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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

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Guest Biography:

Hilary Arnow Burns grew up in Westport, Connecticut. She graduated from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania and was a Division Vice President on Wall Street. She spent over 30 years as a business consultant to companies all over the world. Her best accomplishment is having raised two remarkable children.

12 years ago, a comment from her daughter woke Hilary up.  She realized she had been numbing herself with food and alcohol and decided to take a  REAL look at her life.  She didn’t like what she saw:  she was overweight, unhappy in her marriage, drowning in debt, and had no life of her own. 

She got real.  She was tired of feeling bad.  She discovered tools and techniques for getting over to the right side of life and spending less time on the sad, disempowered side. 

She wrote a memoir, the Second Piece of French Toast, to inspire other people to get unstuck and regain their power and happiness.  Her show The Getting Real with Hilary Show, is committed to people saying what isn't talked about, getting what's great about themselves, and inspiring others who may also be struggling.  It's about Ordinary Heroes telling Extraordinary Stories.  


Her second book, Real Talk:  How to Say the Things You've Never Said So You Can Have the Things You've Always Wanted is a bestseller and has inspired many people to "start talking."


Hilary’s commitment is to inspire people to create lives they love and to have us all elevate the conversation and consciousness of the planet together.  We are all on this planet as one community.  By discovering our personal gifts, we can all contribute to making the world a wonderful place to live.


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Guest Occupation: intuitive, teacher, mystic, minister, dream interpreter
Guest Biography:

Jessica Hebert - Bio

Rev. Jessica Hebert is known and regarded for her gentleness, delicate way with words, and humor.

Through intuitive and spiritual services, she provides support, tools, and resources to harmonize your sacred wholeness, instilling calm, clarity, and hope.

A core aspect of her work is training and empowering Light workers, shamans, and healers. She teaches a variety of classes and courses about the workings of the Universe, understanding our mystical experiences, 5th dimensional approaches to life’s challenges, and tapping into the healer within.

Soon she will also release her first book, A Guide for the Budding Shaman, in which she draws on her decade of wisdom as a shaman and interfaith minister, as well as her two decades as a practicing pagan. 

Speaking of Jessica’s shamanic experience … 


Jessica walks through life consistently connected with the Divine, and the physical dimensions of Earth. She strives to serve the Divine with balanced tolerance, generosity, charity, mercy, compassion, and an appreciation for humor. 

She sees the spiritual in all of life, from doing dishes to lighting prayer candles. 

Rev. Jessica didn’t grow up seeing dead people, like a lot of her contemporaries. But that didn’t stop her from trying!

She draws on two decades of pagan practice, and self-healing initiations. In the past 10+ years, she has trained and practiced in shamanism, Reiki, dream interpretation, interfaith ministry, and priestesshood.


Jessica serves clients all over the world, offering remote sessions, including: 

  • Reiki healing

  • Intuitive phone readings

  • Remote energy clearings

  • Dream interpretation

Her virtual classes include a healer course and an “Explore Shamanism” course.

Jessica also offers rites of passage ceremonies, including:

  • Baptisms/wiccanings

  • Coming of age ceremonies

  • Custom weddings

  • End of life ceremonies

See her website at for more information.




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Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Paranormal, Self Help, Spiritual, Mystic & Seer, Shamanism, Psychic & Intuitive
Guest Occupation: Author, award-winning interior designer
Guest Biography:
Jeanne Collins

Author and award-winning interior designer

Bio 👇

Jeanne Collins is an award-winning interior designer who left the corporate world behind to find her true self through design and internal reflection. Her firm, JerMar Designs, works with executives and entrepreneurs, focusing on projects that combine sophistication and balance with inner and outer wellness. Winner of the 2022 Luxe Magazine Red Award, she was also recently nominated as an HGTV Designer of the Year. She chronicles her journey and the approach that changed her life and work in her memoir, Two Feet In: Lessons from an All-In Life. Learn more at

Guest Category: Arts, Design, Literature, Business, Health & Lifestyle, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help, Society and Culture
Guest Biography:

Hadiya Ayodele, a 22-year-old recording artist, music producer, mental health advocate, CEO of Dollhouse Entertainment Media and Publishing, and versatile professional from Baltimore City, has carved her path as a freelance digital marketer, influencer, and content creator. With a passion for music and a flair for digital innovation, she seamlessly navigates the dynamic intersection of artistry and marketing in her day-to-day. A former student of Prairie View A&M University studying classical voice and political science, she further honed her expertise through Georgia Tech’s One Ten Blacks in Technology Scholarship Program with Udacity, earning a degree in digital marketing. This unique blend of education and talent positions her at the forefront of the dynamic music and digital landscape.

