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Guest Occupation: Editor Florida Bulldog
Guest Biography:
Dan founded Florida Bulldog in 2009 using the name Broward Bulldog. He is an award-winning former investigative reporter for The Miami Herald and Daily Business Review, and one of South Florida’s most experienced reporters. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science from the University of Miami.
Dan’s stories about Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne’s private business dealings sparked a federal corruption investigation that landed Jenne in prison in 2007. His stories about hidden and falsified court records in Broward, Miami-Dade and elsewhere in Florida for The Miami Herald in 2006 led to a pair of unanimous Florida Supreme Court decisions in 2007 and 2010 outlawing those practices.
Similar stories for the Daily Business Review in 2003-2004 exposed excessive secrecy in the federal courts. The executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press later called Dan “the nation’s leading journalist on an issue of tremendous First Amendment importance: the increasing trend toward secrecy in our nation’s courts.”
In 2000-2001, Dan’s reporting about a deadly gun-planting conspiracy and cover-up by Miami police resulted in the indictment of more than a dozen officers and significant governmental reform, including the establishment of Miami’s long sought civilian review panel.
Guest Category: History, News, Politics & Government
John Dean
Guest Occupation: political author, columnist, commentator
Guest Biography:

John Dean served as Counsel to the President of the United States from July 1970 to April 1973.  Before becoming White House counsel at age thirty-one, he was the chief minority counsel to the Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives, an associate director of a law reform commission, and an associate deputy attorney general at the US Department of Justice.

His undergraduate studies were at Colgate University and the College of Wooster, with majors in English Literature and Political Science; then a graduate fellowship at American University to study government and the presidency before he entered Georgetown University Law Center, where he received his JD with honors in 1965.

John recounted his days at the Nixon White House and Watergate in two books: Blind Ambition (1976, with new extended afterword in 2010) and Lost Honor (1982).  After retiring from a business career as a private investment banker, he returned to writing best-selling books and lecturing, not to mention being a columnist for FindLaw's Writ (from 2000 to 2010). His most recent New York Times bestseller: The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It (2014).

Other books include: The Rehnquist Choice: The Untold Story of the Nixon Appointment that Redefined the Supreme Court (2001), Warren G. Harding (2003), Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush (2004), Conservatives Without Conscience (2006), Broken Government: How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches (2008), and Pure Goldwater (2009).

Currently, John holds the Barry Goldwater Chair of American Institutions at Arizona State University, where he lectures and teaches, while working on his next book. He is also a visiting scholar and lecturer at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School of Communications and an occasional television commentator. Whenever possible, John hopes to schedule further events in his extended continuing legal education (CLE) series that examines impact of the American Bar Association's Model Rules of Professional Conduct on select historic events of Watergate with surprising results – The Watergate CLE.


Two Predictions (Maybe Rants) About Donald Trump’s Presidency

23 Dec 2016

Predictions about the mercurial Donald Trump are risky. Nonetheless, I cannot hesitate from making two, which some may view as rants but both are fact based. First: Trump will somehow stiff the White House press corps. Second: Trump will violate his oath of office as president.

First Prediction: Trump and the White House Press Corps

This week Trump announced his core White House communications team: Sean Spicer, who has long been a spokesperson at the Republican National Committee (RNC), will become White House press secretary. Hope Hicks and Jason Miller, who have served as spokespersons for the campaign and transition, will become strategic communications director and communications director respectively at the White House—nondescript positions having something to do with communications. Dan Scavino will be social media director—a post I’ve never heard of at the White House, but Twitter is important to Trump. Finally, Kellyanne Conway, who served as Trump’s last campaign manager and as a senior adviser to the president-elect, will serve in the White House as a counselor. Presidential counselors typically have no line authority in the White House rather float about doing what the president wants them to do in their area of expertise.

This media-relations team has been with Trump since the final days of his campaign and during the transition. No real staffing surprises, although rumor had Kellyanne—the mother of four—not wanting to take on full-time work in Washington rather work for the non-profit PAC being set up to push Trump policies outside of the government structure. Kellyanne could have undoubtedly earned more money and had greater flexibility not being on the White House staff. Her post at the White House appears a win for Rebecka Mercer, the daughter of the billionaire hedge fund operator, who brought Kellyanne and Stephen Bannon into the final days of the Trump campaign—pushing their candidate across the winning finish line.

Before turning to my first prediction, allow me to note that notwithstanding Trump’s complaints about his negative press-coverage (“the lyin’ press”), in fact, given the circumstances, Trump has received undeservedly favorable press coverage. With a few exceptions, the news media has given him a pass on his failure to produce his tax returns and disclose the nature of his many businesses; he was given a pass on his self-confessed sexual assault of countless women; the press largely ignored his longstanding connections with well-known New York area drug dealers and organized crime figures, and on and on and on. In breaking with norm after norm that have sunk other presidential candidates, the news media has allowed Donald Trump to get away with criminally outrageous behavior, setting a new low for national leadership.

But my biggest complaint about the news coverage of Donald Trump, the politician, the presidential candidate, now the president-elect, and soon to be the President of the United States, is his conspicuous and remarkable incompetence for the job. The news media—less a few outspoken commentators and columnists—is pretending like anyone can be the President of the United States, no prior experience necessary. News people seem to love his bellicose counter punching, hurling attacks at anyone who pinches his thin skin. They excuse his ignorance, and when he doubles down to hide it, they are confident he is developing a new and carefully considered policy. By any standard, the news media’s failure to address his utter lack of skills and knowledge to serve as president, the refusal to warn Americans and foreign nations that we are about to install a man who is totally unprepared for the job is breathtaking.

