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Guest Occupation: Life Coach
Guest Biography:

Kimesha Coleman is an award winning community leader and cohost
of the Lifestyle segment for the Cynthia Austin show. Kimesha is a recognized
expert and speaker on the topics of mastering self-esteem, domestic violence
and healing after abuse.

Kimesha grew up in Dallas, Texas. She survived the escalating trauma from
domestic violence, teen dating violence and the molestation from her
“favorite” uncle.  Kimesha shares her inspirational story in the
bestselling book, He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love (2015) which
has been featured in BBU Magazine and the Cynthia Austin Show.
Today, Kimesha frequently shares her insight and background with other
families and survivors seeking healing from abuse as part of her coaching
business CoachingbyKimesha.


Guest Category: Kids & Family, Love & Relationships, Mental Health, Personal Development, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational
Leah Guy
Guest Occupation: Educator, author, intuitive transpersonal healer
Guest Biography:

Leah Guy is a down-to-earth health educator, author and intuitive transpersonal healer. An inspirational speaker, yogi and media personality, she folds in 20-plus years of energy healing, bodywork and nutritional studies alongside an intuitive approach to wellness that creates a perspective and healing that is unique and transformative. Overcoming anxiety, sexual abuse, eating disorders, and addiction using the principles in her new book, Leah has spent her life helping others find relief and freedom from personal afflictions.

Leah has produced and hosted wellness programs, celebrity talk shows, commercials and on-camera spokesperson for over 15 years. She is also a musician, artist and dog lover. Leah also owns a lifestyle media company, A Girl Named Guy Productions. 

Guest Category: Literature, Courses & Training, Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Energy Healing, Fitness & Exercise, Nutrition, Yoga, TV & Film
Tom Paladino, scalar energy researcher
Guest Occupation: Scalar energy researcher
Guest Biography:

Tom Paladino, scalar energy researcher, will discuss scalar energy healing that disassembles pathogens, assembles nutrients and balances the chakra for health, wellbeing and overcoming pathogenic illness.  Tom Paladino will explain how the Pathogen Cleanse is done with the TEM - transmission electron microscopic image of a pathogen and the photo of the person being treated.   The Pathogen Cleanse breaks-apart pathogens such as virus, bacteria, protozoa, prions, fungi, amoeba, and parasites.   The Pathogen Cleanse treats 400,000 pathogens currently.   Join us for the 15-day FREE trial and see for yourself that when you submit your photo you can eradicate herpes, Lyme disease, tuberculosis, HIV and many other pathogenic illnesses.  No obligation, no credit card needed!

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Energy Healing, Paranormal
Is Higher Ego Power Damaging Your Relationships?
Guest Occupation: licensed psychologist, social worker and certified school psychologist
Guest Biography:

The Martins have been married for 38 years and have three grown daughters. The books in their trilogy – Ego Therapy, EgoSpiritualism and The Two Voices Within – represent a synergy of their professional work and personal life missions. “We have learned from each other that human and spiritual healing can occur when ego energy is brought into balance and we truly know that God Is – Love, Life, Energy, and You.”  Dr. Nick Martin is a licensed psychologist, social worker and certified school psychologist who has worked in clinical, university, public school and private school settings as a therapist, diagnostician, educator and consultant for 30 years.  Rev. Linda Martin is a metaphysician, certified Reiki master teacher, spiritual healer, color/sound practitioner and spiritual medium. She is founder of Dove of Light Healing Ministry in Belle Vernon, PA.

Guest Category: Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Paranormal, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Claire Candy Hough
Guest Occupation: As an Author, Writer, Reiki Master/Teacher, International Radio Show Host, and Inspirational Speaker
Guest Biography:

As an Author, Writer,  Reiki Master/Teacher, International Radio Show Host, and Inspirational Speaker, Claire Candy Hough helps others connect to their Divine Eternal Natures. She established her business, ‘Angel Healing House’ in 2003, after her angelic Walk-In experience. 

After establishing a spiritual community of light from 2003-2007 on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland, Australia, she and her Twin-Flame husband Pete, followed the voice of the Divine and moved to the States in 2008. Living in Santa Barbara, Ca. from 2008- 2010, Claire Candy held presentations, workshops, and seminars in addition to her healing work. With her move to the Los Angeles area in 2010, Claire Candy has brought her enthusiasm, passion and joy as she helps others to live authentic lives and manifest their dreams. 

Through her business Angel Healing House, Claire Candy is a published author, of the inspirational, channeled books, ‘Angels of Faith’, which is based on her two near-death experiences, “One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness” which is based on five of her most important past lives and the lessons she learned in the afterlife between those lives and her autobiographical, incredible personal journey in, “I Am an Angelic Walk-In”, which is the sequel to “One True Home”. 