Guest Occupation: Prevention Education Manager
Guest Biography:

Brooke oversees the Prevention Education Team, working primarily with School Districts, Businesses, and Community Organizations. She attained her Bachelor's in Community Health from Texas A&M University and got certified as a Health Education Specialist (CHES) which forged the way for her passion with preventative efforts and initiatives. She believes prevention work is a hidden treasure because you never truly know who you’re talking to. It could be a survivor hearing people speak about something they don’t have the courage to share yet, a victim waiting to say something, or a trafficker being confronted with the truth. When it comes to prevention education, the sky is the limit!  Brooke was previously a Program Coordinator/Health Educator aiming to reduce teen and unplanned pregnancy on community college campuses with Healthy Futures of Texas and has trained at a National, State, and Local Level. 

Guest Category: Business, Education, Courses & Training, Education Technology, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Psychology, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Interim Executive Director
Guest Biography:

Sarassa is currently serving as the Interim Executive Director. She has most recently served as the Director of Operations for Ransomed Life, overseeing the procedures and processes for staff, after-care programs, and more. She became passionate about the victims and survivors of human trafficking in college. She has served as a mentor with Ransomed Life for over 5 years and she desires to see the victims find a place of restoration and healing. Sarassa holds a Bachelor’s degree from Birmingham Southern College with a major in Psychology and minor in Religion.

Guest Category: Business, Education, Courses & Training, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Religion, Society and Culture
Guest Biography:

In 1986, five neurologists told Sandi Gold that she had 6 months to a year to live. Years later, she was told she had to get a mastectomy, but she declined. Just five months later, using only a natural treatment she was cancer-free. Sandi’s book, “I Chose Love: How to Thrive After a Life-Threatening Illness Using Love to Guide You,” was published in January.

It’s been described by her readers “as a powerful and inspirational guide, offering a transformative journey that transcends the realms of self-help and motivational literature”, as giving “inspiration and wisdom on every page, opening new perspectives on how to react to the slings and arrows we encounter in life”. Dr. Bernie Siegel, a retired pediatric surgeon from

Yale University and best-selling author, wrote the foreword to Sandi’s book. It has already received ten 5-star reviews.

Ms. Gold earned her BFA at Boston University and upon graduation, received a full scholarship to study at the Leo Marchutz School of Art in Aix-en-Provence, France. She’s been featured in The New York Times, People Magazine, and ABC Television’s 20/20, where her show was among the top three programs the year it aired. She has also been interviewed on National Public Radio and its Connecticut affiliate. She was the keynote speaker for the Calgary Cancer Center in Canada and has spoken at Brown University, and the Brain Tumor

Guest Occupation: Indian Master
Guest Biography:

My guest  Shivananda Swamiji is a beacon of hope and healing in the cosmic realm, offering a new multidimensional approach to healing the body, mind, and soul. This is an amazing opportunity to experience a true modern-day living Avatar, Shivananda Swamiji, who is a light in these times of great global change. Shivananda is the author of "La Mia Storia" (plus the English version: “My Story”), and "The Infinite Embrace: In Search of Divine Love," and leads workshops, retreats, and sessions globally. Meeting Shivananda during a Satsang is a powerful and heart-opening experience, one that initiates inner change. Unconditional Divine Love flows through him and touches your heart. Shivananda's purpose is to bring love and transformation worldwide, especially during this historic transition from the Kali Yuga to the Golden Age. Born in Puglia, Italy, Shivananda's extraordinary divine experiences shaped his mission on Earth. Shivananda Swamiji devotes his life to the service of humanity and stands in the lineage of the great Indian Masters such as Shirdi Sai Baba, Babaji, Yogananda, Satya Sai Baba and is completely devoted to Jesus and Mother Mary. Collaborating with master celestial healers, Shivananda co-created a method based on the understanding that life's challenges are lessons for soul evolution. Addressing healing on four levels—physical-energetic, emotional, mental, and soul—Shivananda's essence is to assist individuals in recognizing and resolving challenges from a multidimensional perspective. Through his Avatar's presence, he facilitates restoration, revealing the lessons in each challenge and guiding the healing journey with divine energy, accelerating a sacred process that awakens and integrates the soul's essence. As part of his mission, Shivananda heads up the New Light Collective to build 27 ashram locations worldwide.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Multitalented Musician, Actor, Director, Producer, Writer
Guest Biography:
Wes Mack 

Multitalented Musician, Actor, Director, Producer, and Writer

Bio 👇

With over 15 Million Streams and 20 CCMA and BCCMA Award Nominations, Multitalented Musician, Actor, Director, Producer, and Writer, Wes Mack hits Fall 2023 with a Brand New Album, Single, TV Show, and Film.

Following up on his first two albums, "Edge of the Storm" and "SOUL," (which amassed four top 20 Billboard hits, millions of streams, and saw him tour with Shania Twain and Florida Georgia Line among others) Mack is now releasing his third studio album "Hummingbird" on October 20, 2023.

“Hummingbird” began production in early March 2020, just weeks before the pandemic began. “It certainly changed the album. It changed everything. But honestly, it allowed the album to come together in a really unique way that opened up a million new possibilities,” said Mack.

“Zoom sessions, Facetime calls, and sharing files across the world… suddenly it was possible to work with anyone anywhere. It oddly freed us up to collaborate without even thinking about where anyone was. Just about the most interesting thing, we could make something sound. That was the best part, and has become a huge part of how I make music now.”

The album’s work across multiple studios, provinces, and counties allowed it to feature the talents of some of the biggest names in the business, with writers including songwriters Gavin Slate (James Barker Band, Jade Eagleson), Travis Wood (Morgan Wallen, Jake Owen, Jordan Davis) Karen Kosowski (Mickey Guyton, Tim Hicks, Brett Kissel), Victoria Banks (Jessica Simpson, Mickey Guyton, Carly Pearce, Meghan Patrick), and many others.

The production was helmed by veteran producers Dan Swinimer (Madeline Merlo, Jojo Mason, Billy Currington) and Jordan Oorebeek (Spencer Crandall, Lydia Sutherland, Owen Reigling), as well as Mack himself, producing on Be Without You, House of Love, and Don’t Change.

With its unique origin, “Hummingbird” has already spawned big successes for Mack. The singles have amassed over 2 million streams, have had multiple top 5 hits on SiriusXM (including a Number 1 this year with “Lookin’ For You”), as well as generating multiple placements in film and TV projects.

While working on the EP, Mack also penned a series of co-writes with other artists including the top 10 hit “Fighting” from Tyler Joe Miller, the current top 30 “Breakup Song” from Lemon Cash, and the SiriusXM Number One hit “Bleed Country” from David Boyd Janes.

Playing into his other strengths, this fall, Mack joins the cast of the CTV/NBC hit series Transplant, premiering its fourth and final season on October 6th. Mack plays Ryan Ashcroft, a new resident doctor at York Memorial Hospital who immediately creates problems in the ER. Season 4 of TRANSPLANT finds Bashir “Bash” Hamed (Haq) on the precipice of finishing his residency at York Memorial and officially re-qualifying as a doctor.

Later in 2023, Mack is set to appear in a lead role in the heartwarming Christmas film, “Cape Holly Christmas” where art imitates life and Mack portrays a country musician named Luke, performing multiple original and classic Christmas songs, just in time for the holiday season. The film was shot in Mack’s home province of Alberta earlier in 2023.