It was Leslie Moonves, executive chairman and CEO of CBS Television, who said of a potential Trump presidential campaign, “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.” But after he was elected the mantra of the news business has not changed. It appears Trump’s outrageous and democracy threatening behavior is all about what is good for news organizations—and the end of democracy as we cherish it will be televised.

I really did believe that after he won the election the news business would get serious with Trump if he did not get serious about the business of governing this country, yet the news coverage of the transition of the most unqualified man ever elected to the White House is as weak and wishy-washy as it was at the outset of his campaign. Given the license afforded the news business under the First Amendment, their collective conduct is approaching criminal negligence, standing by while Trump destroys the country so they can report the fall of America.

Of course, Trump’s election is not the first time Americans have chosen a president who knows little to nothing about the ways and means of Washington, not to mention the nation’s highest executive office: the presidency. To the contrary, it is something of a regular practice. For example, in varying degrees Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all required on-the-job training, initially relying heavily on their Washington-seasoned vice presidents to assist them in getting their presidencies up and running.

While Donald Trump cannot hold a candle to any of these men as far as their interest in government, their prior experience at governing, and their interest in performing well as President of the United States (a president-elect who is too smart to take the president daily intelligence briefing is not only too dumb to be president, but is not interested in the job), yet the news media examined the past presidents-elect far more intently than they are examining Trump.

While they are reporting on Trump, it is fluff stuff. It is information he wants reported. In the past, however, reporters were digging into who was doing what to get ready. I scanned dozens upon dozens of transition stories all the way back to Jimmy Carter. For example, by August 9, 1976—some three months before the election—Laurence Stern had an in-depth story for The Washington Post, “Transition Unit at Work for Carter: Low-Profile Carter Group Working on Transition Plan.” It was one of many such accounts, and the same occurred with Carter’s successor. Reporters Lee Lescaze and T.R. Reid began tracking Ronald Reagan right after his election, reporting the details of his plans for The Washington Post and never letting up. James Perry, writing for The Wall Street Journal on November 18, 1992, explained that “Early Symbolic Acts of Administrations Have Lasting Effect” as he probed the transition of president-elect Bill Clinton, comparing it to predecessors. Robert Pear reported “Behind the Scenes, Teams for Both Candidates Plan for a Presidential Transition” in the September 21, 2008, New York Times, about the work of both candidate John McCain and Barack Obama. To mention only a few.

News accounts, television reports, and when they arrived blogs dug far deeper into past transition than is now occurring with Trump. My perusal of this material along with historical accounts after the fact reveal that pundits, historians, and political reporters largely agreed that rookie presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama relied on their vice presidents (Walter Mondale, Al Gore and Joe Biden) most heavily at the outset, but after they devoted countless hours of study to learning about their new jobs, they relatively quickly came to understand the workings of the high office they held and became adept presidents. Trump has made it clear he does not like briefing books, nor does he read history. This puts him alongside Reagan and Bush II, both of whom enjoyed the pomp of being heads of government, but they never stopped relying heavily on their vice presidents (George H. W. Bush and Dick Cheney) for the daily grind of being head of the executive branch of government.

Watching the formation of Donald Trump’s presidency, the press coverage is disappointingly weak and thin. As president, he is clearly going to govern much like Reagan and Bush II, where someone else does the heavy lifting. But this conspicuous fact is being totally ignored in the transition news coverage. Who is doing that lifting now: Vice President-elect Mike Pence? Chief-of-staff-designate Stephen Bannon? Son-in-law Jared Kushner? Daughter Ivanka? Outsider Rebekah Mercer? And why are reporters unable to learn what is really going on in the Trump Tower transition operation?

The answer to these questions is clear. Transition coverage has been much like Trump campaign coverage, and it does not bode well for coverage of the Trump White House. The news media is so fixated with Trump himself, along with his endless need to consume all the oxygen in any room where they are all together, that they are totally ignoring how he is preparing for his presidency. This is what sells.

In addition, much of the mainstream press is afraid of Trump, fearful he will cut them off from all access. In fact, I predict he will do just that. Nixon did it. He occasionally banned reporters from the White House. He went around the White House press corps to state and local news organizations. It has been almost 150 days since Trump held a press conference. Nixon used to go as long as he could, and unlike Trump, he was good at press conferences because he studied for days for them. Trump is not good at press conferences because he does not have good answers for the questions he will likely be asked, not to mention he is not inclined to study and prepare, so he knows he will likely embarrass himself. Just as during the campaign, Trump is conspicuously unprepared to answer questions.

Trump is going to be much harder on the press than Nixon. He has seen their weakness, and knows his core followers are with him. If the press was not collectively gutless, they would be yelling that we are watching a train wreck, but the news media is pretending this is not happening. Rather they are pretending that this is a normal presidential transition. Which brings me to my second prediction.

Second Prediction: Trump Will Breach His Oath of Office

It appears that at noon on January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump will take the oath of office: “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” This will, of course, make him the President of the United States. I doubt, however, that Trump will honor his oath. My reason is rather simple, Donald Trump is far worse than Richard Nixon—a fact about which I will have more to say about in the future.

Guest Category: History, News, Politics & Government
Neil Gaur Director of Portal to Ascension
Guest Occupation: Neil Gaur Founder of Portal to Ascension
Guest Biography:

I: A message from Neil: How it all started…

I was raised in a Hindu family and I pretty much considered myself an atheist Hindu. I say this because I would do all the rites and rituals that my family told me to, but I never truly believed. I just did what I did because it was expected of me. When I graduated high school in 2000 and went to Cal State Fullerton I began interacting with a variety of different people and exploring a range of music. I began writing poetry that, in turn, became spoken word pieces that I would present at open mics in Orange County. My poetry portrayed a lot of confusion, questions and a spiritual connection to life with an underlying feeling that something is missing or out of place. As a freshman in college I discovered a series of videos from 3 individuals: Nassim Haramein, Jim Self & Jordan Maxwell. I started watching a ton of videos taking me down all sorts of rabbit holes. I found out about the Sumerian Civilization and the ancient Extraterrestrial race known as the Annunaki. This led me to Zachariah Sitchen and Erik von Danken’s work with the Sumerian Scriptures.

