category: Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help
Juliet Lyons
Guest Occupation: Singer, songwriter, and composer for film and television
Guest Biography:


Juliet Lyons is a singer, songwriter, and composer for film and television. She is best known for her soaring, emotional vocals in trailers and Trance and New Age music. Described as having “one of the most evocative and ethereal voices I’ve ever heard,” (Lea Ann Fessenden, Caribbean Examiner), her singing was featured on the official trailer for Disney’s 2015 live-action retelling of Cinderella. Her original music has been heard in over 100 television shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, ABC Family, MTV, VH1, E!, Lifetime, Showtime, Bravo, Discovery, National Geographic, TLC, Cinemax, CMT, etc, and recently in the major motion picture, “Ghost in the Shell.” Prominent vocal placements include credits such as Pretty Little Liars, Vanderpump Rules, Star Falls, The Vineyard, Christmas In The City, and K-Town. 

As a composer, she writes mainly production music for reality TV shows, with a focus on Hip Hop and Tension/Suspense. Her instrumentals have aired thousands of times on television shows including VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop,” MTV’s”Catfish,” E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” and Discovery’s “Homicide Hunter.” 

In addition to her musical works for film and television, Juliet has recently completed a new solo album called The Light Within – a collection of (mostly) vocal songs created for yoga, healing, and inner peace. Juliet’s experiences and values are the driving forces of the creation of this record. She has seen friends and loved ones experience pain and loss, and she has experienced it personally. The grounding, balancing, and peace-delivering influences of both nature and yoga brought the songs to life. She invites listeners to inward exploration through vocalises and simple mantras. She celebrates the ancient and spiritual vibrations in some of the Indian mantras she has come to learn and love through her experiences of India and Indian culture, courtesy of her husband Rupesh. She uses her voice as an instrument of love and compassion. These are the ingredients of The Light Within.

Juliet’s work has been nominated 9x for Hollywood Music In Media Awards, 2x for Independent Music Awards, she was a 2x finalist and 1x semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, and was a finalist in the USA Songwriting Competition. She holds two music degrees from UMKC Conservatory of Music, having graduated with honors. She is a member of the Recording Academy, Alliance for Women Film Composers, Society of Composers & Lyricists, and an Indie Collaborative Official Artist.

Through a lifetime of travel and living abroad, Juliet has a deeply embedded global consciousness. Living in Europe as a young child and later growing up amid the cultural diversity and historical riches of New Mexico instilled a hunger to continue expanding her horizons. She has visited nearly 50 countries, and highly values the life-changing experiences of travel. After nearly a decade living and performing in the Caribbean, Juliet has recently relocated to Encinitas, California, along with Rupesh, and dog, Chuckles. Mostly vegan and a dedicated healthy-eating home cook, she is in seventh heaven amid Encinitas’s plethora of health food stores, while still being near a beach

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Ron Galletti
Guest Occupation: Creative Dir, Publisher & Exc Producer of “Born to Ride” the longest running Biker TV show
Guest Biography:

Ron Galletti– Creative Director, Publisher and Executive Producer of the longest running biker television show in the world – “Born To Ride”

The number of motorcycle women is on the incline and continues to trend upward. In 1998, only 8 percent of motorcycle owners were women. By late 2018, female ownership had more than doubled, increasing to nearly 20 percent (Motorcycle Industry Council).

As older riders age out of motorcycling, they’re being replaced by a greater percentage of women on the younger end of the spectrum.

  • Why has female motorcycle riding started to increase?
  • Do women spend more money on their bike than men?
  • Have manufacturers welcomed the diversity?
  • Do women tend to be safer than men on their bikes?

Ron Galletti uses his riding background to discuss the trend of female motorcycle riders and how it has impacted the industry. He has just produced the 1200th episode of the widely popular television show, “Born To Ride.” This is a tremendous milestone that highlights Born To Ride” as the longest running biker and motorcycle TV show in the world that reaches millions of television viewers every week.