Mack has shared the silver screen with a variety of stars from Liam Neeson in “Cold Pursuit,” to Kate Beckinsale in the Paramount Plus series “Guilty Party,” and recently played a lead role in the 2022 Netflix series “The Imperfects” which spent multiple weeks in the global top three shows. Other past credits include: “Power Rangers,” “DC’S Legends of Tomorrow”, “iZombie”, “Motive” “The 100”, “Supernatural”, “Continuum”, “Smallville”, “Heartland,” “The Vampire Diaries”.  “Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story”, “A Dog Named Christmas”, “Girl House”, and “The Phantoms”. 

Behind the camera Mack has also made a name for himself as a director and producer, earning him nominations for Music Video of the Year and Director of the Year at the CCMA, BCCMA, and Leo Awards, while creating compelling narrative pieces for artists like JUNO Award Winner Jess Moskaluke.

Guest Category: Arts, Business, Entertainment, Kids & Family, Music, Society and Culture, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Teacher, Author, Attorney
Guest Biography:

Jeffery Katz is a lifelong student and teacher of rationalist religious philosophy. He became fascinated in his youth by his discovery of the ancient wisdom of Maimonides and received rabbinic ordination while focusing on disseminating the ancient, life-changing wisdom he had uncovered. He is a practicing attorney, has appeared on national television, lectured widely on a broad range of issues, and is the author of The Secret Life: A Book of Wisdom from the Great Teacher. Jeffrey Katz is a graduate of Columbia College, Columbia Law School, and Manhattan Talmudic Academy, has rabbinic ordination from Yeshivat Pirchei Shoshanim and has taught about Maimonides for over 25 years in numerous public and private settings.

Guest Category: Business, Education, Politics & Government, Religion, Society and Culture, Theory & Conspiracy
Guest Occupation: Deputy Chief and Chief of Special Operations at North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue
Guest Biography:

Alider Pratts is a veteran of the US Marine Corps, has served North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue (NJ) since 2004, and has quickly risen through the ranks by scoring at the top of each of his promotional lists. Pratts became a Captain in 2010, where he worked in the department’s busiest companies including Squad 1 and Ladder Tower 3 in West New York, NJ. He became a Battalion Chief in 2017, where he covered all three battalions as the Third Platoon’s rotating BC, before being promoted to Deputy Chief in 2022. He is North Hudson’s Chief of Special Operations Command, as well as the department’s Training Division Chief. DC Pratts serves as a member of the UASI-Metro USAR Command Staff and is the NJDFS Subject Matter Expert in Fire Service Active Shooter Response. As an Active Shooter Response SME, he maintains leadership roles in local, county, and state interdisciplinary committees. DC Pratts is a NJ Certified Level 2 Fire Instructor, teaches at the Monmouth County Fire Academy and Kean University’s Fire Safety Program, and has written articles published in “Fire Engineering Magazine”.

Guest Category: Politics & Government, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Personal Development, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational
Guest Occupation: Violinist and Singer/Songwriter
Guest Biography:

Based in Los Angeles, Nick Kennerly is a violinist & singer/songwriter.  Nick has performed alongside many renowned artists including Elton John, David Crosby, Glenn Frey, John Fogerty, Machine Gun Kelly, blackbear and Bollywood legend Sonu Nigam.  Nick has played on many major recordings for artists such as Justin Bieber, Big Sean, Kaskade, Jhené Aiko, Metro Boomin, Future, Lil Uzi Vert & Swae Lee.

Kennerly writes, performs, and produces his own music including his original pieces “Crazy Train” and “Arrival Jig” which he performed on ABC’s “Modern Family”(Ep. 721 & 922). He has also appeared as an onscreen musician on HBO’s “VEEP” and Netflix’s “The Politician”.

Nick is now focused primarily on his own music,  having released 4 songs since 2022 and performing his own shows in Los Angeles, Chicago and Vancouver Island.  His next song ‘Embrace You’ will be released on March 14, 2024.  