II: Transformation

This awareness took me back to the religion I was raised in, Hinduism. I looked at this faith from an entirely new perspective… dissecting all that I could. The information on vibration and connection to quantum physics and the universe that was portrayed in the Sumerian Scriptures were very similar to the Hindu text. The Hindus speak of vibration and frequency and how this connects to meditation and other holistic practices. There were too many coincidences. I then began to realize that a lot of cosmic truths of our existence were hidden within the Hindu scriptures.

My mind was blown. I was reading translations of the Sumerian scriptures that were the exact same stories found throughout other religions in the world. However, these scriptures dated back 1000’s of years before the world bibles spoke of the same stories. I also discovered that these similar stories were talking about a race of Extraterrestrial beings. The Annunaki who came from a planet called Nibiru, which is the 10th planet in our solar system that has an elliptical 3600 year orbit around our Sun. This information lead me to the notion that either the majority of major religions in the world are inherently wrong because they are taken from these texts, or all the world religions are actually talking about Extraterrestrial beings.

This made a lot of sense to me and I went down the rabbit hole of information and awareness. I delved deep into the conspiracies and the corruption. I felt that there was a disconnection in the world and that we as a species are wandering aimlessly allowing ourselves to be manipulated and controlled. I was so angry, feeling that I had been lied to my entire life. That everything I know was wrong; however, I also felt reassured that I had always known something was not right. I stayed in the darkness for a while, a bit scared and very confused. I wanted to do something and help shift the consciousness on the planet.

III: Breakthrough

In 2006, after 6 years of intense research, I created a Facebook group called “2012 Consciousness, Mind, Evolution and Presence”. I created this group because I was interested in knowing who would join and sharing all this information with my friends. Within a matter of months 100’s of people began joining and within a year we had a few thousand members. In 2007, I had a download in which I was called to change the name of the group to “Consciousness: Evolution and Presence”, and then a few months later to “Cosmic Consciousness: Presence”, until eventually in summer of 2008 I had a dream in which I was told that the name of the organization will be “Portal to Ascension”.

That was the same exact Summer I was laid off as a financial analyst and I met a group of individuals that became my soul family. Summer of 2008 was when Portal to Ascension was born in spirit, in physicality and with direction. Soon after we conducted our first event at a holistic center in Costa Mesa, California called “Ginger’s Garden Wellness Center”. From that moment up until today we have been creating revolutionary events that ultimately lead to two conferences (Cosmic Reunion 2012 and Cosmic Reunion: Fourth Density) in 2012 and then into our state of the art online webinar platform we are currently using.

It has been an amazing ride of self-discovery and adventure creating and evolving with Portal to Ascension. Every time I change direction in life and move away from creating events and putting my energy in Portal to Ascension, I am always lead back to this ‘work’ through synchronicity. I now know more than ever that this is my life mission. To bring together great minds and revolutionaries to inspire and increase awareness all around the world so we may shift our reality to one based on the principles of unity and love; as well as create a platform to show everyone on the planet who they are and what their true potential is.

Guest Category: Paranormal, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Science, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Colin James Martin
Guest Occupation: Musician
Guest Biography:


Colin James Martin arrived in Los Angeles in August of 2016 with one goal in mind – to pursue his visionary dreams. Living out of his car and recording his first solo music album in laundromats and coffee shop patios, Colin has truly embodied like few others the home-free lifestyle of a dedicated artist while remaining steadfast and dedicated to following his heart. He shows up in life as an example of humility and gratitude in a world drenched with fear and uncertainty. A true revolutionary and community builder, this young man has a lifetime of achievement ahead that our human family shall ALL benefit from. Look for him on the big screen, the record store, and on the street corner, wielding his crystal laden guitar, offering a song from the heart.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Music
George P Kansas and Tracey Trottenberg
Guest Occupation: corporate training, entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, Conscious Communication experts
Guest Biography:


With a combined 50 years on stage, George and Tracey joined forced to teach “Messenger training from the inside out.” Together, they help women in business, speakers, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs to step into their authentic voice and own any stage. Through live events and unique coaching programs, Tracey and George gently guide women through a deep dismantling of egoic attachments, replacing them with empowering truths, turning Spiritual Practice into Practical Business Strategy.

With years of experience in corporate and corporate training, and as an entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, master trainer, Conscious Communication experts, George and Tracey have spoken to, trained and coached tens of thousands of people internationally. Tracey has shared the stage with luminaries such as Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Marianne Williamson and more. George is a recognized coach to performers, athletes, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs for nearly three decades, having shared the marquis with inspirational greats Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley and Brian Tracy. As an expert in Feminine Leadership, Tracey co-authored the 3-category Amazon Bestseller “Faces of the New Feminine Leadership” and was a top ten finalist in “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker” competition. George has written 8 books, is a former lawyer, single dad, two time cancer survivor and now “presence advisor” to some of America’s most noted rock musicians. Together, what sets George and Tracey apart is the love that is infused in everything they do, speak, teach and create.

Together, this due Co-hosts the popular women’s empowerment event, “Own, Honor and UnleashTM” and the unique messenger training program “Speak with SoulTM” as well as the podcasts “The Deeper Conversation” and “Prosperity Playground”.