In 2012, Claire Candy created and hosted her weekly international Angel Healing House Radio program on Blog Talk Radio and in January 2017, her radio program now has a new home on Transformation Talk Radio and can be heard in 120 countries.

Claire Candy was chosen to be a featured Healing Practitioner for a documentary TV series about the new generation of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children called, “The Children of the Rainbow” https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3010282/

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Paranormal, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Wendie Colter
Guest Occupation: Medical Intuitive
Guest Biography:
Discover the Hottest New Training That Actually Enhances Your Intuition – You Can Learn to “See” the Source of Illness and Pain for the Healing of Others, Yourself & Loved Ones 

Wendie Colter, Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Master Healer Explains How Anyone Can Master this Extraordinary Work!

Imagine having the ability to “see” someone’s illness and understand the core issues underlying it simply by focusing your thoughts on them!   MEDICAL INTUITION…It’s no longer a fantasy or the realm of storied shamans.

A Master Healer, Medical Intuitive and Clairvoyant, Wendie Colter will captivate your audience as she shares her personal story about her childhood clairvoyance, her intriguing experiences successfully assessing and uncovering the root causes of dramatically challenging medical problems – and providing laser-sharp guidance for patients’ paths to recovery. Her unique training program teaches Medical Intuition. She refers to this skill evaluating patients as being able to “get a view of all their systems” such as circulatory, lymph, endocrine and nervous systems.  An engaging and informative guest, she has been featured on OM Times Radio and numerous other programs.

Wendie is one of a very few instructors of medical intuition in the U.S., successfully training doctors, nurses, therapists and energy healers. Medical intuition is used by practitioners in many therapeutic methods from surgery and chemotherapy to psychology, massage therapy and Reiki, since it is a very neutral approach and a skill set, rather than a modality itself.

Health care providers learn fast and effective pinpoint visual identification skills to locate and evaluate the root causes of imbalance, illness and disease in clients and patients. This skill enhances the accuracy and completeness of medical evaluations and assessments. Noted doctors, nurses, psychologists and health professionals from every discipline report that Wendie’s Medical Intuitive Training, was pivotal for them.

"A great course that provides the tools for anyone to enhance their intuition." -- Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC, ABOIM, President, Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM)

"After learning how to connect intuitively with my clients using Wendie's methods, my work has become deeper and more effective. In my psychotherapy practice I am now able to offer witnessing that taps into a person's self-knowing and self-acceptance in ways I didn't know were possible." - Anne Stirling Hastings, Ph.D., Psychologist and Author

“I now have the knowledge and confidence to see images through intuition, which gets to the core issues that underlie my client’s health issues. This allows me to focus my energy work more accurately and effect change more efficiently. Wendie is an outstanding teacher who is capable of guiding and encouraging anyone to make use of their natural intuitive capabilities.” – Linda Negrin, Pranic Healing® Practitioner and Author

Wendie has had a thriving private practice in Los Angeles for over fifteen years, and has been teaching intuitive development and energy medicine for nearly ten years. Her unique, comprehensive program in Medical Intuition is approved for Continuing Education credits.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Physics & Metaphysics, Science, Self Help, Spiritual
Ray Walker was the Bass Singer in "THE JORDANAIRES" for 54 years
Guest Occupation: Singer,Pastor,Teacher
Guest Biography:






Ray Walker dropped out of school in 1955, moved to Centerville, Tennessee, where he helped to build a radio station, WHLP, worked with the local Church, and, became the youngest school principal in the history of Tennessee. He came back to college in 1956 and graduated in June 1957, with a BA Degree in Speech, Music, Bible, and, Education; worked for Werthan Bag Company during the Summer. By that time Ray and wife Marilyn's third child was on the way.

Ray continued working for the local Church and, in the Fall began teaching school in Davidson County Schools, where he was Assistant Principal, Coach, and commanded a split seventh and eighth grade class. It was April 1958 now, and through a business call to David Lipscomb College, Ray was put in touch with the Jordanaires by his former Choral Director. Gordon Stoker had called there, just prior to Ray's call, to see if the Music Department knew of a bass singer who might fit their requirements. When Ray spoke with the professor, he said to give them his name, which the professor did. Ray was called that afternoon, auditioned at 11:00 that evening, was called at the school the next day and asked to go to Hollywood to do some recording. The school board let him off, he went, came home and completed his school year of teaching, and joined the Jordanaires, officially, June 1, 1958. 