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music, Society and Culture, Pop Culture
Guest Occupation: Author, Therapist, and Public Speaker
Guest Biography:

As far back as she can remember, Emily has been interested in human behavior and understanding people’s actions, hearts, and inner worlds. As a teen, her interest in the human experience grew; her boyfriend’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and, within three months, died. This personal experience with illness, loss, grief, and finally, death hugely impacted her and propelled her to embrace life and ask questions; Why are we here? What is our purpose? How can we make a more meaningful contribution in our lifetime? What happens when we die? Emily’s exploration started young and continues.

Emily focused her Master’s in Social Work education on transformative education. As a therapist she believes wholeheartedly that you can’t give away something you don’t have and comes from the perspective that if she hasn’t tried something, she wouldn’t ask or guide her clients to do so. She believes you must understand practices by having gone through them yourself.

In her free time, Emily enjoys learning new things. She spends most of her free time on creative outlets, specifically songwriting and anything related to art. She also loves the outdoors, traveling, art, music, fashion, her family, her friends, and her 2 cats.

Guest Category: Literature, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Author, Activist
Guest Biography:

Cam Amen, a resilient individual, gained widespread recognition on American Idol in 2023.

Before his appearance on the show, Cam embraced responsibility at the age of 19 by adopting his younger brother and sister after aging out of the foster care system. After sharing his story on American Idol, Cam’s fans have shown immense support for his charitable work, inspiring children in foster care with his example of perseverance and compassion.

Despite being a new father, Cam continues to work on his original music and is writing a book, “I am, I can, I will,” about his life story. He plans to release more singles by the end of 2024, further inspiring others with his journey.

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music, Society and Culture, Pop Culture
Guest Occupation: Certified Health Coach and Integrative Nutritionist, and Creator of Alchemy Tri Wellness
Guest Biography:

Cam Amen, a resilient individual, gained widespread recognition on American Idol in 2023.

Before his appearance on the show, Cam embraced responsibility at the age of 19 by adopting his younger brother and sister after aging out of the foster care system. After sharing his story on American Idol, Cam’s fans have shown immense support for his charitable work, inspiring children in foster care with his example of perseverance and compassion.

Despite being a new father, Cam continues to work on his original music and is writing a book, “I am, I can, I will,” about his life story. He plans to release more singles by the end of 2024, further inspiring others with his journey.

Guest Category: Business, Management, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Fitness & Exercise, Medicine, Philosophy, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Fitness Trainer, Owner of Malibu Fitness
Guest Biography:

Lonnie founded Malibu Fitness in 1986. Growing up in Malibu since age 12, Lonnie has well established herself in the community. She holds a BA in Kinesiology and a teaching credential. Her interest in the field and love for athletics stemmed from her early years as a competitive gymnast.

Lonnie has over 40 years of experienced and is certified in TRX, Spin, Pilates, Group Fitness, Injury Prevention and an NASM Certified Women’s Fitness Specialist.

Guest Category: Business, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Fitness & Exercise, Philosophy, Self Help, Motivational, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Artist/Producer, Classical Violinist, Published Poet, and Creator of BreathChurch™,
Guest Biography:

Sage Rader is on a mission to help a million people live more pain-free lives this year.

In 2014 a severe workplace injury and failed neck fusion surgery confined Sage to bed for over a year. By the end of it, he was 320lbs and struggled to walk, think and communicate while on more pills than anyone watching could believe.

The pills stopped working, and physical discomfort became his primary teacher…to this day.

Sage is a recording artist/producer, O.G. ‘biohacking’ pioneer, classical violinist, published poet, and creator of BreathChurch™, an online community dedicated to self-healing as well as NeuroAcrobatics™, a revolutionary system of breath and brain training designed to create rapid dynamic shifts in mental models that show up in the real world in real-time.

Over the past two decades, Sage’s creative work has been featured in W Magazine, Global Wellness Institute’s 2021 Trend Report on Breathwork, The New York Times, on BBC, PBS, ITV (UK), Sirius/XM and in competition for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Since 2015 he has worked with leading scientists, inventors, breathwork masters, entertainment industry icons, and business CEOs to create a personally sustainable lifestyle of breath-based peak performance.

