Evident Footprints with Don Nicoloff

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5:34:57 PM (Tue) PDT


Talk Radio Show Program

Evident Footprints

Evident Footprints with Don Nicoloff, banner
Show Host: 
Don Nicoloff


Don Nicoloff is a professional, multi-instrumental musician, singer, composer, conductor, arranger, orchestrator, teacher, producer, audio recording engineer, investigative journalist, author, radio broadcaster, and talk-show host with international credentials.

He has also written feature stories for the Idaho Observer newspaper and hosts his own syndicated radio show, "Evident Footprints," which can be heard Monday-Friday, 10 p.m., PST on BBS Radio. You can read his articles or listen to past broadcasts via his web site at: directlightproductions.com As a researcher  and investigative journalist, Don has appeared as a guest on numerous radio and TV talk shows, including: artistfirst.com; "The Edge AM with Daniel Ott." "The American Awakening" [with Michael Herzog] "The National Intel Report" [guest-host for John Stadtmiller], "The American Activist," [with Don Harkins], and "The Truth Hertz Radio" with Charles Giuliani [Republic Broadcasting Network], the "Liberty Forum," [with John Bryant], American Voice Network [with Don Harkins], the "Jeff Rense Show" [GCN], the "Richard Syrett Show" [CFRB, 1010 AM, Toronto, Canada], "All Day Live" and "Call 4 Investigation" [ScanTV, Seattle, WA].

Guests featured on "Evident Footprints" include: Michael St. Clair, Jim Murray, Hamza Sid Catlett-Bey, Sarah Simmons, Jim Marrs, G. Edward Griffin, Randy Veitenheimer, Dr. Larry Wayne Harris, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Michael Herzog, Robby Noel, Todd & Donna Metallo, Robert Miles, Tom Mercer, Kastara Parasava, Michael Anthony, Charles Giuliani, Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy, Judy Andreas, Don Harkins & Ingri Cassel, Ralph Epperson, Glenn Gearhart, Dr. Oskar Loo, Dr. Sheila Mannix, Steve Johnson, Dirk Vander Ploeg, David R. High, Bryna Pollock, Paul & Jo Parker, Rick Adams, Don Newsom, Dr. Kaasem Khaleel, Fred Smart, Tim Wingate, DeAnne Hampton, Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich, Lindsey Williams, Arthur Pollock, Wynn Free, Ken Adachi, and Donald Newsom, to name a few.

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Talk Show Program Host

Don Nicoloff Don Nicoloff
Radio Talk Show Host, Musician, Singer, Composer, Conductor, Arranger, Producer, Audio Recording Engineer, Investigative Journalist, Author, Writer

Don's professional music career spans more than four decades, having worked as a side man, musical director, arranger, orchestrator, composer, producer, and audio recording engineer on hundreds of projects, for major and independent recording labels alike. The roster of artists with which he has performed is a "Who's Who" of established performers and recording artists. Being a multi-instrumentalist, Don has actually produced complete musical scores in which he performed all of the instruments himself, a feat that few musicians or composers have achieved. He is proficient in brass, reeds, keyboard, and percussion instruments, and he is known for his original synthesizer "patches" which demonstrate an acute understanding of the science behind acoustic engineering.

Don is currently completing his third solo CD, "Spirals," and a library of original music recordings based upon the relationship between sound/light frequencies and their application in the area of metaphysical healing. He plans to release this library under agreement with Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz as part of his "Love The Real DaVinci Code" CD series.

As a certified member of Freedom Force International, Don was recently nominated to its "Hall of Honor," as FFI continues to acknowledge the efforts of many individuals and groups, throughout the world, who are mutually devoted to finding solutions and achieving world peace through research, knowledge, and cooperative action.

In addition to his ongoing research, journalistic efforts, and music projects, Don is writing a book and plans to lecture internationally about his most recent "historical" discoveries.