George and Tracey have invested their lives in the intellectual and spiritual understanding of conscious communication. They’ve seen first hand the power words can have. They’ve invested their lives in understanding how. Whether exploring the depths of spirituality or discussing leadership strategies for the 21st century – or both – George and Tracey provide valuable inspirational insight because over their lives, they’ve done it. The programs offered by Amazing Women International, Inc. have been called the Harvard MBA of Conscious Communications. Together, this dynamic duo guide Messengers ready to create, embody and lead transformational conversations in our world. Tracey and George founded “Voices for the Voiceless;” a not-for-profit fund to support women, children, animals, cancer survivors and mother Earth.

Guest Category: Business, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Spiritual
On a mission to show 1 MILLION people how to take control of their life, discover their passion, and unlock their GREATNESS within!”
Guest Occupation: Entrepreneur, speaker, author and personal development coach
Guest Biography:

Meiyoko Taylor is an entrepreneur, speaker and personal development coach. He is passionate about helping others improve their lives by providing them with the tools and resources to fuel their Passion, Purpose, and Profits. He wrote the free eBook: “Habitude: A Step by Step Guide to Busting Bad Habits and Creating Good Ones.” Meiyoko's latest book is called “Find Your Amazing- 5 Steps to Transforming your life”, where he helps readers unlock their true potential and create their own version of success.

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 'Bride of Chaotica' guitarist Bill Bechtel on The Ray Shasho Show
Guest Occupation: Guitarist,Keyboardist,Arranger
Guest Biography:





Ghosts. On. Television. Fleeting images on the screen, there and gone. Until they return again, conjuring up the past. The present. And sometimes the future ...

Bride of Chaotica's new fourteen song CD serves as a tribute to over a half century of television, broadcasting an array of exotic instrumental tracks ranging from the eerie elegance of the Pink Floyd - meets - Happy The Man incandescence of "Traumerei", to the intense firestorm impact of "Pagan Jeopardy", to the futuristic rendition of the '60's Top 40 folk-rock classic "California Dreamin", Additionally, the band's "live-studio" recording philosophy is embellished here with additional brass, woodwinds, keyboards, and strings on many of the tracks, creating a whole new listening experience for the trio's long time fans and supporters.

With the band's new emphasis on their classic British psychedelic-rock leanings, and deployment of the concise background arrangements that were first displayed on last year's EP 'Winter Tales', Bride of Chaotica's material is now shaded with instrumental drama only hinted at on their 2012 debut 'Bamboo Transistor'.

The new tracks on 'Ghosts on Television' are 3-D micro-movie soundtracks unto themselves, and yet they still feature the trademark Bride of Chaotica analog live classic-rock sonics that are the stock in trade for guitarist-keyboardist-arranger Bill Bechtel, bassist/synth-bassist Robert "Red" Redmond, and drummer/percussionist Tim Tuthill, who have been performing at festivals, clubs, art galleries, city parks, and video facilities on Florida's west coast since 2009. Taking their name from a classic 'Star Trek: Voyager' episode, the group's debut CD received rave reviews in international publications like 'Progressive Magazine', '10 Pages', and 'Big
Takeover Magazine'; and tracks from both the band's debut and subsequent EP 'Winter Tales' were featured on college and independent radio stations across the country and on National Public Radio's syndicated show "Undercurrents". Bride of Chaotica's new CD 'Ghosts on Television'  released on January 14th, 2017
by Longview Records. The release coincides with the 50th anniversary of the first Human Be-in, a gathering of the new counterculture tribes in the San Francisco area at Golden Gate park that drew an audience of 20,000 people and featured speakers such as Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg and music by the Grateful Dead, the Jefferson Airplane, and other bands of the new psychedelic era.

Bride of Chaotica's latest CD 'Ghosts on Television' is available from CD Baby, I-Tunes (through CD Baby), Amazon, and GooglePlay.

Influences: Bride of Chaotica's arrangements are influenced by late '50's- early '60's cool-jazz era artists (Miles Davis/John Coltrane/Wes Montgomery), '70's fusion groups (Return to Forever/Mahavishnu Orchestra), and British psychedelia (Jimi Hendrix/Cream/Pink Floyd).

To purchase ‘Bride of Chaoticas’ exciting new CD entitled 'Ghosts on Television' visit CD Baby or amazon.com.

For further information and concert date information about Bride of Chaotica visit …  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrideOfChaoticaBand

Guest Category: Music
Medea Benjamin
Guest Occupation: Author and American political activist and co-founder of the women-led peace group CODEPINK
Guest Biography:

Medea Benjamin is an American political activist and the co-founder of the women-led peace group CODEPINK and the co-founder of the human rights group Global Exchange. She has been an advocate for social justice for more than 40 years. Described as "one of America's most committed -- and most effective -- fighters for human rights" by New York Newsday, and "one of the high profile leaders of the peace movement" by the Los Angeles Times, she was one of 1,000 exemplary women from 140 countries nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the millions of women who do the essential work of peace worldwide. She received numerous prices, including: the Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Prize from the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Peace Prize by the US Peace Memorial, the Gandhi Peace Award, and the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Award. She is a former economist and nutritionist with the United Nations and World Health Organization.

In 2000, she was a Green Party candidate for the California Senate. During the 1990s, Medea focused her efforts on tackling the problem of unfair trade as promoted by the World Trade Organization. Widely credited as the woman who brought Nike to its knees and helped place the issue of sweatshops on the national agenda, Medea was a key player in the campaign that won a $20 million settlement from 27 US clothing retailers for the use of sweatshop labor in Saipan. She also pushed Starbucks and other companies to start carrying fair trade coffee.

