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Submitted by samba on 19 April 2021

Headlined Guests

Guest Occupation: The Arcturians genetically engineered Viviane as a unique hybrid prototype. Her healing abilities are encoded at a DNA level to create a quantum shift in the Earth’s matrix grids.
Guest Biography:

This episode features a Galactic Channel, Arcturian, and Energy Matrix Healer. My guest is Viviane Chauvet an internationally recognized advanced Arcturian hybrid avatar. Viviane’s healing practice and teachings inspire people to live in Universal Consciousness as sovereign Divine Beings. She specializes in multidimensional frequency healing, conscious channeling, soul matrix healing, and holographic body template upgrade. In 2013, Viviane founded “Infinite Healing from the Stars” and did thousands of healing sessions with clients worldwide. Her first collaborative #1 Best Seller book “Wisdom of the Silver Sisters – Guiding Grace” is available on Amazon. She worked as a hybrid consultant on j3FILMS’ second documentary “Extraordinary: The Seeding.” Viviane is also featured in j3FILMS award-winning third documentary “Extraordinary: The Revelations,” which explores the historical significance of extraterrestrial presence in specific paradigms, including ascension. Viviane is the producer and co-host of The Infinite Star Connections podcast. 

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual, Technology, Theory & Conspiracy
Guest Occupation: A freelance journalist based in Washington, DC, Peter Tucker is a frequent critic of The Washington Post
Guest Biography:

A freelance journalist based in Washington, DC, Peter Tucker is a frequent critic of The Washington Post and writes for his own weblog, Pete Tucker.

Tucker’s stories have appeared nationally at HuffPost, Salon, CounterPunch and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). Pete has also been published in various local media outlets including The Washington Post, the Washington City Paper, District Dig and WPFW.

He previously ran the website, which reported on activism in the D-M-V and hosted The Taxi Link on WUST 1120 AM.

Guest Category: History, Kids & Family, Politics & Government, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: Founder & CEO of We First, on Forbes Business Council and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
Guest Biography:


Simon Mainwaring is the founder & CEO of We First, a strategic consultancy accelerating growth and impact for purpose-driven brands, and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller LEAD WITH WE: The Business Revolution That Will Save Our Future. He’s a member of the Steering Committee of Sustainable Brands, the Forbes Business Council and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. His first book, We First was a New York Times bestseller and named Best Marketing Book of the Year by strategy+business. He hosts the Lead With We podcast.

For far too long, businesses have operated with a dog-eat-dog mentality where the winner takes all. Yet over the past year and a half, through the social, political, economic, and environmental upheaval we’ve all experienced, this way of conducting business has proven not only futile, but irresponsible. Society is ready for, and desperately in need of, a revolutionary new way to run our businesses to preserve our future.

For us, together, to bring about real, lasting changes, we will all need to learn to operate as an interdependent collective rather than as opposing forces. It is time we stop leading with “me” and start leading with “We.”

The market is increasingly disrupted, the economy is only beginning to heal, consumers are more and more conscious, and the constellation of crises facing the world continues to compound. To help solve all of these interconnected challenges, Simon Mainwaring has developed a revolutionary blueprint for creating lasting business growth through impact in his new book, LEAD WITH WE: The Business Revolution That Will Save Our Future (Matt Holt Books, November 9, 2021).

As CEO and founder of We First, and author of the 2011 New York Times bestseller We First, Mainwaring is one of the world’s leading thinkers on leveraging the reach, resources, and unique responsibility of business to improve company cultures, the communities it serves, our society at large, and the planet on which all of our futures depend.

Equipped with a decade of research and hands-on experience as a key partner in some of the most impactful brand revolutions at companies such as Timberland, TOMS, SAP, Avery Dennison, VSP Global, VF Corporation, etc., Mainwaring reveals a critical blueprint for CEOs, top executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and all stakeholders in our collective future to pivot their thinking, behaviors, and impact, and to repurpose business as the vanguard of meaningful change before it’s too late.

Guest Category: Business, Careers, Investing and Finance, Marketing, Management, Education, Philosophy, Self Help, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Singer and Musician
Guest Biography:


Christian Shubin of “Poseidon Collective”

Since childhood Christian Shubin was inspired by his mother DeAnne who grew up surfing in the late 50’s and 60’s in Malibu with legends such as Miki Dora, Mickey Munoz, Dewey Weber, and the other staples of Surfrider in Malibu. He lived and breathed a raw and unadulterated surf culture from his mother and family since his youngest days.

