Guest, Will Henshall

Guest Name: 
Will Henshall
Will Henshall
Guest Occupation: 
Entrepreneur, Songwriter and Consultant
Guest Biography: 


  • Founder / CEO at Focus at Will Labs – Exciting new neuroscience productivity music service that delivers focus enhancement on demand for working, studying, creative writing, and reading.
  • Founder of Brilliant Studio Visual Artists Inc – Providing Creative Visual Artists – Photographers, Film Makers, Sketch Artists, Sculptors and Live Scrapbookers for the wedding and event business. Based in Los Angeles, California.
  • President of Henshall Photography – Specialized in contemporary wedding photography and wedding related commercial/editorialfood flower and decor photography.
  • Senior Audio Network Consultant at Digidesign Inc. – When we sold Rocket Network to Avid, part of the arrangement was that I was to work at DigiDesign for a period overseeing the transfer of our patented reliable and fast media transfer technology to new Avid technology and to explore new wide area media network business opportunities.I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Digi team for the 18 months I was there and made some very good friends. I left the corporate high tech world to make a distinct career move back to being a full time artist again.
  • Chairman & CEO of Rocket Network – Created groundbreaking wide area networking technology for the media creation industry -recording studios, video editing etc. Company sold to Avid/Digidesign in 2003. I also founded The Channel ISP, one of the first Internet providers in the UK as an initial division of RocketNetwork.
  • Pop Star of Londonbeat – I was the founder, main songwriter and general studio musician in the multi platinum selling UK soul pop band LONDONBEAT. Most folk will remember the huge smash hit “I’ve Been Thinking About You” which topped the charts all over the world in 91/92, other hits were “Better Love”, “Come Back” and “Build It With Love”. We were signed to RadioActive/MCA Records in the USA and RadioActive/RCA Records in the rest of the world.

    This gave me a great deal of experience being in front of the media promoting our records and learning what you have to do to get hits out and on the radio. I learnt a lot about the messy, sordid and nepotistic side of the music business. Oh and we also had a lot of fun too. 

    I hung up my boots in 95 when I had been on the road long enough and started the hi-tech company Rocket Network, actually originally a “virtual band” project called RES ROCKET SURFER. If you are interested in this do a search on Google, lots of stuff out there about it. It was very ground-breaking. Stuff which now is taken for granted like everyone having email and the web itself existing for instance.