Show Feedback, The Infinite Consciousness November 23, 2013


Can't save enough about BBS Radio and what a rich source of information and education we are previlged to enjoy! I especially enjoy Synchronized Universe and x2 Radio and Eva Herr and all their fasinating guest, though it doesn't end with these. I see the fast acceleration of knowledge that is to bring in the total healing of mankind. Thank you for including the websites and links to all guest so that we can preview ahead of time and then schedulte to tune in for those which are of particular interst. When the military kept using the word "Matrix" over and over during the invasion of Iraqi I knew that was an "attention getter" and it is ever exspanding. You may never know how many folks are benefiting from BBS Radio ... many shy people are feeding here and don't call in, but they are listening and they are being fed! Thanks from the depth of our hearts!

~ Betty H. in Harker Heights, Texas