Christian explored music in his youth playing Bass guitar in local Malibu Ska, Reggae, Punk band Bonsai Tribe as well as “Jester’s Dead” in his Central Californian College days. In 2010 Poseidon Surf was formed to pursue his inner passions, making it an homage to their mother, a refuge for his lifestyle, and a reflection of his surfing dreams. Since founding Poseidon Christian has incorporated Live Music into his Poseidon Surf Shop Events making it a hub for local music and surf culture in Santa Monica.


His “Poseidon Collective” band features Christian on Guitar and Vocals with numerous friends joining in on
Bass, Saxaphone, Drums and any other number of instruments including Kazoo.

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Guest Occupation: Singer performers
Guest Biography:


What is the unJam Singalong Circle?

The unJam Singalong Circle is an underground network of people who all pretty much acknowledge that music and more specifically, the actual making of it, is a beneficial act to engage in repeatedly throughout life.

The group is ever changing and fresh each time we get together. And literally every one of the individuals who has tapped into this experience carries a particularly unique and inspiring gift, service, attitude, and perspective for anyone fortunate to connect with them in the world.

Who are The Malibu Hillbillies?

The Malibu Hillbillies are made up of Lucinda Monroe King and Colin James Martin who were brought together through seemingly divine intervention right at the beginning of the 2020 global pandemic.  In the tenderness of that unprecedented time, Lucinda and Colin put themselves into a creative lockdown and birthed a musical identity with the kind of energy that serves as a pillar for our collective humanity on the track toward reclaiming balance and harmony. 

In jest, they refer to themselves as The Beverley Hillbillies, reflecting both the city in which they found their genesis and the opposing ends of the spectrum of life from which they sink their individual roots.  Lucinda, or Peach, is more Beverley, while Colin, or Cash, is way more Hillbilly.  And between the two, there’s something good for just about anyone. 

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Guest Occupation: Human Potential Movement, script writer, messenger of Love
Guest Biography:


William is living his life to the absolute fullest. He has journeyed around the globe in search of the true meaning to why we are here and the best methods available to increase human potential. The result is simple, LOVE. Love is the answer to all of life’s situations.

As the previous director of “The Center of Unlimited Possibilities”, the creator of “Eden Out Meals” and the producer of numerous conscious events, He’s been extremely active in the Human Potential Movement for over 25 years. He believes that the power of goodness through health, wisdom and action is the most powerful tool for solving any and all problems we face today. In other words, love is the ultimate way to save humanity help each person thrive.

He’s have been practicing a healthy lifestyle for over 36 years. He became an atheist and vegan after realizing the logic in being compassionate towards all life and believing in what is real a factual. It was important for me to replace God with goodness and have faith in the human potential to create heaven on earth. No matter who you are, when you are kind, caring and empathetic to others…good things happen.

William became a messenger of love when he was writing a movie screenplay about a modern day messiah of peace and love. The Revelation (www.The is a script he created to spread the message of Love. That by risking and sharing love with everyone, including your enemies we can overtime, create a world full of life, love and logic. Love makes sense. As he was pitching his screenplay he created a street performing character like Moses. He dressed up like the biblical Moses and hit the busy streets of Asheville NC holding signs promoting love and unity.

It was when Covid 19 hit America hard and the shutdown was in place that he started hanging love signs all over his home town. He has posted over 300 Love, Unity and Peace signs on telephone pole and as yard signs around Asheville. In the fall of 2021 he traveled across the U.S. to California hanging 150 more signs of Love.

The response has been very positive and over 100 people now have permanent signs in their front yards. William is launching a new non-profit called LOVE STRONG USA to spread love all around America on a mass scale. The goal is to get yard signs posted in front of millions of home across the U.S. He will be accepting donation and selling yard signs at affordable prices and creating a following called the Society Of Unconditional Love…S.O.U.L. The non-profit is in its initial stages and will be fully functioning in early 2022. As funding increases Love Strong USA will include t-shirts, bumper stickers and billboards all promoting the direct and simple message of Love. Most of the messaging will be 4 words or less. Such as, Love Wins, Choose Love, Got Love?, Be Kind, Kindness, Unity, Peace, Share Love, Give Love and Love is the Answer. All the signs are big, bold, colorful and easy to read. At some point we will hit a critical mass of positivity and a big shift will happen.