Since that time, while working with the Jordanaires, he had a successful, daily, morning show, "YOUR OWN TIME" on the ABC Channel in Nashville in 1976.  Ray has done modeling, numerous radio, television, magazine and newspaper commercials (locally and nationally). He was a deputy sheriff (as a liaison between trouble youth and distraught families) for twenty-some years and, as were all the Jordanaires, an honorary member of the Tennessee Governor's Staff in Tennessee for many years.

Among the accolades the group has received during his tenure with The Jordanaires is induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame, the NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International) Hall of Fame, the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Vocal Group Hall of Fame and others.  Ray was inducted into The Rockabilly Hall of Fame, individually, in 2013.  He was, also, awarded the "Avalon Award", the highest award given for contribution and accomplishment by his alma mater', David Lipscomb University, in 2005.

During the early 1960s, Ray Walker, Neal Matthews, Jr., Hoyt Hawkins and Gordon Stoker helped mold the genre of Country Music known as "The Nashville Sound", singing backup harmonies to such artists as Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Loretta Lynn, Rick Nelson, Kitty Wells, Dolly Parton, Billy Ray Cyrus, and many others to numerous to mention.

Also known for his solo recordings, Walker has helped in the development of albums and CDs of a cappella composition performed, among others, by the Freed-Hardeman University Singers and the Harding University Choir. For years, he served as song director for "The Amazing Grace" Bible program, produced by the Madison Church of Christ in the Nashville suburb.  Marilyn was awarded "THE HEART OF A SERVANT AWARD" for her work with battered women.

Ray has over 600 a cappella worship songs recorded, reportedly being heard in 77 nations. Walker has been recorded nearly every week since he was 13 years old.  He began singing in public at 6 years old. In the late 1940s, Ray was recorded, first time, on his Dad's wire recorder every week until he was 18; in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, and 2000s, he was sometimes recorded on 200 songs a week, as aids in church worship in spirit and truth series. Ray has found time to be involved in over three thousand sing-outs, youth rallies, appearances of his own.

Up to 2013, it is estimated that Walker has been recorded on more than 200,000 songs  (including repeats for different services and classes), and including his professional recording with the Jordanaires, and is reservedly believed to be the most recorded voice in the history of music during his 66 years of performing.  
Ray Walker is currently one of the ministers of the Waverly Church of Christ in Waverly, Tennessee.  Ray continues to lead singing for congregations of the Churches of Christ.

Ray was the Bass Singer in "THE JORDANAIRES" for 54 years and 345 days, when upon the passing of Gordon Stoker, March 27, 2013, "THE JORDANAIRES" as a group, officially, came to an end.  Ray, occasionally, performs with country crooner Ronnie McDowell, and others, in programs dedicated to the memory of Elvis Presley. 



Ray Walker’s

"Live in Concert"

at the New Opry House

This CD contains 14 All Time Favorite songs by Jordanaire, 

Ray Walker 

For more information about Ray Walker and The Jordanaires

Guest Category: Music, Spiritual, TV & Film
Theta healing is a unique form of meditation where practitioners enter the “theta state” and are able to shift thoughts away from negative, limiting beliefs to more positive perspectives. ... Karen Abrams, a master theta healer, certified instructor and relationship expert.
Guest Occupation: Theta Healing is the lightest way to let go of the heaviest things in your life! -Karen Abrams, Master Theta Healer. Theta changes the way you think and feel.
Guest Biography:

Karen Abrams is a Master Theta Healer, certified instructor, & relationship expert and gifted intuitive. She works with clients and in group programs worldwide to access Theta Brain Waves which reprograms subconscious beliefs, creating different thoughts and transforming results. “Theta healing is a meditation that connects you to creator, God or source. When you connect with that Divine energy, which is the theta brainwave, we can access our subconscious mind, and that is our store house for all of our experiences, beliefs and feelings,” Abrams explains. Karen teaches people how to overcome anxiety and transform difficult relationships and health conditions into abilities to instead be balanced, loving, healthy and joyful. A UCLA graduate in psychology, Karen has honed the skills critical to Theta Healing, and as a student of meditation, her insight and intuition allow her to identify and pinpoint root causes of long-standing issues to create new understandings, gratitude, and forgiveness.  Karen's keen sense of humor, insight and healing abilities have made her a rising star/speaker on radio and the international telesummit circuit in the Human Potential movement.  She has worked with thousands of clients worldwide.

