Show Feedback, Sri and Kira Live April 22, 2014


Dear Sri and Kira

Hello! i'm Céline, You have spoken to me via sunday's  radio show.  Saddly,  the internet was off here since i wrote you!  got it back this morning and just finished  listening to Sunday's radio bb1. It is tuesday the 22 of april, and  7:48 am.
Thank you for reading my letter and sharring it. You are for real!!!  i have doubted you for so long!  Sorry.

I do hope to meet you one day,  i can just feel  those hugs right now.   For the record!:  i do not live in France,  i live in  the province of québec Canada.  60 miles north of Montreal, in the  country.

So, If you ever come to montreal, i will  see you! Altyhough I would prefer to go to guatemala!!!

How much would it cost for a week with you?   I am serious.  I will find some money somehow.

For now i do  have a question:   why  can i not  stop smoking thes awfull cigarettes?
Yes, much love,  Sorry to inconvenience you in any way. ( with all my questions!)

Thank you for all the free  videos and talks, and thank you  for all the work you do in our  universe.
Take care
Au revoir et à la prochaine!
Je vous aime
Céline A.