Since the September 11, 2001 tragedy,  Medea has been working to promote a U.S. foreign policy that would respect human rights and gain us allies instead of contributing to violence and undermining our international reputation. She has organized many protests against the U.S. interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. Medea has also been on the forefront of the anti-drone movement. Her direct questioning of President Obama during his 2013 foreign policy address, as well as her trips to Pakistan and Yemen, helped shine a light on the innocent people killed by US drone strikes. She published Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control in 2013. She also organized the first-ever international drone summit and lead delegations to Pakistan and Yemen to meet with drone strike victims and family members of Guantanamo Bay prisoners. She wrote the forthcoming book Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection, and organized an international summit on Saudi Arabia in March 2016.

Her work for justice in Israel/Palestine includes taking numerous delegations to Gaza after the 2008 Israeli invasion, organizing the Gaza Freedom March in 2010, participating in the Freedom Flotillas and opposing the policies of the Israel lobby group AIPAC. In 2011 she was in Tahrir Square during the Egyptian uprising and In 2012 she was part of a human rights delegation to Bahrain in support of democracy activists; she was tear-gassed, arrested and deported by the Bahraini government.

Benjamin is the author of nine books and her most recent is ‘DRONE WARFARE’. Her articles appear regularly in outlets such as The Huffington Post, CommonDreams, Alternet, The Other Words, and TeleSUR. Medea can be reached at: medea@codepink.org or @medeabenjamin.

If you'd like to book Medea Benjamin for an event or have questions about an event listed below, please contact Brienne at brienne.pa@gmail.com.

Guest Category: History, News, Politics & Government, Self Help, Society and Culture, Variety
Jennifer Taylor
Guest Occupation: Author, Life Coach
Guest Biography:

Have you been told that if you follow your Heart, the money will come?  And did you find out that this wasn’t quite true for you? 

Like many of you, Jennifer quit her “real job” to embark on a career in healing work.  And she was dismayed and surprised to discover that the money did not come! 

What did come was debt and stress about money!  Here she was - following her heart, helping others, and yet wondering where was the love for her! 

Jennifer asked herself..... "Why was I struggling financially?"  

"How did I manage to accumulate $135,000 in debt?!!"

"Where was this magical support I was supposed to receive from the Universe?"

She was definitely angry at the Universe and angry at God for not providing for her when she was working so hard to help others.

And then she had a wake-up call.  Jennifer had an “Ah Ha” moment at one of the lowest points in her life.  She realized a key mistake that she was making with her relationship to her mission and my money.   Once she had this realization, she started to turn things around…

Especially now that the holidays are coming, people are feeling the financial pressure...
Many people out there are struggling financially and I would love for you to lend Jennifer's call to develop for the group of people that are spiritually in tune, are passionate about their life purpose and yet Love Incorporated is a guide to connecting with your innate wisdom and creating a truly magical and fulfilling life.  You don’t need to sacrifice your passion, joy, values, or integrity to have an abundant life.  Doing what you love is actually instrumental in creating true success.

Love Incorporated will inspire you to follow your heart and live the life of your dreams!

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Love & Relationships, Philosophy, Personal Development, Inspirational, Motivational, Access Consciousness
Dr Carl Helvie Phd
Guest Occupation: Dr Nurse researcher Educater host foundation
Guest Biography:

Carl O Helvie, R.N., Dr.P.H. is a registered nurse with a doctorate in Public Health (Johns Hopkins) and over sixty years’ experience as a nurse practitioner, educator, author and researcher. He has published 8 books and chapters in 4 additional ones, and published 40 articles, presented over 55 research papers internationally and 60 papers for lay groups. Some of his books resulted from his development and over 35 years refinement of the Helvie Energy Theory of Nursing and Health that has been used internationally in practice, education and research by 9 countries.  During his academic career Helvie received grants up to $800.000 each for his work with homeless and low income populations and other projects. He has been recognized in most major national and international references such as Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Nursing, and Outstanding Educators in America and has two listings in Wikipedia. He received the Distinguished Career Award from the American Public Association in 1999. He was listed in 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading in 2014 and has recently (2015) been nominated for Nurse of the Year Award by Medical News.

In 1974, Dr Helvie was diagnosed with lung cancer and given 6 months to live by traditional medicine. He refused chemo and surgery and choose instead to use a holistic approach of treatment including physical, mental and spiritual components based using concepts he learned in public health, from his research of and using in practice the Edgar Cayce readings and other sources. He has been called a pioneer in the field of Holistic Health and has taught and used this approach since 1970. For the past 9 years he has been host of the Holistic Health Show (radio) where he interviews leaders in alternative, integrative medicine and health who use all or parts of a holistic approach for chronic illnesses and wellness on BBSRadio and HolisticHealthShow  In 2012 he published a book on lung cancer that included the holistic treatment plan used when he had lung cancer (Amazon #1 Best Seller). He was subsequently interviewed on over 100 radio and television shows. Because of his belief in the value of a holistic approach for staying well and/or regaining wellness and his desire to help others he founded the Carl O Helvie Holistic Cancer Foundation in 2014.  In 2017 he completed a booklet on Reducing Your Risk of Cancer: A Holistic Approach.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Nutrition, Medicine, News, Science
Sound Healing Expert Sharry Edwards, MEd
Guest Occupation: Owner, Director, Pioneer, Sound Healing Expert
Guest Biography:

Knowing your own voice takes on new meaning if you begin to consider the possibility that the sounds of your voice may be a holographic representation of all that you are, all that you can be. Imagine a future in which our individual vocal frequencies represent our identification; where the use of frequency based biomarkers contained within our voice can be used to keep us healthy and emotionally balanced.