Guest Category: Business, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Sex, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Debbi Dachinger, host of 'Dare to Dream'
Guest Occupation: Media Personality
Guest Biography:

DEBBI DACHINGER is a Media Personality and an expert in living a daring life and media. She is a sought after consultant who provides media makeovers for global messengers.  Debbi’s work includes: Stage Speaking, Live Stream Event Host, Red Carpet Correspondent and Celebrity Interviews, Success and Media Interviews, Coaching, Consulting, Bestselling Book Programs for Authors, Media Training, and Award-Winning Radio and TV Hosting.  Her talk radio show, “DARE TO DREAM” is syndicated on 66 stations. Debbi runs My Bestseller Book Program a guaranteed service for authors books to become international bestsellers. She is the Media Mastery Radio mentor (mediamasteryradio.com) which accelerates media interviews, PR packaging and messaging skills for clients who become successful leaders by using media with great business results. Awards: Editor’s Pick Featured Intriguing Creator, Broadcasting Industry Lifetime Achievement Award, the Who’s Who Hall of Fame for Entertainment induction, awarded Successful Achievements from Voices of Women Worldwide, and recipient of Heart and Spirit Award from the Evolutionary Business Council. She is a certified coach, and a three-time international bestselling author.

Guest Category: Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Self Help, Society and Culture, TV & Film
Brad Axelrad
Guest Occupation: Life Coach
Guest Biography:

Since he was a young man, Brad faced fear head on. A natural-born leader and rebel, he always followed his heart.

He believes deeply that each and every one of us has a unique genius, voice and passion, and when we face our fears and tap into that voice, the sky’s the limit.

Knowing from his own life experience, facing your own brilliance head on and being frightened by how powerful we truly are, we can freeze up and not go after our dreams.

He firmly believes there is no worse a life lived than one where we die with our voice still in us.

He works with coaches, consultants and other visionary entrepreneurs to face their fears and become successful doing what they TRULY want to do – sharing their voice to benefit others.

Having created proven models and systems to get his clients results faster and with more certainty, they step powerfully into their voice and deliver the transformation they have deep down been yearning to deliver.

Guest Category: Business, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual, TV & Film
Roadmap for the New Millennium
Guest Occupation: Robert Perala is an internationally acclaimed speaker, and author of The Divine Blueprint
Guest Biography:

Robert Perala is an internationally acclaimed speaker, and author of The Divine Blueprint: Roadmap for the New Millennium, and the newly released book The Divine Architect. Robert presents a remarkable look into our relationship with Extraterrestrials and the Divine Cosmos. He is an inspirational speaker and has been seen and heard on: Showtime, Coast to Coast AM, and is host of his own The Perala Report. Robert is the internationally acclaimed author of The Divine Blueprint and the new revised edition of The Divine Architect. His books and life's work were inspired by an event that occurred in 1977 when he was taken aboard a spacecraft by three extraterrestrial astronauts. He was returned sunburned and covered in a honey/oil-like substance. He is a US Correspondent and host of his own internet TV show The Perala Report, and has been featured on: CNN, The FOX Network, Showtime, and Coast to Coast AM to name a few… 

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Entertainment, Paranormal, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Guest Occupation: Averill Park, New York - ‎Author of "The Heart and Science of Yoga" Founder, American Meditation Institute - ‎The American Meditation Institute's Empowering Self-Care Program
Guest Biography:

Leonard Perlmuttter is one of the Western world’s leading pioneers in the introduction of meditation into the cultural firmament, having founded the American Meditation Institute (AMI) in Averill Park, New York in 1996. AMI’s courses are now approved and accredited by the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association. Leonard also serves as the author and editor of “Transformation,” the Journal of Meditation as Mind/Body Medicine.

However, today he is here to talk about his seminal book The Heart and Science of Yoga: The American Meditation Institute’s Empowering Self-Care Program for a Happy, Healthy, Joyful Life, which is an encyclopedic guide to meditation and the Yoga Science that lies behind it. This book has been praised by such popular medical luminaries as Drs. Dean Ornish, Mehmet Oz and Larry Dossey and is highly regarded as the most accessible source of knowledge about adapting the 8 Steps of Yoga Science—including meditation—into a busy and stress-filled life....so you can reach a new level of peace, contentment, wellbeing and achievement.

Over the past thirty-nine years, Leonard has served on the faculties of the New England Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts and the International Himalayan Yoga Teachers Association in Calgary, Canada. He has studied in Rishikesh, India and is a direct disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas––the man who, in laboratory conditions at the Menninger Institute, demonstrated that blood pressure, heart rate and the autonomic nervous system can be voluntarily controlled. These research demonstrations have been one of the major cornerstones of the mind/body movement.

Leonard has presented informative workshops on the benefits of meditation and Yoga Science at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, The Albany Medical College, The New York Times forum on Yoga Science, the Commonwealth Club of California, the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing, the Washington University Medical School, the University of Colorado Medical School and the West Point Association of Graduates.