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Love & Relationships, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Singer and Musician
Guest Biography:


I’m a widowed mother of three boys and I’ve been singing and playing music live since I was a teen.

Throughout the years I’ve played in cover bands and performed solo acoustic shows, as well as being the lead singer of Red Iris, an original rock band out of Houston, TX.

This Winter I’m releasing my first solo album titled Finding Irene with my first single from the album “Spotlight.”

My goal is to reach out, uplift, encourage, and inspire people around the world with my music.

I believe if you share a smile most people will smile back.

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Guest Occupation: Featured speaker and educator on productivity, hoarding, and women’s leadership, Author, Doctor of History
Guest Biography:


In 2008, Dr. Regina Lark founded A Clear Path: Professional Organizing and Productivity. Regina is a featured speaker and educator on issues ranging from productivity, hoarding, and women’s leadership. In October 2021, Regina published her third book, Emotional Labor: Why A Woman’s Work is Never Done and What To Do About It.

As a Certified Professional Organizer CPO®, Regina is a specialist in boomer and senior downsizing, residential organizing, and life transitions. With an additional Certification in Chronic Disorganization, she works with clients who are challenged by ADHD, hoarding, procrastination, and time management.

Since 2018, she is identified as one of “20 Best” Professional Organizers by In 2016, she was named one of LA’s Top 10 Organizers by CBS/KCAL Channel 2.

Dr. Lark is a current Board member of Opica Adult Day Care Center. She earned her Ph.D. in history from the University of Southern California, writing a dissertation on interracial marriages between Japanese women and American GIs after World War 2.

For fun she plays golf and tennis, and writes goofy songs about clutter.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Personal Development, Self Help, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Musician, actor, filmmaker, artist, screenwriter, motivational speaker, and author
Guest Biography:


Zach Touchon was born in Texas and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his creative career as a musician, actor, filmmaker, artist, screenwriter, motivational speaker, and author.

Zach truly is a creative soul and lives to do just this. His mission is to bring positive energy into the world through the power of creativity in all forms. Music is Zach’s first passion that began at the early age of eight when he wrote his first song and he has never given up the love affair.

Although Zach has made music in most genres he mainly plays guitar and piano and sings songs about life and love. 

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Guest Occupation: Trauma-Informed Resilience Coach, Integrative Mental Health Practitioner, and Plant Medicine Guide
Guest Biography:


Anahita Anais Parseghian is a Trauma-Informed Resilience Coach, Integrative Mental Health Practitioner, and Plant Medicine Guide. She mentors conscious leaders in high power positions to develop burnout-proof resilience, address stress-induced symptoms, attain sustainable high performance, and cultivate lasting career fulfillment so they can continue breaking barriers and inspiring change.

Her work is informed by her life-long journey of resilience as a war survivor, refugee, chronic pain warrior, and conscious activist as well as her studies in Integrative Mental Health Medicine, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Leadership Coaching, Chronic Pain Coaching, and over 13 years of intentional and ceremonial practice and education in indigenous plant medicine traditions.

Anahita is also the founder and publisher of Microdose Guru: an integrative microdosing education and harm reduction resource. The mission of Microdose Guru is to inform, advocate, and inspire the therapeutic and medicinal use of psychedelic medicines through a safe, conscious, and mindful approach. Anahita is an advocate for sustainable cultivation, fostering reciprocity with indigenous communities, reverence of ancient shamanic traditions, and social justice for those impacted by the “war on drugs”.

She is a masterful and engaging speaker and educator. Her trainings, workshops, and retreats facilitate profound and lasting transformation for the participants. Her work is often referred to as “reality-shifting” and “ life-altering”.

Anahita was born and raised in Iran. She migrated to the U.S. at age 20, graduated with Latin honors from UCLA, and spent over a decade in the tech industry as a product leader before leaving her career to pursue healing arts and resilient leadership.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Personal Development, Self Help, Spiritual, Shamanism
Guest Occupation: healer, coach, consultant, teacher, author
Guest Biography:

BIO - Kelly S. Jones

Kelly S. Jones is a healer, coach, consultant, teacher, and author. She is dedicated to the awakening of the ever-expanding truth of the one who wears your name. 

Kelly specializes in unlocking the codes of conduct that often blind us to the jewels hidden in our own experience, by lifting the veils blocking access to our subconscious and superconscious self, where the wisdom and love we seek lies.

