Show Feedback, X-Squared Radio November 23, 2013


Dear Brooks, Honest to G d, I do believe we are each effecting (changing) this universe. On purpose or not, here we come. I also believe in your work~ now that EJ Clark has stirred what was obviously already in you. Only you can do what you can do. I am listening intently. You are a force for good in the world. It is easy to see that you are a conduit for more that you can handle right now. Just be sure to keep your arms in the vehicle at all times. Safe passage is essential for this ride. We simply cannot do without you. I am not leaving. Just bitching (a little). Not my usual venue, but cripes! Aren't we ALL just voracious for it? An earth shattering YES resounds! You guys have identified and picked up the threads, but are we sure they aren't fuses? I vouch for this topic to be pure TNT from the deepest recesses of my everything. So, watch out....but proceed with caution. Yes. So, please continue. You have our attention. And we are talking amongst ourselves during intermissions. :) Be very well. And thank you for the speedy reply. Most especially thank you for the links!! Sincerely,

~ Marti (a diehard fan in Alabama)