Show Feedback, The Infinite Consciousness November 23, 2013

Eva, I meant it from my my heart,you are incredibly good at what you do.I have been seen by some of the top scientists in the medical profession, they have no cure & offer no hope without toxic chemical treatments. I simply refuse to go there as I know at a soul level I can not accept that.I am very intuitive myself alot of the things I had been doing you confirmed for me. I've known when I did a reading on myself that I was very sensitive to electro-magnetic freguency's, I started using Dr.Bell's receptor which has shielded me also I was taking his supplements for awhile that have amino acids & B vitamins.You should have him on your show, his receptor technology has kept me going until now. I will get back on his supplement's as soon as possible & do my best to go see Dr.Valerie as I can give her your recommendations.I'm working at healing on all levels, I can't accept illness but I do know that I am responsible for it.Living within this illusion is hard for all of us, I'm just so happy I'm aware of it!! Blessings Deborah P.S I figured I was brought back for a reason, I am trying to work with it.