Her website can be found at

Guest Category: Courses & Training, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Personal Development, Self Help, Spiritual, Access Consciousness
Guest Occupation: Retired Podiatric physician, Author, marathoner & triathlete
Guest Biography:

Hello world, I’m Dr. Marybeth Crane. I’m an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. I’m a retired board certified Podiatric foot and ankle surgeon who was in private practice, specializing in sports medicine and reconstructive foot surgery, for over 25 years. In my spare time, I have completed more than 20 marathons, a dozen or so Half-Ironmans and 2 Full Ironman Triathlons. Oh yeah, I have three wonderful daughters and two step-daughters; so we also have a boy dog! My husband is a saint. On July 4, 2019 I celebrate 40 years of competitive running! That’s a lot of miles!

My new book, Drop the S, is launching in September 2021 and I’m excited to share my thoughts about recovering from burnout caused by Superwoman Syndrome with all of you!

My goal is to convince everyone that exercise is the most powerful drug we as physicians can prescribe, and choosing a healthy lifestyle will help combat the lovely aging process. I can help you with the small and big changes that will assist you in changing your life for the better! The one percent changes daily are powerful!

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: Business Coach
Guest Biography:

Jessy Rodriguez-Melendez is is a certified Amen Brain Trainer.  She is the proud co-founder of the Baseball Training Institute & founder of the Baseball Homeschool Institute (A program she developed to help players and their families in pursuit of higher education through sports.) Jessy is also a certified business/life coach, brain and neuroencoding specialist.

In 2020 she launched Business Solutions Institute to help small businesses build and scale. Her entrepreneurial and sports industry expertise has led her to work with some of the greatest professional sports businesses. 

Born in New York to a Puerto Rican mother and Cuban father. She grew up a resident of the boogie down Bronx. A Castle Hill girl at heart who currently resides in Westchester NY with her husband Tony. They have raised 3 beautiful children and have 7 grandchildren.

She's a trendsetting Latina in a male dominated industry who’s determined to help small businesses. She hopes to someday create homes for women and children in poverty! 

Guest Biography:

Hiromasa Emoto
President of Office Masaru Emoto, LLC, and President of I.H.M. Co., Ltd


After graduating from college, Hiromasa started working with his world-renowned father, the late Dr Masaru Emoto, and for I.H.M. Corporation (International Health Machines) in Tokyo. IHM is responsible for running the famous laboratory where Dr Masaru Emoto conducted his ground-breaking research into water crystals formation. Besides his management responsibility, Hiromasa also accompanied his father on his seven-year Emoto Peace world tour spanning more than 30 countries!

Hiromasa was also appointed as the vice president of Hado Life USA, the American arm of Dr Emoto’s Foundation, the Emoto Peace Foundation. Upon his return to Tokyo, Hiromasa was appointed as the CEO of I.H.M. Corporation.

After the demise of Dr Emoto, Hiromasa became a representative partner of Office Masaru Emoto, LLC in 2016.

Today, Hiromasa Emoto continues his father’s legacy of spreading the ground-breaking discovery of “Messages from Water”. This book has been translated into more than 75 languages and remains immensely popular to this day.



Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, News, Philosophy, Science, Self Help, Spiritual, Technology
Guest Occupation: Founder of Meta Nutrients, Naturopathic Doctor, researcher, writer, Goodwill Ambassador
Guest Biography:

Dr. Ariyanna Love (sometime spelled Dr. Ariyana Love incorrectly)

Goodwill Ambassador

Gene Therapy

By Dr. Ariyana Love Stockholm University released a scientific horror. The “spike” protein in the Covid-19 “vaccines” are penetrating the cells

Vaxx Hydra Rapid Human Cloning By Dr. Ariyana Love “That Thing” was discovered in the Covid Vaxx under microscopy by Dr. Carrie Made. ModeRNA Patent Uncovers Nanosensor in Vaxx.

Dr. Ariyana Love is founder of Meta Nutrients, an international foundation pioneering harmonized medicine. She's a second generation Naturopathic Doctor and a researcher/writer.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, News, Philosophy, Science, Spiritual, Technology, Theory & Conspiracy
Guest Occupation: International speaker, writer, CEO/owner of Handled. By Hayden, LLC.
Guest Biography:

Hayden Orme is an international speaker, a writer, a 50 Ton Master Merchant Mariner Captain, and the CEO/owner of Handled. By Hayden, LLC. Hayden supported top executives and their teams for over 13 years at various companies, most recently managing the office of the Chairman and CEO of the McKesson Corporation (a Fortune 5 company at the time). Now as an entrepreneur and business owner herself, Hayden's passion for the ocean and sailing shines through in her brand, and within this book.