Peak performance means different things to different populations, so creating a system to democratize ‘elite’ methods for everyone in pain has been a driving passion.

Sage has sought out underserved communities and patient populations, from women’s shelters to stage four terminal cancer patients, and learned from every single breath. Observing and learning from his own extreme demands on his system, as well as being immersed in vastly divergent breathing populations, Sage has uncovered trends, behaviors and patterns locked away in the breath that are present in all of us. If you can de-code those patterns, you can learn, unlearn, re-learn, and rebuild them intentionally. He’s living PROOF.

Having served super-celebrities, Wall Street icons, and the world’s top law firm, Sage is now globally sought out to create bespoke NeuroAcrobatics™ breath/brain/body programs that support the extreme demands on the world’s most elite performers.

Sage and BreathChurch™ are live monthly on Insight Timer, the world’s largest meditation community.

Guest Category: Arts, Design, Literature, Education, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Music Producer, Creative Director, and Web3 Consultant
Guest Biography:

Pete Rango is a music producer, creative director, and web3 consultant with a focus on artist development. Founder of XUE RECORDS and non-profit L.I.V. (Life Is Valuable). Previously Creative Director for BeetsDAO, Pete is involved in a number of communities including GardenX, Campfire, DANC3, Mochi, and more.

Pete continues to show his musical and creative versatility through the years live engineering and producing for artists such as Cherele, Oyabun, Nia Sultana, Abjo, Kilo Kish, Jesse Boykins III XXXTentacion, Kodak Black, MadeinTYO, DJ Jazzy Jeff, A$AP Ferg, Suicide Boys, Pouya, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, DJ Mustard, Sango, Dom Kennedy, Abra, Cyhi The Prince, Bodega Bamz, The Underachievers and more. 

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Entertainment, Games & Hobbies, Music, Philosophy, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Political Candidate, Pastor,
Guest Biography:

Pastor Scott and Linda have been married for 33 years, all which have been in pastoral ministry. They have three children, two daughter-n-laws and 2 grandchildren. They have lived in Colorado for 26 years, 11 years of that being in Colorado Springs, HD15. Pastor Scott received his undergraduate degree in Church Ministries from Southwestern Assemblies of God University, M.A. in Intercultural Leadership and finished up with his D.Min in Intercultural Spiritual Leadership

Scott Bottoms is a follower of Jesus Christ. He has a passion for those who don’t know Christ, the unborn and the freedom of Americans. He enjoys studying the Bible and history. Scott is a strict constitutionalist and a believer in individual rights granted by God. Pastor Scott is an accomplished musician and speaker. He enjoys Jeeping, Mountain Biking and Golf.

Guest Category: Business, Education, Kids & Family, Politics & Government, Local, National, Society and Culture, Theory & Conspiracy
Guest Occupation: Co- Founder of I Am Fine
Guest Biography:

Iamfine is the brainchild of Colin and Paul Hammond. Colin lives in the UK while his brother Paul lives on the west coast of America.  They designed Iamfine to help them both keep in touch with their mother Isobel who lives alone in Florida.

The brothers regularly speak to their mother and visit several times a year, but busy schedules mean they struggle to check on her every day. Although in her mid-90s, Isobel is healthy, plays golf twice a week, lives in her own home and loves life.  Like many elderly people living alone, she is fiercely independent and doesn’t want her sons to be worrying about her.

Iamfine was built to ensure they both have peace of mind that their mother is OK each day.  With many years of technology and software experience, they set out to build Iamfine as a robust, reliable and scalable service.  Living so far apart, they made sure the system could communicate with a wide circle of family and friends, meaning that if Isobel ever missed a check-in, her friends living locally could pop in to ensure everything was fine while keeping the brothers informed.

Iamfine hasn’t replaced the visits or regular calls, but has simply supplemented the communication and care for the person Colin and Paul care most about - their mum!

We have both been involved in software companies and large technology projects.  We understand how to build and maintain a robust, reliable and scalable service.  Paul helped design one of the first VOIP cloud platforms at and Colin has led many large software projects for several major UK companies and founded the AI software tool Scopemaster.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Variety