Show Feedback, The Infinite Consciousness November 23, 2013


Hey Eva, There is know way to really thank you for all you have done. I would like for your readers to know what kind of person you have been for my family and me. How accurate your work can be. I signed on to one night in hopes of being able to find my father. After clicking on a few other links, I found I sent an e-mail about my father and a week or so later Eva called me. After missing each other a few times, we finally talked a little and made an appointment. When I called her the next day, there was so many things she told me that was so right. I made notes of everything she had told me. Eva told me a few things about my father that were right. She told me what kind of shirt he had on, what color his car was. She told me the word Pinegrove, large group of trees, that my father wasn't far from me. She said, tell Bonnie there is some cement in raw form not real close but somewhat. Small narrow road goes up slight hill. She also kept hearing something about a green car. After talking to Eva, it wasn't long before they found my fathers remains. He was missing for five months. Where he was found, the area was called Pinegrove. There was a large group of trees beside a creek and he was laying right there. He wasn't but maybe three miles from where I live if you went through the woods. A quarter of a mile from where he was, there is a business that hauls cement and sand. He was in a pasture that had a very narrow road that went through it. The only thing we couldn't figure out was the green car. A few days later we went to the area where he was found. The man that took us out there was in a green truck and the man that found my father was on a green tractor when he found him. Once we were able to put all the pieces together she was very accurate on everything that she told me. Not only was Eva accurate on what she said, she was very nice and thoughtful. If I needed to call her back at times she didn't mind at all. She would tell me if she was getting to tired and needed to stop. She didn't want to give me the wrong information, so she would take a break and we would talk about other things. If I ever need anything again, you can be sure I will call you Eva. Thank you for everything you have done.

~ Bonnie