• The Heart and Science of Yoga: The American Meditation Institute’s Empowering Self-Care Program for a Happy, Healthy, Joyful Life by Leonard Perlmutter, with Jenness Cortez Perlmutter $24.98  Available from the American Meditation Institute on Amazon.com.


Online/Video Courses
• Comprehensive Meditation and Easy-Gentle Yoga, 5 1/2 Hour Online Video Course: In this 40 segment video Leonard Perlmutter leads you through the entire curriculum contained in the revised and expanded paperback edition of The Heart and Science of Yoga.” This the perfect companion for learning and practicing the world’s oldest and most effective holistic mind/body medicine.

• Throughout the year Leonard presents numerous online distance-learning courses that stream different aspects of The Heart and Science of Yoga curriculum in real time. Students around the world regularly attend his popular “Yoga Psychology” online course in which he examines and explains the perennial and practical psychology of the Bhagavad Gita scripture.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Science, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Caterina Barregar
Guest Occupation: Women's Empowerment Expert, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master, Cancer & Sexual Assault Survivor
Guest Biography:

CATERINA is a Women's Empowerment Expert and Coach, whose passion is working with women on their self-esteem and self-worth, in their personal and professional lives. From homemaker to CEO, she teaches and coaches women how to "Know their worth, Own their worth and Live their worth." Her books and online courses provide women with information, resources and support to live the life they desire to create. Caterina works with women to work through the barriers, baggage, and beliefs that may be getting in the way of success or holding them back. 

"It is your birthright to live your passion, and to feel joy, harmony and love, every day of your life." 

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Spiritual
John J. Forster
Guest Occupation: Activities Coordinator for the 'Committee for the Capital City'
Guest Biography:

John J. Forster is the Activities Coordinator for the group 'Committee for the Capital City'. He is also Co-founder of Initiative DC, which led the successful effort to amend the DC Home Rule Act to provide for the voting rights of initiative, referendum, and recall. John has been a DC resident since 1977.

The 'Committee for the Capital City' was formed in 1995 by civic-minded citizens of the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia who are united in their desire to preserve and protect the unique character and beauty of the nation’s capital city while providing full democratic rights to its residents. The membership includes Democrats and Republicans, black and white, young and old, of many different occupations and income levels. They welcome all who would join with in pursuit of political justice and equality for the people of the District of Columbia.

John writes -  in an article written for The Washington Post 'The Other Path To Statehood', 2016:

"Creating a state of the District of Columbia (or whatever name they give it) faces too many obstacles.

Congressional Republicans almost universally oppose the addition of two new senators from the District and would certainly block such a proposal. It is unlikely that legislators from either Maryland or Virginia would ultimately support a new state of the District of Columbia if that state had the power to levy a commuter tax, as it surely would. Politicians from large states might object to the dilution of their Senate power. Likewise, some rural state legislators might object to empowering the District with statehood for what they see as essentially a city. For these reasons, the chance of the District becoming a new state looks remote.

But there is a better way to achieve D.C. statehood.

The other path: join an existing state.

Imagine the District becoming Douglass County, Md. As a new unique jurisdiction in Maryland, the District would honor one of its most famous residents: the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass. And it would retain its unique identity while gaining both full voting rights and full home rule.

Could this approach win the needed support in Congress, Maryland and the District?

Reunion with Maryland probably would gain bipartisan support in Congress because Republicans have demonstrated support for giving D.C. residents voting rights through Maryland-based proposals that would not add two senators. Meanwhile, Democratic leaders in Maryland surely would like to gain almost 700,000 new residents who, with their addition, would make Maryland more Democratic, more highly educated and wealthier. (Compared with Maryland, the District has a higher percentage of registered Democrats, a higher percentage of college graduates and a higher per-capita income.)

Once D.C. residents realize that the state of the District of Columbia is a bridge too far, they will support achieving statehood citizenship with Maryland’s help. Voting rights and full home rule are the goals, and both can be achieved by reuniting with Maryland.

There is, of course, a precedent for this. The District was originally created with land ceded from Virginia and Maryland. The Virginia portion was successfully returned to Virginia in 1847 after Virginia voters approved it the prior year.

Douglass County, Md., is the best path to D.C. statehood."

For more information:

Committee for the Capital City
PO Box 77443
Washington, DC 20013-8443

Guest Category: History, Kids & Family, Politics & Government, Self Help, Society and Culture, Variety
John B Wells
Guest Occupation: Radio Host Coast to Coast/Voice Actor
Guest Biography:

John B. Wells, Saturday host of Coast to Coast AM, is a veteran radio host and voice actor with credits ranging from radio stations and TV shows, to movies and advertisements, on all seven continents. 