Hayden has been awarded “The Top 10 Meeting Planners” by Women’s Business Boston, featured in Boston Business Journal’s “On the Move” for Business Services, and honored on the Brainz CREA Global Awards list for 2021. Hayden is also an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine, and on the Board of Directors for the Cranio Cervical Foundation. She lives on the seacoast of New Hampshire with her partner, Christopher.

Guest Category: Business
Guest Occupation: Dating Coach
Guest Biography:

Andrea McGinty is back on the dating scene, both personally and

professionally, with her new business venture 33 Thousand Dates. As a dating coach and divorcee, Andrea gets it – and wants to help single women and men  navigate the online dating scene, which is new (and scary!) to those coming out of long term relationships. She crafts dating profiles that represent the best version of you and builds confidence with expert advice along the way. Before the advent of online dating, Andrea McGinty was the original founder of matchmaking service* It’s Just Lunch*, where she played a part in over 4,200 marriages – and yes, 33,000 dates! join me December 7th at 12 Noon PS-Time as I have this heated conversation see you then !

Guest Category: Business, Education, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Philosophy, Self Help, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Investigative reporter
Guest Biography:

Mitchell Nicholas Gerber is a investigative journalist, who has dedicated 21 years to exposing the CCP, China, Organ Harvesting and more.

Host of "Unleashed Truth Radio" at Public Streaming Network

Guest Category: History, News, Politics & Government, Theory & Conspiracy
Guest Occupation: Representative
Guest Biography:

Biography taken from: Representative Ron Hanks Profile — Colorado House Republicans

As a combat veteran - Representative Hanks served in the military throughout the world and across the United States.  He purchased land in Colorado in 2007 with the intent to retire and explore the Mountain West from the center of it all.  Out-of-control government forced him back in to public service.

He retired from the U.S. Air Force at the end of 2017 after more than 32 years of active and reserve service, serving as an enlisted man and as a commissioned officer.  He worked as a linguist in Desert Storm and during multiple operations, including Northern Watch, Southern Watch, and Earnest Will.  During the Global War on Terror, Ron served as an intelligence officer, performing duties in Iraq, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates.

Representative Hanks served in several other capacities during his career, to include as a treaty escort for foreign inspectors from Russia and other countries, as a counterdrug officer in Kazakhstan working to stop the flow of drugs out of Afghanistan that funded the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and as a badged, credentialed counterintelligence agent.

When not deployed or in uniform, he worked in the oilfields of North Dakota, witnessing first-hand the benefits of American energy  independence, the merits of hydraulic fracturing, and the spirit and know-how of blue-collar America.

Committee Assignments: Health & Insurance, State, Civic, Military & Veterans Affairs


Ron Hanks (Republican Party) is a member of the Colorado House of Representatives, representing District 60. He assumed office on January 13, 2021. His current term ends on January 11, 2023.

Hanks (Republican Party) is running for election to the U.S. Senate to represent Colorado. He declared candidacy for the Republican primary scheduled on June 28, 2022.

Ron Hanks served in the U.S. Air Force. Hanks' career experience includes working as a linguist, a counterdrug officer, and a counterintelligence agent.


Guest Category: News, Politics & Government
Guest Occupation: Certified life coach, hypnotherapist, energy healer, and reiki practitioner
Guest Biography:

Oxana Lovich is an experienced certified life coach, hypnotherapist, energy healer, and reiki practitioner. Her interest in self-development arose at an early age, due to tragic events that were life-changing for her. Her experiences gave rise to a burning desire to find the inner peace, which was missing in her life.

Ms. Lovich has certificates from The University of California, Berkeley, Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy, The Silva Method Academy, Mind Valley Academy, Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre, and Academy of Ancient Magick. Lovich is further releasing a book, AbunDance - The Fulfilled Path to Success.

Lovich found her life’s purpose, to share her knowledge of mindfulness on a grand scale and aiding people in their transformation from their current selves into an empowered, more mindful version of themselves. Through her work, she has been able to successfully guide her clients during their process by incorporating powerful techniques into their lives, which aided them in leading a more joyful,  peaceful, and conscious life.

Lovich believes people have the ability to discover their life’s true purpose, by warding off negative thinking, discovering and overcoming any limiting beliefs, manifesting abundance and prosperity, and loving themselves unconditionally first.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Spiritual, Variety