Show Feedback, The Infinite Consciousness November 23, 2013


Hi Eva, Thanks again for your call today! I love when the universe connects us in synchronicity. "I am acquainted with several gifted psychics and medical intuitives, and I know that people receive and interpret information from the human energy field in different ways. Eva Herr stands out, with her clear readings and no-nonsense approach. Within a very short time, she pin-pointed specific issues I was experiencing and provided insight on the connections between certain conditions and long-held or forgotten emotions. She also suggested some remedies that could alleviate the underlying causes and perhaps prevent a minor problem from escalating into a serious one. In addition, she was able to see some specific links to health issues experienced by family members and a business associate, and this information, while unsolicited, is helpful to know. I can recommend Eva to anyone who seeks a different approach or a second opinion on their health."

~ Elizabeth Hare, Executive Consultant for the Arts and Health Care, Former CEO, Aspen Center for Integrative Health Alternative Health Practitioner