Show Feedback, The Voice of the Ashtar Command September 24, 2017


Dearest Lady Athena,
So much happening so quickly--so
here's some feedback on some of your previous seminars. Regarding the lights in the sky--you solved that mystery for me because about two weeks before your information I had woken in the night and looked out of my window. Four
dancing lights, moving so quickly as if dancing together how long for I do not know but some time and just as quickly they went. I was confused as to what  they were...maybe kids with lazers but there was no visible light from below going up to them, would they be doing this at about 4am. So I went back to bed still wondering..then your seminar a couple of weeks later...and I knew what I had seen. Thank you for that.

In another seminar you spoke about the light body and how to integrate it....for several months prior to that I had been doing this. I find your seminars are like John-Roger's, sometimes I am already doing what is said and then there is lots of new stuff  which I am always amazed by .

You spoke in  another seminar about Maitraya....whenever I think of him
my heart starts to vibrate like when I am chanting. Very interesting.

In another seminar you mentioned tummy trouble, that week I had been
experiencing that.  Nice to have an explanation sometimes for all this stuff.
Love you, Gloria in the UK