Occupation: Owner of Sound Health and Director of Click to edit company name Institute of BioAcoustic Biology

Biography: Sharry Edwards™ is the pioneer in the study of Human BioAcoustic Biology. Her 30 years of research is being used at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, OH.​

​Currently, Edwards and her team at Sound Health are using human voice and the associated frequencies to help clients resolve health issues such as: macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, headaches, muscle stress, brain trauma, weight issues and nutritional concerns. The technology she brings to the stage is cutting edge! This technology can identify health and well-being possibilities that you have never encountered.

​Sharry Edwards' work is now included in The Duke University Encyclopedia of New Medicine, by Leonard A. Wisnecki and The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine, by Lucy Anderson. The effects of BioAcoustic Biology, now accepted by these prestigious medical encyclopedias, have unlimited health and wellness potential.

​According to Edwards, "BioAcoustics Voice Spectral Analysis can detect hidden or underlying stresses in the body that are expressed as disease." The vocal print can identify toxins, pathogens and nutritional supplements that are too low or too high. In addition, vocal print can be used to match the most compatible treatment remedy to each client. The introduction of the proper low frequency sound to the body, indicated through voice analysis, has been shown to control: pain, body temperature, heart rhythm, and blood pressure. It has also been shown to regenerate body tissue, and alleviate the symptoms of many diseases (in some cases, even those considered to be incurable).

Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/SoundHealth
LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharry-edwards-12941112

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Sound Healing, Philosophy, Mental Health, Science, Technology
Susan McCord
Guest Occupation: Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Talk Show Host, Published Author, Interviewer, Certified Life Coach, Blogger & Advice Columnist.
Guest Biography:

Susan McCord (aka Dear Sybersue) is a Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Talk Show Host, Published Author, Interviewer, Certified Life Coach, Blogger & Advice Columnist. She is an mature woman with young sassy attitude! She’s been there done that and has so many T-shirts she can open a store! She’s like the fun aunt you always wanted in the family! 

Susan has devoted her career to helping others find happiness. Over the past decade she has established a stellar reputation as a sought-after dating & relationship expert. Susan has 18,700 Followers on her Blog but is best known for hosting a Relationship talk show for an International audience on YouTube. Her talk show, “Dear Sybersue,” has garnered 1.5 million views which consists of dating/relationship/lifestyle advice, interviews & colorful comical skits. She has a great sense of humor which she contributes to her weekly shows.

Susan is an Expert Writer for SWEXPERTS, Niume, Dear Sybersue Advice Column, regularly contributes to various online magazines and appears as a guest speaker at dating venues in the Vancouver area. She has appeared on CBC news, The Vinney White Show TorontoNewsTalk1010, Trying to Be Good Roundhouse Radio Show, North of 49TV, Sexat11 RogersTV Toronto, The Love Channel, The Lynda Steele Show CKNW, The Vancouver Sun, The Metro, 24 Hours Newspaper and is a guest blogger on many websites. Susan left her long term job as a International flight attendant to pursue her Talk Show & Blogging career full time.

Guest Category: Personal Development, Inspirational, Motivational, Sex
Thomas Hewlett
Guest Occupation: Author and International Best Seller
Guest Biography:

Thomas Hewlett's supernatural mysteries.  The first book in his “Twelve Stakes” book series called: "One Death at a Time" is an international best seller. Thomas writes supernatural noir about magic-addicted Fae, drug smuggling Werewolves, and Vampires hiding out in A.A. Thomas M. Hewlett grew up in Los Angeles enjoying science fiction, fantasy, and all things mythic or paranormal. He knew he wanted to be a writer at the age of twelve, however after college he strayed and got into drugs and alcohol addiction.  Hewlett had his first drink when he was seventeen and blacked out shortly after finishing it.  He woke up thirteen years later, with little to show for his life besides a notebook full of unwritten books.  Finally, in 2011 he hit rock bottom and ended in up in a rehab facility. It was there, at his lowest point that he rediscovered the power of writing and found the idea for his first novel, One Death at a Time, when a good friend suggested he write a story about “vampires in AA”. With the encouragement and support of his loving wife, he decided to combine his experiences of addiction/recovery with his love of modern fantasy and noir mystery.  Writing the “Twelve Stakes” series saved Thomas’s life and became his way of telling a new story about himself. It’s his hope that other lost souls will find through his work a community of readers and the inspiration to re-imagine their lives:  Facebook: Thomas M Hewlett.  Instagram: "twelvestakes"

Guest Category: Arts, Literature
Dr Simeon Hein
Guest Occupation: Sociologist, Remote Viewer, Crop Circle Tour Guide
Guest Biography:

Simeon Hein received his Ph. D. in sociology from Washington State University in 1993 and is the author of Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance (Mount Baldy Press, Inc., 2002). His dissertation focused on the role of technology in social and economic change, specifically how technology can destroy information and interfere with natural evolutionary processes. A former sociology teacher, he now runs the non-profit Institute for Resonance in Boulder, CO and NYC: an organization he founded in 1997 that specializes in instructing people in the art of Resonant Viewing, Hyper Intuition, Creative Intelligence and other subtle-energy phenomena such as crop circles.

He first learned remote viewing at the Farsight Institute in Atlanta in 1996 and has also studied with government-trained viewers. His blog, which is devoted to the study of subtle-energy sciences, is https://newcrystalmind.com/. Since the publication of Opening Minds, Dr. Hein has participated in more than 275 radio and TV interviews. His most recent work is Planetary Intelligence: 101 Easy Steps to Energy, Well-Being, and Natural Insight (Mount Baldy Press, Inc.).