Meet Ron Galletti:
* Ron Galletti has been involved in entertainment and promotions for over 35 years. As the Executive Producer of the longest running biker television show in the world – Born To Ride.
* Ron is also the Publisher of Born To Ride Magazine. Monthly he motivates motorcycle journalists to document unique and interesting stories then publishes and distributes 35,000 copies of the magazine to motorcycle enthusiasts in 2 markets (Florida and Southeast GA, AL, TN, NC & SC).
* Ron is a creative producer of the movie “Nations Fire” filmed 2017 in Los Angeles, CA and Florida featured Bruce Dern, Gil Bellows, MMA star Chuck Liddell, starring Krista Grotte, directed by Thomas J. Churchill.
* In 1990 Ron co-produced 200 television episodes of the International Wrestling Federation at Universal Studios Florida in sound stage 23 with Eddie Mansfield. The show was syndicated in over 20 million homes. Behind the camera Ron was a booking agent, creative writer, assisted with sales and marketing and was instrumental in running shows in towns across Florida. In front of the camera Ron was “Nasty Ronnie” the bad guy manager that roused audiences.
* In the 80’s Ron formed (and got signed to a label) a heavy metal band called “Nasty Savage”. As the front man and lead singer of the show the band produced 6 albums and toured Europe and South America. The last US tour included 60 performances in 65 days.

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Colin Longworth
Guest Occupation: Marketing Specialist/Business Development of BioPulselabs
Guest Biography:

BioPulse Nano is focused on innovation through Nano Technology; Specializing in nutrition, hydration and CBD. Our goal is to provide clinical grade product for private labeling turnkey opportunities. In short we manufacture CBD products, dietary supplements, skin products, etc using Nano Technology.

My background is in Marketing; mainly sports marketing as I represent athletes such as Devin Hester, Lance Briggs, Jason McKie, Tommie Harris, Arthur Jones, Charles Tillman, Pedro Strop, Joakim Noah etc and more (I
represent them from a marketing standpoint, not agent) I've worked with Floyd Mayweather, Taj Gibson, Brian Urlacher, Dennis Rodman, Sam Shields etc etc......procuring off the field branding and marketing ops for them.
I've worked building brands such as "Dyme Lyfe" for DJ Williams on the corporate side of things and am involved with multiple charities such as Rock Your Drop (Joakim Noah), Jason mcKie Foundation (Jason mcKie),
Cornerstone Foundation (Charles Tilllman), Whats Your Forte Foundation (Matt Forte), HomeTeam Closet (DJ Wiliams), Beat Hunger Guatemala (Corey
Mays), Rockford Park District (Lamont Jones), Briggs4Kidz (Lance Briggs).


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Susan Klopfstein
Guest Occupation: Medical Intuitive, soul scientist, psychotherapist, spiritual healer and founder of Soulwealth©
Guest Biography:

I had my first session with Susan in February of 1991 and have been referring clients to her ever since because of her compassionate, and effective approach to healing. She has consistently assisted my clients to improve both physically and emotionally utilizing her amazing abilities to see the true cause of their dilemmas coupled with knowing what protocols are needed to remedy the situation. Susan is my "go to" person for anyone with medical issues.


Susan Klopfstein is a soul scientist, psychotherapist, spiritual healer and founder of Soulwealth©, a healing process that begins where psychotherapy leaves off. She has dedicated more than 20 years to developing and mastering her Soulwealth© healing techniques, which identify the unique spiritual wealth of information, knowledge and experience held in the heart of every client. In addition, Susan is a career counselor who helps clients identify their intelligence type, relational gifts, communication styles and functional talents to define their joy job and life purpose. Uncovering this wealth of information heals and transforms the soul’s path leading to a new soul trajectory and a life of fulfilling relationships, purposeful mission and abundant financial returns.

Susan’s client base extends from infants to the elderly and she strives to solve health, relationship, family and career problems in gentle, spiritual ways using her clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts. Dearly desiring each client to heal, Susan is a meditator and prayer warrior for every Soulwealth© client. A transcendental meditator since 1975 and then shifting to Judeo-Christian prayer and meditation techniques in 1986, Susan continues to dedicate three to four hours daily in prayer for her clients by holding meditative silence for Source’s wisdom regarding protocols required to heal each individual.

Healing protocols may synthesize unique medical techniques and referrals to other medical specialists including homeopathic practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists, and educational specialists. Referrals to career coaches, financial planners, financial planners, etc. help to solve career pathing issues. Susan also incorporates home solutions to facilitate lifestyle changes for clients. Home and garden therapies typically include Feng Shui, renovations, reorganizations, staging for home sales and assessments for geographic relocations.

