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Guest Name
Rich Feliciano Sariyd
Guest Occupation
Writer, Transformational Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner, public speaker
Guest Biography

Brother Sariyd, born and raised in the chaos of the South Bronx in the 70's, bears a message for the healing of mind and soul – we are possibilities of life expressing as Humanity seeking Unity and Community in a world of illusory separation. The Universe is not at war with itself, and neither should we be. After a lifetime of experiencing the imposition of religion and liberation through personal spiritual intimacy and the mystic path he has distilled the whole of these experiences into a message that, though not new, is needed now more than ever. After years of participating in, creating, organizing, and leading spiritual and creative communities throughout the U.S., he is returning to his original calling of healing and teaching that the truth we seek we are.

I work as a Writer, Transformational Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner and public speaker helping individuals and groups make powerful, lifelong paradigm shifts in the way they relate to themselves and operate in the world. The tools I use are Linguistics, Meridian Tapping, Dream Work, and Energy Healing.

I conduct one-on-one healing and/or coaching sessions in-person (near Mount Shasta, California), by phone and via Skype video and am available year round for public-speaking engagements. I can be reached at

The Story of Healing Voyage

Life on Earth began for me in the South Bronx, and ever since I can remember I’ve always enjoyed sharing with others – whether it was my toys, my time, or my troubles. Without being conscious of it at first my spirit was constantly expressing a desire to connect with others in meaningful ways even if the activities themselves were not so meaningful.

But in the end it ALL has meaning, doesn’t it!

Yet, I also cherish my times alone. Solitude and silence offer an infinitely vast space to fill, and I fill them copiously with imagination. Whether lying on a patch of green earth and staring at clouds and sky; or sitting in a dark room journeying into wild imaginings; or praying to Creator whom I had never seen but can feel in the temple of faith and imagination; or writing down thoughts and poems birthed in pools of reflection – in these and other ways I exercise my solitude like a contented monk.

Blogging seems like a perfect union of these 2 modes of being. It allows me to share with you while in the realm of solitude and silence.

I’ve been asked by some what is my message, what is my theme. Really, I don’t have one.