Upon graduating from TCU with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and an emphasis in theater, he took a part-time job at the legendary KZEW-FM/Dallas-Ft. Worth, where within less than a year, he moved into the afternoon drive slot and posted record ratings.  Soon after, Wells left to pursue a full-time career doing voiceovers. During that time, he voiced imaging promos for New York’s WCBS Newsradio 88, where he spent nearly 10 years, followed by WNEW-FM; Los Angeles’ KLOS-FM and KROQ-FM; Detroit’s WWJ-AM; Chicago’s WBBM-AM/TV; San Francisco’s KRON-TV; Dallas’ WFAA-TV, KRLD-AM and KZPS-FM; Houston’s KLOL-FM, KHOU-TV and KPRC-AM; Miami’s WBGG-FM; and the Armed Forces Radio Network.  Wells was heard for nearly a decade on BBC Radio 1 in London, along with HIT 95 in Berlin, Radio ADO in Paris, and many others around the world.

In addition to serving as the announcer for CBS' The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and the "World's Leading Dance Event" Sensation in Amsterdam, Wells has lent his voice to Oliver Stone’s JFK and Talk Radio films and appeared in several other movies.  He has also recently voiced promos for Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch and Gold Rush

After frequently serving as a guest host on Coast to Coast AM, Wells became the Saturday evening host of the most-listened-to overnight radio program in North America in January 2012. Each week, Wells captivates listeners with discussions on news and current events, conspiracy theories and all things curious and unexplained.

Actor, musician, writer, composer, martial artist, aviator and broadcaster, Wells finds the ancient sage advice of "concentrating on just one thing" to be true. His one thing: the Arts.

Guest Category: Arts, History, News, Politics & Government, Society and Culture
Tobias Hurwitz
Guest Occupation: Guitarist
Guest Biography:


Tobias Hurwitz lives and breathes electric guitar. He rocks packed stadiums for The Baltimore Ravens Rhythm Section every home game with thrilling guitar solos from iconic tunes like Van Halen’s “Eruption” and Hendrix’s “Purple Haze.” Hurwitz is also a Grammy-nominated “Music Educator” who has authored fifteen popular books on rock guitar, with YouTube videos that have received over a million hits.

When he’s not revving up the Ravens crowd, Hurwitz—named “best guitarist in the Mid-Atlantic” by Music Monthly’s readers poll—hits the clubs with rough-and-ready Thin Lizzy tribute band Black Rose. During the day, “Baltimore’s Best Guitar Teacher” (Baltimore City Paper) is busy raising the next generation of guitar shredders as an in-demand teacher and the co-owner of Rock Star Jam music camp.

Hurwitz was on The National Guitar Workshop faculty for many years and is currently a faculty member at the internationally renowned Crown of the Continent Guitar Workshop in Bigfork, Montana, where he’s taught with Dweezil Zappa and John Oates of Hall & Oates. Hurwitz has written instructional articles for Guitar Player and Guitar magazines and is involved with TrueFire, which produces video guitar lessons from top players.

Since graduating from L.A.’s Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT), Hurwitz has released three solo albums, including collaborations with Santana drummer Dennis Chambers, rock-guitar virtuoso Michael Angelo Batio, Swedish prog-metal “freak guitarist” Mattias Eklundh and other master musicians. Hurwitz also collaborated with Zen Guitar author Philip Toshio Sudo, co-authoring Sudo’s final book/CD, The Book of Six Strings: The Zen Way to Play Guitar.

Live, Hurwitz has performed with The Coasters, Stanley Clarke, J. Geils and many other artists. His solo instrumental compositions and technical guitar demonstrations wow audiences at the National Guitar Museum, and guitar-related festivals and events nationwide.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Music
Pina De Rosa
Guest Occupation: Mindset Effectiveness Expert, a TEDx Speaker, an Award Winning Producer, an Author, and an International & High Performance Results Coach
Guest Biography:


As a Mindset Effectiveness Expert, a TEDx Speaker, an Award Winning Producer, an Author, and an International & High Performance Results Coach, Pina De Rosa has been designing and delivering engaging keynotes for over 15 years. She has been nominated for the Los Angeles Business Journal Woman Making A Difference 7 years in a row (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016).

In addition to keynote speaking at corporate and schools functions, and leading her own events, Pina has shared the stage with Barbara De Angelis, Loral Langemeier, Michael Beckwith, Chris Howard, Alison Armstrong, Lisa Sasevich, Debbie Allen, Jill Lublin, Dr. Joanna Martin, Kerwin Rae, James Schramko, Deborah Kagan, Shellie Hunt, Scott Martineau, Johnnie Cass, Sean Harris, Clinton Swaine, Benjamin Harvey, Dave Vanhoose, Daven Michaels, Sean Bell, Larry Loik and Kelly O’Neil to name a few.

