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Talk Radio Show Program

Eves Corner

Eve's Corner with Prophetess Amina Campbell
Prophetess Amina Campbell

Eve's Corner with Prophetess Amina ("A Division of Campbell Ministries, Inc.")

Objective: To encourage, enlighten, engage, empower, and minister to God's people..

Feature Segments:

  • Women's Empowerment Book Club
  • Ministries on the Move - we will feature varying Christian businesses, their owners, or supporting religious organizations
  • Health Corner; health and/or cooking tips
  • Prayer, scripture and words of encouragement
Bi-Weekly Show
Station 1
11:00 am PT
11:55 pm PT

Talk Show Program Host

Prophetess Amina Campbell-Jackson Prophetess Aminachondria Campbell MS USA Facebook Campbell Ministries Inc, Campbell Ministries
Minister of the Gospel

Campbell Ministries was established in 1995 by Prophetess Amina Campbell Jackson, and she is doing some great things in the community!

Ministry events include:

  • Campbell Ministries does a bi-weekly internet radio show and podcast, called Eve’s Corner. It is broadcasted on BBS radio. Eve’s Corner is a show of encouragement, empowerment, and enlightenment! This show is for EVERYONE! You can get show information from the website at www.campbellminstries.com or from her Facebook page, titled Campbell Ministries. Be sure to also check out the archives for previously aired shows!

  • Campbell Ministries also founded Your Big Sisters Closet. This ministry provides prom dresses for young ladies who otherwise would not be able to attend the prom. Dresses are collected and cleaned all year long, to prepare to provide dresses for seniors of all sizes and backgrounds. So if you have gently used prom dresses or formal wear, please donate them by mailing them to P.O. Box 16214 Jackson, MS 39236.

  • Campbell Ministries also offers Career Readiness, Career Relevance, Business Etiquette, and Life Skills Seminars, for churches and the community at large. To get more information about scheduling these large group seminars, please email your proposal and anticipated headcount to acampbell681@ymail.com

  • Campbell Ministries is offering products…we have holy anointing oil. For a donation of at least $12, you can obtain a 1 oz. bottle of oil that has been prayed for, and blended according to scripture (Exodus). In fact, some of you may know, anointing oil is kind of expensive, so this is a good rate…again you can get 1 for $12, 2 for $20, or 3 for $30. So buying in bulk will save you money. You can send in your request by clicking the donate button below, then leave a note with your request for oil, and how many you need. You may also send your request by regular mail to PO Box 16214 Jackson, MS, 39236. As you know, as with all other spiritual tools, the real power comes from God. Anointing oil is a symbol of your faith in God and of God's ability to cleanse and make things holy. Without faith, anointing oil will not have any positive effect. You can use oil to help strengthen and demonstrate your faith, but you cannot use it to replace faith. So I encourage you, get some oil to anoint your house, anoint yourself, anoint your children…get some extra bottles for your office, give one to your spouse, keep one in your purse or car!

  • On 9/1, 2018 from 10AM-2PM Campbell Ministries is hosting their annual Community Business Expo! This huge event will be held at Jackson Medial Mall, and is free to the public to attend! This is an opportunity to come out to network and learn more about businesses found in YOUR community! There will be raffle drawings and giveaways! There will also be business seminars going on during the event on How to Get Started in Business, Business Integrity, and How to Remain Relevant! This is just what our community needs! And if you are interested in being a vendor, contact Prophetess Campbell-Jackson to set it up, at acampbell681@ymail.com . Don’t miss this event!

  • Lastly, if you’re interested in setting up speaking engagements, you can reach Prophetess Amina Campbell-Jackson PO Box 16214 Jackson, MS 39236. She has a powerful testimony and a ministry proven for over 23 years. She is an author, a wife, a mother of 4, grandmother of 1, a business woman, and a true, down to earth, woman of God! Her motto is simply to “Keep Pressing”!



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