He also studies crop circles and takes people on crop circle tours. You can watch some of his lectures about crop circles. He also plays guitar and writes music.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Paranormal, UFOs, Physics & Metaphysics, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Mahogany Rush Guitar Legend Frank Marino on The Ray Shasho Show
Guest Occupation: Guitarist,Singer,Songwriter
Guest Biography:

F R A N K  M A R I N O

Legendary Rock Guitarist for Mahogany Rush  

Releasing LIVE DVD

Frank Marino is an invigorating virtuoso and champion guitar slinger who is also considered to be among the greatest players of all-time. The Montreal native and his assiduous band Mahogany Rush were one of the elite monster rock acts throughout the 70s. 

The band performed on several prestigious television music shows including Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert and Burt Sugarman’s The Midnight Special hosted by the notorious Wolfman Jack. Marino jokingly stated that Mahogany Rush was mysteriously omitted from the Midnight Special DVD collector video library released to the public.

Mahogany Rush also played for more than 300,000 people at California Jam II in 1978. The televised concert featured Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, Santana, Dave Mason, Foreigner, Heart, Bob Welch (with Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood), Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush and Rubicon. 

Mahogany Rush was managed by Steve Leber and David Krebs, who also handled Aerosmith and Ted Nugent. Some of the bands most significant releases include, Maxoom, Child of the Novelty, Strange Universe, Mahogany Rush IV, World Anthem, Live, Tales of the Unexpected, What’s Next, From the Hip, Dragonfly(The best of  Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush), Eye of the Storm, and Real Live!(double live album).

The Sicilian -Syrian Marino captured the essence of Jimi Hendrix early on in his career. Rock and roll urban legend suggests that when Marino was a teen he was visited by an apparition of Jimi Hendrix after a bad LSD trip, which led to the spirit of Hendrix entering Marino’s body and bestowing his ability to play the guitar. Marino renounces the fabrication and says Hendrix was still alive while he was in the hospital recuperating from the LSD trip. But he did learn to play the guitar while recovering.

Frank Marino was widely recognized throughout his career as a master for performing Hendrix cover tunes. Marino’s cover versions were impeccable and audiences globally would ultimately embrace them. His cover tunes were commercially successful (“Roadhouse Blues” The Doors, “All Along the Watchtower,” “Purple Haze” Jimi Hendrix) but Marino was never pleased about his original material receiving virtually no airplay on FM radio.

Marino retired from the music business but returned in 2001, largely galvanized by his fan base. Most recently Frank Marino has been suffering from adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) and gradually recuperating. The condition usually resolves itself within one or two years but restricts mobility and can generate intense pain. Marino is receiving extensive physiotherapy. The condition began after Marino spent tedious immeasurable hours in his studio meticulously editing his forthcoming Live DVD.

Mahogany Rush on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OfficialFrankMarino

Guest Category: Music
Dr Connealy discusses the Cancer Revolution
Guest Occupation: M.D., Director of Cancer Center of Healing
Guest Biography:

Dr Leigh Erin Connealy. M.D. will discuss her new book: The Cancer Revolution A Groundbreaking Program to Reverse and Prevent Cancer

Every year, over 1.5 million people in the US are diagnosed with cancer. Nearly everyone has been touched by this disease—be it their own diagnosis or that of a family member or friend. When faced with the news they have cancer, people start searching for safe and effective treatments. In The Cancer Revolution: A Groundbreaking Program to Reverse and Prevent Cancer, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy shares integrative medicine techniques, lifestyle approaches, and wellness plans for cancer patients.

Dr. Connealy suggests that it’s not enough to undergo traditional treatments alone. Drawing upon the homeopathic, nutritional, bioenergetics, regenerative, and antiaging disciplines, The Cancer Revolution offers six “Revolutionary Cancer Strategies” to provide better management of cancer, including:

  • Let Food Be Your Medicine
  • Get Moving to Get Well
  • Remove Toxins to Boost Your Health
  • Reduce Stress and Reclaim Your Life
  • Harness the Power of Supplements
  • Strengthen Your Immune System with Sleep

By detoxifying, protecting, and providing nutrients to our bodies, Dr. Connealy suggests that we can all lead longer, higher quality lives—even when faced with this formidable disease. She also highlights how these practices can reduce your risk of getting cancer in the first place.

Leigh Erin Connealy, MD, attended the University of Texas School of Public Health and graduated from the University of Health Sciences Chicago Medical School. Her post-graduate training was completed at the Harbor/UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. She is the founder and medical director of the Center for New Medicine and the Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, California. One of the foremost integrative medical doctors in the country, she has been treating patients for nearly thirty years.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Science, Self Help
Celebrity Psychic John Michael Capaldi
Guest Occupation: Celebrity Psychic, Life Coach
Guest Biography:

John Michael Capaldi is an extraordinary psychic regarded as one of the world’s best in his field. With an international client list that includes celebrities, renowned athletes, Fortune 500 businessmen and royalty, John Michael is in high demand for lectures, life-coaching and personal readings, helping people to cleanse areas of bad energy, and setting them on the right path to a happy, fulfilled life. Changing their lives from the inside out.

Trained through prayer, patience and playing cards from the age of three by his devout, Roman Catholic mother who recognized her son’s God-given gift and decided to cultivate and nurture what she considered to be a blessing, John Michael’s psychic abilities gradually expanded to include a wide variety of skills including the capacity to be clairvoyant, clair-sensual (deep sense of other people’s feelings), clair-audience (to know other people’s thoughts and hear conversations not physically present at), empathic, telepathic, psychokinetic, as well as a medical intuitive. Sought out by Doctors in every medical field.