Audiences and coaching clients worldwide, from Los Angeles to London, from Sydney to Hong Kong and from Auckland to Kilimanjaro, are always inspired in action by Pina’s commitment: empowering each individual to live their fullest potential, delivering fast and lasting release of those internal blocks/fears/self-doubt that get in the way of us taking action, and experiencing quality of life. She speaks 5 languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish and German), and holds 4 passports.

When she speaks on college campuses, sharing from her personal experience of being raped during her first semester in college, her message is not only an inspirational dialogue on date-rape awareness and sexual assault prevention, it is life saving! Her passion project is BroadwaySniffsOutCancer – by producing this yearly Benefit that raises funds and awareness for the cancer-detection-dogs , she wishes to save people from losing their loved ones to a late cancer diagnosis. She is the president of http://www.gratitudeinternational.com/, and is honored to be on the board for https://www.thenewhollywood.org/

Pina will customize and lead workshops, seminars and keynotes for your corporate events, colleges, private groups and organizations — topics will be custom tailored to your audience’s needs. Length of keynotes and format of workshops vary from 20 minutes to 3 hours. 1, 2 and 3 days events can be scheduled. Her corporate clients include: Galpin Motor, BCBG Max-Azria and State Farm Insurance; and her university clients include: University of Southern California, California State University Long Beach, Ohio State University, Findlay University and the Alliance Neuwirth Leadership & College-Ready Academy Charter High School. She resides in Los Angeles, California.

Having been a coach for over 15 years, Pina works with a variety of modalities to best suit your needs. Here are her accreditations and background:

Master Results Coach
Performance Consultant
Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP
Advanced Neurological Repatterning TM
Ericksonian Method
Professional Speaker
High Performance Results Coach
Leadership Master Coach
B.A. Cum Laude (Major: Theatre, Minor: Psychology)
Fluent in Italian, French, Spanish and rusty German

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Psychology, Mental Health, Personal Development, Self Help
Gary Jones
Guest Occupation: Puppet Artist
Guest Biography:


In 1967, Gary Jones began his professional life as a puppet artist in Chicago as the scenic designer of the world famous Kungsholm Miniature Grand Opera. Jones’ unusual talents were immediately praised through his imaginative productions of The King & I, Porgy & Bess, Gypsy, My Fair Lady, Oliver, and Bizet’s Carmen.

In l975, he founded his own company, The Blackstreet USA Puppet Theatre which presents “Gary Jones & The YUPPETS” (Young Urban Professional Puppets).

Since then he has handcrafted hundreds of puppets, trained several aspirants in his unique performance technique and witnessed his work applauded by both national and international audiences. Box office attendance records were broken for his residencies at The Smithsonian Institution, Division of Performing Arts in the ’80s.

Over the years, Jones has created an original and eclectic repertoire suited for both adults and young people with a cutting edge focus on dance.

He has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards including “The Crystal Castle” from the Walt Disney Corporation for his outstanding work with children. His work has been written about in countless reviews and newspaper articles. In l998 People magazine profiled his unique efforts integrating art and the educational experience illuminating such controversial topics as AIDS, conflict resolution, drugs, and self esteem.

Jones harbors a very deep concern for senior citizens and has volunteered countless performances in convalescent homes in Los Angeles.

The opulent elite world of the Kungsholm Miniature Grand Opera of Chicago which Jones experienced as a teenager conditioned him in ways which are still visible in his vocation as a puppet and doll artist. Once he began working there his daily exposure to high European culture inevitably led him to other such forms. One such heretofore closed world was the international ballet stage. Today he admits his balletomania with a smile. With pride he relates the charmed reactions of Ruth Page, Cynthia Gregory, Paul Russell, Charmaine Hunter, Alvin Ailey, Garth Fagan, and Dwight Rhoden to the Blackstreet USA Puppet Theatre. Their influence on his performance technique is witnessed in an undeniable favoritism lavished on the dance puppets in his theatre.

His devotion to a vegetarian diet and daily yoga echoes the lifestyle of the dancer life he discovered too late to join. He has been criticized for this absolute immersion in art. There was no television in his home for 30 years! And living in Los Angeles has not changed the fact that he attends a film once a year, if that. He is overly familiar and critical of neighborhood libraries and considers a visit to the central building a treat.

He attributes his addiction to books to the influence of his late brother who earned a Ph.D. at 25.