As the former Communications and Marketing Manager for Toshiba America, Susan uses her business experience to help clients running companies improve their business plans. While working at Toshiba, she created and implemented the award-winning In Touch national advertising campaign for Toshiba Corporate and the Toshiba Telecommunications Systems Division. She also developed the crisis management campaign Toshiba used to overcome the “silent-submarine” scandal after a Toshiba subsidiary was caught illegally selling machines used for quieting submarine propellers to the Soviet Union in 1987. During her years at Toshiba, Susan managed an annual budget of $9.4 million and oversaw the advertising launch of 15 new products.

Susan is not afraid of dysfunction and is prepared to tackle any client challenge. She launched her healing career as an intern assessing dual diagnosis clients suffering from addictions and personality disorders at the Orange County Clinic in Costa Mesa, California. She also interned at Laguna Beach Community Clinic as a Marriage and Family Therapist working with couples, children, and families on crisis recovery issues. Working in private practice with Dr. Wayne Heart, she gained valuable experience counseling patients with dissociative and personality disorders.

National University, Irvine, California
M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 1993
Summa Cum Laude

University of Maine-Orono, Maine
B.S. in Business Administration
Marketing & Management

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Babry Oren
Guest Occupation: researcher, administrator
Guest Biography:

Founder and CEO of Folium Px, Babry Oren was born in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia in 1949. Since 1982, Mr. Oren has owned and operated BAO Corporation in Beverly Hills, California that manufactures and distributes Folium Px , and also serving as its chief executive officer. From 1982 to 1988, that company dealt primarily in oil and gas land acquisition, exploration, drilling, and domestic development. Since its inception, its operational and financial aspects have been managed by Babry Oren.  From 1988 to today, Mr. Oren has continued to serve BAO Corporation as CEO, participating in the same business of acquiring domestic and international land for gas and oil contracts. The role of that company and its president would soon change, however: in 1991, he was appointed as a representative of commercial affairs for the Republic of Georgia in the western United States. In 2001, Mr. Oren was appointed as the Representative of the Peace Fund of Georgia, a non-profit organization, in the United States. His company also expanded its services to include wireless telecommunications and internet to the Russian Federations. Mr. Oren is the founder of an ongoing  telecommunications and Internet businesses in one of Russia’s largest cities. Mr. Oren graduated from in the former Soviet Union with a Master’s degree in Economics/Specification in Industrial Planning.  Three years later, he completed schooling at the Export Institute of Israel in Tel Aviv. Mr. Oren is fluent in over six languages and has traveled extensively throughout the noted regions. Folium Px, which Mr Orem will speak about is a plant based nutraceutical that was developed in Georgia in the former Soviet Union and has the purpose of cleansing free radicals by inactivating them to improve the health of people previously exposed to radiation.  https://foliumpx.com/our-board-of-directors/

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Ron Martin on genetic and nutrition
Guest Occupation: nutritionist, researtcher
Guest Biography:

Ron Martin received his BS and MS degrees in Food Science and Nutrition from Chapman University, in Orange, California.  He worked for more than 35 years in the nutraceutical and food industries, including Hunt-Wesson/ConAgra, Plus Products, the William. T. Thompson Co., and the Nutrilite division of Alticor, where he served as Senior Research Scientist in Nutrilite's New Concepts group.  Ron has been a Professional member of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and is President of Nutrigenetics Unlimited, Inc., which he founded in 2007. He is also one of the founding members of the International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics (ISNN).

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Kevin Cunningham
Guest Occupation: MBA Candidate, US Politics
Guest Biography:

Proven, dynamic and driven Master of Business Administration candidate with a unique professional background in US military and governmental roles from international postings to White House and State Department collaborations. Experienced, culturally-competent leader skilled in developing comprehensive strategy to tackle complex issues and measure impact. Active in engaging men and boys in gender equality and violence prevention.

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Carlos Festas Henriques
Guest Occupation: Associate Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group
Guest Biography:

Associate consultant at BCG, Iberia system, with a background and education on Finance and Business Administration. Trilingual in Portuguese, English and Spanish.
CFA level 1 Exam passed.

Avid sportsman with a keen interest in Martial Arts, having won the Portuguese National MMA Championship, the Portuguese National Kickboxing Championship, the fourth place in the European IBJJF Competition and participated in a few other tournaments.

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Rich Procida
Guest Occupation: Author, Attorney
Guest Biography:

Rich Procida is an attorney and author who writes about Progressive Christianity, social justice, and the supernatural for LAProgressive.com and Modernlectionaries.blogspot.com. He also produces a podcast called "Bible Study for Progressives.'   He is especially adroit at discussing the intersection between religion and politics.


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