As a young man, before following his true calling as a psychic and a philosopher, John Michael first trained to be an opera singer. Later he entered a seminary to study for the priesthood, focusing his studies in both Philosophy and Theology. Soon after, John Michael realized that he was not on the right path that God and the Universe wanted for him, and was determined to share his psychic abilities with others in a professional capacity. At age 29, he decided to apply educational techniques to his psychic work and began to study transpersonal psychology, paranormal psychology and clinical hypnosis.

Fearless and sometimes controversial, John Michael has his own radio show, The Psychic Hour on the Clear Channel. His TV appearances to date include The Today Show, Fox News, and many local and national TV affiliates. He has also been featured in newspaper articles including The Arizona Republic.

John Michael has wrote his first book, “Who Am I”— Guide to Happiness (working title) which is the first in a four-­‐part series of books that will teach people to find their inner strength, follow the path the Universe is showing them and achieve their dreams. (Publishing soon)

Something called “The Sexy Psychic” He also has a reality television show in development and a schedule of nationwide seminars, conferences and lectures that continues well into the coming year.

Guest Category: Business, Courses & Training, Self Help, Spiritual, Access Consciousness, Meditation, Clairvoyant & Telepathic, Mystic & Seer, Psychic & Intuitive
French American Singer Brigitte Bertrand
Guest Occupation: French American Singer, Actress, Songwriter
Guest Biography:

Brigitte Bertrand is a French-American actress born Brigitte Nathalie Lemoine in Santa Rosa, California. Bertrand is first generation American, her father is a wine importer Jean-Pierre Lemoine, and her mother Fernanda Hoekstra is a jewelery designer. Her father is French from Marseille with his family from Brittany, and her mother is from Buenos Aires, Argentina her ancestry includes French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish Basque.

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/twistbrigitte  @twistbrigitte

​Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/brigittebertrand

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Music, TV & Film
Humberto L Meza
Guest Occupation: Comedian, Actor, Author
Guest Biography:

Humberto Meza is a man who believes in dedication and focus on every project. Since beginning his career as an actor, comedian and producer in 1998 he has embodied that philosophy through a tenacious and ambitious work ethic.

There are no limits to success! Work Hard. Aim High. Stay Focued.

Guest Category: Literature, Comedy, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Inspirational, TV & Film, Variety
Rev. Kevin Daniel Annett  M.A., M.Div.
Guest Occupation: Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Community minister, human rights consultant, special adviser, film maker, lecturer, broadcaster and author
Guest Biography:

Rev. Kevin Daniel Annett M.A., M.Div.

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee (2014, 2015); Recipient of the Prague Peace Award (2016)

Community minister, human rights consultant and Special Adviser to the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS). Award winning film maker, lecturer, broadcaster and author*

Born 1956, Edmonton, Canada


B.A. (Anthropology), University of British Columbia (UBC), 1983; M.A. (Political Science), UBC 1986; M.Div. (Master of Divinity), Vancouver School of Theology, 1990.

Ordained as a clergyman in the United Church of Canada, 1990; held three pastoral positions, including at St. Andrew's United Church, Port Alberni, BC, 1992-1995. Fired from there without cause and expelled from the ministry without due process, 1995-97, after publicly exposing the murder of aboriginal children and theft of native land by the United Church of Canada.

Organized the first public inquiry into crimes in Canadian Indian residential schools, June 12-14, 1998 in Vancouver (co-sponsored by the United Nations affiliate IHRAAM). Established the first permanent body to further this inquiry: The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, September 2000. Published the first account of genocidal crimes in Indian residential schools: Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust (March 2001).

Formed The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD) in Vancouver and Toronto, 2005-2010; led high profile church occupations and national conferences into missing residential school children. Forced Canadian government's "official apology" for Indian residential schools, June 8, 2008.

Led public protests and exorcism ceremonies at the Vatican, 2009-2010; won the endorsement of the Italian Democratic and Radical parties and the Municipality of Genoa for an international inquiry into crimes of Genocide in Canada, April 2010.

Co-founded the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) in Dublin, June 15, 2010; appointed ITCCS North American Field Secretary.

Served as Chief Adviser to the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels in its two criminal cases against the Vatican, the Crown of England and Canada and its churches for Crimes against Humanity, 2012-14. Forced the resignation from his office of Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, in February 2013 after his conviction in the Common Law Court.

As Adviser to the Provisional Council of the Republic of Kanata, helped establish its founding Proclamation and Constitution in Winnipeg, January 15, 2015. Serves as one of three chief conveners for the Republic. Launched and hosts the Republic's media arm Radio Free Kanata. (https://bbsradio.com/radiofreekanata)

Presently serves as spiritual adviser and elder to the Covenant of Free Congregational Christians (The Covenanters).

*Publications and Films


Establishing the Reign of Natural Liberty: A Common Law Training Manual (Amazon, March 2017)

Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada - A Counter Report to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Amazon, 2016. See murderbydecree.com)

Unrelenting: Between Sodom and Zion (Amazon, 2016)

Truth Tellers' Shield: A Whistleblowers Manual (Amazon, 2016)

1497 and so on: A History of White People in Canada (Amazon, November 2016)

Samuel Wedge: Memoirs of Necropolis (Author House, 2015)

Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor (O Books, 2010)

Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present (2010, self published)

Love and Death in the Valley (First Books, 2001)

Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust (2001, self published)


Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide (2006) - Winnier of Best Documentary at the New York Independent Film Festival (2006) and the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (2007); Best Film, Creation Aboriginal Film Festival, Edmonton (2009)

See also an insightful personal interview "Who is Kevin Annett?" (2013) at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY4h3hDjOYM

Websites and Contact:


Email addresses: hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com , thecommonland@gmail.com

Leave phone messages for Kevin Annett at 386-323-5774 (USA).

Guest Category: Literature, Education, History, News, Politics & Government, Religion, Society and Culture, Theory & Conspiracy