Show Feedback, X-Squared Radio November 23, 2013


Dr. Agnew, Just wanted to reach out and say I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Dr. Bartlett. I've attended three of his seminars and listened to many/most of his radio interviews and he revealed info about himself and his personal experiences I hadn't heard yet. I suppose having your background was part of it, but there must of been something about you that Dr. Bartlett seemed to open up in a way I haven't heard before. I assumed I would get that from him when he was on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (as he's an excellent interviewer as well) but that level rapport just wasn't there. You tend to ask all the right questions and have a true understanding of Dr. Bartlett's intentions. You were right there with him for the entire hour. I can't wait to hear further interviews with Dr. Bartlett and, this being the first time I've listened to you, I'll certainly be frequenting the website for interviews with others as well. Thanks for being here doing what you're doing!

~ Dr. Richard Bartlett