“Maybe I’m still competing with him on some level.” Jones is a walker and explorer of his adopted Los Angeles and its sometimes bizarre architecture. Unfortunately on occasion he has aroused police suspicion when observed inspecting the details of structures that fascinate and inspire him. Yet as an amateur photographer he rarely snaps the buildings. The camera lens is always directed at his puppets or dolls. With the snap of the shutter he maintains that he sees deeper into each character. Often this insight leads to the creation of a new figure or time at the keyboard writing a new script.

Gary has said that, “art speaks directly to our souls…it is from this place that we can begin again in joy.”

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Mike Moody
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A caffeinated 22 year old with endless authenticity. Mike’s mojo as a musician is to emulate the Soulful sounds of the 70’s with his hometown Michigan style. When you follow signs for I-94 East from LA to the MOTOR CITY, you’ll eventually end up where it all began for the songwriter. Mike moved to California at the beginning of 2016 and has been building his music career and followership over the last year. He has performed over 120 shows in California thus far and is motivated to continue expanding his resume.

Mike has also been featured in Music Connection Magazine’s 2016 List of Hot 100 Unsigned Artists. Mike recently graduated from Musicians Institute where he met his partner, Andy Vimar, in the Guitar Program which was the foundation for their band, Mike Moody and the Motion. The band is releasing their first single in the summer of 2017.

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Legendary Drummer Bobby Caldwell on The Ray Shasho Show
Guest Occupation: Musician,Songwriter,Singer,Producer
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B O B B Y   CA L D W E L L  



Bobby Caldwell started playing at the age of ten and by fourteen was playing professionally with many rock groups in the state of Florida, but primarily “Noah’s Ark”, out of Tampa.  After signing with Decca Records and releasing two singles, the band played constantly throughout the Eastern U.S.  After paying his dues, fate stepped in.

At the age of 19, he was asked to join Johnny Winter’s new super group “Johnny Winter And”.  This group featured Rick Derringer and Randy Hobbs, formerly with the McCoy’s of “Hang On Sloopy” fame.  The album “Johnny Winter And Live” was recorded in New York and Miami and became a top ten best seller and Johnny’s highest charting album.  Bobby also played on Johnny Winter’s “Saints and Sinners” album, recording with Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer and the late Dan Hartman

Rick Derringer asked Bobby to play on his first solo LP “All American Boy”, which was recorded entirely at Caribou Ranch in Colorado.  This partnership produced the classic top ten hit, “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo.”

While touring with the Allman Brothers Band as a third drummer and percussionist, BC had the pleasure of playing with them at the Filmore East when they recorded their historic album, The Allman Brothers, “Live at the Filmore East”.

In the early to mid seventies, Captain Beyond arose from the ashes of Iron Butterfly, Johnny Winter And, and Deep Purple.  Introduced to Phil Walden by the late Duane Allman, the band signed with Capricorn Records.  Captain Beyond’s first album remains a progressive rock cult classic to this day.  The band enjoys heavy airplay on satellite radio and a large following in Europe and the far East.  Bobby’s contributions to the music, lyrics and song arrangements are evident throughout

Following Captain Beyond, he was enlisted to join the supergroup Armageddon.  Founded by the late Keith Relf from “The Yardbirds,” Armageddon comprised of England’s renowned super guitarist, Martin Pugh, Bobby Caldwell and Louis Cennamo.  The group produced one album for A&M Records.  Once again, Bobby was a major contributor to the song writing and direction of the band.

In the early 1980s, MCA Records offered Bobby a solo deal.  The album was unfortunately never completed.  Through the 80’s and 90’s Bobby continued to sing, write new material and play drums while fronting his own band before moving back to Florida from Los Angeles for family obligations.

Recently, Bobby has been playing with the reformed Captain Beyond, as well as many other projects.  He is a dedicated professional, always looking for new and exciting musical ventures.

Highly spiritual, Bobby also holds a Masters Degree in Metaphysics and is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. He neither smokes, nor drinks, nor uses drugs and lives an extremely clean lifestyle.  He is truly a sincere, humble and caring artist.  His love and motivation to create new music is, as it has always been, steadfast and unwavering.


6/3/17 -    Ace's Live Music                                         

Bradenton, FL                          

6/22/17 -The Golden Pony                                         

Harrisonburg, VA                     

6/23/17 - Cafe 611 "Maryland Doom Fest"                 

Fredrick, MD

8/16/17 - The Earl                                                       

Atlanta, GA

8/18/17 - The Pour House Music Hall                           

 Raleigh, NC

8/20/17 - Kung Fu Neck Tie                                         

 Philadelphia, PA

8/22/17 - Saint Vitus                                                   

Brooklyn, NY

8/25/17 - "The Bear's Den" Seneca Niagara Casino     

Niagara Falls, NY

10/28/17 - Ram's Head Live "Days of Darkness fest"   

Baltimore, MD

Much more to come

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